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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I am a complete newbie to the fountain pen world. One of my family members gave me a Pelikan m200, and when I twisted the back of the pen to fill up, it made a strange squeaking noise. And.. if you look at the picture, I'm no fountain pen expert, but I can tell it's broken. I'm not even sure what the part it's broken is called (it is the one next to the pen cap) I'm wondering if it's even salvageable? Also.. I was wondering when I'm filling up a Pelikan m200, am I supposed to see it get filled up in the area I circled with red? Thanks a lot!
  2. Martolod

    Lamy 2000 Vs. Pelikan M200

    Hello, I posted this in the Pelikan board but thought the Lamy board would have something to add. Lately I've been looking at Pelikan pens a lot and the M215 and M200, but I'm hesitant because I've got a lot of German nibs, andI already have a German nib piston filler in the Lamy 2000 and TWSBI Eco. I should also mention I haven't had issue no.1 with either pen, and never seen the "sweet spot" problem. Is there anyone who owns both pens and finds it worthwhile? Is the nib a different enough writing experience to buy it?
  3. Martolod

    Pelikan M200 Vs. Lamy 2000

    Hey all, I have been looking at Pelikan pens a lot and the M215,205,200 look so cute but I've got a lot of German nibs, and just realized I already have a German nib piston filler in the Lamy 2000 and TWSBI Eco. Is there anyone who owns both and finds it worthwhile? Is the nib a different enough writing experience to buy it?
  4. First of all, I'm a new user to Fountain Pen Network. I've been enjoying looking through the classifieds and reviews on some interesting fountain pens. This made me take the leap from my Pilot Metro (Sounds cooler this way) to a Pelikan M200 Tradition (The one with the green marble barrel). I bought it from Aesthetic Bay, which i thought was a Singaporean retailer, but they claim that I would only receive the pen in 14 days time. This seemed odd as it should not take more than 3 days to deliver me the pen if they kept their stock in Singapore. So, my question finally, is Aesthetic Bay not a Singaporean retailer? If so, it would be awesome if someone told me which country they belonged to. BTW: Aesthetic Bay stocks some really exquisite pens and they also do engravings.
  5. basterma

    Pen Repair In Austria

    Hello All, I am working in China, and traveling to Vienna from July 14th-August 4th. i have a Pelikan M200 that needs its piston lubricated, a Sheaffer Valiant Snorkel with a non-working Touchdown filler, A Sheaffer school pen that needs servicing (dropped on its nib), and Mont Blanc 221 that has a cracked grip. Does anyone know where I can get these pens repaired in Austria during my stay? A user on FPN referred me to http://www.grasshopper.at/ They seem to work on pens made before 1960, which means only one of the pens listed can be serviced. Are there any other options, or individuals who can help? Thanks,
  6. I have a Pelikan M200 that I never use, and I would like to change this. Right now I am working on my italic cursive and Spencerian handwriting, so unless a pen has a flex or italic/stub nib I am just not that interested. Wandering around the web I have found a few discussions about using Osmiroid nibs in Esterbrook pens, which made me curious. Looking at the screw in Esterbrook and Osmoroid nibs it seems that they are fairly similar to Pelikan's m200 nibs. I know that Pelikan does not make an italic nib for the m200, so I began to wonder about what nibs may be compatible. Does anyone know what italic nibs will fit into a Pelikan m200? I would prefer a vintage nib section, but any modern italic nib that works with a Pelikan would be fine, if it is crisp. I have seen threads about fitting Pelikan nibs into TWSBI pens, does this work in reverse too (can a TWSBI 530/540 or 580 or mini nib fit into a Pelikan m200)? Any information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.
  7. My question is not which one is better, because that's obviously subjective. I have an Italix Parson's Essential for more than two years and I'm still enthusiastic about it, although I'm not using it daily, but I try to, with every occasion. The writing experience is absolutely fantastic. I wonder if, as a n00b, I'll feel any difference if I'd use a Pelikan M200, compared to Italix Parson's Essential. Pelikan is a little bit more expensive, but I like to looks of it and it has some good reviews. Parson's Essential gives a smooth feeling when touching the paper and I wonder if a Pelikan M200 would top that (I'm also considering having the M400 nib upgrade). Anyone around here have both pens and could tell me if M200 would be smoother?
  8. Here is a video about it: The angle is bad and the quality too, but maybe its enough to show the problems. Is it normal, or something is wrong with the pen/nib? Thanks!
  9. Khawaja 512

    Pelikan M200 Cognac

    This is my first review and first post on this forum. I have a very small collection of fountain pens. Mostly Parker fountain pens which include Parker 45 brush chrome stainless with gold plated trims and nib, green parker 45.. Both 45's are made in USA., brush chrome parker vector made in UK, parker frontier made in UK, parker beta made in India and Lamy safari made in Germany. All these six pens are F nib.. I used to read about Pelikan Fountain pens alot.. I really liked its classic piston fillers. I wished i could get one of their classics but unfortunately in Pakistan there is no official distributor of Pelikan.. I asked a friend who lives in Australia to order Pelikan M200 Cognac for me online through ebay. Pen was available in Germany and it took 18 days to arrive from Germany to Australia. Then he took it to Pakistan himself.. So finally I got my first Pelikan fountain pen.. I ordered cognac because i found it very attractive as it launched in 2014.. I really love its colour. Its a demonstrator but in a very classical way..very very elegant looks. I ordered this pen in a Medium nib. It writes flawlessly.. Its really a smooth writer. Here i am posting its pictures.. It came with a Pelikan special gift pack and a pouch.
  10. Nyanzilla

    M200 Special Edition 2015

    Hi everyone! I just got notice of a new special edition M200 coming in 2015. It is called "café creme". http://www.pelikan.com/pulse/Pulsar/en_US_INTL.FWI.displayShop.204201./classic-200-caf%C3%A9-creme I like the colour. Although I own several Pelikan pens in that size, this one I must have.
  11. AustinMalone1999

    Entry Level . . . For Pelikan

    I have collected many mid-level pens recently. I want to get a Pelikan, I just want a smooth writer with some spring when I get bored in class. I do not have a pen pouch, Pelikan remedies that. My question is, should I go for the 200, 400, or 600. I like all mediums, German and Japanese. Which one will provide me with enough spring, which is the best value, and which one is ideal for a student? Do they tend to be wet or dry? What finishes do you recommend?
  12. YeOlCaptain

    Pelikan M200 Review

    Hello everyone, I just got the Pelikan m200 yesterday in the mail, and am very happy about it. Here is a written review of the pen. I wrote the review with my Pelikan m200 filled with Noodlers Blue ink. I hope my messy handwriting does not get in the way of the review.
  13. I've got the new pen itch again and the 3 pens in the title are what I'm considering. I've had a bit of bad luck with vintage pens lately so I want my next pen to be a new one I love the look of the Micarta but I'm not sure about the nib, I would get an EF nib, does anyone have one and if so how is it? wet/dry? hard/soft?My last new pen was a Sailor Sapporo Mini and I've been amazed with it, it has a fine nib that is extremely fine which I like. The ProColor also has a fine nib but it's steel, does anyone have any experience with the fine steel Sailor nib?After buying an old Pelikan M150 I keep coming back to Pelikan and looking at the M200, I've asked about them here in the past but always seem to pick other pens(Sapporo Mini). I've read that the new steel nibs have a little spring so are nice to write with The Micarta is the dearest pen at around £82, the ProColor is the cheapest at £55 and the Pelikan is in the middle at £60. I'm leaning towards the Micarta as I really do like the look of it but my Sapporo Mini nib is making me think the ProColor (if the nib is as good) would be a pen and I'd feel comfortable taking out with me as it's not hugely expensive. Any advice anyone can offer would be appreciated
  14. Hello all, A while back I purchased a NOS M100 (the white and black version). It had an M nib, but was EXTREMELY broad so I quickly sold it. I normally use EF pens and have started getting into flex pens just a bit for some special writing (they can't ALL be daily writers, right? ). Anyway... I recently purchased an M205 in black and chrome and I absolutely LOVE everything about the pen (size, weight, color, etc.), but the nib is driving me CRAZY. It's VERY broad. The Pelikan EF is significantly broader than any of my other EF nibs (I've included a photo comparing it to a Lamy, Edison and TWSBI because they are all steel nibs and are all German, like the Pelikan) and is actually more similar to my wife's Lamy Broad nibs. Is it normal for Pelikan nibs to be this much more broad than their other German counterparts? It also exhibits a surprising amount of flex with just slight pressure (which is where the broad line is coming from, I think). I'm wondering if I should just part with it and get something else or if I should maybe send it to a nibmeister and see if I can't get it ground to an actual EF. Since I don't have other Pelikans to compare it to, I'd love your input here. If this doesn't seem to be normal, then I may contact Pelikan and see what they suggest (I've heard they have great customer service so I'm hoping maybe I can just swap the nib or something). Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer. I want to love this pen, but if it's going to write this broad, I don't think I'll be able to make a spot for it in the case. Best, Matthew http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7398/9584235179_ac29b5d37d_h.jpg
  15. I'm tempted to buy a demonstrator and I'm partial to fine-but-good nibs with some spring. Careful Googling and forum searching has led me to these two: the Pilot Custom 74 in fine and the Pelikan m200 in extra-fine. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sell me on one or the other or both of these pens using whatever rhetorical means necessary. I thank you for your wise counsel in advance.

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