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  1. Hi everyone, I recently bought a Pelikan M400 EF nib that was smooth like butter and wrote very nicely, except it had restricted flow in certain directions (typical of Pelikan EF nibs). In the past I have attempted to adjust myself several nibs with more or less success. Now all I have in my house is a nail buff and other items like leather, glass, what not. After increasing the flow and correctly re-aligning the tines, it wrote perfect except it had a bit of tooth, something to be expected when opening up a nib which was not polished with having it open like this in mind. I took a nailbuff and only gently did some figure 8's on the 12000 grit surface and although it writes smooth like butter in horizontal strokes, when doing a normal downwards stroke it has a very fine friction like tooth as if writing on sandy paper. Hard to explain it, it's not scratchy but it's not a smooth feedback either. It just doesn't glide downwards, it's got surface friction and is extremely annoying. I tried to do more 8's and also sideways, downwards, all sort of directions like recommended in classic nib smoothing textbooks, but it won't go away. In fact I even managed to get it toothy in all directions and then smooth again but on downwards strokes it keeps having that friction thing. Please help! I ruined many nibs before and they are expensive. I only have this nail buff and nothing like mylar or lapping film in my house and buying them will take weeks from where I live. I thought maybe using a leather strap? A paper bag? A glass mirror? Tried them all and no success. The paper bag makes it worse actually. Does anyone know of any household items with the right abrasion for making a butter smooth nib? And how about fixing it on downwards strokes in particular because the other directions seem to be just fine. Many thanks in advance!
  2. I have recently inherited two Pelikan pens, a 100N in tortoiseshell, and a 100N in grey marble, whose restoration process I would like to share with you. These pens originally belonged to my grandfathers, hadn’t been used for many years, and were suffering from several problems, which a number of specialized repairers that I contacted in Europe – namely in Portugal, Spain, England and Germany – were unable to solve. Then I was lucky enough to learn about the work of Mr. Francis Goossens, also known as ‘Fountainbel’, who is a retired mechanical engineer from Belgium who nowadays dedicates to develop prototypes of new fountain pens, and to restore old ones. I wrote to Mr. Francis asking him if he would be kind enough to have a look and try to repair my pens, to which he promptly replied saying he would do the best within his power to repair my pens. Last month I sent my pens to Mr. Francis, and he has just sent them back in a mint and fully functional condition. Mr. Francis was extremely attentive throughout the reparation process, patiently explaining all the problems he came across, the different possibilities to approach the repairs, and what was at stake. Throughout this process I have come to admire his work and his ethics, which I think should be known in the fountain pen world. Mr. Francis is a true master of his craft, and a perfectionist unwilling to compromise in the impeccable quality of the work that he so passionately does. Below I am posting a few images of the repaired pens, and listing the problems that Mr. Francis came across, and which he was able to repair. Pelikan 100N in tortoiseshell 01_The pen was missing the golden cap rings. Mr. Francis fabricated new brass ones in his lathe, had them “two cycles” gold-plated by a specialist, and finally swaged them into the cap grooves using an internal back up plug. The rings grooves in the cap were deepened during a previous repair attempt. Consequently the new cap rings were made with a thicker wall in order to get them tight at the bottom of the grooves nearly flush with the outer cap diameter. Swaging was a particularly delicate procedure because the cap wall was very thin, and because the rings had to be swaged to get a perfect fit. 02_The cap clip had at some point been replaced a non-original one, and Mr. Francis was able to find an original one and have it gold-plated together with the newly fabricated cap rings. 03_The cap had two lengthwise cracks that Mr. Francis was able to chemically fuse. 04_The cap also had a bit of glue near the rings grooves because a previous repairer, supposedly a specialist, had tried to glue new rings to the cap, and the result was a nightmare. Fortunately Mr. Francis was able to remove the glue and polish the whole pen, restoring its original shine. 05_Mr. Francis discovered that at some point part of the nib housing of the cap enclosure plug had been cut off, probably to provide a longer screw thread fit between barrel and cap – but which most likely led to the aforementioned cracks. Mr. Francis was able to elongate the bush, restoring it to its original condition. 06_The piston seal was not fully tight, so Mr. Francis installed a new piston seal using two O-rings with silicone grease between both rings, and cleaned the filler. 07_The nib had to be fine tuned, which Mr. Francis also did. Pelikan 100N in grey marble 01_The filling system was not functional at all. The ink window had shrunk over time, and for that reason the piston seal was not sealing any more. In addition, there was a linear crack in the barrel threads, which would result in ink seeping through. In the face of this Mr. Francis fabricated a new green acrylic ink window in which the piston can make its full stroke, with the exact characteristics of the original one. Below you can also find the technical sketch that Mr. Francis elaborated as a preparation for the piece fabrication. The work was so impeccably executed that it is impossible to notice that this is a newly fabricated piece. 02_The ebonite feed missed one of its external fins, so Mr. Francis installed a new feed, now mounted in a new screw-in nib housing allowing easy swapping of nibs assemblies. 03_The cap lip had a long linear hairline crack, and Mr. Francis was able to find an original cap in perfect condition to replace the damaged one. 04_The pen needed a thorough cleaning and polishing, and nib fine-tuning, which Mr. Francis also did.
  3. Hi I am very much an amateur repairer so I apologise for the naivety of my question (and also if this question has been asked before). I have a Parker Maxima which is generally in pretty good condition. Its only issue is that where the cap has been slid on to the body it has caused the body finish to become matt - no gouges or individual scratches, it has just lost its shiny finish. I don't want to make matters any worse that they are, so with which grade of abrasive paper should I begin? Thanks Andrew
  4. victorbravo

    Polishing Silver Pens

    Silver pens like the Oppenheim and Gandhi (partly Silver) tarnish rather quickly. MB does have a polishing cloth that does an acceptable job of buffing the pen if it is slightly tarnished. Hoever, once it is a dark tarnish then only a silver polish like Silvo or 3M's Silver polish does a good job. Some say that the latter will eat up the Silver and therefore should not be used at all. Having a dull pen is not an option! Taking it in to MB for a service and polish each time is expensive and inconvenient. Any views, experiences or suggestions?
  5. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_829.jpghttp://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_830.jpg
  6. Anyone out there have any recommendations to polish resin (Montblanc) while still protecting plated metal parts? My question is about good polishing compounds from courser to finer, is the use of buffing wheel recommended and if so what type of polishing compound. More importantly protecting the gold plated clip and barrel rings. Thanks, Bill Kiel
  7. It will be nice if this gets pinned... hoping for a kind Mod to help out. This thread will be used to update the list as necessary. Swatches will follow. SWATCHES...... (up to 63 for now) C.
  8. KWZI Group Buy 3 - Here We Go Again... We are back!!!... North America and UK !!! http://www.sherv.net/cm/emo/dancing/super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon.gif We have EXPANDED AGAIN !!!... New Amazing Inks are being brewed at Ink Master Konrad’s Lair… and now we have open the Group Buy to the UK too !!!!!!!! We have 48 Colors available !!!! Highlights of GB3.... · 30 Standard Ink colors · 18 Iron Gall Ink colors · 12 Colors never previously available in a Group Buy · 14 BRAND NEW Colors !! Form is open to the public and is on a first come first serve basis. You will need a gmail (Google) account to access the form. KWZI Online Form PLEASE NOTE: We diligently try our best to update our stock as quickly as possible. In the case you placed an order before we could declare a color Sold Out, you will only be invoiced for what we can ship to you. Timelines: We are planning on two shipments of 100 bottles each to North America. When the first 100 bottles are sold, they will be packaged and shipped. The Form will close when the second batch of 100 bottles is sold. We will ship to UK after the Form is close. We believe we will complete shipment by March 12. Price: Standard Ink (60ml): $10 USD Iron Gall Ink (60ml): $12 USD Shipping: Overseas Shipping is built into price. You will only be charged for North American shipping from New Hampshire (continental). UK crowd will only be charged for local shipping from West Yorkshire. Payment: You will be invoiced twice. The first invoice will cover the ink and the second invoice will cover the local shipping. You will be invoiced for the ink and local shipping as soon as we confirm their safety arrival in the US/UK. PLEASE NOTE: We try our best to reach you by email. After two attempts by email, we will try a last attempt by PM. After 24hrs since the PM, your ink will be considered abandoned and will be put back for sale. This thread will be used to keep you abreast of development and to share milestones; when the list is close, when to expect PayPal invoices, when the ink is on your way… etc. If you have any questions, please send an email to KWZI.Inks(at)gmail(dot)com C.
  9. missuslovett

    Scratches In A Montblanc

    Is there any (hopefully) easy way of getting scratches or dents from a vintage Monblanc? They're not that bad but I'd like to make my Monty as sparkly as possible. Suggestions would be welcome.
  10. brunotx

    Starwalker Extreme Cap Scratch

    Hi, Today, I had a little accident with my Starwalker Extreme Rollerball. With no reason, I rubbed the cap on a sheet of paper: clonclusion: the cap have now a scratch that incomodate me. I'd like to know if there is a way to remove the scratch. http://puu.sh/hwmk2/2b5ccd7e6d.png Regards, Bruno.
  11. I bought this package when TLMG offered a sale and a free cloth. I didn't have anything like this, and I knew I needed something to take care of my pens and an unknown lot arriving from the Bay. It came super fast. I opened it and was impressed by the cloth--it's huge and soft. In this photo, the caps have been opened. They were originally secured by the kind of plastic rings you get on pop bottles. No leaking. The instructions are actually for 2-step. I messaged TLMG who confirmed that indeed step 0 is for taking out scratches. It's slightly abrasive, he said; don't use too much. OK. This is an After photo of my first project. I was so pleased that I posted a message about it on the original thread. TLMG asked me to do a review at this point, and I am happy to do so, because I find this a good product. The test pen is one that came with the unknown lot. It's a beat up old Eversharp that writes very well (the beautiful Sheaffer above, alas, doesn't write at all). I had already cleaned it up with water as far as that would go, but it's still pretty dull. It had some scratches above the thread that were a little annoying, and dings everywhere. I followed the instructions. They are pretty straightforward. Now the pen looks like this. The scratches above the threads are still there, but I hardly notice them. I could do Step 3 again, but this is a pretty old pen, after all. Even the nib cleaned up a bit. I didn't do much with it, because the pen is loaded with about the last bit of my old bottle of Pousserie de Lune, which was getting all over the paper towel I switched to. It's pleasant to feel the polished surface of this restored skin. Wish I had something like it for my own scratches and dings. I really like this product. It doesn't smell like brass cleaner--or like anything, in fact. You use just a drop at a time of each step's product. I used two drops for each pen, because I didn't know whether to count the cap and the body separately, and they were in pretty poor shape to begin with. The bottles are tiny and fit in the last remaining niche in my ink drawer. At a drop at a time, I'll probably never use them up. I have no connection with the company or with TLMG (don't even know his or her real name). They did offer me a box of goodies, but I think I have everything I need. If you don't have a pen polish already, get this one. Kathleen
  12. KWZI Group Buy 2 - The Sequel.. We are back!!! http://smileys.on-my-web.com/repository/MSN_Emoticons/MSN-Emoticon-014.gif KWZI Group Buy 2 has expanded 100% - Now there is the possibility of up to 200 lovely bottles of KWZI ambrosia up for grabs. KWZI will always try hard to not disappoint their fans. We have a waiting list of ink enthusiasts that we are ready to address. If you put your name on the original KWZI North American Group Buy, then you are set. To maximize efficiency and quality of KWZI inks, we are limiting the colors that will be available for this Group Buy. On a first come basis, we will PM you the Order form link. We will be taking orders to provide you exactly the ink you have been wishing/dreaming/needing. If you did not add your name on the first Group Buy Thread, no worries, you can still add your name on this thread and you will be added to the list of ink enthusiast for future Group Buys. This thread will be used to keep you abreast of development and to share milestones; when the list is close, when to expect PayPal invoices, when the ink is on your way… etc. If you have any questions, please send an email to KWZI.Inks (at) Gmail (dot) com --- Team KWZI
  13. Hey everyone! So, in the past month or so that I've been active on the forum, I've really fallen in love with you all. I've been thinking of a way to show it and, as the title suggests, I think I came up with a great one. From now until September 30th, if you grab one of the "Ultimate Pen Polish" kits, you will get an entry to win a BRAND NEW Montblanc LeGrand Fountain pen. http://i.imgur.com/ZJQCtE5.jpg As always, you will get the FPN discount of ~20% off, as well as free domestic shipping, at-cost international shipping, and a free micro-fiber polishing cloth! And, of course, you will still be getting the same kit as before: enough for ~50 uses! http://i.imgur.com/qQNPbsF.jpg Since it's obvious that there is a 99.99% chance I will be losing a great deal of money with this contest, you might be wondering why I am doing it. Two reasons: First, I want to show you all that I am here for the "long haul" and that I truly consider myself part of the community. I've loved our jibs and PMs back and forth, etc. Second, I want to get the "Ultimate Pen Polish" in the hands of more people. Everyone who has used it so far loves it, and I know that the more people use it, the more people will talk about it to others! To get your hand in the cookie jar, use the following link. If you are international, make sure to select it from the dropdown under the arrow: >>> ***CLICK HERE TO GRAB A KIT AND ENTER TO WIN A MONTBLANC LEGRAND (146)*** <<< Let me know if you have any questions! ps. Obviously Montblanc, the company, has nothing to do at all with this promotion!
  14. Divebunny

    Polishing Kit For Montblanc Pens

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is a "beaten to death topic" but I have read some old posts about a fantastic polishing kit and have tried to contact the writers/contributors without any luck. Does anyone know if it is still available (in UK) and if so, where from? Thanks for the help
  15. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_790.jpghttp://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_799.jpg
  16. The original KWZI 1-47 reviews are here.. Thanks to Konrad and Dale (dcroe05), without them this work would have never been possible. Konrad for creating these amazing inks, Dale for his generosity in sharing his samples with me. The Iron Galls are marked with a big "IG" under its respective swab. I have a few favorites... (like 30... ) .. but I will let you pick your favorites. I hope you enjoy drooling over these amazing inks.. as much as I enjoyed reviewing them.
  17. Hi guys! I bought a Flitz polish paste and tried to polish my Parker Frontier. It turned out that there's no effect turning my dirty resin into a shiny one but instead, it became even less shiny. (Even it's impossible to remove the paste coating. The only way to bring it back was using toothpaste to scratch off the polish paste.) I used my glass cloth to polish it just as the instruction said. Is there somewhere wrong? How can I polish it? Thx!
  18. Hello All… This is the highly anticipated KWZI – Group Buy !!! This is KWZI first Transatlantic Group Buy, but it won’t be the last. If your favorite color is not available today, do not despair. Konrad is busy replenishing his stock and old and new colors will be available for future Group Buys. Price: Standard Ink (60ml): $10 USD Iron Gall Ink (60ml): $12 USD Shipping: Overseas Shipping is built into price. You will only be charge for North American shipping. Please select the number of bottles you are committing to buy on the form linked below. We have very limited number of ink colors thus, we have limited the amount of bottles you can buy per color. PLEASE NOTE: We diligently try our best to update our stock as quickly as possible. In the case you placed an order before we could declare a color Sold Out, you will only be invoiced for what we can ship to you. Timelines: The List will be open until 100 bottles are sold or by September 30th. Whichever is first. The ink will be shipped and should reach the US by mid October. Barring any mishaps and/or postal delays, buyers should be getting their inks starting the end of October. If you have ANY issues/problems with this form, or any special requirements to discuss, please do not post in this thread… send an email to KWZI.Inks (at) Gmail (dot) com This thread will be use to keep you abreast of development and to share milestones; when the list is close, when to expect PayPal invoices, when the ink is on your way… etc. Claudia ---------------- SOLD OUT: #7 Blue #23 IG Blue #28 IG Red #29 IG Violet
  19. TassoBarbasso

    Wooden Pens: How To Make Them Shine?

    Hi All! I have a Pilot Custom made of maple wood with a really nice grain. However, I would really like to make the wood surface a bit more shiny. I don't want to apply any paint or chemicals, I was just wondering if there's a way to polish it till it looks a bit less dull. thanks, Fabio
  20. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_827.jpg
  21. Hello all! I received my Nakaya Neo-standard in Kuro-Tamenuri around 3 weeks back and I noticed that it wasn't as shiny as I had seen in the pictures. The shine isn't as prominent when compared to my other pens such as the Sailor 1911m, Pilot 92 (All black plastic). The Nakaya has a slightly dulled look - is this normal? Does it get shinier as time goes by? One thing I will say though is that I haven't seen any micro-scratches at all on the body - really quite impressive. The Nakaya & the Pilot. Hopefully you can see the pen on the right is shinier. Anyways, does anyone have any experience or advice about how would I go about polishing the urushi properly if that was at all possible? (I'm aiming for a mirror finish). Regular swiping with a cleaning cloth doesn't seem to help lessen the dull. Thank you!
  22. I was given some old Tryphon pen products and the instructions said that the scratch remover can be used to get rid of hard rubber oxydation. I tried it on a spot of hard rubber in a filligree overlay on a hard rubber pen. The problem? The only area that seems to go back to black is the center spot inside the filligree detail but not all the way to the edges. So, I have a spot of nice black surrounded by still oxydized hard leather. I tried Q-tips to get up to the edges but that didn't help. Suggestions?
  23. Just to say I cleaned my Summit and Conway Stewart Vintage pens with Autoglym Rubber bumper (fender to you Yanks ) cleaner/restorer. They came up a treat (though slightly slippery to begin with, they're harder to grip with no muck and a polished surface) Nice shine, though not too shinny and they are a slightly deeper black colour now as well. Seems like a good choice. Oh and it smells better than rubber as well. What cleaner/restorers have others had success with?
  24. Edit: added pictures Hello. I've just gotten my Sheaffer Valor and have been using it for a few days at school. I haven't been doing anything that may have caused it like running around or dropping it, but there seems to be a faint mark on different parts of the acrylic pen. I suspect these may be capping/posting marks, as they are in the right place and are in ring shapes. There is one directly below the nib, one on the upper body and one at the very tip. If a fellow owner of an acrylic pen could assist in identifying these marks and any potential tips on maintenance and perhaps a solution to this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  25. DrSterling

    Polishing Your Pens

    Hey Pelikan Forum, I picked up my first Pelikan a month or so ago, a gorgeous Souveran M805 in black. I absolutely love it, and It's become my daily writer for my notes in college. Despite keeping it in a pen case while it's not in use, it's picked up some very small and fine scratches. They're actually very difficult to see if the lighting isn't right or if you don't look closely. Although I know and accept that this is a natural occurrence in a daily use pen, I'm afraid that I've always been a perfectionist, and like to keep my belongings in the best possible condition. Does anyone here polish their pens to keep them smooth, shiny, and clean? I'd love to hear the methods you take to achieve this. Also, feel free to share any information regarding caring for Pelikans, as I'd like to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that's now available to me. My current TLC routine is wiping the pen down at the end of the day with a soft cloth, and flushing it with distilled water around once a month. Thanks so much for your help!

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