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Found 6 results

  1. ParkerBeta

    Collar/feed melting on my M?

    Something is amiss with what I see around the nib collar of my Montblanc M. It feels like the plastic is melting, swelling, coming out from under the collar, and flaking off. Here is a picture of the bottom of the feed and collar (situation is similar on the top part of the collar too): Just for comparison, here is a picture of the same region on another Montblanc M, my Ultra Black. Note the smooth clean area. Can anyone tell me what is happening? I hesitate to take the pen to a boutique for service because they don’t seem to be able to offer accurate price estimates for repair anymore, and the service center’s prices are terribly high. Still, if it involves replacing the entire feed, they’ll be my best bet, I suppose.
  2. Foreword: For some inexplicable reason, Montblanc's "traditional" piston-filler pens do not interest me in the least: for the brief time I owned a 146, I found it unutterably boring, and the 149 is just too stodgy (and stogie) and pompous for me -- I own its Made-In-Germany knockoff the Senator President (suggested names for LEs: "JFK" and "Obama"), which is less showy but has seen almost no use from me either. On the other hand, something about Montblanc's cartridge-fillers appeals to me: I have all three Bohemes (all without that gaudy bauble on the clip -- take that, bling aficionados!), a Starwalker, and now both versions of the M. In fact, with the exception of the midsized Boheme, all of these pens are supposed to use cartridges exclusively -- this lack of flexibility ought to count as an annoyance, yet I cheerfully overlook it for these pens, and only for these pens, in my collection. I say all this in advance of my review, because my criticism of the two M models may sound harsh, but the fact is that I own them both and like them, warts and all. With that out of the way, let's get to the review. The Montblanc M and the M Ultra Black, which I shall refer to in this review as the Newson Twins after their parent (designer), Marc Newson, have evoked very polarized responses from the moment the M was introduced in 2015. Here's an amalgamation of the criticism that has been leveled at it, with the hyperbole turned up to 11, as befits modern internet style: What does the "M" stand for? Montblanc? Marc (Newson)? Millennial? Mediocrity? Monstrosity? Money-grab? From the cribbed-from-Lamy-Safari ($35) clip, to the flattened barrel that doesn't accommodate a converter, to the cap that won't post even in the revised-edition Ultra Black (though the cap on the rollerball version of the Ultra Black does post), this ugly-duckling design just proves that Newson has (a) never used a fountain pen and (b ) delegated this project to the junior most intern in his studio. And the price! Sure, it's built to the very tightest of tolerances and the highest of standards, but at $575, Montblanc has gilded a you-know-what and is selling it as a gold brick! My response to the above rant(s) would be to ask the ranter, "Have you ever written with one?" Yes, there is an annoying step in the section. Yes, you cannot post the cap. Yes, the nib looks ugly too, at least the early ones that had Newson's initials on them -- the later nibs with an "M" inside Montblanc's snowflake design look better. But ultimately it's the way the nib writes that matters, and the nib delivers. It looks like a modified version of the nib on the Starwalker, but it writes differently and feels different, in a way that I cannot quite describe [then what am I doing writing this "review"?]. I expect that the M line was designed primarily to sell rollerballs and ballpoints to millennials (or maybe Gen Y-ers -- millennials probably aren't earning enough yet to throw $450+ at a pen), and the fountain pen version of the M was an afterthought. Yet credit is due to Montblanc for putting in the resources and effort required to design a new nib for this line, and for executing it so well. A word on the difference between the two models: the original M came in a shiny finish, while the later M Ultra Black came in a matte finish with a distinctive thin red band visible when the pen is uncapped. It is a striking and eye-catching flourish and gives the pen a bit of flair that I think is missing from the original. However, the very shininess of the cap and barrel on the original M gives it a certain spartan appeal as well. I, for one, am delighted to have both. By the way, I would never buy them for list price or anywhere close to list price. However, they are not easy to find on the used market either -- maybe they sell in small numbers to begin with, or those who do buy them know what they are getting and tend to hold on to them. Fortunately, I managed to buy them both used in mint condition a month or two apart, both at a substantial savings off list. In short, the Montblanc M: dumb name, hit-or-miss design, but the nib hits it out of the park. Sure, if you want a modern pen made by a designer better known for furniture, the $75 Lamy Aion by Jasper Morrison is far better value (it even has a different nib from the rest of the Lamy models!), but I am nevertheless happy that Montblanc used its profits to fund this project!
  3. Hello everyone, I’ve been using my Mont Blanc M for just a little over 1 year now and I like it so far. Aside from occassional ink skipping at the beginning of a stroke, I have no complain about the pen. However, it came to my attention today that a portion of the ring around the nib is ajar revealing what’s under the ring/plate in the grip section as shown in the attached photos. I have never paid attention to that part of the pen since I bought it until today so I did not know when exactly did it come off. I have never dropped the pen and so far it does not seem to affect the ink flow. My question is should I be worry and immediately send the pen to a MB boutique for a repair? What possibly could cause this? Has anyone had this issue with their Mont Blanc M? Is this a common issue with the MB M? To be honest, now that I found an issue on my M on top of the occasional ink skipping, I feel a little unsatisfied with this new series from MB and I can’t say I would recommend it to anyone on the market looking for a fountain pen to buy. This is my first post in this forum. I would like to say hi to everyone and thank for your time and attention on this thread, any response would be appreciated. Cheers!!
  4. walter_lam

    Montblanc M Refill

    Hello all, I am new to this group and I have a question that need some help. I brought the Montblanc M rollerball pen for my wife but she said the line is too bold for this pen, Then I go to the store and brought the only compatible refill - Art fineliner and this time she said it is not smooth . After I took her to MB store and try out the pens, she said she like the ballpoint. My local store do not accept return or exchange and therefore I am hoping anyone could advise me which MB ballpoint refill that I could buy to fit it this Montblanc M rollerball, I know the rollerball refill is different and I do not mind to do some DIY in order to make it work. Thanks. I have took some photos of the refill and attached,. Thanks again. Regards, Walter
  5. Wow, this felt like a long long wait and thanks to my genius mailman, my package was actually back at the PO days ago. Finally sorted it out and I'll admit, I was more excited abt this package than I was for the equally new Destiny for PS4. Firstly tho, the pens are (in theory) a present for my GF, who recently got bumped up a few notches in the hierarchy. Yep, u guessed it, the pens are Montblanc Quite well packed, thanks Dennis. Out of the box and semi unwrapped Shout out to La Couronne Du Compte - pleasure to deal with, exceedingly trustworthy - buy with confidence. Dankjewel Dennis! Soooooo, thats it. Anti climax right? Muhahahaha. Like I said, the stuff above are presents so will have to wait for someone else to open, will post pics afterwards
  6. Hi Guys, Please find my latest article in Penficioado.com. We take a look at the collaboration between Montblanc and Marc Newson and the new strategic direction. http://www.penficionado.com/index.php/2015/06/montblanc-m-pen-collection-announced/ Let us know your opinion! Warm regards, iunal

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