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Found 6 results

  1. I have been eyeing for a Pelikan M800 broad for some time after acquiring my Pilot Custom 823 Broad and found out the absolute joy of flagship/sub-flagship pens with nice big gold nibs. After watching many reviews from sbrebrown, shout out to him, I found that there's a Dutch retailer called Appelboom that retails Pelikan for a low price for people in North America (Canada). It retails the pen for 327 euros after the discount code by sbrebrown, while nibs.com retails the cheapest Pelikan M800 for 499 USD. However, I have heard a lot of horror stories about Pelikan's quality control on M800s. I wonder is it worth it to pay the extra for the nib tuning by John Mottishaw?
  2. Hi all I bought this Decimo last year with an EF nib. Never used it very much at all. I have learned that I don't prefer the narrow line of a japanese EF nib. So, last week while perusing Classic F Pens site, I thought why not try a John Mottishaw modified Architect Point (grind). Received it yesterday. See the picture below. https://www.flickr.com/photos/126999499@N06/33180623081/in/dateposted-public/
  3. Hello to all FPNers, As most of you know, the great reference nibs.com's website has been upgraded. The first thing I noticed is that there is no good old pen measurement table, or chart, whatever you call it. New website includes all pen's own dimensions at their own page, but you cannot see all pen's measurements on the same chart. I don't know why they did this, but it seems intentional. Maybe they thought that this new way is better: Checking the dimensions of a specific pen which you are interested in. However, there is no easy way to make a comparison between many brands' many models' dimensions. For example the section diameter should not be bigger than 0.41 inches for me to use a pen comfortably. Or I could say "it should be longer than bla bla and shorter than bla bla" and check the suitable pens for my hands between many choices. You were able to put the numbers in ascending or descending orders for all pens, or just check a brand's different models. Well, this is no longer available as far as I see. Besides, I realized that some numbers are partly changed compared to old pen chart. Let me give a few examples: In old chart, Pelikan M400, M600 and M800 were having the section diameters 0.38, 0.40 and 0.42 inches. Right now, when I separately go to their pages on nibs.com, I see 0.40 inches in all of them, WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOT CORRECT as many of you know. This is quite misleading for a newbie, but let me continue to my examples. In new webpage, Sailor Pro Gear Slim and Sailor Pro Gear Classic have the same section diameters: 0.40 inches. However, as I remember from the old chart, Classic had 0.42 inches of section diameter, same as Pelikan M800 family. And even logically, slim and classic models should not be of same diameter at holding place, right? That's why one is called "slim".Similarly, in new webpage, Sailor 1911 Full Size and Sailor 1911 Mid Size have same section diameters: 0.40 inches, which should AGAIN be different as far as I remember from old chart. I remember that 1911 Full Size had the same 0.42 inches of section with Pro Gear Classic.And Nakayas.. As I remember, the thinnest section between many Nakaya models was Naka-ai's section: It was 0.41 inches. Many other Nakaya models like Portable, Long, Neo Standard had 0.42 inches. That's why I had ordered an Unpolished Shu Naka-ai from them, oherwise I was considering Neo Standard model. Nevermind, I just wonder why in their newpage, when I go to these 4 Nakaya models' pages, I see 0.40 inches section. Well, instead of mailing them, I first wanted to see if other fountain pen enthusiasts noticed the same thing and thought something is wrong. I have many many pens, and my experiences were quite parallel with the numbers of good old pen measurement chart's numbers, now this new website's diameter information seems to be a bit wrong and a bit misleading. I have two questions to them: 1) Why did they change some numbers? Did they thought like "these are not correct"? Or what? Well, I can absolutely state that old chart's numbers were quite right. 2) What was the intention while removing the old chart from website? Did they thought "We no longer need this one because they all write at every pen's page"? I want to believe in this option, because the other option bothers me and I am quite irritated even writing, that, maybe they did no longer want to share this qualified summarized information very publically. I know it sounds quite silly and longshot, because I made business with them and loved both John Mottishaw and his crew. They are all nice people to communicate. They still have very nice data on their website about fountain pens. Well, I am quite uncomfortable that once a great chart was public, now it is not. I hope I am terribly stupid to not being able to find the chart's place. And I wonder the opinion of all of you about this. Thanks for reading.
  4. annettefhorn

    Ink For Uroshi Kuro-Tamenuri

    I have treated myself to my first-ever uroshi pen, a Nakaya from nibs.com with the kuro-tamenuri finish (black over red). I haven't received the pen yet, so I won't make any final decisions until I see it in person, but I'm pondering inks that would suit the pen. My ideas so far: Black (I have some Iroshizuku Take-Sumi) Dark Brown (I have Iroshizuku Yama-Guri, and I'm also looking at the Maruzen Sepia available from Nanami paper) Dark Red (Sailor Oku-Yama, Diamine Oxblood, ?) I don't need it to be matchy-matchy but I want it to harmonize with the pen. I don't want to match the red of the undercoat since I don't write with bright red very often. Any thoughts?
  5. Let me preface this by saying that I have no idea if this is the correct forum to post this in, but none of the others seemed to fit exactly. I recently received a gift card for Levenger Pens, worth $75. I want to use this to buy a pen, but Levenger does not carry any of the brands I prefer. For those who do enjoy the products sold at Levenger's site, I wondered if you would like to swap a gift card for a website I can use, mainly gouletpens.com or nibs.com, for the levenger gift card I have. Or even if you do not have a gift card for those places and are simply looking to buy something from Levenger's, I would much appreciate it if we could arrange for you to purchase a card from one of those sites in exchange for the Levenger card, just to help me out. I know that this is an odd request, but I would very much appreciate it if anybody could help me out here. I don't want to waste $75 on a pen I do not need.
  6. Hi, My Platinum Music Nib with italic cursive customization of nibs.com arrived some weeks ago and this is may first post about it. I like the pen and the music nib is a pleasure to write. Here's a little sample of my handwriting with my new fountain pen. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-oehUvL7GRko/Uegnk9k6J_I/AAAAAAAAAcU/FgDlngCGIw8/s400/photo+(4).JPG full size picture at my blog

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