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Found 4 results

  1. marie9999

    Hooligan Raging Red

    Hooligan Raging Red Custom Pen January 2017 photo credit: Tim Cullen First Impression Reverie... This is a custom pen designed and created by Tim Cullen of Hooligen Pen Co. I first saw Tim's work on Facebook in the fall of 2015. On December 26, 2015 after much discussion with Tim, I ordered two pens... 1 - Irish Oak Bog 2 - Tuxedo Pen but with Green barrel and possible Jade dome on cap Both pens were to have ruthenium 18 kt nibs. We also discussed timing and Tim estimated that it would be late 2016 or early 2017 before the pens would be ready. photo credit: Tim Cullen - Irish Oak Bog from Tim's gallery of work photo credit: Tim Cullen - Irish Oak Bog from Tim's gallery of work photo credit: Tim Cullen - Tuxedo from Tim's gallery of work photo credit: Tim Cullen - Tuxedo from Tim's gallery of work photo credit: Tim Cullen - Barrel material for my Tuxedo In October 2016, Tim reached out to finalize the design and well one thing lead to another and the two pens morphed into one expensive pen - but is it a BEAUTY! So the final design kept the Irish Oak Bog and flat top cap with lot of Damascus and the barrel became a Damascus ring of steel. So Tim began to create the pen. The cap was just right from the beginning, but the barrel just didn't sing to me. Now don't get me wrong - it was lovely in it's own right and I had decided to take and if it didn't grow on me ask Tim to change. Well Tim wasn't having it and changed the acrylic from the lovely golden brown to the raging red. This persistence on Tim's part is what make him a great artist with a keen focus on the customer. photo credit: Tim Cullen - Hooligan MP part 1 photo credit: Tim Cullen - Hooligan RR oh yeah! When I saw that red against the Damascus I knew it is a hit!!! Appearance and Design (10/10) It's the custom pen of custom pens. The size is perfect for my big hands - see photo below of comparison to other pens. Construction and Quality (10/10) The fit and finish are perfect. PERIOD. Exactly the same as the Hooligan V. Weight and Dimension (10/10) Tim warned me multiple times, long before construction began that this would be a heavy pen - and I still said go for it. Weight: Whole pen inked: 1.9 oz Barrel inked: 0.9 oz Dimensions: (rough no calipers handy) Length Capped: 6 3/16" (15.5 cm) Length Cap: 2 13/16" (7.1 cm) Length Barrel and Nib: 5 3/8" (13.5 cm) Length Posted: 7 5/16" (18.5 cm) Max Diameter - Top End of Cap: 9/16" (1.5 cm) Min Diameter - Section: 7/16" (1.1 cm) Pen comparison Line-up from left to right: TWSBI 700 Vac, Pelikan M800, Visconti Homo Sapiens Blue Crystal Swirl, Hooligan RR, Holligan V LE#2/20, Lamy Al-Star, Pilot Metropolitan. As you can see the Hooligan RR is slightly smaller than the Hooligan V. The cap will post, but I usually set the cap upright on desk while I write only holding the barrel. I think that it would be an awesome display to post and place on stand! (of course with no ink) Nib and Performance (10/10) 18k ruthenium board nib cut by Mike Masuyama to cursive italic - I use several different nibmeisters and Mike always does outstanding work - he is at the top of the game and if you haven't tried his cursive italic, I highly recommend that you try it - writes very well. Filling System (10/10) Standard converter - works well. Easy to fill / clean / maintain. (So why not a 8 - like I gave the same converter on the Hooligan V? Well I have decided after this week - that my first choice on any pen is going to be converter. I know that a lot of custom pen maker are offering button and piston fills, and I love the capacity of my Conid but I don't mind refilling if it makes maintaining easier. My vintage ONOTO is a top 10 pen in my collection but the cork maintenance is a absolute pain.) Cost and Value (10/10) The pen is the most expensive pen in my collection at $1200. This price includes the ruthenium 18k nib and nib customization by Mike Masuyama. This price also includes a second ruthenium nib that was purchased for the pen that was consumed by this masterpiece. No worries that nib will be used on my next Hooligan. Now $1200 is a lot for a pen - I get it - but this is my perfect pen - Tim built the length and section diameter to my exact specifications so I love to write with it. Overall (10) Now for those of you who are wondering - yes this is the one and only time that I scored any pen a perfect 10. I could gush on and on about how wonder it is - but the engineer in me says hold up - just the high points. So.... - This is the number one pen in my collection. - Damascus steel and Irish Oak Bog play off each other in a way that is contemporary and ancient all at the same time. - The red acrylic just pops - the contrast is stunning. The ruthenium nib look fab and writes like a dream. - Tim is always pushing the edge and his work continues to amaze his collectors. photo credit: Tim Cullen - Hooligan RR before logo on clip photo credit: Tim Cullen - Hooligan RR photo credit: Tim Cullen - Hooligan RR photo credit: Tim Cullen - Hooligan RR cap Hooligan logo photo credit: Tim Cullen - Hooligan RR clip Hooligan logo photo credit: Tim Cullen - Hooligan RR
  2. marie9999

    Hooligan V Review

    Hooligan V #2/20 photo credit: Tim Cullen photo credit: Tim Cullen First Impression WOW! Pictures do not capture the luster of this pen! It is gorgeous. Last month, I returned from a week of arduous statistical training and awaiting me was the lovely Model V from Hooligan Pen Company! The V is a limited edition model and I have #2 of 20. The pen is a design collaboration between Tim Cullen and Dr. Joseph Vitolo. The nibs are tuned by Mike Masuyama to the purchaser's request and each pen is accompanied by a custom pen stand from Dan Brown. Appearance and Design (9) The clip and cap band are damascus which balances well with the acrylic. The engraving and numbering clearly id each pen - but each pen has a different clip (all custom made by Tim)... below is a photo of pen #1. (So why did I not rate appearance and design a 10? Personal preference only - my pens are usually flat tops - but this one hooked me straight away and I love it.) photo credit: Tim Cullen Construction and Quality (10) The fit and finish are perfect. PERIOD. And I have a reputation for being keen on the details. Tim also has a reputation for being a perfectionist and it shows in this flawless pen. In general, I do not cap my pens - and this pen is no exception BUT I do find that I hold the cap in my left hand while writing just because it feels that good - seriously there are zero rough edges or defects. Weight and Dimension (9) cap and barrel (inked): 1.3 oz cap: 0.5 oz barrel: 0.8 oz length: capped: 6.25" cap: 3" barrel and nib: 5 7/16" section diameter: just under 1/2" largest diameter on cap: just over 5/8" no calipers available so the diameters are close but not perfect measurements. This is a large pen and I love it! This pen is well balanced and comfortable with which to write. I love taking notes at work with it but have to be very careful - in only a few short weeks - 3 different folks have wanted to borrow it! (So why not a 10? Again personal preference - usually I would go for a smaller section diameter but it hasn't been an issue for me with this pen.) Be warned that the pen will not fit in all cases. But does work well in my Franklin-Christoph penvelope. Below is a comparison photo of the V and a Pelikan 800, Lamy Al-Star, TWSBI 700, Visconti Homo Sapiens Blue Swirl an Pilot Metropolitan. Nib and Performance (9) 18k two tone extra-fine nib tuned by Mike Masuyama and engraved with the Hooligan logo - writes very well. (So why not a 10? Again personal preference - my ideal nib is single tone - with the damascus clip I would have normally selected ruthenium finish.) Filling System (8) Standard converter - works well. Easy to fill / clean / maintain. (So why not a 10? Nothing fancy or unusual... but after spending the afternoon dealing with a vintage piston filler that has lost its cork - well I love the fact that I will never have that problem with this pen!) Cost and Value (10) The pen is an exceptional value at $650. This price includes the custom stand made by Dan Brown and nib tuning by Mike Masuyama. Tim is a true artist and his pieces are sure to increase in value. Overall (9.2) This pen has rocketed into my top 10 overall. There are pens in that group that cost much more and much less as I base my top group on function and not form. But it is "oh so nice" when the form challenges the function in such a gorgeous pen! Tim is a joy with which to work and I encourage anyone seeking a unique, high quality pen to seek out Hooligan and pick up one of his limited editions or a custom. This is not my first Hooligan. That pen is a personal custom design - that pen's review will post on July 2nd.
  3. I'm about to make my first foray into the world of customized nibs and I'm having trouble deciding whether to go with a Pendleton Brown butter-line stub or a Mike Masuyama round-nose cursive italic for a Pilot 823. I'm looking for a nib width of approximately 0.4mm on the downstroke for use as a daily writer - I write fairly small with lots of math (small subscripts/superscripts are an issue to me). This is a sample of my normal handwriting when note-taking (stock pilot M nib). Any perspective on which one to pick would be greatly appreciated. In particular, I'm wondering: how the two customizations compare in terms of line variation and forgivingness (I normally normally hold the pen at a 45-degree angle to the paper, with a little bit of inconsistent rotation as well)how controllable the thickness of a line put down by MM's RNCI is - this post mentions that the BLS's line width can be controlled by the amount of pressure put into it; is the RNCI capable of something similar? The ability to put down a finer line when necessary would be great for subscripts.how the BLS looks up close - there's a picture of the RNCI up-close here, but I haven't been able to find a similar pic for the BLS.Thanks!
  4. I made it!! My first pen show 😊😊😊 Yay!!! I attended the SF pen show Friday, from 7 am- 4:30 pm. I feel like I did it right considering it was my first fp show ever, I was mentally short circuited with excitement, and I was only able to attend one day then dash out of town before 5 pm or turn into a pumpkin. I worked the registration desk from 7 til noon. This was good because I got to wrap my head around the idea I was in a place where every pen I could dream of was being held... I purchased my first FP at the registration desk, an Eagle with nice flex & variation from John Shumaker. And then... I entered nirvana... The first thing I did was to have a nib cut into a left oblique by the amazing nib guru Mike Masuyama. I also left him a Waterman Ideal to repair which I will receive in the mail in a bit. Next, I went right over to Greg Minuskin's table to peruse his flex pens. I have been surfing his web page for ages trying to figure in pen availability so it was a fantastic opportunity for me to meet him in person & test the flexie goodness of his pens myself. I purchased a black & gold celluloid Waterman Ideal from him with great flex and variation. Writing samples to follow. After that I found a box of spare pen body parts & found caps for 2 of my BCHR fp's that came to me capless. Now I can finally ink them! Next I made my way to the lobby where I just tried to breathe & take it all in. It's overwhelming being at ones 1st pen show. My senses were truly short circuited! After lunch & some recovery I went back in, wrote with 40 out of 500 ink sample fp's (there was a twisted part of me that wanted to try ALL 500 but in the end stamina won out..) and just marveled at the clever & modern high tech FP Setup! All those pens all those inks! Truly impressive. Then I spotted a table in the back that for some time I thought might be a mirage, the elusive Akkerman inks straight out of the Nederlands?! Here?! In my bay?? I have had my eye on these since 1st learning about them a year ago & now here it was before me all those pretty inks in that unique gorgeous bottle! I bought myself a bottle of #3 Blue from Vaness Pen Shop and am super happy to finally own it. From there, I needed one more item... I had flex pens, expertly tuned tines & ink.. I went on a hunt for paper, this led me to Curnow's Bookbinding & Leatherwork where I purchased a 3 pack of Standard Midori sized Tomoe River Edition backpack journal paper. *Whew!* I'm including a picture of my first Fp show EVER treasures. There was only one time I saw a pen I wanted and faced a dilemma. One is drama enough! My heart break story is this, I saw an amazing MT Swan BHR with 2 gold rings & clip. It was just beautiful. It was at the table of the esteemed Susan Wirth who btw I loved talking to. The pen was 4 things: beautiful!, worth the price, with great flex, & out of my budget. If I'd have bought it, it would've been my only treasured purchase. And while I struggled with temptation of taking out the plastic and taking it home, I followed fellow SF pen posse member AC12's advice (thank you Gary!) in the end, take a set amount of cash and once it's gone it's gone. So while I felt the heat of walking away from that black beauty, in retrospect I'm SO happy with every wonderful pen, ink & paper I did get AND working the registration desk I got to put the faces to names of many I have online purchased from or emailed for advice and that was truly fun. The SF Pen Show was perfect. It was big but not overkill huge, there were so many who's who's from the FP world, the venue was beautiful, and the people were so happy to talk shop. I hope to be back next year for more than one day. I'm going to start saving right now... (Photo: 3 pens Top: Eagle, Middle: Waterman Ideal Flex, Bottom: I know it's capped, but nib by Mike Masuyama)

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