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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Colleagues, I have asked this same question to "LB" Luxury Brands. In the recent weeks while moving my movers damaged my Ink collection tote and over 10-20 bottles of my inks 98% were Noodler's band in the boxes they were received in. I lost labels from the remaining bottles in the cleaning up processes. I was looking to purchase replacement labels to re-apply to the bottles after determining its name. LB told me that this is not possible. My question to the group is LB the distributor to retailers of Nathan's T., inks products. If not could some in the forum give me an email or address to Nathan T so that I may ask my question to him? I have found that only one other brand bottle was lost, this leads me to the question why are Noodler's Ink so breakable when others are not. Thank you for my Fountain Pen colleagues in reading my concern. Randy Allen Dodds (Penster59) randydodds@gmail.com Palm Harbor, FL
  2. Hey there community! For all you newer folks out there wondering about how Noodler's Ink's Bad Blue Heron works in a Pilot Metropolitan (F) and Lamy Al-Star (EF). Here's the story. YMMV. A while ago I made a posting asking about how to pair Noodler's Ink's Bad Blue Heron successfully with my Lamy Al-Stars (EF) and what nib replacement I should use. I was running into major flow and start issues at the time with the EF nibs; Bad Blue Heron would often dry on the nib and cause the pen to fail to start immediately upon touching paper, and the overall flow through the pen after I got it to write was intermittent at best. I was not amused. After asking this great community for advice and searching the forums I learned several things: 1. Bad Blue Heron is not a well behaved ink, and what I experienced was a common thing for some other people. It's a hit or miss when inking up pens with this ink. 2. The Jinhao X750 is a sufficiently cheap beater pen that can come completely apart for cleaning and replacing the nibs, and so is a perfect candidate for testing inks in. It comes in a #6 M nib (to my knowledge), so you can replace the nib to any other sizing (e.g. F) so long as it remains a #6 nib. 3. Noodler's Ink's Bulletproof Black seems to be well behaved in many pens. So what I did was flushed out my Lamy Al-Star using Bad Blue Heron and inked it up with Bulletproof Black and never looked back. Problems on the Lamy front solved. But as far as the Bad Blue Heron was concerned I didn't want to waste the bottle of ink so I contemplated ordering the Jinhao X750 to test it out in. However, with a perfectly good Pilot Metropolitan (F) lying around and my impatience getting the better of me, I inked up the Pilot Metropoitan (F) with Bad Blue Heron instead. I rolled the dice and I was rewarded (YMMV and do not try with expensive pens). It so happens that Noodler's Ink's Bad Blue Heron works very well in my Pilot Metropolitan (F)! Bad Blue Heron's behavior in the Pilot Metropolitan was akin to the proprietary Pilot inks that I initially bought with the pen. I've been using my Pilot Metropolitan (F) with Bad Blue Heron for the last three weeks and the ink's behavior is consistent and predictable. When I touch pen to paper (whether the paper is cheap and absorbant or glossy and smooth) the ink flows immediately. The line layed down by this pen and ink combination is crisp and well approximated in the less absorbant papers, and on very cheap absorbant paper (writing pads from Costco) it fuzzies up just a tad (but not enough to ruin your writing). And throughout your writing session, there is no discernable flow issues as you write page to page. As a caveat however I must admit that if you leave the pen uncapped for a good while, the ink will characteristically dry a bit on the nib. But even after purposely doing this, my Pilot Metropolitan (F) still began to write almost immediately after touching paper. Also, you will experience the same nib creep that you get in other pens with this particular set up as well. Otherwise, the Pilot Metropolitan (F) and Bad Blue Heron pairing has been a stable workhorse of mine now and will continue to stay that way into the foreseeable future. Let me know what your experiences are with this and other Noodler's Inks. And feel free to add any information you think pertinent. - Thanks for reading, MPenn TL; DR = The Pilot Metropolitan (F) and Bad Blue Heron combo works well and writes great! YMMV
  3. For those of you who are familiar with Noodler’s inks, you’ll understand when I say that I consider this brand to be… well… very different to any other fountain pen ink brand. I have just tested 79 samples, which I’ll be posting over the coming days, and it’s been very very difficult to classify them. Even though some of them may share a common name theme, and there are some really great names here, it doesn’t mean that they may share similar behavioural patterns. Indeed far from it – they all behave totally different from one another. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Noodler's are just so leftfield. They're a bit like marmite - you either love em or hate em. I find them fascinating. Not easy to handle when using for art though! But hey! Who would honestly believe that you could get so much visual drama from just a couple of drops of ink? Please click the links below to access the swatch cards: https://quinkandbleach.wordpress.com/2016/11/16/noodlers-inks-test-the-blacks/ https://quinkandbleach.wordpress.com/2016/11/17/noodlers-inks-test-02-a-mix-of-magic/ https://quinkandbleach.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/noodlers-inks-test-03-the-blues/
  4. Have just treated myself to and tested four new(ish) Noodler’s inks: Aristocracy, Bluewaves, Brexit and Squeteague. I have to say, in light of all the nonsense going here in UK politically – and the long term consequences it’s going to have both here and abroad – the ink couldn’t be less exciting if it tried!!!! Blue Waves likewise. What a shame. Squeteague, on the other hand, is lovely, just look at that colour and such a subtle reaction to the bleach – I will be conducting further experiments with it. BUT the outright player in the pack is Aristocracy. There are apparently 3 versions available. I think my one is the darker plum version and just look at it! A gorgeous brown plum colour washing out purple greys with pink and the bleach gives neon gold and pink! The test art, ‘Chicken and Tomatoes’ gives you an idea of what this ink can do! I can feel some hand lettering just itching to be created. It’s already on my hit list and a great find so early in the year. Check it out! Further investigations at: https://quinkandbleach.wordpress.com
  5. Noodler’s Inks Test 05 – Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greys and Greens Here is the last of the swatches of the 79 Noodler’s fountain pen ink samples recently tested. As I mentioned at the very beginning of the Noodler’s investigation, in my opinion it’s hit and miss with this brand. There are some fantastically visually dramatic inks and some very very limp dull ones. But it’s been great fun testing these Noodler’s purely because you don’t know what you’re going to get. Are Noodler’s the ultimate ink brand? No way! Will I be using some of them again? Definitely! To view the test swatches and results please click: https://quinkandbleach.wordpress.com/2016/11/28/noodlers-inks-test-05-reds-oranges-yellows-greys-and-greens/
  6. Bhavna

    Noodler's Mary 1 (2015)

    I have been waiting to review this ink for a long time, and I am utterly delighted with this (what feels like a) new formulation (please do not quote me on this, this is my own observation between sample from 2013-ish and my shiny new bottle!). And some comparisons with other reds:
  7. I'm back! After (what, a year?) I finally have time to do reviews again! Well, I've still been doing them, but without a working scanner, and with no time to set up a photo situation that's up to my standards, I haven't posted a new on in a while. I used to scan the reviews at a high resolution, but photobucket started to hate on my data usage and I had three separate PB accounts full of review pics. Getting accurate color out of the scans was always exceedingly difficult, and I'd always wanted to switch over to taking the pics with a camera using noon daylight (CRI of 100 is hard to argue with) using a custom white balance, but until recently I just hadn't had time. So no more super-high resolution reviews, and unfortunately I'm still using my first DSLR so the best I can do right now is 10 megapixels (not including any cropping), but the color should be much more spot on. I'm also going to do something new with newly posted reviews—a poll. You'll be able to vote! A simple question: "Do you like the ink?" I'm not asking if you like the reviews, just the inks. So enjoy! I'll be posting many more—and with a backlog of about 70 already-written reviews and more being written all the time, the supply should last a while. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/838/qhmh.jpg

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