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Found 6 results

  1. I haven't done any ink reviews in a long time, but I also haven't acquired any inks in a long time. I wasn't really looking for any inks but was looking through the Taccia inks and noticed some new ones. Since Taccia was bought by Nakabayashi, it seems like the Taccia brand is being used to offer interesting special inks. There is a new series based on the Ukiyo-e printing of 17th century Japan. https://www.nakabayashi.co.jp/_files/EnProduct/0/82/pdf/TFPI-WD42-e.pdf The packaging is very nice as in the pics above and my own: Tested with two pens, a Sailor 1911 Std (M) and an Edison Premiere (M) on Mohawk via Linen and Tomoe River. The Edison pen is wetter and wider than the Sailor pen, and so a bit of of shading is lost. In the Sailor pen the shading is great. No sheen in the usual sense, but on the Tomoe River from the Sailor pen the ink appears as a silvery sheen when seen at just the proper angle. I'm very particular with red inks. Regular reds I don't like, I don't have any use for them. I was concerned whether this ink would be a standard red-leaning brown like MB Toffee Brown or Visconti Brown. I definitely wouldn't want just another ink like that. It is a red ink, but very muted, earthy. I like it a lot. A red that works like a brown. I didn't test water resistance as that's not a quality important to me. I presume it's not very water resistant. A reasonable price for a stealth Sailor ink. The Sailor 1911 Std on MvL; The Edison Premiere on MvL: Tomoe River:
  2. Someone requested a review of this ink since they saw that I had the Red Soil. This inspired me to get on with it, as I was very curious to see what kind of green it was. Rust green, what could that be? This is a very interesting green. Some subtle shading, enhanced by the sheen. The latter is sometimes dark, contributing to the shading, making it quite dramatic. The sheen is definitely red, but often quite dark. The camera picks up the reflection, making it look pink. But it varies depending on light, ink concentration on the paper, and the paper itself. Sometimes the sheen appeared very metallic, making the writing look like graphite pencil. The green is a somewhat neutral bluish-green. It is not bright, but it is well colored. I was a bit worried that it would be a green that I disliked, but that is not the case at all. It's a very pleasant green. It is not a murky swamp green that many people, myself included, really like. This definitely leans very blue as you can see in the backlit photo. When I first looked at the ink, in the evening, I thought maybe a mistake had been made and I was sent the wrong ink. The writing at night looking like a graphite blue if there would be such a thing. It's quite blue when wet, then turning to the green when dry. To me this is a very unique green. Maybe it isn't and I'll learn something. But a reasonable price for a Sailor ink these days. It is $0.50/ml ($20 for 40 ml bottle). The Kobe inks are $30 for 50 ml ($0.60/ml), the Sailor Ink Studio are $18 for 20 ml ($0.90/ml), the new Sailor Four Seasons and Shikiori inks are $15 for 20 ml ($0.75/ml). On Mohawk via Linen, a high quality, somewhat absorbent paper: On Tomoe River paper: Shiny sheen: Nice box! Back Nice bottle! Is this a blue ink? Not really.
  3. Sakura FP Gallery

    Taccia Hyakko Hisho II fountain pens

    Taccia Hyakko-Hisho II fountain pens are made of ebonite with a hexagonal or round body and decorated in a Kawari-Nuri lacquer layer. Kawari-Nuri includes experimental urushi lacquer techniques in which different additives, materials, and methods are brought together. The results are surprising with playful motifs in which chance plays an important role. The Taccia Hyakko-Hisho II fountain pens are limited to 50 pieces per design. Five new designs are added to the five previous ones! https://www.sakurafountainpengallery.com/en/boutique/taccia-japanse-pennen We ship worldwide and most of the time transport is at our expense! The pen fills with Sailor ink cartridges or converter. The 14kt duo-tone nib is available in different sizes. Each Hyakko-Hisho pen comes in a nice Paulownia wooden box with pen kimono, two cartridges, convertor, and cleaning cloth. Note: The designs of these pens are different from the Taccia US designs. Catherine
  4. This is the third review of the four Hokusai Katsushika inks from Taccia/Nakabayashi that have reached American shores. I didn't know what to expect with this ink. Would "Light Blue" mean a lighter, brighter color, more like a turquoise? Would it simply mean "not dark"? The truth of the matter is closer to the latter than the former. In a dry pen this will be more of a pastel, light blue. Very readable, with excellent shading. In a wetter pen the shading is still there, in a greater range of values (light-dark), and a bit more saturation. But I'll admit that I wasn't delighted by this ink like I was with the other three inks in the series. It could have been the pen didn't work well with this ink even though it wrote perfectly fine. But it is an ink that I had to nudge the converter down to remove air from the converter. It seemed I had to do that more with this ink in this pen than others, so it could very well be the two just didn't get along as well as one would like. Neither one's fault really, just not very compatible. The ink really has no showthrough or bleedthrough issues on the absorbent (but good quality) Mohawk via Linen paper. Inks never sheen on this paper (well the Rust Green did). Dries pretty fast comparatively. The blue leans towards green, but I don't think enough to be called teal. Closer to Cerulean I think. You can really go over how the ink looks in this image. The first part of the text is with a normal feed. Towards the end you can see where I nudged it pushed more ink into the feed and the line got noticeably darker. I don't know if these are limited edition. But this is the only ink of the Hokusai series currently in stock at Anderson Pens.
  5. jandrese

    Nakabayashi-Sailor Ink Tetsukon

    I bought this ink at Itoya in the Ginza area of Tokyo. I was looking for an ink I could not buy in the USA, or at least one I did not know about. This ink was part of series from (to me) an unknown source that all had cool box artwork. The color sample looked promising so I bought it. Lucky for me I like the ink. Tetsukon--tetsu for iron, kon for navy or dark blue. Nakabayashi is an office supply company. It's a dark blue with a reddish purple undertone that is really pleasing in a totally non-overt way. This ink just has something extra that makes it special. Paper chromatography reveals three or four components including the purple that gives the dark blue a subtle pop. Sailor makes the ink so that gives a lot of confidence that it's got good properties and is safe for pens. Flow is ample but the dry time is fast, which is great for this lefty who likes broad nibs. Not much in the way of sheen or shading unless heavy lines on Tomoe River paper but it is well behaved and gorgeous. A real winner. Pretty good water resistance too. I'd like to try the other inks in this line as well.
  6. Notes - Having produced a nicely formatted article in LibreOffice Writer, I found that the only way to transfer that to the FPN without losing the formatting was to save the pages as JPG, and attach the images. The photos of the products are arranged alphabetically as they are first mentioned, so you know what to look for if you want to get any of the products. I will try to add some scans of representative bleeding and feathering examples.

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