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Found 12 results

  1. LizWrites

    DIY nib repair info request

    Hi all. My Parker 75 rolled off the desk and hit the floor nib first. The tines were a bit bent and overlapped. I was able to alter that but the tip is still bent under slightly and the tines now have a bit of space between them. Ink no longer flows normally and when I get it to, I have to write holding the pen with nib upside down. Aargh! Beautiful silky writer since I got it back in the 1990s. Is there reliable info out there that may help me repair it myself? Or should I send for repair? Can anyone recommend a reputable repair source? I came across this site (link at end) and wondered if anyone knows anything about them. I'm on the east coast and they're out west but if they can do the job . . . . Thanks for any help! https://pentiques.com/how-to-send-your-pens-for-repair/
  2. Hi, all, I'm new to this site, having lurked for years...not finding a way to search the forum archives, so forgive my starting a new thread on a topic likely answered before. I have 3 Namiki Vanishing Point nibs, tines in varying degrees of bent-ness, all victims of my ceramic tile floor (and my clumsy fingers). Pilot informs me that they do not repair bent nibs, and cannot refer me. New nibs are $70. So: whom would you recommend for reputable, cost-effective repair? Thanks in advance!
  3. ALeonardoA

    14K Parker 51 Nib Repair

    Hello members, I already made a similar post about this in the Parker forum and realized I should have put it here. I hope I'm not breaking protocol by making another post but this time I'm asking for help specifically about the nib. As you can see from the pictures the tip of the nib is bent to the right and needs straightening and probably some work on the ball(?) of the tip. I've asked two people about repairing it and it seems that it would cost more than to just buy a new one, so I figure I might as well see if I could very carefully try to fix it myself (I can hear the groans of disapproval from here) : ) Is this a bad idea on my part? Any recommendations or tips (heh) on how I could attempt to fix this? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you! ALA
  4. Gee Tee

    Nibmeister In London?

    I'm looking for a nib meister in London who can have a look at my Lamy and Parker Sonnet nibs. I'm only going to be there for a couple of days so is there anybody who might be able to do a walk-in? I don't mind leaving the nibs with him but at least visiting him in person will save some time.
  5. A couple months ago I purchased a Pelikan M1005 demonstrator with a Medium nib, which has been a "grail" pen for me for quite a while. While it flowed like Niagara Falls at first, liberally spilling the stunning Akkerman Shocking Blue all over my Rhodia notebook's pages, somehow after removing the nib several times I must have pinched too hard or something because I completely lost ink flow. After fiddling for a while I could get it to flow while writing with the pen at a 90 degree angle. But nothing while writing normally. I've been frustrated with myself about this, but after scouring the forums here and elsewhere, in trying several different approaches with growing frustration I somehow accidentally bent the nib pretty badly (close to the point, where the nib touches the paper). I (finally!) decided I didn't want to do any more damage (not that much more could be done) so I tried briefly to straighten it, which worked a little bit, and then just left it alone. All that to get to my question: I know there are lots of great pen repair people, but I'm wondered if anyone can make a recommendation on someone who specializes in straightening bent nibs? I also need to get the ink flowing again, but I'm first concerned about not doing more damage to the nib and getting it straightened. I'm just wondering who I should send this to for the best results as I really want to use this pen for many years to come and would like to find the best person possible to fix it. Thank you in advance for any input! -Dan
  6. My Sailor mini (daffodil) is one of my favorite pens, but I have damaged the tins on the nib. I write to John's office at Nibs.com, but missed his deadline before he left for his summer vacation. Can someone recommend other folks who do great work on Sailor's? I miss using it! Thanks
  7. _Stormin_

    Lamy 2000 Drop

    Can't get the pictures to post for some reason, but during a ill advised moment allowing someone to use my Lamy 2000, it was dropped. I pretty much never let anyone use my pens, but for some odd reason I said sure and let them write with it. Nib down onto tile from standing height, and the nib that was an "A" now looks a lot like an upside down "L" bent right over the feed. So, now I ask for a suggestion of whom I should ship it off to so that it can be repaired? I had been debating getting it ground to a cursive italic, so I will probably have that done at the same time. If it matters, I live in Virginia, but I am not really worried about distance if I can be confident that it will come back writing "better than new." Turn around time isn't critical either. Done right the first time is more important than a speedy return for a pen that will be round tripped because of a need for a rework. Thanks in advance for any help. I will get pictures of the travesty up when I can.
  8. http://img.constantcontact.com/letters/images/1101116784221/PT_EB_TopIconBottom.png http://img.constantcontact.com/letters/images/1101116784221/S.gif http://img.constantcontact.com/letters/images/1101116784221/S.gif Join Us For Nib Tuning/Adjustment with Tim Girdler this Saturday. Hirsch Davis will also be here selling vintage fountain pens. 21st * February * 2015 11300 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 http://img.constantcontact.com/letters/images/1101116784221/S.gif Get your fountain pens fixed at Bertram's Inkwell. When 11:30am until 5:30pm February 21, 2015 Where Bertram's Inkwell at One Central Plaza 11300 Rockville Pike Ste. 109 Rockville, MD 20852 We are looking forward to having Tim Girdler, the incredible nib technician, come to our store on this Saturday, February 21st, from 11:30am- 5:30pm. He does wonders with the toughest of nib "problems". Whether you need a nib straightened, ground, tuned, or adjusting the flow - he's your man for the job! You can see from his website at www.timgirdlerpens.com how dedicated he is to the craft. Tim Girdler studied under Richard Binder for quite some time before starting out doing nib repairs for his own pens, which then led him to want to help others and repair their pens. Tim Girdler has agreed to customize any nib on any fountain pen that you buy from Bertram's Inkwell on the Saturdays that he is at the store for free! Hirsch Davis has an incredible collection of vintage fountain pens of all different manufacturers that he's displaying and selling. Come see this amazing collection offered for sale! Hirsch will be on hand to buy/trade/sell, and appraise pens as well. http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs197/1100532595874/img/518.jpg http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs197/1100532595874/img/444.jpg http://img.constantcontact.com/letters/images/1101116784221/S.gif
  9. TwelveDrawings

    Can These Phileas Nibs Be Repaired?

    As I mentioned on another thread, I dropped two Waterman Phileas pens onto the sidewalk. As RMN wryly observed: "Murphy's first law for fountain pen owners. The chance a pen drops nib down on concrete is proportional to it's value..." That was painfully true for me. I have checked with several of the best nibmeisters. None that I found would repair a steel nib (which the Phileas has, despite some gold plating). Nor do they do repair/replacements on the Phileas because the pen—and therefore the nibs—are no longer made. I know that the Kultur and Harley use similar barrels and tips, but I would like to repair what I've got if possible. So....I am taking the advice of Sailor Kenshin and asking if anyone can suggest a fix. There are three pens in the photo, but one is a perfectly new nib just for comparison purposes. I made amateur attempts to straighten the other two nibs, which did not result in either being useable. HELP! www.TwelveDrawings.com
  10. Hi everyone New here, and really enjoying looking at everyone's collections. I have four fountain pens, but my favorite is my Waterman. Followed by the Mont Blanc. Anyway, haven't been using them much lately but pulled them out to review and do maintenance and I guess I got over-zealous priming the nib on the Waterman. ;-( I noticed it had a spot that looked bendy, so I was babying it. Until today. and it just snapped off. Been pursing sites looking for nib repair/replacement (but I also am not sure this is a Phileas?). I bought these in the 1990s. Attaching a couple of photos (sorry for the crappy quality ;-). TIA for your help. Dana
  11. holgamike

    Nib Help For A Nubie

    I am a newly addicted FP enthusiast with a few entry level pens. I am so excited about the Baltimore Pen Show coming up on Saturday because I've never been to a show and I'm hoping to pick up many goodies (paper, a pen case, some ink etc.) One thing makes me nervous though. I have a Sheaffer Safari that writes incredibly well compared to my other pens and I get bummed when I write with the others because they are scratchy in comparison even though all are M nibs. I would love to have someone look at/adjust these other pens but I'm not sure how it will be received if I ask someone to tune a nib on a Lamy Safari and a Duke Carbon Fiber. Will people get annoyed if I ask for an adjustment on a couple $30 pens? Is it even worth it? Sorry for such elementary questions, just trying to avoid a little embarressment. What is a normal price range for a typical nib repair? Thanks so much! I can't wait for the show…...
  12. I recently returned to my happy life of writing with my fountain pens, and as these things go, the tipping on one of my favorite everyday writers pops off. I then put together this post about my first salvage regrind, and FPN goes down for several weeks. The pen in question is an Inoxcrom Daisy pen. It's an inexpensive plastic bodied pen I bought at a bookshop in Boston several years ago. Before the "incident" this tip was on the extra-fine side of fine. A nice steady, smooth writer that occasionally dried up if left uncapped for a long time, but usually very reliable.It was one of my favorite pens, and I was not willing to let it go. And in my haste to try and save it, I did not take any pictures of the process. First, I found Ludwig Tan's article on nib grinding at www.marcuslink.com. While I did not have all the requisite supplies, I thought I could improvise. The first thing I did was take a pair of wire cutters and clip the other half of the tipping off the other tine. The reshaping step of the regrind happened on the third step of my three-step knife sharpening stone. http://www.harborfreight.com/3-in-1-sharpening-stone-94396.html The first thing I noticed was how soft the steel on the nib was. I accidentally wore down a little more of the remaining nib than I expected the first few passes. The shaping had to be done VERY gently, and no more than what it took to get the tines level and square. I then deburred the edges with the grey side of a micro-mesh 3-way buff stick from richardspens.com http://www.richardspens.com/?page=accessories/smoothing_kits.htm Again, being surprised by how fast the metal was responding to the abrasives. Not having anything to polish the nib further, I burnished it using the smooth insides of my ceramic sink. For a hasty, panicy job, I'm quite happy with the result. I usually like fine nibs, but the expressiveness of this line, and the smooth, soft ride as it writes is really growing on me. It writes better than any italic nib I owned that was purchased as an italic. Here is a picture of the finished regrind, next to an Inoxcrom Jordi Labanda pen, which until a last week, had an identical nib. The writing sample is pelican 4001 blue on clairefontaine notebook paper. And I'm left handed.

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