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  1. FPR Leather Roll-Up Pen Pouch (6 pens) FPR - or Fountain Pen Revolution - is a family-owned business, founded in 2011 and situated in Texas USA. Their mission is to create high quality products at a very reasonable price. Besides fountain pens, they also offer some really nice pen pouches to carry them in. In this review I take a closer look at FPR's 6-pen roll-up pen pouch. The one I have is about 5 years old, and an older version of this product. They released an updated version of this pouch in 2019, with much better looks & aesthetics. The concept remains the same, and works perfectly as a daily carry for your inked-up pens. The pouch is made from flexible, but still strong leather, that you will enjoy for many years. My pouch is about 5 years old, and still good as new. Stitching is of high quality, without any visible damage due to time & use. In rolled-up state, the pouch is quite small: at 17x8 cm and about 4 cm thick, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. A small leather strip is used to keep the pouch closed. I always expect it to loosen up, but no… it keeps the pouch closed very well. The leather provides sufficient friction to ensure a reasonably secure lock. When closed, the FPR logo appears on top of the pouch - clearly visible, but due to the light embossment it remains fairly unobtrusive. The pouch comfortably fits 6 pens, each in an individual pocket. Four of these pockets are protected with a leather flap, that ensures that your pens won’t touch each other when the pouch is closed. These flap-protected pockets can hold pens up to about Pelikan M800 size. For oversize pens you can always use the two outer pockets. The pockets grip the pens securely, and don’t seem to loosen up much over time. Even after several years of use, there is still enough friction to prevent my pens from falling out. I really like this pen pouch, and use it on a daily basis to carry around my currently inked fountain pens. The pouch is very well constructed, and can easily survive years and years of use. Also - at 35 USD - you really get value for money. And given that the 2019 version looks better than ever, you cannot go wrong with this FPR product.
  2. Uncial

    Sailor Five Pen Pouch

    About a year ago I spotted a maroon leather pen pouch made by Sailor. It looked better than a lot of five pen pouches I'd seen so I decided to get one. The first one disappeared in the post and thankfully a refund was issued. The second one arrived from Japan without a hitch. It's a really good looking pouch and feels like it's decent quality, but it isn't. I've only had it a few months and it's already showing signs of fairly serious wear without being used that much and certainly not treated badly. The leather is an extremely fine veneer that is showing signs of drying out (I live in a fairly humid part of the world) and cracking and noticed a couple of days ago that a small patch is beginning to tear away and there is a small hole on one side. These aren't exactly cheap, so it's very disappointing to have it wear so quickly. I might have been unlucky and bought a dud. Anyone else have any experience with them?
  3. Makers South Leather knocks it out of the park with the ITP Pen Holster prototype. No more broken clips or caps falling off/pen oozing ink in your pocket. What do you guys think? We have something here? Obviously it will come in different sizes and colors.
  4. At the beginning of December, the folks at Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR - http://www.fountainpenrevolution.com) unveiled their new roll-up pen pouch - with a normal retail price of US$29 (plus $3 flat-rate postage), they were offering an introductory price of $19. The offer was too good to pass up - so I placed an order, pretty well straight away. I was away on a family holiday at the time - and was pleased to find the package waiting for me on my return. (Well, waiting at the post office, anyway!) The pouch is made pretty well entirely of leather - a thick, durable, lighter-brown leather exterior... http://i.imgur.com/STNmMuv.jpg while the interior was cut from a more supple (calf-skin?) leather. http://i.imgur.com/xbOhNMl.jpg The stitching on the pouch seems pretty durable too - though you'll notice, the bottom of the fourth pen slot from the left was not properly stitched in to the binding, and has come loose. The leather straps that wrap around and tie together to hold the pouch shut are both sown in to the middle of the 'back' of the pouch, and are made of the same (outer) leather material. I decided to test the pouch's carrying capacity by filling it with a few of my largest pens - a FPR Triveni, a TWSBI 540, a Pilot Vanishing Point, a Jinhao 159, and a Ranga Duofold. All of them fit (relatively) comfortably - though the Triveni and the Duofold both protruded a fair way from the top of their slots. http://i.imgur.com/Cihje3c.jpg Rolled up, the pouch looked like this: http://i.imgur.com/WOgeegn.jpg And from on top, like this: http://i.imgur.com/0QUSVOd.jpg This will help you to see why I only put five of my pens into the pouch: Given their wider girth (the Vanishing Point excepted), a sixth pen would make the pouch fairly bulky when rolled up. That said, with a smaller pen in the 6th slot, it wasn't as bad as I'd expected it to be: http://i.imgur.com/iC6q3Ic.jpg So what do I think of the pen pouch? On the plus side (and it's mostly pluses), the exterior is made of very sturdy leather, while the interior leather is soft and supple enough that it's not going to scratch or damage my pens. The stitching (with one minor 'blip' is secure, and I don't anticipate this is going to fall apart any time soon! I like the form factor, too - and the fact that it's big enough to fit my largest pens. The individual pen slots are generously sized (though the 5th a little smaller, while the 6th could conceivably fit 2-3 skinny pens!). The 'branding' on the pouch is visible (see the 'FPR' logo on the bottom left of the exterior), but not obnoxious. I like the 'unpolished', not quite 'distressed' look of the leather - it gives the pouch a rustic aura. On the minus side, it was a little disappointing that the stitching wasn't quite right at the bottom of the 4th pen slot - though it's unlikely to be a problem. And I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on the two leather straps - it might have been better to have one strap, affixed to the right-hand rear of the pouch, so that it could wrap around and tuck in on itself. But that's a minor quibble - it works fine as it is. One last possible concern - Kevin from FPR mentioned this to me - is that the pouch was meant to be manufactured with a leather flap that would fold down over the pen clips, and ensure they didn't rub up against each other. I was able to orient my pens so that the clips weren't touching - due in part to the width of the individual pen slots - but I agree, a flap would minimise the risk of the clips scratching each other. One the down-side, though, I can imagine that the Triveni and the Duofold might foul that up, given how tall they stand. I believe that the next batch to be manufactured will come with the leather flap - so if you're thinking of buying the pouch, you may want to keep that in mind. All things considered, though, $29 is an absolute steal for a pen pouch made from these materials - and the introductory price of $19 was just insane! I'd be more than happy to recommend this to anyone looking for a low-cost, good value, great looking "on-the go" storage option for your more valuable pens. Any questions, feel free to ask - I'll do my best to answer them. Standard disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money, have no affiliation to FPR, and was not compensated for this review.
  5. About 9 months ago, I uploaded a review of the new leather roll-up pen pouch that had just been released by Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR - link https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/281101-the-fountain-pen-revolution-leather-roll-up-pen-pouch/). It was a good product for a *very* reasonable price - but it had one or two downsides that were commented on by me, and by other contributors to the thread. So when I saw that FPR had produced an updated version, I was quick to pull the trigger (I needed more pen storage anyway!). Full disclosure: Kevin from FPR has provided me with a few pens free in return for an impartial review - but this product I paid for in full. The first thing I noticed on arrival was how much less bulky the pouch was - the two pictures below show the old (left) and new pouches side-by-side, both empty of pens: http://i.imgur.com/M5tDypm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/m0pGO9R.jpg The main reason for this difference is the fact that the newer pen is made from a lighter, more supple leather that folds down much more easily. The inner leather is also more supple - and somewhat brighter. You'll notice, too, that the outer leather of the pouch has been folded in and double-stitched to ensure the layers won't come apart easily (once again, new pouch left, old pouch right): http://i.imgur.com/zAYEALJ.jpg Notice too that the two straps that wrapped around the pouch in different directions have been replaced by one longer strap, which wraps around the whole pouch roughly twice. This (in my view) is also an improvement. Also, in place of 5 shorter pen slots and one much wider slot, the new pouch now has six slots, with the middle two more widely spaced. The biggest change, though, was the addition of a leather flap over four of the six slots. This was the biggest complaint about the older pouch, and has now been addressed. I have to admit, I was dubious about the advantages of a flap - though it provides for greater protection against pen clips clashing (and prevents pens slipping out), it limits the height of the pen that can be placed inside the pouch. Having a flap that covers only four of the pen slots I think is a good compromise. In the pictures below, you'll see that even some fairly long pens *did* fit under the flap - from left to right are a FPR Triveni (full size), a Karas Kustoms INK, a TWSBI Eco, a Diplomat Excellence A, a Jinhao 159 (which is swapped out for a Diplomat Excellence in the second, flap down photo), and a Ranga Duofold. Of these, only the Ranga (15cm) was too tall (and fat) to fit under the flap; the thinner Triveni (14.5cm long) had no trouble. http://i.imgur.com/BFyENb7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mfwWfCv.jpg Two more photos show how well the pen folds over, with the above pens sitting inside - though for the second photo I removed the Ranga (which rarely travels with me anyway!): http://i.imgur.com/RbSEru1.jpg http://i.imgur.com/u0yhEtJ.jpg I think the new pen pouch is an improvement on the old: though I've very much enjoyed using the former, the newer pouch provides more protection, while its greater suppleness (and lesser bulk) means it folds up much more easily. Time will tell whether the leather is as durable - but the pouch seems well-constructed, and the materials feel to be of good quality. Another win for mine - and at US$32 (plus $3 postage) you're getting great value for money.
  6. Does your Siena pen pouch also come with this "washing label" inside, or is this a recent addition from Montblanc?
  7. Newbie would like to see how do FPN members keep their collections, please show with pictures.
  8. Hi there! I'd like to take the liberty and show you my latest pen pouch. For me, this is a real accomplishment, as I've never before used any leather as thin on a project like this. Everything's handstitched and I have also done the dyeing myself. Thanks for having a look! Adam
  9. Hi FPNers, I'd like to share something with all of ye today. After a lengthy search for the perfect 3 pen case, trolling through the cheaper junk, the more expensive but yet unsuitable due to size or other factors, I have finally obtained what I feel is the ultimate 3 pen case for me. Let me start by the requirements that I was looking for: 1. 3 pen case 2. Leather - good quality, preferably soft and supple (not stiff and unforgiving), black or brown. 3. Size - This is important to me as I carry it in my pants pocket, I was looking for one that wouldn't sit like a brick in my pocket, yet would fit larger pens like the MB 149. This put options like the MB Sienna 3 pen case and the recent newer Visconti 3 pen case (which is really nice too) somewhat out of the question. Due to some hype surrounding the Piquadro Nikolai pen cases, I looked high and low for this and only managed to find the Piquadro Tamponato, which turned out unsuitable as it only manages to fit the smaller pens and was tight even for a MB 146! Anyway, fast forward to today when I've finally got my hands on this baby, also made by Piquadro, but not in production anymore as confirmed by them in the email. Strangely enough, I can find no references to it online either.. Enter the box. A simple logo at the front and that's about it.. A little wrapping on the inside.. There it is, in all its glory, a magnificent piece of leather, subtle, supple, and sexy! A little close up for your viewing pleasure. 3 of my most frequently used babies (MB 146, MB Alexander Dumas (size of 149?), and my Pelikan M800 Tortoiseshell) sitting inside their new home. The leather actually will stretch to accomodate a larger pen. My MB 149 is away for service so I'll put in it and add another shot of it after to show you that it should fit when it gets back. There it is, stretched out in all its glory..This is what I like most about this pen case..in addition to everything else! Shot from the front.. And another.. The softness of this leather and how thin it is make it the perfect ideal pen case I have been searching high and low for.. Bendable softness..in fact the entire case will bend if you wish it to. This case isn't for heavy duty protection of your pens, not a case to dump into your back with keys and coin, oh no..It is for transporting it in your pocket for daily use, for your pens to have a nice and soft happy home, for your hands to feel the luxuriousness of this premium leather as you dig your hands into your pocket to grab your pen.. Well that is my review on this case, sorry if I gushed a little, when you finally find the thing that you have been searching for after such a long time and it exceeds your expectations, what else are you supposed to do? Cheers and have a Happy Christmas ladies and gentlemen. Julian. edited for spelling error.
  10. I realise that this topic has probably been covered before but a quick search didn't reveal what I am looking for. I would be grateful if members could recommend a sturdy pen pouch which is not leather or very expensive and which can hold about 20 fountain pens. I dislike leather and am trying to save money in order to spend it on my new house (which needs work!). I'm sure others reach the point where there pens present a storage problem. I'm about at that point, hence the desire for a good, but not expensive, case. I don't want a wrap as I know that the pens will get broken in something soft. Thanks.

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