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Found 19 results

  1. Trying to find out if anyone has used Kurotokage (black lizard) ink from the Osaka Pen House in Japan. Swatches? Experience? Does it smear?
  2. Noodler’s 1984 This is the regular lineup 1984 and not one of the special edition inks. It’s a fast drying, cellulose loving ink. It absolutely hates Tomoe River 68 gr paper. It does a lot of unmentionable things to it and any cheap/thin papers. What I noticed was that if the feed is primed the ink will bleed through anything, however, if you un-prime the feed, and let it settle it works fine. Noodler’s has many bulletproof purples, which are better behaved than this one, such as Tchaikovsky or even Polar Purple to name a few. But then again, if you’re a fan of Orwell, 1984, you can rein this misbehaving ink. Either with Rhodia, Midori or Maruman, or a thick absorbent paper and a fine nib. Using a gusher is foolhardy What I noticed over the week or so using this ink, that every time, I reached a pen with this ink, I enjoyed writing with it, thanks to its excellent lubrication. Let's start with the chroma: Writing samples: I didn't bother posting Hammermill. You can see how it affects this paper: Photo on Maruman Mnemosyne Paper with the Kanwrite flex nib. Comparison: Watertest: The nib of the Kakuno Ef was primed. Not a good idea. As you can see how it spread. But afterwards it was alright.... and finally an artwork. Mushroom, I did a wash with this ink, and here you can see the complexity of the ink shining: Paper is a Talens Mixed media paper Other inks are Noodler's Polar Brown / De Atramentis Document Red. · Pens used: Pilot Kakuno (Ef, Stub( , Kaweco Sport (EF/F/M/B), Kanwrite with Ahab nib · What I liked: Fast drying time, muted purple, perfect for a lefty overwrite, chroma, doing ink washes and the pleasant writing experience. · What I did not like: It’s a finicky (read high maintenance) ink. It doesn’t like certain papers at all. I prefer other purples. · What some might not like: Feathering, woolly line and the above. · Shading: Are you kidding me? · Ghosting: Yes, on Tomoe River 68gr · Bleed through: Yes, on Tomoe River 68gr with some wet pen configuration · Flow Rate: Wet · Lubrication: Excellent. · Nib Dry-out: Didn’t notice. · Start-up: Didn’t notice. · Saturation: Yes. · Shading Potential: Are you kidding me again? · Sheen: Nope. · Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Yes, on some papers, especially if the feed is primed, i.e. when you fill up your pen. · Nib Creep / “Crud”: A bit · Staining (pen): Surprisingly no. · Clogging: No. · Cleaning: I put it in the middle to high maintenance category, ike most purple inks. I let it soak in solution. · Water resistance: Excellent. Nothing budges. · Availability: 3 oz, 90 ml bottles. Please don't hesitate to share your experience, writing samples or any other comments. The more the merrier
  3. A Smug Dill

    Lamy Azurite ink review sheet

    From the album: Ink review

    © A Smug Dill

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  4. A Smug Dill

    Lamy Azurite ink: shading

    From the album: Ink review

    © A Smug Dill

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  5. A Smug Dill

    Lamy Azurite ink: sheen

    From the album: Ink review

    © A Smug Dill

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  6. I previously reviewed the Kaweco Brass Sport pen Here and Kaweco Summer Purple ink was the ink I used in that pen when I reviewed it. This is a separate review for Kaweco Summer Purple ink. This is the latest shade of purple from Kaweco. Their previous purple ink was called Aubergine Purple and came in a brighter purple box. You might still find some older bottles of Kaweco Aubergine Purple ink. You can tell if you have one of the newest bottles because the name of the ink is now printed on the box. It's also on the cartridge packs and Kaweco branding is now on each cartridge. Kaweco Summer Purple is a bright purple ink that fits it's name quite nicely. It flowed well across the page and lubricated the nib of the Kaweco Brass Sport nicely. It's a good quality ink. This ink is water based, and isn't waterproof. It's quite water resistant though. It doesn't stain fingers. Kaweco ink is made in Germany. It is available in 30ml bottles or packs containing 6 standard international sized cartridges.
  7. Today I'm reviewing Diamine Imperial Purple ink Imperial Purple is a true purple that leans more towards the blue side of the colour spectrum. It’s an ink from the standard Diamine ink range. It’s a saturated ink that can show a little shading with finer nibs. I found it flowed well with all of the pens I tried it in, felt neither wet nor dry, and it’s lubrication was nice and smooth across the page. My review was written on cheap printer paper, that is quite absorbent, and I saw no spread or show-through. The lines were crisp and it dried quickly. On Field Notes paper it didn’t spread or feather, and only showed through a little. Writing on the reverse side of all of the papers I used would be acceptable as show-through doesn't look as bad on paper than when it is scanned and shown on screen. It's not sold as a waterproof ink but showed good water resistance. I used running water on the right half of the water test square. Purple inks are quite difficult to represent accurately on screen, I've done my best to get this to match the colour that it is on the paper. Flow Rate: Good - neither particularly wet nor dryLubrication: Good - felt smooth across the pageNib Dry-out: Not noticed.Start-up: Immediate.Saturation: SaturatedShading Potential: Some shading seen with F nib.Sheen: None noticed.Show-Through:CiaK by InTempoOxford paperSilvine NotebookRhodia GraphField NotesHobonichi Techo paper.Tomoe River 52gsm paper (not very much)Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Not seen on any paper I used, even Field NotesNib Creep / “Crud”: Not seen, even after several days in the penStaining (pen): Not seen after several days - easy clean-upStaining (hands): Easy clean-up off of skin with bar soap.Clogging: Not seen.Water resistance: Not sold as waterproof, but shows good water resistance.Availability: Available in 80ml and 30ml bottles plus cartridges from Diamine Inks web-site and many other outlets.
  8. Morbus Curiositas

    P.w. Akkerman Lievens Kardinaal Paars

    P.W. Akkerman Dutch Masters Collection - Lievens Kardinaal Paars P.W. Akkerman Den Haag Akkerman is a very noble supplier of the finest stationery and writing equipment from all around the world, offering their services all around the world. When I wrote very noble... I mean very noble without exaggeration… There are many companies that supply noble stationery but there are only few who supply the truly noble The Hague Passage which dates back to the early days of the Belle Epoque is a fitting residence for a company that personifies Noblesse Oblige at it’s finest just as the city of the Hague is the epitome of Dutch Noblesse oblige. https://denhaag.com/en/location/428/passage The Hague is not only the seat oft he Dutch parliament but also home of Dutch house of Royals where King Willem Alexander van Oranje-Nassau resides. As Hofleverancier, purveyor to the House of Royals and who knows how many ambassadors from all around the world, Akkerman can truly state that it supplies the world‘s finest with the finest in stationery The inks and the bottles The ink bottles Having a look at the lovely Akkerman Ink bottles it is hard to believe Akkerman only started supplying inks under their own name as from 2010 Well with ink bottles it is like with fine wines… “good wines need no bush” There are ink companies that supply normal inks in noble packages which it is like watering in crystal wine bottle… The bottle thrills, its contents taste like something one definately needs to discard of soon. Without being to philosophical, I truly believe that true nobility is an inner value. Therefore, it is is a pleasure to know that Akkerman’s heavenly Inks are served in such noble bottle which are a most beautiful reminiscence of the golden age of fountain pen writing… As I mentioned above, it is hard to believe that Akkerman started supplying their inks in 2010 only The Ink points 1-5 1 = 5= Fountain Pens: Online Germany 0,5 italic ; Diplomat Esteem m Paper: Waldmühle Reflex Premium Drying time: fast points 5 Flow: very smooth points: 5 Lubrication: smooth in both pens points: 5 Bleeding: absent) Points 5 Shading: medium none points: 3 Waterproof: will survive a drop points: 3 Package: One of the most beautiful points: Availabilty:https://www.vulpennen.nl/en/ Lievens Kardinaal Paars The Ink. This ink is a smooth and excellent writer. It does not even feather on even the cheapest paper. The Colour has something of the violet hues of an eggplant. It's violet being not to feminine for my taste There is some showthrough but it is not too strong. Feathering is medium till good. The drying time is very short under 3 seconds which maens this an excellent ink for left Hand writers Jan Lievens The Colour As I mentioned before the ink has something of the violet hues of an eggplant. More specific it is in the middle of this eggplat and the Colour of the ladies clothies in the pictures. Maybe the Colour of the ink, at first glance, is not completely similar to the Colour on the painting but it does come close. Down here is a colour comparison Conclusion Superb ink with a lovely Colour. I love the Colour it is not to feminin like the Pelikan and the De Atramentis Heather Violet are. It is simply beautiful The most lovely bottle, the quicky drying, the smooth writing and the lovely Colour make this ink a Work of Art.... I Love it
  9. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Lavender

    Here is my review for Diamine Lavender ink Flow Rate: Very good, wet in broader nibsLubrication: Good on several different papers, very good with broad nibs.Nib Dry-out: Not noticed.Start-up: Immediate.Saturation: Quite saturatedShading Potential: A little shading seenSheen: Not seenShow-Through: Tomoe River 52gsm and 68gsmCheaper generic 80gsm printer papers & lined pads.Field NotesOxfordApica NotebookSpread / Feathering / Wooly Line: Wooly line seen occasionally with Sheaffer stub nib.Nib Creep / “Crud”: Not seen, even after over several weeks in the penStaining (pen): Not seen - easy clean-upStaining (hands): Not seen - easy clean-upClogging: Not seen. Seems unlikely.Water resistance: Reasonably water resistant, but not sold as waterproof.Availability: Available from Diamine Inks web-site and other outlets. 30ml plastic or 80ml glass bottles.
  10. Here's my first review of the Diamine Music Collection inks, all of which are awesome in my book. Diamine Handel is a soft, red-leaning purple ink with an attractive green sheen on heavier deposits. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/912/5lYrjg.jpg
  11. Hi folks, I've done some snooping around reviews and threads and can't seem to find the info. for which I'm looking. Basically, I'm looking for the perfect (or 'pur'-fect purple) ink. I know what works for me, but I can't seem to find one ink that comes close on enough of the characteristics. I figured I'd throw this out to the ink-brain trust and see what y'all think. Here's the short version: I like the properties of NAV and the color of Diamine Majestic Purple. Here's the long version: For many of its properties, Noodler's North African Violet feels great to me: limited feathering and bleed through, water resistant, relatively fast drying and a great flow. But (there's always a but) ... once it's dry it's hard for me to tell the difference (at a glance) between it and BSB in terms of color. This is relevant to me because I color-code my notes, lists and various other scribblings. Sparingly, I love using BSB - there's no other blue quite like it. Here's the rub: I've found a purple with a great color for me: Diamine Majestic Purple. But I'm not a big fan of its properties. If I want to use cheaper paper, it's great if I want to make bleeding art (pun intended). Dry time is okay, but it feels like the very definition of NOT water resistant. The nice part about that is that it's easier to clean but if my hand is even damp, my nearly illegible writing will be completely unreadable - even to me. A friend of mine, before leaving the country, gave me what was left of her bottle of Purple Martin. I have plenty of that - almost a half-bottle - but smudges like crazy on ink-resistant paper, seems to take a while to dry and (again) lacks much water resistance. I'm not sure what to do with the rest of my bottle of that. For now, I've just set it aside - might do a PIF of Purple Martin samples at some point. I buy ink twice a year. Usually, it's purchase ... test ... purchase again ... wait for next year. Now is one of those times and I'm stuck on my purple conundrum. I'm putting in an order to replenish some of my dwindling stock. It's not that I don't have an ink acquisition disorder. It's more that I simply can't afford one, so I set aside money as I use at a rate a little faster than I use. Oh yeah, that's the other thing. I'm on a shoestring budget. Really. I thought about buying a bottle of NAV and then adding some pink to it, but I've never tried anything like that and would hate to buy a bottle for naught. My current thinking is including a small bottle of (Diamine) imperial purple with my semi-annual order to GPC. It's properties are closer to what I need (not as good as NAV) and the color stands out a bit more (compared to NAV) but it's still a little dark. Or maybe try a few more samples. But which ones? What say you? This topic may have been covered before in another thread. If so, point me in the right direction and away I'll go. Thanks to all. ps. Apologies for the typos, rambling narrative, etc.
  12. mehandiratta

    Ink Review - Krishna Dark Rose

    KRISHNA DARK ROSE The review is simultaneously posted at my blog here : LINK In Indian Fountain Pen industry or Circles, Dr. Sreekumar is quite known for his hand-turned fountain pens and almost 20 types of nib tuning. However recently he has shelved in to making fountain pen inks under the brand name of KRISHNA. These inks are sold for Rs. 100 (1.5 USD) each for 30 ml ink bottle plus shipping. The inks that are being produced are currently limited to 28 nos. : GOLD RUSH MEADOW GREEN BLUE MAGIC AFTER DARK SAPPHIRE BLUE LAKE BLUE BRONZE LEAF ORANGE CRUSH AUTUMN SINDHOOR GLORY VINE DARK ROSE NJAVAL WILD CHERRY PURPLE PEACOCK YELLOW VALLEY MELLOW BLUE VIVID VIOLET ORCHARD LILY DARK CHOCOLATE COOL BREEZE SILENT NIGHT SKY FORGET ME NOT SKY BLUE GHAT GREEN PUMPKIN GIRL PINK Krishna Inks – Color Chart 1 Krishna Inks – Color Chart 2 I would like to thank Dr. Sreekumar for sending me the samples and also for the effort that he has put in. I will be reviewing all one by one. This review is about DARK ROSE ink from KRISHNA. And this is absolutely one of the top in my favourite ink category of Krishna Inks. Krishna Dark Rose - Ink Bottle Krishna Ink comes in plastic bottles in 30 ml quantity andthe procurement for better quality plastic bottles or probably glass bottles is already under way. And I believe thats the right direction to move forward. INK SPLASH Krishna Dark Rose – Ink Splash on JK Cedar 100 gsm There is no sheen on the ink even if there is any ink pooling. DROP ON PAPER NAPKIN Krishna Dark Rose – Ink Drop on Paper Towel COLOR MATCH Krishna Dark Rose – Colour Range WRITING SAMPLES Krishna Dark Rose – Writing Sample on JK Cedar 100 gsm Krishna Dark Rose – Writing Sample on JK Cedar 100 gsm – Angled View There ink has slight shading and it is visible only in stub calligraphy nibs. INK SWABS Krishna Dark Rose – Ink Passes on JK Cedar Krishna Dark Rose – Ink Swab on JK Cedar WATERPROOF TEST Krishna Dark Rose – Waterproof Test The ink is bit resistant to water and even after the rubbing with water vigorously there were still line visible. INK DRYING TIMES Krishna Dark Rose – Ink Drying Times Ink drying times are just below 25 seconds. Which is good, compared to Bronze Leaf ink. BLOW UP WRITING SAMPLES Krishna Dark Rose – Blow up Writing Sample on JK Cedar 100 gsm CONCLUSION: I like the colour, however I would have loved it more if it has more shading properties. Following are the summation of ink properties: Feathering : NoSheen : NoShading : LowLubrication : MediumFlow : HighWater Resistance : GoodDrying Times : MediumNib Creep : NoneClogging : NoneOdor : None Ink can be bought from : LINK (Ebay India Store)
  13. Following on from my thread announcing the launch of Diamine Shimmertastic inks I am happy to post my reviews of them. This one is Purple Pazzazz. This ink is a dark purple with a great gold sheen My reviews show you my experiences with these inks in several of my pens. I’ve experimented by having these inks in my pens for weeks, and have intermittently written with them to see how they start, and how they write. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve experienced no feathering with any of them, and they have all behaved really well for me. Diamine recommend that you gently agitate the bottle to mix the particles through the ink before filling your pen. They also recommend that you gently agitate your pen to mix the particles with the ink in your pen when starting a new writing session. I recommend good FP maintenance when using ink that contains particles. I suggest you clean your pens out a little more frequently than you might do with normal ink. These inks will come in 50ml glass bottles, and they have either gold or silver particles in them.
  14. I'm currently reviewing some of my favourite Diamine inks. This is Diamine Amazing Amethyst. Water test on the review form shows this isn't a waterproof ink, but it's more resistant than some.Bearing in mind the paper I use is very smooth, this ink takes longer to dry than some others.It flows very well and lubricates the nib very well. No start-up problems noticed.It is currently available in 30ml plastic bottles and 80ml glass bottles.Diamine sell it directly to end-users on their web-site.It's reasonably priced.
  15. I found a stash of old reviews that got misplaced during a house move, so this one's a bit old. This ink is really appealing to me. It reminds me of Diamine Eclipse (one of my favorites) and Rohrer & Klingner Leipziger Schwarz, in that it's a very dark, somewhat unsaturated purple at heart. Definitely worth a try! http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/540/pEy9x1.jpg
  16. Here's an attractive pink(ish) ink from Diamine Akkerman, courtesy amberleadavis! http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/163/6k6v.jpg
  17. I've recently been looking for some nice shading purples and green inks. I would like them to shade in a fine nib, but if the colour is gorgeous enough, I would definitely consider getting an ink that would shade in say a medium or broad nib or a flex pen. I think that this would be the best place to go for some recommendations. Some requirements: 1. It must be well behaved. Excessive feathering is a no. 2. It must not stain white pens and should be easy to clean out. 3. If purple, I'm looking for something around the range of Waterman Purple or Scabiosa, nothing too blue. 4. If green, I'm not very picky but I would rather not go for R&K Alt Goldgrun. That colour doesn't appeal to me. 5. I may change my mind on the above if I can get some colour accurate pictures (not scans). I've only seen scans and ink swabs of the aforementioned inks. If I think of anything else, I'll edit it onto the original post and put it as a comment. When edited on to the original post, it will be marked with an asterisk.
  18. For those of you who love it and were disappointed that it was withdrawn, I can confirm that Montblanc have relaunched their Violet Lavender Purple ink. It's in the same box and the same 60ml bottle, Made in Austria, and my bottle expires Nov 2018. I assume that expiry date will be key to knowing that it's the latest relaunch stock. Edited: It's called Lavender Purple
  19. I'm back! After (what, a year?) I finally have time to do reviews again! Well, I've still been doing them, but without a working scanner, and with no time to set up a photo situation that's up to my standards, I haven't posted a new on in a while. I used to scan the reviews at a high resolution, but photobucket started to hate on my data usage and I had three separate PB accounts full of review pics. Getting accurate color out of the scans was always exceedingly difficult, and I'd always wanted to switch over to taking the pics with a camera using noon daylight (CRI of 100 is hard to argue with) using a custom white balance, but until recently I just hadn't had time. So no more super-high resolution reviews, and unfortunately I'm still using my first DSLR so the best I can do right now is 10 megapixels (not including any cropping), but the color should be much more spot on. I'm also going to do something new with newly posted reviews—a poll. You'll be able to vote! A simple question: "Do you like the ink?" I'm not asking if you like the reviews, just the inks. So enjoy! I'll be posting many more—and with a backlog of about 70 already-written reviews and more being written all the time, the supply should last a while. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/838/qhmh.jpg

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