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    Several perfect smooth Cross "old school" with solid build quality made in Ireland 1996-2000yrs (not modern China!!!!!!) - Cross Townsend Black Lacquered with 10K Gilded cap (made in Ireland) 566-FA 10BL (Pilot F-nib soft stainless steel gold plated) - 100$ (Retail: 378$ but modern made in China) - HOLD (My review: http://lenskiy.org/2021/04/modern-cross-townsend-566/) - Cross Townsend Tuxedo Sterling Silver cap (made in Ireland) L556 (Pilot F-nib soft stainless steel silver color) - 110$ (Discontinued from 2005) - HOLD - Cross Century II 10KT Gold Filled/Rolled (made in Ireland) 4509-FD (18K F nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) - 160$ (Retail: 378$ but made in China) (My review: http://lenskiy.org/2021/04/modern-cross-century-ii/) - Cross Century II Red Wood (made in Ireland) 419-2F (18K F nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) - 125$ (Retail: 137$ made in China with steel rigid nib) - Cross Century II Blue Wood (made in Ireland) 419-4M (18K M nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) -125$ (Retail: 137$ made in China with steel rigid nib) The fountain pens are completely new(New Old Stock), not used, newer inked, the Tuxedo model was even sealed in a bag. The pens were left over from the liquidation of the local store. Two pens, which in the review, were only tested for review (one filling), but the same new ones are being sold. Payment by any cards through the Payoneer system(personal invoice) or through Moneygram if it is more convenient ( unfortunately PayPal in Ukraine does not work to accept money:( ). If you have any questions or need additional photos - ask please. The fountain pen is in Ukraine, shipping by avia priority recommended package with tracking. On average, delivery to Europe and USA is about 2 weeks. - Cross Townsend Black Lacquered with 10K Gilded cap (made in Ireland) 566-FA 10BL - 100$ - Cross Townsend Tuxedo Sterling Silver cap (made in Ireland) L556 (Pilot F-nib stainless steel silver color) - 110$ Didn't even open, the sleeve was sealed - Cross Century II 10KT Gold Filled/Rolled (made in Ireland) 4509-FD (18K F nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) - 160$ - Cross Century II Red Wood (made in Ireland) 419-2F (18K F nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) - 125$ - Cross Century II Blue Wood (made in Ireland) 419-4M (18K M nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) -125$


    - UA

  2. So my pen dealer out of the blue messages me yesterday to tell me that she's got a NOS Parker 25 for me. We go back and forth with pictures and pricing and she also discloses the existence of a Parker 45 Convertible GT with a 14K gold nib that is also for sale. Resistance is futile and so I cave in! Today I picked up these two beauties: an old NOS Parker 25 Stainless Steel with black trim with original box, original Spanish sticker price hanging from the clip, and a clear tag identifying this pen as a 25 with a fine nib. Turns out the pen was made in England between 1975 and 1979 as there is
  3. Jebus

    Nos Service

    Just wondering... Does a late 70s NOS Montblanc 149 needs some special attention or service before putting it in use? Any recommandations?
  4. truthpil

    Which Pelikan Blue-Black?

    Hi All, Recently I purchased a NOS Pelikan cartridge pen made in "W. Germany" that had the original blue-black ink cartridge inside. Of course the cartridge didn't say anything other than "Pelikan" on it, so I'm assuming it was 4001 Blue-black. The color of the ink was much darker than the current manifestation of Pelikan 4001 Blue-black. It was so dark that you'd have to shine some light on the paper to discern the blue...I loved it! Does anyone have an idea what ink this was and if it's possible to get a hold of it today? I'm hoping I don't have to hunt for 1980s cartridges. I'm also w
  5. Can you help ID this pen? Found it in the study the other day... Sorry about the bad pictures.
  6. When I was very young, I remember being in a flea market with my crazy aunt and seeing an old Sheaffer advertisement, touting the latest, greatest pen- the PFM. Well, I still don't own a PFM. But that moment sort of defined when I started thinking fountain pens were cool, particularly fountain pens with inlaid nibs. Fast forward to this past Monday night, and that idea was confirmed in a big way. After some random trolling around, I discovered Peyton Street Pens through this site, though I forget where in particular I saw the link. No affiliation, but I can now say I'm an incredibly pleased cu
  7. Mob Mentality

    Nos Dip-Less

    Hello all. I recently purchased 2 NOS Esterbrook Dip-less pens. I have desk fountain pens but these are my first dip-less pens. I got the two pens for $27 with free S&H. I think I got a great deal but have no idea what dip-less pens go for in this condition. I already have several dip-less bases and plenty of nibs. I was originally planning on using them but considering their condition now I'm hesitant. Any thoughts? Enjoy the pictures! http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/EsterbrookDipless_01_zpsrbb1uejk.jpg http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Bor
  8. butangmucat

    Pen Flush And Mold In Pens

    Hello, I have recently acquired several cleaned/refurbished/restored/NOS pens, and I have used them without treatment. Just read several posts about mold I wounder will these pens increase the chance of getting mold into my ink collection of 10+ bottles of ink? And will pen flush like the Goulet ones or J. Herbin ones doubled with an ultrasonic cleaner while doing pen maintenance help control and eliminate any possible mold? All my inks are contemporary ink that are presumably fresh and I read that biocide are used, will this make my collection less possible to be contaminated? I do rotate p
  9. Hi there fountain pens lovers & collectors, I'm proud to announce the creation of a new fountain pen boutique, called: www.123stylo.com Located in Switzerland, but shipping worldwide! (free shipping from 500$) To begin with, we have already prepared a nice choice of over 70 very nice fountain pens, both modern and vintage, LE, from 50$ to thousands. We have hundreds in our drawers that are soon going to be online. Many are NOS but without the hefty boutique price tag. 2 day return whatever the reason is! All pens are guaranteed genuine, and in perfect cosmetic & working order
  10. northstar

    Sheaffer Identification

    Hello, Got this sheaffer on my vacation trip and needed help to identify it. http://s5.postimg.org/hw5zz0drb/sheaffer3a.jpg http://s5.postimg.org/6xuqgtp5z/sheaffer3b.jpg http://s5.postimg.org/9ggfhiaw7/sheaffer3c.jpg Best regards.
  11. northstar

    Montblanc Monte Rosa

    Hello, This is my Montblanc Monte Rosa 14C nib which I got during my recent trip. Best regards. http://s5.postimg.org/5p29hg7tz/monte_rosa1.jpg http://s5.postimg.org/u45w4rhd3/monte_rosa2a.jpg http://s5.postimg.org/wbeq6fc13/monte_rosa3a.jpg
  12. butangmucat

    Three Nos Chinese Pens

    I am back to China for my summer holiday And I had a chance to get some NOS Chinese pens which costs less than a dollar. All these brands have disappeared except Wang Sung, and NOS pens are probably the best Chinese pens you can get now days. http://img.vim-cn.com/75/971c0428b51f2216db2b68c2bfd7425cbb053b.jpg Three NOS pens: - Wang Sung (Lit. Long Live) 500 - Zuanshi (Lit. Diamond) 861 - White Feather 700 The Wang Sung 500 was made in the 1980s and 1990s and it was for both domestic and export markets. It comes with an aerometric converter and can also take the cheaper all-plastic Parke
  13. vig2432

    Nib On The Pilot Nos Tank

    I dont know whether this information is already available, but I would like to know if one could remove the nib and feed of the Pilot NOS tank pen(a close cousin of pilot 78g) and is the nib friction-fit
  14. Just as the question says. To ink or not to ink?
  15. Before I say anything I think it is important that I set some background information. My mother has been going to the same hairdresser with my grandmother for the past forty years. When I turned seventeen this past year, my grandmother asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I replied asking her if my grandfather (who died when I was young) ever used fountain pens and that it would mean a lot to me to have one if he did. Unfortunately my grandfather did not use fountain pens and instead my grandmother gave me money to by myself a pen and some ink. Now back to the hairdresser; a little w
  16. vannesspen

    Vanness Nos

    Vanness has begun to look through our NOS and now offers several New Old Stock Bexley pieces. They are available on our website or thru our brick and mortar store. Questions? just email us at vanness1938@gmail.com or call us Find us at Vanness Serving central Arkansas since 1938

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