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  1. This 50ml bottle of Rohrer and Klingner's archival ink was not inexpensive, but performed well beyond my expectations. It writes wet, yet dries quickly. Is absolutely unfazed by water, and works on the cheapest papers. The only downside I have noticed is that while doing the crossword (yes, it works on newsprint!), it did hard start a little if I was too slow on a clue. It can hardly be faulted for that, though... Front: Back:
  2. Hi all, I mostly use western 'F' nibs, but have recently bought two LAMY Z50 nibs in EF, and I want to find a 'permanent' black ink that will work well with them. For the last several years I have used Noodler's Black as my 'permanent' black ink - it is very black, and very permanent, and I have always found it to be very good. Its only 'flaw' was its penchant for nib-creep. In the last few months though, I suspect that the ink in my bottle (which has been open since 2014) may have 'denatured' or 'gone off'. I found that the aerometric Parker "51" in which I have always used my N
  3. dcwaites

    Blackstone Barrister Black

    Blackstone Barrister Black is a new ink from Australian Vendor Justwrite It is a nano-carbon pigmented black that, like others of its class, is permanent, solvent-resistant/proof, and very well behaved. When I first got the ink for testing, it was labelled under it's pre-release name of Black 11.40, but having been released it is now called Barrister Black. On even poorer quality paper (old stock Reflex) there was no bleeding or feathering, so this is a very well behaved ink. As you can see, it is a deep, solid black, less matt and more glossy than the normal nano-carbon ink like
  4. Anyone care to share their favorite permanent ink additive - mix of permanent ink + X ink ? While I enjoy Platinum Classics, Sailor nano pigs and Noodler's, it would be great to add a touch of permanence to the rest of my inks. I'm guessing Platinum Carbon Black would be a good stable additive but that was only one test run So far: Success: Platinum Carbon Black (just a smidge) + Noodler's 54th Massachusetts - stableFailure: R&K Salix + Maruzen Blue: the mix writes but precipitates all along the inner demonstrator barrel Ideal: Permanent reveal at 07:15 shows color washout bu
  5. http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Parker-Quink-Permanent-Blue-Black-old-nazwa.png Producent: Parker Series, colour: Quink Permanent Blue Black (old) Pen: Waterman Hemisphere "F" Paper: Image Volume 80 g / cm2 http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/buteleczki_atrament_parker_duza_old.jpg Specifications: Flow rate: very good Lubrication: good Bleed through: unnoticeable Shading: noticeable Feathering: unnoticeable Saturation: very good Ink drying time: ~ 5-10 sec. A drop of ink smeared with a nib http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Parker-Quink-Perman
  6. Bigeddie

    Montblanc Permanent Black

    Hi all, I've been slow on the uploading, but here is the third of three reviews of the new (Oct '13) Montblanc inks. Some of the text on the background is copy and pasted, this is in grey should you want to skip it I see some of you have already checked out the Flickr album! Montblanc seem to be shaking up their line a bit, Midnight Blue is no longer listed as being a permanent ink and two new permanent inks are being introduced. The packaging is the same format as the existing inks with new graphics, All white with blue and black text. The bottle is the same shoe as we are used to wi
  7. This has probably been asked before a gazillion times, but I cannot find a definite answer on FPN or elsewhere. I've got two bottles of Parker Quink ink, one black and one blue black. I think both bottles are the same, the labels have different designs and the boxes are different, too. I don't know whether this is because one is washable and the other permanent, or because of a change in the design. Are these inks washable or permanent? I've read that if they are washable the box would say so, but I'm not completely sure it's like that. Thanks!
  8. ColdDeadHand

    Permanent Ink For Vintage Pens?

    I have a bit of a hangup for permanent inks, and this is often at odds with my passion for vintage pens. Do you think I'm going to take apart a Parker Vacumatic, clean it, replace the diaphragm, admire the clarity of the barrel that has survived for 70 or 80 years, and then fill it with Heart of Darkness? No. That is not happening. I love HoD, but that goes into modern pens that I don't really give a darn about. Inks with no water resistance are uninteresting to me. Yes, I have a bottle of Waterman Serenity Blue. It's used for dip tests after I refurbish a pen, but there is no way I
  9. I happened upon some new-old-stock bottles of "Waterman's Permanent Blue Black" ink. They were in pristine condition, and the cap sealing was good such that no ink appears to have evaporated. I see no precipitate or any other issues. The ink has a chemical scent I can't quite identify accurately, but it makes me think of paint and art supplies, for the lack of better description. I don't know if this ink has any amount of iron gall or not, but I suspect it has a small amount. If anyone wishes to contribute to this ink's description and dating, it would be great. The bottle has th
  10. I have been thinking about mixing relatively inexpensive inks from India to produce something I can use in my writing. I have to be conservative with my choice of ink for official use- only black/blue-black, and my writing should be somewhat impervious to water damage. In my personal use, I prefer a vibrant, unusual blue ink. I have two ink mixes ready for experimentation. I. 3 parts of Daytone Turquoise Blue + 1 part of Camlin Royal Blue = Custom Blue. II. 3 parts of Daytone Calligraphy Black + 1 part of Camlin Permanent Black = Custom Black. The first photograph below is how the in
  11. I have recently ventured into the world of vintage pens and have purchased two English Parker 51s for use as EDC/workhorse pens. I also picked up a few bottles of vintage Quink Permanent Blue with Solv-X that were made in England as I figured the ink should most definitely be safe to use in a Parker 51. I'm a blue ink girl at heart for my everyday inks, and tend to avoid black inks. Blue-blacks are hit or miss for me. I used to use Quink Washable blue back in my college days and discovered from unpleasant personal experience that it fades very badly. Sadly, I documented a significant po
  12. white_lotus

    Sailor Kiwa-Guro (Nano-Pigment Ink)

    Well this may be the most boring ink review you've ever seen. Sailor Kiwa-guro is a permanent black ink based on nano-pigment instead of a dye. I presume this means the pigment particles are much smaller than usual for pigments, but not so small to be a dye. There may be other factors that contribute to this ink being permanent, but it is not an iron-gall ink. The ink is totally waterproof, and if the pigment is a permanent black, then it will also be lightfast. An interesting FP ink it is not, in that it doesn't shade really, and it doesn't sheen. It's quite a flat black color. Even the ink
  13. Just got hold of several old bottles of Parker Super Quink Blue ink that came in cheap looking, black plastic bottles that look nothing like Parker Quink ink -or any other ink for that matter! They were manufactured in Parker's plant in Mexico sometime in the 1980's and they differ from their American counterparts in that there's no mention of Solv-X in them -which from what I've read, these inks had- and it only states the ink as permanent. Upon opening the first bottle I found that evaporation took the better half off it and that it has a chemical aroma that is not present on any other i
  14. Hello everyone. I'm new to this. Is there a permanent ink that does not clog or dry in the pen (nib?) if the pen is not used for a week or more? And, a permanent ink that flows well, is "wet", and easy to clean out of the pen? If I only use the pen several times a month for check writing, etc, is that enough? I have several Pelicans, a Sailor 1911, and a couple cheapies. Thanks so much for your help. Newbie here. Aloha jim
  15. cjr

    Noodler's House Divided

    Just got back from the DC Pen Show. Several retailers had the latest Nooder's ink, House Divided. From his description, I was expecting a reddish blue ink that when washed leaves behind a permanent red line. I was able to sample the bottle at Luxury Brand's table. The ink is not what I was expecting. It is actually a dusty rose/burgundy color with barely a hint of blue in it. I came home and immediately loaded it into a Pilot Prera medium pen and did some testing. I also did a spill test during which I wrote on a piece of 28# paper, let it dry, and then poured tap water over it. After it dried
  16. Nathan Tardif sent out a news release about his latest ink named "House Divided". The description sounds like a semi-permanent purplish ink with a blue component that washes away leaving behind a permanent red line. His announcement indicates it will be available for the DC Pen Show. I plan to attend Saturday and will be looking for a bottle.
  17. Hello all! I don't really know which category this falls into, so i'll post it here. I'm looking for an ink that is dye based, relatively fade/water resistant, that does not corrode a pen if filled for an extended time (let's say 2-3 weeks) and is blue/blue-black/black (or any other color you would consider as work appropriate). Any recommendations?
  18. I need a black ink that has permanent properties (water resistant, lasts in a notebook over the years) but that isn't pigmented; anyone have any suggestions?
  19. This is a permanent (ISO 127755-2) ink in the "Document" series from De Atramentis. Availability is a little uneven: all their inks are proudly "hand made" and so stocks may change, but this one seems more uneven than most. If you have a really dry writer this one may be for you. All the Document inks are quite free flowing, but this one the most so of those I have tried. Bleed through is pretty bad - nowhere like Franklin-Christoph Black Magic kind of bad, but still. And the back page for bleed-through: Hope this helps someone. Happy writing / drawing / doodling: whatever you do,
  20. Frank Savage

    Koh-I-Noor Document Ink Black

    Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth is a famous manufacturer of (not only) writing, scribing and painting "tools" and accountrements of all kinds, with over 200 years of continuous history from former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to current Czech Republic. Their sortiment is broad enoght to cover whole range from hardcore development engineers through different artists by trade to hobby pencil cartoonists. This company is the original, first succesfull creator of todays most simple and notorious writing instrument-a graphite pencil in a wooden stick. From the brief above is quite clear, that Koh-I-Noor is rea
  21. I'm not a doctor, but on occasion in my work I write notes in old-fashioned paper medical charts. The hospital's only rule is "black only." Everyone, to my knowledge, uses ballpoint or the occasional rollerball. If I'm going to use FP ink, it will need to meet these standards: black, waterproof, photocopiable, permanent (these records are kept forever), and fast-drying enough not to smear if I have to pass the page to someone else as soon as I finish. Now here's the angle that makes me think I may be looking for a unicorn: these pages are printed on horrible copier paper, the worst you can i
  22. I use my fountain pens at work daily. I've had too many encounters with spills and drips on my notes to make me wary of what ink I use. One event, in particular, stands out for me when I wrote something down on a piece of paper for someone to refer to. Later, I saw the note on his desk. He had dripped some water on it, and the ink had run all over the place, not even legible! Embarrassing. It's one thing to be retro and insist on using my fountain pens at the office, but it's another when it affects the quality of the work product. So, I've been on a quest to find inks I can use reliably for w
  23. Hello, Not sure if this is the right forum to post this. I'm looking for a blue-black or black ink which is fade and water resistant and easy to maintain. The ink will be used for note taking (some important notes which need to last longer without fading). I'm not looking for Iron gall inks. Also, noodler's inks are not available in India and shipping from US costs a lot. Any other suggestion?
  24. I read the first issue of the 2016 Pelikan newsletter and Pelikan is releasing the Pelikan Fount India in the same 30ml bottle as the 4001 ink, to market it in the document/archival inks segment. See here . This ink had been available in the distant past bottled for fountain pens. In recent years, it was available (though rather obscurely) in a not so practical plastic bottle, mainly aimed for the dip pen/caligraphy market. However once one has got to using a dip pen, Scribtol is an even better choice for a permanent black ink (absolutely NOT suitable for fountain pens and extremely difficu
  25. I thought I would do a simple test of the properly Permanent blues* I have at hand. The inks tested were Pilot Blue, Platinum Pigment Blue, Noodler's Aquamarine (for Swishers, now discontinued) and Koh-i-noor Document Blue. I have selected Blue inks, as there are lots and lots and lots and lots of Permanent Blue-Blacks out there of varying chemistries. I wanted to do Blue. My exhaustive testing regime consisted of writing samples of all four inks with a FP nib mounted in a pen holder onto Double A Premium copy paper. After letting the ink dry for at least half an hour I then ran it under a

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