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    I will sell Platinum #3776 Balance with the Music nib ground to Contrast Italic. Fountain pen in very good condition with long nib( type 20), production in April 2010. Only a pen is included. The width of the ordinary line with the right side for vertical direction is 1.0mm, and for horizontal direction 0.2mm. The flow ink is likely to moderate than wet. I consciously made the reverse side sharper and almost did not polish the writing edge. The width line by reverse side: in vertical direction is 0.9mm, and in horizontal direction in 0.1-0.15mm. There is no scratching. After processing and polishing, feedback has noticeably decreased, but is still present. I think with dry ink it will be clearly noticeable. Payment by any cards through the Payoneer system(personal invoice) or through Moneygram if it is more convenient (unfortunately PayPal in Ukraine does not work to accept money). The fountain pen is in Ukraine, shipping by avia priority recommended package with tracking. On average, delivery to Europe and USA is about 2 weeks. Reduced. Reasonable offers are welcome! Detailed description: http://lenskiy.org/2020/05/ground-music-to-crisp-italic-modern-platinum-3776-blanace/


    - UA

  2. cgreenberg19

    Sailor 1911 Standard

    Overview: The Sailor 1911 is my first pen from the brand. I've been reluctant to but a Sailor pen because everybody I've known who has purchased one of these pens had immediately gotten five more and I can't say I'm an exception. I picked this pen up yesterday as a bit of an impulse buy, I had been looking at the Sailor two tine music nib for a while wondering what it was all about. It turns out it behaves in my particular case less like a stub and more like a really broad round nib, which I like a lot. It's also a bit like their zoom nib where if you hold the nib perpendicular to the paper it
  3. Overview: I recently purchased a Sailor 1911 Standard which was my "entryway" into the Sailor brand. Following my positive experience with that pen I decided that I should pick another Sailor up at the Baltimore Pen Show. I happened to receive a Montblanc Legrand Ballpoint as a present that I didn't use much, so I decided to trade it in at Dromgoole's and I got a very good price for this pen with my trade in. I also got this pen equipped with a music nib because my experience with the Music nib on my 1911 Standard was so positive. Even though the pen is labeled as "Large" I find it more of a s
  4. sidthecat

    Vintage Music Nib

    So I found a battered, anonymous pen on eBay and, because I look for interesting nibs, I took a close look at the business end. What I saw was a dirty and ink-stained Warranted nib: a Music Nib. It wasnt cheap (by my lights) but they usually go for a lot more. When it gets here Ill see if it still works, and if it does I may drop it into one of my ringtops. Fingers crossed.
  5. LuisAAbrilRomero

    Sailor Kop Pro Gear With Music Nib?

    Hello there, is the Sailor King of Pen Pro Gear available with a music nib? And if this is the case, where? Thanks for your help! Cheers, Luis
  6. Karmachanic

    Taming A Pilot Music Nib

    I very much like the austere formality of the Pilot 912 and thought that an MS nib would off-set that nicely. The pen arrived and I inked it up right away with Monteverde Copper Noir. Oh dear. The nib is a fire hose! So wet and hard to control. What to do? I recalled a recent thread extolling the virtues of Kiwa-Guro. I purchased a bottle. Analogous to putting high performance tyres on a car! I now have traction, control, the nib hugs the page and allows for precise manoeuvers. edit to add: and crisper lines Fantastic!! Now I can comfortably use this pen. Only thing is, the ink is black. I h
  7. Eric2018

    Music From The Ocean

    Music from the Ocean It was a little fight for the Slim or the Standard one. Would the Slim be too small? Would the 14k nib performs bad? As I had the Standard already, also the price is just half of the Standard, I give the Slim a shot. A slim review: Outlook: Normal package with converter, normal excellent quality, zero complaint. Oh I love the THICK center band (KOP induced?) and is in shinny chrome details, I always prefer chrome than gold. (The center band of the regular Slim has two ring lines). And the color is a special, a voyage green blended with little blue I think, and the w
  8. Nin444

    Intresting Music Nib

    Hello , I have a Waterman 515 with a very intresting Nib. The picture is below. As you can see it has a beautiful design and finish. Does anyone know the history or any information about this nib or manufacturer? The nib is 14K gold and has a vintage flex quality as well.
  9. Hi all. This is my first post so I might as well greet you pen and nib lovers in here! I am a drummer / composer / arranger and I enjoy either reading or writting music by hand, a habit that that i guess has grown out of studying scores and books that were partly or entirely written by hand. Even now, I supply the musicians with sheets that I personally write, being original score of mine or copies of clients. Quite recently I came across a video on youtube, where a famous copyist/ percussionist uses this particular pen/ nib that I immediately fell in love with. I am posting two vid
  10. I really like music nibs. I have the Platinum 3776 Music Nib, the Pilot 742 Music Nib, Franklin Christoph Music Nib, the Ackerman Pump Pen Music Nib and the Noodler's Neponset Music Nib. But the thing I find odd about the Noodler's is that it isn't a stub like the rest. Sure, it has 3 tines, but it has no stub whatsoever. So my question is: has anyone tried to grind one of these into a stub? What were the results? Was it still flexible? I know that it's possible to by Nib Creeper and Ahab replacement nibs. But, to my knowledge, it is not yet possible to buy just the Neponset nib witho
  11. I first saw this pen after a reddit user linked to it in kenshiro's masterpiece demonstrator collection thread a few months back. I love clear demonstrators and fat nibs; when I learned that Franklin-Christoph made the 66 Ice with a 1.9mm, three-tined music nib, it got put on the list. Then, some Christmas cash made it happen. And it arrived Saturday. Impressions http://i.imgur.com/tCj31Bx.jpg One of the first things that intrigued me about this pen was the cap threads being on the nib-end of the section. FC does this with their Models 02, 03, and 65/66. These front threads mean th
  12. PILOT CUSTOM 74 - MUSIC NIB Pilot Custom 74 – Music Nib This happens to be my latest addition or you may call addiction to Pilot Pens. After buying and using PILOT CAPLESS I realised that I need more Pilot Pens and lot of fellow fountain pen users and friends recommended me to buy Custom 74 and here I must thank Dhruv for connecting me with Bunkidou Shop. Dealing with Bunkidou was an amazing experience and his service was excellent. I actually bought two PILOT pens from him, CUSTOM 74 and CUSTOM HERITAGE 92. And the EMS service was so amazing that the pens reached to India from Japan
  13. Yes, the twins are here and I love them (Pardon the low quality pictures)! Here they are, - Fosfor Sandalwood with a Franklin Christoph HPS #6 Masuyama Needlepoint Nib - Fosfor Islander in Red Burl with the Franklin Christoph #6 Music Nib The F-C nibs were a gift from a friend and I was given the freedom of choosing the nibs. My limited experience with EF or F nibs (limited to lower end Indian and Japanese nibs) left me wanting more and I was on the lookout for something that I could use for sketching and quick notes (among a few other things). The music nib was to continue to prac
  14. A few days ago I used someone's Sailor with a music nib, and now I'm obsessed! I was amazed by how responsive the nib was. I'd love to have one to sketch with. I know that the Sailor is sometimes not considered a true music because it doesn't have 3 tines, but I'm not that fussy -- I thought it performed beautifully. It looks like on nibs.com that it can be purchased as a standard issue on some Sailor pens (not a custom order), so that's good news. But before I rush out and get one, I thought I'd ask: Should I look into other music nib manufacturers, Japanese or otherwise? Does that third tin
  15. AustinMalone1999

    Christoph Music Nib Review

    Above is a sample of how the very wet Christoph Nib fares on the cheapest paper I have yet to encounter. I don't have a macro lens, but here goes my best shot at approximating the appearance of the nib. It is beautiful without being gaudy. A Gothic or Old English capital "C" is present, contrary to the "F" generally presents. The music nib has three tines, and the feed has two channels. Rays of what appear to be sunshine are bursting from the center of the nib. The nib does not contain a breather hole, and this has not seemed to affected the flow of the pen. This will hopefull
  16. I have been looking into buying my first Nakaya pen for some time now and am very familiar with the various shapes and finishes available. What confused me is that when I started looking at Japanese listings for these pens an option for a "soft music nib" presented itself in addition to the regular music nib. I do not see any mention of this nib on John Mottishaw's site as the US dealer of their pens. Has anyone used one of these soft music nibs and how does it compare to their standard music nib? Will it be flexible in a way similar to the great Waterman flexible music nibs of the past?
  17. GClef

    Vintage Waterman Music Nib!

    http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m496/gclef1114/Gibberish/0212151647-1.jpg Link>>>http://m.ebay.com/itm/271773132063?nav=SEARCH<<<Link
  18. s.s.miles

    Greetings From Houston, Texas

    So, I have had a difficult, on again / off again relationship with fountain pens since grade school, mostly due to my Texan-male-football-trained brain that thought the correct way to do (almost) everything was to use more force; I can't even begin to count the number of bent nibs scattered through my past. After escaping high school in a small West Texas town, I became a classical musician, and then a composer, then a teacher of and for classical composition, and finally an ex-teacher composing musician with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the pain of writing everyday (I refuse to use a c
  19. The Model 02 "Instrinsic" can be ordered with a number of finished. This is black with a "Cherry" finial. The unusual tapering of the barrel can be seen better when the pen is un-capped ... With an average-sized hand (mine) and a normal pen grip (mine), the thin portion of the barrel rests in the web between thumb and index finger. It is comfortable to hold and write with, although my personal preference would be for a thicker barrel. (A Model 19 may be in my future.) Where the rational for this shape becomes clear is when the pen is posted ... Now you see that the pen posts deeply,
  20. FYI, I have posted a review in the FP Review forum of a pen with a nib that may be of interest to participants in this forum. See Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic With Music Nib and enjoy! David
  21. Hello Hope this is the right place for my questions and hope also that you can help me with a doubt that I have. I am interested in a pen with music nib. specifically on Platinum or Pilot. Which one do you recommend me? Other question that I have is about Pilot 74 and Pilot 742. Both are nice but besides the size or the pen and nib, do you know if there is a big difference between them? Do you know if it is possible to interchange the nibs? Do you know if there is a place where I can buy only the nibs for this Pilot series, 74 or 742? Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance Ricardo G.
  22. betweenthelens

    Platinum 3776 Koi With Music Nib

    This is my new pen, the Platinum Koi 3776 with music nib against vintage kimono silk and blue felt. A review may be forthcoming. Thanks for looking! http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9018_zpsa0156a52.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9029_zps8f1f8ca1.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9025_zps1c12aabb.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9041_zps01f09c30.jpg The band reads: Japan, Platinum and 3776. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9033_zps08
  23. Earlier today I received a Sailor 1911 Profit with a steel music nib. These can be picked up very cheaply now - I paid £35 inclusive of shipping, which I think is great value. The music nib is something of a cursive stub, gives a good bit of line variation and writes with Sailor's usual level of smoothness. It's not the wettest pen I've come across, but this isn't something that can't be changed to suit with minimum fuss. The nib is gold plated steel, but still features the usual attractive (in my opinion) Sailor engraving. It writes with a bit of a dry, scratchy sound to it, but there

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