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Found 18 results

  1. The-Thinker

    Pelikan M800 Vs M1000

    If you had the chance, which pen would you get so that you enjoy writing and call it a "keeper"
  2. PILOT x SOMÈS Pen porch Review These photos were taken with my mobile phone in order to save time and make blog-writing easier. Hope the downgraded image quality won't spoil my identity as a professional photographer as well as digital image specialist. I always carry a few pens with me so I have the need to find some good pen porches for them. The pen porch shown in my previous Pelikan M800 Review (Here) caught some friend's attention and asked me about it, so I decided to write this review. This Porch is a "PILOT x SOMÈS" 3-slot pen porch, it's producd by SOMÈS SADDLE for Pilot, SOMÈS is
  3. Greetings to everyone guys. I am planning for a big pen purchase but I am pretty confused between the two. I will be buying the pen from the Nibsmith because most probably I am getting a grind on it. My main concerns here are: Quality and construction: I know both pens are expensive and well constructed. But every once in a while, I come across a thread about the auroloide in Auroras cracking. I have also come across threads where the bindes in Pelikan split. I want to know if this is a recent issue or a thing of the past. Nib performance: I know I said I might go for a custom grind. B
  4. I currently have two pens I use very consistently: a Pelikan M800 with cursive ital. nib that I ground and a PFM III, also with a cursive italic that I ground. Both pens are very smooth, wonderful writers. This is the perfect size for me, and I tend to like the M800 better in terms of weight. OK, so what might be a 3rd large pen to add to these two? I have a modern, very slightly used Aurora 88 that I plan to sell—can't go with the play of the nib on the paper. I can, of course, get another Pelikan, and I am open to a vintage pen. So what might be next? Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. sargetalon

    My Pelikan M8Xx Sized Collection

    Hello everyone. I had the camera out and was taking a few photos on a lazy Sunday so I thought that I would snap and share a pic of my M8xx collection. I'm really leaning towards the M8xx sized pens as some of my favorites of the flock. Enjoy! s Green Demonstrator, M810 Blue Ocean, M915 Hunting, M815 Wall Street, Concerto, Golf, Genesis of the Olympiad, The Spirit of Gaudi, Red striped, Green striped, Clear demonstrator (without engravings), Black, Blue O'Blue, Tortoiseshell Brown, Burnt Orange, Grand Place, M805 Solid Blue, M805 Stresemann, M805 Clear demonstrator (with engravings), M8
  6. mfyorulmaz

    Italic Nib Comparison

    Hi, I learnt a lot from this forum and here is my payback...I want to share my comparison of couple of my Italic pens/nibs. Enjoy... The pens/nibs are: 1-Pelikan M800 BB Cursive Italic by John Mottishaw. Line variation ~x4 (1.0mm/0.25mm) 2-Lamy 1.1mm (standard calligraphy pen). Line variation ~x1.8 (0.9mm/0.5mm) 3-Nakaya Decapod Twist Aka Tamenuri BB Cursive Italic by John Mottishaw. Line variation ~x3.6 (0.9mm/0.25mm) 4-Montblanc Boheme Oblique Medium (original Montblanc nib; no customization). Line variation ~x2.0 (0.8mm/0.4mm) The meaning of the sentence in the pics is "The biggest
  7. Hi guys, I am trying to select my next Pelikan. I have reduced down my choices to three: 1-M800 Burnt Orange and M800/M805 Blue Striped. Burnt Orange has a very attractive warm color which I really like. 2-M800 Blue Striped with Gold Trim 3-M805 Blue Striped with Rhodium Trim Which one would you choose and why? Thanks
  8. Aetheric Continua

    Sub $400 Pelikan M800 On Amazon

    I hope I'm not breaking rules here. If so, mods please tell me and do what needs to be done. Not sure about the legitimacy of these, but I think these are potentially good deals. The companies seem to be all based in Japan. Black M800 (no nib size specified) ~$350 Green Striped M800 (also no nib size specified) ~$370 Green Striped M800 (apparently a fine nib) ~$350
  9. OOPS I er WE did It Again Well that has nothing to do with this http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/LCC%20M800/oops_zps3fyya1rv.jpg As You might know I am a great Birdfan... I love Marbre de Canard (DuckBreast), Guinee Fawl and Filet of Ostriche But PELIKANS ARE MY FAVORITE no not the ones that can fly (wonder how they taste with a sauce of Maury wine ) But More like these ones http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/LCC%20M800/m800%204%20times_zpsgn7zvbvc.jpghttp://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a617/Morbus_Curiositas/LCC%20M800/m800%20
  10. fplover01

    A To Use Or Not To Use Dilemma

    So here is the thing. I have over the years moved up from the M20xs to M80xs pens. I discovered i liked the size of the M80x so much that I decided for fewer and more expensive pens and sold my 60xs and my 20xs (apart from one m205). I bought this M800 on ebay... It was advertised as never used and was clearly the old style. it was cheaper than buying a new pen and while it is not what exactly i would like to have (I do prefer the silver trim of the M805 over the M800 and the green stripes are not my first preference, I like the blue ones, furthermore I love the newer style with the all meta
  11. Hi to all, I'm a bit new to the fountain pen "arena" and I just bought from an antique dealer a Pelikan M800 but I just noticed something in the pictures that concerned me. I did this purchase remotely as I live on the other side of the Country but I have acquired things from him previously and was always happy with the service, so I risked and went forward with the purchase as I thought the price was quite attractive and he assured me the pen was in very good conditions. My concern is that I just noticed something strange in one of the pictures of the pen (which are of very poor qualit
  12. Has anyone come across a m800 body that looks like below? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Replacement-barrel-for-Palikan-M-800-/271836242626?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f4ab3e2c2 I know the m800 versions of today do not have a ink window like the one shown in the pictures. older m800 perhaps or does the "palikan" speak volumes? thanks
  13. hilsedwards

    A Quick Word Of Praise

    I have just received a delightful Pelikan M800 Tortoise from Rolf Thiel in Germany. I cannot praise his excellent service enough! Germany to my hot little hands in under a week plus a gift of a delicious box of chocolates, bliss. The usual disclaimers, although I do wish he lived next door to me! Many thanks Rolf
  14. Was this nib a special, or will it continue as a stand offering from Pelikan? I'm hearing conflicting news on this?
  15. Is it possible to re grind an M800 nib and get a similar experience as one would with an Aurora 88 with a factory stub? I recently bought an Aurora 88 from John Mottishaw, not customised but just a factory stub which he tuned, which has completely blown me away. I've been using M800s almost exclusively for work for about six years now and just wanted to see what all the fuss was about concerning feedback with Aurora nibs. I just find it a fantastic nib to write with, and seems to work with almost any kind of paper that I encounter (I work in a hospital, where paper quality varies a lot!). The
  16. aliikizkaya

    Pelikan M1000 M800 Barrel Expansion

    Hi Folks ! I can't plug the cap in its proper place after leaving my new Pelikan M1000 barrel in a clean water for cleaning for a night. I checked the diameter of my M1000 with calliper comparing with my friends M1000 barrel diameter. My Pelikan's barrel diameter was 1mm bigger than my friends Pelikan barrel diameter. I checked my new M1000 under the microscope and I see the water penetrated between the tortoise shell layers just on the threads side where cap is screwing. I put the M1000 body in a towel and left for two days under the indirect sun light. After two days slow evaporation now
  17. Hello from Wilmington, Delaware, USA. I have two fountain pens that were in storage for a few years and both need repair: 1. Pelikan M800 (Green) Medium 2. What I believe is a Waterman Gentleman Fine (Black with pretty engraving around the barrel and cap) The Pelikan looks to be in fine shape but writes VERY poorly: skipping, and scratchy. After lots of reading in your forums it seems to need some nib meistering. The Waterman was writing pretty nicely using a blue waterman cartridge until the nib assembly came off when I removed the cap. After watching hours of youtube pen tuning video

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