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Found 3 results

  1. I had heard rumors of the cap and pen body coloring not lining up but figured I would be able to sort it out if it was an issue. At least be able to line the cap and body up to an acceptable arrangement. Ive had to re align many new Omas pens that the facets did not align so I was not afraid of the Pelikan if alignment was needed. Well I was wrong. The cap threads on the Pelikan appear to be cut into the cap itself and the sealing cup is glued into the cap separately. If I remove the liner and move it down, it will just come loose after a brief amount of capping and uncapping. I spun the cap around freely in an effort to see if it was even possible to line up the Ocean Swirl sections with the black sections and found that its impossible. On my pen, the cap is about 1/2 Ocean swirl but separated by a very small black section that isnt really black. Just a little less Swirl than the rest of the cap. The rest of the black section is much wider than the other side. The body is about 2/3 Swirl with a somewhat black section 1/3 around. Theres no way to make the cap and body even remotely match! The black to Swirl ratio is completely off and cannot be reconciled. Its like they turned the body from a rod that was cast at an angle. Then turned the cap from a completely different rod at a different angle. Im so frustrated with this! I have been looking forward to this pen since it was released and finally came up with the funds/justification to order one. As you all know, its not a cheap pen. I even had to wait an extra week to get a broad nib in stock. Its also extremely disappointing that theres no way to fix it. Im used to getting pens that need work over the years. Thats why Ive learned to correct my own nibs and disassemble brand new pens at all price points. Ive accepted that with this hobby, but theres nothing that can be done with this one to correct the alignment. I didnt even get to write with it either as its still uninked due the the alignment issue. Im sure that the retailer I ordered the pen from will take it back without issue but I really love the material. It would be great to have one in my collection. The material is really special. Its really unfair that Im going to have to ask the person I ordered the pen from to sort their stock and find an acceptable pen with correct alignment for me. I shouldnt have to do that and they shouldnt have to go through several pens to find a good one. Its also bad business that they (or me) is going to have to eat the cost of return shipping and then new shipping back. Thats about $20 being very conservative. I was expecting much more from Pelikan especially at the cost of this pen. This is my first pen from them. At least the bare minimum I could expect from a $450+ Pen is that the material even remotely lines up. I spent about an hour tonight fiddling with the pen to get it to align. I even put an o ring in the cap as a last ditch effort. Theres just no way to match the ratios here. I really hope the retailer will find a pen for me that matches. If not, I just cant place another order for this pen and Ill just have to write it off as something that could have been great but was unacceptable due to bad QC/manufacturing practices. Thats extremely disappointing to me! The pics attached are, no BS, the best alignment overall I could get. I really want to like this pen!
  2. Iguana Sell

    New Pelikan Souverän M805 Ocean Swirl

    Meet the new Pelikan Souverän M805 Ocean Swirl. This new Special Edition has been created using a unique material that gives each piece an spectacular appearance evoking the ocean's swirls. Exposing it to light you achieve brightness and depth. As it happens in the deep of the ocean light tones alternate with darker touches, reliving its lights and shine. Each instrument in this series is unique. Cap and rings are palladium plated and the fountain pen features a 18K gold nib rhodium plated available in EF, F, M and B. The collection will be available in fountain pen, ballpoint and roller. The fountain pen will be available in November, but we are already acepting pre-orders. Please email info@iguanasell.com to make yours! Kind regards, The Iguana Sell Team
  3. The M805 Ocean Swirl is a stunning yet controversial 2017 Special Edition from Pelikan. While my initial view was ambivalent, in actual use, the pen has moved into the same vaunted category as the understated, equally variable, City Series San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to see seven copies among the local DC/MD stores and two additional copies from Pen friends; 9 in total. Particular thanks goes to Pen Boutique for helping me land mine. Pattern and Color Distribution: Some posts seem to hint that some pen copies may have "nearly" 100% blue-green and others verging on total black. Not what I saw and may be due to range in perception. All 9 copies had clear bands of fluorescent blue-green swirls alternating with darker bands of shimmering deep blue-black occurring in approximate quarters as a constant. None of them were nearly one color, and certainly not pitch black (see a true black pen comparison side-by-side below). Granted, as a matter of degree, two copies leaned toward the darker side a tad more, but most were ~50/50 distribution, or close. The fluorescent bands are striking when light hits them and depending on the warmth there is a bit of green peaking through, but to me its a blue-leaning teal or brilliant turquoise in most instances (Yama Dori calls!). Pattern Alignment: Much has been made of the alignment or the lack there of between the fluorescent and darker bands in some copies. This is true. Not all the pens had aligned-patterns, but most seemed to have at least one vibrant band that aligned upon choosing the right cap-thread. I am sure there are some cap/body combos out there that do not align at all, along any thread. If this is important, seeing pens in person, or getting pics may help, but unaligned patterns look quite nice to my eye when in actual use. My copy does align, but when misaligned purposefully, the darker cap still looks elegant to me (pic below). YMMV. Work-appropriateness: almost black, but not quite My Ocean swirl saw more use simply because it was not a pen that immediately attracted attention, but still had a subdued elegance about it. In conservative settings, pulling out even a marginally showy pen, may go without comment but not without notice. This pen is work appropriate. In comparison, the Burnt Orange frequently invites comment (lovely nonetheless). Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Two's Company: Here's the Ocean Swirl next to the somewhat showy Burnt Orange Nib: I chose a Fine nib. Luckily, it turned out to be a true fine, not "Pelikan- Fine". My take on it: The color pattern is truly beautiful and unique. The pattern alignment issue can't be helped unless there is a way to nail down each body to a specific cap all the way through the supply chain and retail counters: fairly a tall order once it leaves the Pelikan factory given the number of hands that may handle them. Also when misaligned, the black cap contrast actually looks ok to me in actual use, YMMV. There are scores of pens out there that cover the whole pen with a single mosaic pattern from countless manufacturers including Pelikan (M620 Chicago anyone?). What's novel in that? This is more of a brave choice from Pelikan that is fairly subtle and renders a different look from one lighted room to another. Yet I doubt they will ever try this again. Cheers!

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