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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you my little project. I decided to make for every ink bottle I have an ink reservoir. To make it happen I made 3d model and printed reservoir for Diamine 80ml, Pilot 30 ml, and Pelikan 4001 70ml bottles. Examples you can see in the photo. I'll leave here the models for mentioned bottles, but it is possible to sail the size of the model for the exact ink bottle. Also, I can scale it for exact height and diameter. It is my firs topic, so I am intersted in your opinion diamine_70ml.stl pilot_30ml.stl pelian_4001_70ml.stl
  2. Hello, frequent listener - first time caller etc. I've just started dipping my toes into dip pens (ho ho) and have made a discovery I thought I'd share (if this is common knowledge then just humour me). If you enter 'Wood Copperplate Calligraphy Pen' into eBay's search you'll quickly come across this.... It's a very cheap dip pen set from China - you get a wooden holder, three nibs and a tiny pot of ink. Well, it turns out that the reservoir attached to the 'Student Nib' pings off very easily and slides onto a regular G-nib with no fuss whatsoever! It holds a ton of ink and goes forever. I've ordered five more kits (a whopping £11) just for the reservoirs. As it happens the holders are comfortable and the 'Round Nib' is genuinely excellent to use so why not?. The reservoirs (the 'Round Nib' also comes with a reservoir) will probably fit other popular nibs, too, but like I said I'm new to all this so I can't check.
  3. jabberwock11

    Ink Bottles With Reservoirs

    I was looking for a new ink last night and found myself continuously coming back to Sailor Jentle Black. Now, I am sure that this is a fine ink, but I already have four black inks and to be honest four is about two too many. The reason that I kept coming back to Sailor was not because it is a particularly amazing black, but rather because the bottle just happened to have an ink reservoir in it. As much as I would like to try some Sailor inks I have to admit that if they did not have the reservoir in their bottles, then I would not be nearly as interested. Ink reservoirs are great little devices that help to make using bottled ink an easier process. They make filling pens less messy, they make using all of the ink in a bottle much easier, and they are just plain nifty. Ink reservoirs are great devices and should absolutely be in more bottles (I'm looking at you, J. Herbin). The very first ink bottle that I ever purchased (Pen & Ink | Sketch No-Shellac India Black) had an ink reservoir in it, and I have to admit that when I bought another ink I was pretty disappointed that it did not also come with a reservoir. Since then I have come to understand that ink reservoirs are the exception rather than the rule, and any time I find an ink with a reservoir included I become inexorably drawn to it. Which is why I found myself staring at a black ink that I would have had no real interest in otherwise. I ended up passing on the Sailor Jentle Black, but I DID buy an empty Sailor Jentle bottle from iSellpens.com (I plan on putting some of my Noodler's Heart of Darkness into it). I have never been interested in buying empty ink bottles, but it seemed like the lesser of two evils to me, and I now have very little interest in spending money on an ink that I don't really need. So, I am interested to know how many other folks out there have an obsession with ink bottles containing reservoirs. I can't be the only one. What are your favorite reservoir containing bottles? Would you ever consider one ink over another simply because one of them had a reservoir? To get things rolling here are a list of all of the inks (that I am aware of) which include reservoirs in their bottles: Akkerman Levenger Mont Blanc (the long bottles) Pen & Ink | Sketch Pilot (70ml bottles) Platinum (there three standard inks) Sailor Jentle Sheaffer Skrip (vintage bottles) TWSBI (Not an ink, but they do make a reservoir containing ink bottle) http://www.carpediemstore.com/mCustomPage/images/AAINDIAINK.jpg http://static2.jetpens.com/images/a/000/019/19851.jpg?s=0f16f7d983a13d62105460a6a912018d http://www.levimage.com/IMAGE/Web/Product/Pen_Ink/Refills/PR1420_paLEVINK_s1.jpg
  4. I got this pen with a calligraphy dip pen set I received as a gift some years ago. I'd say it is a regular, cheap Chinese 'student pen' of some sort. At the beginning I didn't pay much attention to it, as I use mostly left oblique and italic nibs (for writing in the Arabic and Latin alphabet) and flex nibs on occasion. Here are a couple of pics of it (side up and side down): It has no flex and gives a regular EF line with no line variation at all. It isn't the smoothest writer (it's a bit toothy) but it has a huge deposit on the back, meaning I can fill about three quarters of a regular A4 sheet with a single dip. Also, I'm a right-handed overwriter and my hold of the pen is usually between 120-150º. I obviously switch to underwrite for traditional calligraphy, but then I write very slow with attention to detail. However, I have relatively recently discovered that, with stiffer pens, as this one and other 'general purpose' pens (such as Leonardt 256, which is readily available where I live, to give an example), I can write with my usual hold (and my usual handwriting) while using a wider variety of inks than a fountain pen would safely allow. The big question is I have been looking for a pen with this kind of reservoir elsewhere, to replace this in case it gets damaged, but to no avail. The only pens that appear to be sold with a reservoir in the UK are Brause and Leonardt square pens (and Mitchell's with the removable reservoir) and while I have found some pens with apparently similar characteristics and a reservoir over the nib on Ebay and AliExpress (sold as comic sets) I haven't found even those on specialized websites (such as Scribblers or Penmandirect in the UK). The pen has the number 126 written on it, together with two Chinese characters which appear to be 灯告 (although I'm not sure because Google Translate says this means a 'lamp' and I sadly know nothing about Chinese). Anyway, this information hasn't helped me on my search. So do any of you know of any similar pens (possibly smoother) and where could they be had?
  5. em_the_pen

    Weird Nibs?

    I've seen a couple pens around with these weird bowl-like tips on their nibs. However, I can't seem to find any information about them. Is there a specific term for them? What benefit does the bowl tip have (if any)? Thanks!
  6. Background: I travel a lot, and write professionally. (When the local stationery store sees me walk in, they start stacking bottles of ink on the counter.) My go-to instrument has therefore been the Pilot V-Pen, a brilliantly smooth-writing disposable fountain pen that holds enough ink to last even me for a while. However, it has one flaw: refilling it is a pain in the derriere. You need two syringes, which always makes me feel like the pen addiction has crossed some kind of line. (When a girl sees empty syringes on your nightstand, pen refilling isn't what comes to mind.) Therefore, my quest for a replacement. What I'm looking for: A pen that's... Cheap, so I can buy a couple and knock 'em around.Widely available, or at least can be easily mail-ordered in Asia.Writes astonishingly smoothly. Trust me, when you're putting industrial quantities of ink to paper, you want it to be easy.Has an ink capacity measured in liters, or at least feels that way. This almost certainly means no converters... since they take up space that could be used for holding ink!
  7. Sailor Kenshin

    Dip Pen History?

    I was wondering when the first dip nibs with a modern, Speedball-type ink reservoir on the top of the nib appeared. (I spotted one in a TV production of Hound of the Baskervilles, in which Watson writes to Holmes and I said, 'Hey! I have that nib!') Would these have been in common use in Victorian England? Thanks!
  8. How much ink your Jinhao x750 holds? Mine is not holding too much and i can see teh inks does not "fill the tank". Could it be that the converter is not tightly sealed? Or is the level OK? For a big pen, it holds too little.

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