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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everybody Inspired by my colleague form the Polish Forum (FOP), known as smyr, I attempt to collect all the versions of Sheaffer Prelude. Why just Prelude, not other pen? First, this Sheaffer was made in several versions, so the whole collection would consist of more than thirty pens. Second, this model has been produced since 1997, so it's possible (although not so easy) to find it in a good condition, even those from first years of production. Third reason is, that Sheaffer Prelude is not a very expensive pen, so I probably won't go bankrupt. And last but not least, I like Preludes and consider them to be very good pens in their price range. Unfortunaltely collecting relatively new pens has some disatvantages. Most of them vere treated as usable, not collectible pens and that's why only few of them from the second hand are in a really good condition and some individuals (for example the regency stripe pattern) are unique. There are also only few websites where one can foun a catalogue of this pens. But I do hope I will collect the whole family . This are pens I have collected so far: http://i.imgur.com/9nJ7zRb.jpg From the left side: 9143, 377, 337, 383, 340, 349, 342, 9142, 368, 9170. A newly bought Gun Metal 9144 and black&silver 9134 missed this photo, but they will participate in the next one.
  2. The pen writes really well, but the coating/finishing (don’t know the right way to name it) is so disappointing. I’m really careful with my pens and the Prelude is the only one showing signs of wear on its body. Mine is relatively new, made in China (I only knew they were not being made in the US anymore when I got it). Anyone else’s Prelude with the same issue?
  3. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me if I can remove and rotate a Prelude nib? Stephen Brown demonstrated that, with care, a nib and feed can be removed for cleaning, but he replaced it in the same orientation. Are the nib and feed keyed in the housing? In which case, I cannot rotate the nib to suit my grip. Alternatively, could I fit an oblique italic, if the nib and feed are not keyed? Next, is the 14K gold nib on a Signature pen identical to the Prelude? In which case, could I fit a gold nib into the Prelude, with the sculpted grip? Finally, does a Prelude grip section fit properly into a Signature barrel and cap, so that the snap cap fits properly? Many thanks for your help everyone, IannL
  4. A Sheaffer Prelude Blue Shimmer. Paraphrasing George Michael, maybe it's better this way, because I was torn between it and the Faber Castell Ambition that, AFAIK and researched, is made in Germany. I'm not saying that stuff made In China are not good. I know that many high quality products are already manufactured there, but I sincerely thought it would not be the case of a fountain pen. The Prelude, nevertheless, is a fantastic pen, and I have already said it here, there and there. On the other hand, maybe it's the reason why the interior of the cap looks bad finished. In my opinion there's still no way a product like a fountain pen made in China can be of better overall quality than one made in Germany. What do you think? Marcelo
  5. The pen. http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii33/mmmcosta/Pens/Sheaffer_zpswkilfk15.jpg My first steel nib. What a terrific writer!
  6. Kublai Khan

    Need A Sheaffer Prelude Part

    Hi folks, I have a Sheaffer Prelude and have somehow managed to dislodge and lose the gold O-ring on the pen's barrel. Now therefore, there's a gap between the nib unit and barrel (see photo). It doesn't affect the writing and there are no leaks, but the aesthetics has taken a hit. Any help on where I can find some new bling? Many thanks in advance for your input. For those who can point to repair shops and such: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cheers!
  7. I have been researching and I cannot seem to find many reviews for the Sheaffer Sagaris, Prelude, or the Agio. Yes, I know, the Agio was discontinued a while back, but there are many people on Ebay that seem to have them NOS for around 30-40 dollars. They were supposedly super smooth writers according to some people. As for the Sagaris, not many people seem to talk about it much. Mainly what I want to ask is: How does the Sheaffer Sagaris compare with the Agio, Prelude, and the 300? I have heard the 300 tends to have a little more feedback than the others. The others I have not ever heard being compared before.
  8. I bought a broad nib a while back. I was told that it was a nib for a Sheaffer Prelude. My plan had been to put this broad nib on a Sheaffer cartridge pen from long ago, the ones that were still made with the hard rubber feeds. Unfortunately, I could never get this Sheaffer Frankenpen to write. It seemed like the radius of curvature of the nib did not adequately match the diameter of the feed. Can anyone tell me a bit about the Sheaffer Prelude nib? What size is it? Are there any other fountain pens that it is known to be compatible with? I'd like to be able to use what looks like a really nice, broad nib on some fountain pen or another. Thanks for any help on this.
  9. northstar

    Sheaffer Signature

    Hello, Finally completed the Prelude Signature series. http://s5.postimg.org/85uv1m1t3/Prelude_sign1.jpg http://s5.postimg.org/50a9bej6v/Prelude_sign2.jpg Best regards.
  10. perth

    Sheaffer Prelude "stealth"?

    Hello FPN, I've been on the hunt for a Stealth (matte black with black trim) Sheaffer Prelude. Does anyone have any information about this pen, or any pictures? Thanks in advance!
  11. a.lachlan

    Sheaffer Prelude Review

    Initial Impressions: Initial impressions were pretty good, the nib wrote very smoothly and rather wet, it felt pretty solid but overall a little on the cheap side. The grip section’s indentation similar to that found on the Lamy Safari, Al Star, etc didn’t really do it for me - they were set too far back to really be of any use for me. That being said however it did write very well and reliably with no hard starts or anything an came well presented in the usualy Sheaffer gift box and came with a decent converter. Design: The finish I opted for was the stainless steel finish as it was incredibly cheap on Amazon relative to the price of the other finishes - mine was only £22.50! The finish it pretty tough and hasn’t suffered from any scratches or anything so far. The cap seems to attach rather softly, the plastic ring seems to just be too soft to give it that satisfying click. It has indentations like that of the cheaper Lamy fountain pens but these, for me at least, are useless as they are set too far back and aren’t deep enough to be of any help. The plastic of the grip section feels rather cheap, and very smooth making grip a little slippery. The threads on the section are also very thin and there are far too many of them - it takes ages to screw it onto the barrel and when you do you feel the need to be careful not to wreck the threads. The end of the barrel is rather plain as well, being basically a round bulge at the end - you’ll see what I mean in the pictures. The pen is however as a result of these drawbacks very lightweight and, despite the parts feeling a bit cheap, would probably take quite a beating. At the end of the day I’m glad I didn’t spend the full £40 or so this pen would normally be for the other finishes, especially when you compare it to the other Sheaffer’s in the same price-range (well, cheaper than the full price for this pen), like the Sheaffer 100 and 300 which are both very solidly built pens, have (in my opinion) nicer nibs, and just generally feel much better buit and designs. Overall I give it... 5/10 Nib and Performance: The nib initially was a very good performer, but alas this soon deteriorated. The tines became very unalligned, and the it became very scratchy and dry. I thought this might be because of the angle I was using it at but it turned out that they were unalligned in the opposite direction you’d expect based on the angle I wrote at. After getting them alligned it was still not as smooth as before, and not quite as wet. After some smoothing and spreading the tines a little, it’s writing pretty well again, not an amazingly smooth write nor amazing wet, but good enough to be a perfectly nice pen again, albeit with a little too much feedback to be overly comfortable In terms of line width it write quite a fine line only a little broader than that of my Kaweco Allrounder that has a fine nib. I’m a little disappointed by the problems before, especially after such a good start but it’s now not too bad so it gets... 6/10 Conclusion: Overall not a bad pen at all, for the price I paid, if I spent anymore than what I did I would be very disappointed. It isn’t in my pen rotation very often these days, I don’t find it’s nib comfortable enough for quick writing of notes as it just has too much feedback but it’s alright for slow relaxed writing at home. The body is tough but very plain in appearence, the grip section looks and feels almost tacky for a pen of this price range. Score: 11/20 Update: Since writing this review I've tried the pen with new inks that have bought the best out of the nib, namely Diamine/Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue and Diamine Florida Blue that have somehow made it a very smooth nib - Overall I think this change boosts the nib/performance score up a mark or two Pics! http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3823/12254090225_7d952a141e_c.jpg http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2874/12254522644_7727222f22_c.jpg http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5536/12254521704_c24d0a1a9b_c.jpg http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2854/12254085755_74a7c63c99_c.jpg Writing samples, with comparisons... http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7066/13166733734_6932cc7790_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7007/13166733314_51ccd3a148_c.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3810/13166733894_12567bc433_c.jpg And a size comparison... http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2857/12254281983_82b552b578_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7440/12254281053_a872506103_c.jpg Sheaffer 300, Sheaffer 100, Sheaffer Prelude, Lamy Studio, TWSBI Diamond 580, Kaweco Allrounder, Pilot Prera

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