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Found 10 results

  1. Well said, from the Omas web site, here: OMAS is pleased to introduce the 360 SOLETERRE, a special creation realized in limited and numbered 360 pieces only, made to support education rights of children in Morocco, Ivory Coast and San Salvador, thanks to SOLETERRE.org For every 360 SOLETERRE purchased, OMAS will donate its profits to Soleterre and finance together the “education rights”. Buy your 360 SOLETERRE before October, 31st and receive your fountain pen at no delivery charge and with an ink bottle free of charge. The 360 SOLETERRE is available on OMAS.com exclusively with an Extra Fine 14carat gold nib. One of our own FPN members, Newton Pens, supports students with pen sales, and it is great to see Omas doing even a little bit, globally Free global shipping through 10/31 and what appears to be a pretty orange ink, too. I'm a big fan of demonstrators and the 360 line, and wish our dealers carried it (I checked first with Chatterly, where I've had the finest service). It's available direct only. Here's some pictures, enjoy!
  2. Hi all, I have an opportunity to buy a barely used Omas 360 Mezzo for about $400 and was hoping to get views of the community before proceeding with the purchase. 1. Is $400 a fair price for this model? 2. Durability of the cartridge system - I've read numerous posts on the forum about the mechanism giving in after a certain period of usage. Any views on the longevity of this mechanism? What happens if it breaks? Between all the 360 models, I prefer the Mezzo the most and the only thing I'm not sure about is the mechanism. (also will have to do a nib regrind as I like a fine point instead of the broader nib available in this deal) Appreciate any other views about the pen as well! Especially if you are a long term user of it. Much appreciated, Sidd
  3. I've an opportunity to get an Omas 360 from a friend before he puts it up on Ebay, one of the newer styles with the flat, angled ends and the cartridge/converter system, but I have some questions the seller doesn't seem to know. The nib appears to be a Broad nib, but as far as I can tell it doesn't have any indication marking as to its particular size. I've looked in the standard spot where Omas stamps its nib sizes, as well as everywhere else on the pen, but nothing. The nib is simply branded with 750 18k Omas. It's also shaped very differently from my other Omas pens, it's much shorter and a bit fatter, is this normal for the 360? Thanks for the help! *edit* Also does anyone know if it's still an ebonite feed? It just looks very different from what I'm used to seeing with Omas pens.
  4. I've been foolishly mulling over the idea of acquiring an OMAS 360, and am consequently looking for a bit of advice to navigate my way through the various options. I find light pens a bit harder to produce really controlled writing with; heavier pens (35g +) generally suit me, although the balance of the pen is also important. Can you suggest 360 models that are: 1. Solid opaque (i.e not demonstrators or semi-translucent) 2. Heavy or on the heavier side 3. Standard length (@ 150mm) A. The Imagination is too heavy! B. The Magnum is too long! C. I'm drawn to the T2 and Vintage DLC models (aren't we all), but they are both rare and expensive. D. Maybe the Ebony / Lucens / Royal etc..etc...?? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everyone - long time lurker, (almost) first time poster here. In memory of OMAS, I thought I would take - and share - a picture of my 360 collection... missing from the photo are only a clear demonstrator and a second ebony pen. What the sharp-eyed among you may have noticed is that these, apart from the Imagination, are all rollers! I like writing with them, and since I prefer rollers to fountain pens, this has dictated the direction which the collection has taken over time. Clockwise, from the top: - Lucens (gold trim) - Wild (Ltd Ed) - Wild - Blue cellulose - Burkina - Titanium (not numbered) - Imagination - Snakewood - Snakewood - Ebony wood - Translucent Amber - Translucent Smoke (Ltd Ed, ruthenium trim) - Translucent Red (Ltd Ed) - Translucent Turquoise (Ltd Ed) - Green (Omas 75th) - White (Omas 75th) - Cranberry - Blue/black (gold trip) - Blue/black (HT trim) - MoMA A few versions are still missing, but I am hoping to still be able to add those at some point... You can see a larger version of the picture here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92915341/360large.jpg
  6. i guys i had a question , does anyone know how to get the tarnish off the silver (don't know the type of metal Omas used ) bands on a vintage 360 fountain pen?
  7. Brand new here and having a crisis. The cap to my Omas 360 Oversize Fountain Pen got stepped on. (don't ask.) That pen is my favorite. I sent it to Kenro Industries (the authorized US repair agent) and they sent it on to Omas in Balogna. (That was 4 - 5 months ago.) They called Monday morning to tell me : a. Omas cannot repair (replace) the cap to your 360 Oversize. b. Omas will return damaged pen as is, or c. Omas will send you a new "Omas 360 Medea Fountain Pen, with Gold trim." I cannot find a photo of a "Medea..." anywhere so I do not know what I am trading for. Does anyone know anything about the Medea? Where can I see what it looks like? Actually, no matter how nice the Medea is, I am conflicted about surrendering my old friend even though the cap is no longer useful. Advice? Thank you my friends ... Dale
  8. Hello everyone, I'm setting my sights on some larger pens. I think too much computer gaming at a young age made my hand a little sensitive, so I'm looking for something that manufacturers seem to reserve for their more expensive models - a girthier section. So I'm looking at (I have some credit on JM's site, so I'm choosing from their stock): an Omas 360 a Sailor KOP a Pelikan M1000 a Danitrio Takumi or Hakkaku (and a Nakaya dorsal fin, maybe?) and the recently released Bexley's OC 2014, which I can't yet buy I had a chance to handle a 360, and I mean that, strictly: it was uninked. I found it very comfortable to hold. The Sailor and the Pelikan have the appeal of those unique, enormous nibs. I generally prefer lighter pens, and the Pelikan is on the heavier side of these pen selections, but excellent balance, if it's there, can make weight less of a factor. The Pilot Custom 823 and Nakaya Desk Pen feel just fine, despite weighing 20+ grams uncapped. Danitrio is relatively unfamiliar, but I like the shape of these two pens. I put a maybe on the Dorsal Fin because looking at the pictures it feels like the nib is just a little too small for the pen's proportions. Pictures dramatize everything, though. So I'm just looking for thoughts on these pens. My goal is to obtain a pen that's highly comfortable and has the kind of nib qualities you might (ideally) expect from one of a manufacturer's premium pens. I like butter. Thank you for reading
  9. Well ... after many years I've finally purchased my first OMAS. Bryant at Pentime/Chatterley had a Summer special on this one. Not yet inked but new in box. Although having a closer look it has probably been tested judging by the smallest amount of turquoise ink inside the pen. I don't mind. Presenting the Omas 360, vintage turquoise in cotton resin from 2012. http://www.smugmug.com/photos/i-jqg42kp/0/X3/Omas%20360-6970-X3.jpg
  10. Florida Blue

    My First Italian Pen!

    Hello Italian fountain pen aficionados! This is my first post in this section of FPN and I wanted to show you all my first Italian pen, an OMAS 360. I have admired, but from afar, the 360 for several years now. I remember being intrigued by the clear 360 demonstrator with gold trim that was released several years and thinking that the design was fantastic. This past January, I attended the Philadelphia Pen Show and I was able to try the OMAS 360 in person. I have read on FPN that the 360 is one of those pens that you either "love or hate." Some find the triangular section uncomfortable and others just right (or write in that case ). Some find the design ugly and others see it as a piece of functional neoclassical/modern art. Anyway, I was smitten with the design and the how the nib wrote. I tried three different versions that day. The original full-sized piston-fll model, a mezzo (in red) that looked quite nice and the post-2007 redesign. I ultimately decided to hold off because I wasn't ready just yet to spend that kind of money if I wasn't sure I really enjoy it. Well, several months later I find pen for a very attractive price online and I decided that I would end the years of waiting and get it. It was a sort of present to myself for finishing my masters degree. The version I bought was the post-2007 redesigned one, which I know has been somewhat controversial as the original was very beloved for the classical Greek key trim and more traditional triangular shape. The new design makes no apology for being contemporary and sparse. Also, many preferred the older piston filling to the cartridge/converter fill, which is fine by me. It came in a very handsome (and large), sort of coffin-shaped box wrapped in (real?) leather. It did come with a converter, which I was glad for because I'm used to buying less expensive pens which often do not. The pen is black, with the silver-colored high tech trim and platinum-plated, 18kt gold nib, which writes quite smooth and wet, but it somewhat wide for a fine nib (writes more like a medium). It is VERY lightweight for a pen that is a long and fat as the 360, which I think is a plus. You get the comfort of a large pen without the added weight, which makes for a better, longer writing experience. Here are some photos: http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae149/thefancyman/DSCF4226_zps39a704d3.jpg http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae149/thefancyman/DSCF4227_zpsf9adae01.jpg http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae149/thefancyman/DSCF4231_zps0cdb8911.jpg http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae149/thefancyman/DSCF4239_zps475001cf.jpg http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae149/thefancyman/DSCF4237_zps9dda7edf.jpg Thanks for reading!

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