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  1. Hello, I was just wondering if it’s just me or do you guys have a specific pen for a specific notebook? This ink color for this pen color only? I use my pilot kakunos (M,F,EF) with colors black, gris nuage, diamine grey, respectively, for my midori notebook journal. My kawecosport (BB) in the shade earl grey for midori everyday journal. 2 Kawecosport (EF) using Vinta in the shade perya and ubi for midori and rhodia notes. Kaweco perkeo (M) using smokey grey for random scribbles and midori travel journal. Am I the only one? Lol
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  3. First a disclaimer…I am fairly new to the forums…joining only in March. And perhaps this topic has already been written to death. But I’ve been writing cursive italic for 40 years. Everyone seems to rave about Tomoe paper for writing with fountain pens. But it’s not my favorite writing paper. I know this can vary from person to person, depending on many different things, the pen, the nib, the ink, whether you prefer some “tooth” or not. Today, I was writing a letter on Tomoe 68 gm paper. I often use an italic fountain pen for my writing….and I write in cursive italic. But I seem to find i
  4. Hello! I'm new to the forum and searched as best I could but didn't see much talk about the new version of the Midori Brass Fountain Pen. I'm purchasing it from the shop in the link, but I was curious if anyone had any experience with the pen? I'm assuming it's a Japanese nib so it'll run on the dry side? With that in mind, should I go for a wet ink? There just doesn't seem to be much info about it online. Thanks so much!
  5. Hey all, we all love fountain pens and we all want to write with them. So at one point we need to find ourselves some nice paper. In my case I also wanted a nice notebook which contains the paper. Eventually I discovered the Midori Notebooks and loved them. Simple design but a very thought through, cool looking little system. The problem that I had was the price. I just did not want to (and shouldn't at the time) spend 50$ for a notebook. So I had the idea to google a little bit and see, if there were people who made their own versions of that Traveler's Notebook. And I was lucky. I found
  6. Ace Hotels collaborative events in Los Angeles and New York. A special edition TN cover will be available. The events will be held in Downtown Los Angeles on 10-12 November, and in New York on 17-19 November. In addition, new collaboration items will be introduced. TRAVELER’S notebook™ Ace Hotel Collaboration Model Camel A leather cover with the logo of Ace Hotel pressed on the back, and a grid printed kraft paper refill is set together. This time, a camel color will be newly released. We made this with the hope that travelers can use this as a backpack in which they can store their
  7. I've been doing my research on traveler's notebooks and gearing up to purchase one. In doing my humble research it's hard to miss the Traveler's / Midori notebook and I know it has a huge community. I've also stumbled on a bunch of custom ones on Etsy. I've been able to whittle it down between two products. The Traveler's / Midori The Wanderings https://wanderersway.com/products/the-wanderings-notebook According to Wanderings site; it can take all the inserts and accessories that the Midori one can so I wouldn't worry about that. I'm curious if anyone has purchased The Wanderings one
  8. A year of travel with my regular brown MTN (Midori Traveler’s Notebook) has gone by and I could not resist an urge to get another, this time perhaps a more portable one. Not the ultra portable (thumb drive kind) 10th Anniversary Notebook Mini (below), which stupendously completes itself within a span of 5 centimetres. This one had to be a passport, possibly with the recent branding of Traveler’s Company, Japan. If you would prefer a blogger view and enjoy pictures, do click on the below link: The Traveler’s Notebook Review You can find a review of the regular sized MTN here. Or shoul
  9. Ok, I couldn't resist, after having the brown one for about a year with the Midori N°13 insert with its beautiful fountain pen paper, I had to get the camel when this color finally was available again... Here is the link to my unboxing: I hope the link works! JS
  10. Geekbrewer

    Lamy And Midori Question

    So I am new to fountain pen usage, and loving it. I have a Lamy Safari pen. I like to use it in my Midori traveler's notebook, but I have an issue with how long it takes the ink to dry. I have to keep a piece of paper between the pages when I close my Midori to keep the ink from transferring. Then if I write one day, and come back to write again the next, the ink will smudge on my hands and fingers as I hold my notebook. So my question - is there a different kind of ink I can get to use in my pen and not have this issue?
  11. Before I start this post let me just say I am new to fountain pens and paper and all of this stuff, but I've watched a plethora of YouTube videos, browsed a large amount of websites, and done all I can so far to educate myself as to how all of this works. I have a fountain pen already that was a gift from my girlfriend (Parker Sonnet, Medium 18K nib), since then I've forced myself to relearn cursive handwriting and it has paid off. i think I'm ready to take the next step and buy a proper notebook for everything I write, as I've started to hand-write things much more than I used to prior to rec
  12. I love my TN, I love Tomoe River paper. I want to be able to use both at once. Has anyone found any source of Traveler's Notebook regular-sized inserts made from Tomoe River paper? I've been Googling, but the only things I've found are tutorials for binding your own inserts - unfortunately I am a giant klutz and can be guaranteed to gratuitously mess up any attempt at cutting and sewing paper I start. (Believe me. I've tried.) Now, I'm pretty sure the answer is "no, nobody is making such a thing" - but I'd love it if you could prove me wrong!
  13. I'm a fresh spring lamb to fountain pens (I own a Lamy Safari and a Pilot metropolitan, purchased as of February), much less purchasing inks for them and I'm looking for a happy marriage for my F nib Pilot Metropolitan and my recently ordered Midori lightweight insert. I have yet to receive it, I'm just plotting on how best to utilize it. I'm looking for a quick drying ink, preferably colorful, that will play nice with the lightweight insert. (And with minimal chances of me closing it like an idiot before the ink has a chance to dry and ruining everything.) Doesn't need to be waterproof or
  14. Sakura FP Gallery

    Midori Notebooks !

    It is not my goal to become a Japanese store but I added the Midori notebooks and TN's in the Sakura Fountain Pen Boutique ! They are gorgeous to look at, they have a great feel and they are super to work with. I hope you like them too ! Catherine http://www.sakurafountainpengallery.com/en/boutique/notebooks-amp-paper
  15. JohnSparegrave

    X17 , The Missing Link

    Hi, This is my first post here though I have been reading a lot of reviews and talks as I was bed stricken the last months. I'm a stationery lover and this is my video review of the X17 which in my opinion is one deal of a notebook since it has both the advantages of the Midori leather notebook and the comfort of your regular A5 notebook. Paper is not very fountain pen friendly but there is no showthrough, it is just that I like my pages smooth. The notebook itself though is gorgeous. Here is the link to the video since I don't know how to put it there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?
  16. Hi Folks, As a lover of the MTN, I'm in the process of designing a planner for the system. I will later run a campaign in Kickstarter to fund the cost of publishing it. I'm writing this post to ask for support of experienced and heavy users of either planners or MTN system. If you like to have fun while designing the best planner for the MTN system, send me a PM. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, AM
  17. Hello community, I have a problem here. I have been using a Midori Traveler's Notebook for some time now and got myself a Montblanc pen recently...perfect combination, I thought. However, I am experiencing some problems here: the paper does not accept the ink every now and then. The nib slides across the paper and it seems like the paper was coated so that nothing wet stays on it...weird thing to desribe but I hope you understand what I mean. The effect is not everywhere on the paper...there seem to be some spots on a page where this occurs. Here are some facts about my "equipment": Mont
  18. Just noticed a boatload of the new Midori tamenuri is currently on sale at Iguanasell.com.... I think this new finish (not the all- over midori, just at the seams) has some link to the recently discontinued Ao-tamenuri. They have some Ao-tameniri's there too!
  19. Midori Traveller’s notebook; Pan Am edition I used to fly Pan Am, back in the 80’s… Clear zipper pocket- ideal for stashing those tiny Filofax (Hobonichi!) stickers. Post- it notes always come in handy... Midori Craft envelopes. Plain paper insert pictured on right. Midori Passport size notebook Although I prefer the look of the larger Pan Am edition MTN, I actually find the passport size far more useful. For one, I never forget where my passport is, I can stash Euro’s in there way in advance for those emergency airport taxi’s, i can keep tickets and other sundry items,
  20. This is a short review of a A5 sized MD notebook. I have also replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog, as the images are/will be reduced to a small thumbnail after a short-while by the image hosting service. Below is a link to the same: Midori MD Notebook Review After falling in love with my MTN and the entire ecosystem part of it (Some of the ecosystem elements and their use are most eloquently covered by Pavoni in this post.), I wanted to have the same fountain pen friendly paper, sans the panache of an MTN. And it’s closest cousin seemed to be an MD notebook. I
  21. Finally, giving in to all my desire, I went for a midori traveler's notebook. This is a regular sized notebook with a brown leather jacket. I have also replicated the content with some additional pictures in my blog, as the images are/will be reduced to a small thumbnail after a short-while by the image hosting service. Below is a link to the same: Midori Traveler’s Notebook Review Lately, along with a fair bit of travel, my focus has shifted towards acquiring various paraphernalia, genetically consistent with the core fountain pen ecosystem, while the pen themselves are in transit . Hav
  22. For some time now, I've been using leather notebook covers made by a UK-based craftsman, Fenner Benedict. Made from a variety of traditional materials, they are well-finished and of the highest quality. And of course, available easily in the UK. However, I decided that having already got the Explorer 2 which I use with Moleskine Cahiers and Field Notes, I thought I'd try the latest Explorer 3 in Midori Passport size. Good call! As can be seen from the photograph below, the two covers are virtually the same, apart from the size of course, and I chose the black leather for the Midori-sized o
  23. An Enthusiast’s notebook(s) Like most, I suppose I enjoy the feeling of being organised. I like the action of writing things down and having those written notes to hand. I have never thought myself sufficiently disciplined for a personal diary but I have, for the past 30 years, used a paper-based agenda system (Calendar and To Do List) for work, which is supplemented by my desktop MS Outlook and the calendar on my Smartphone. Of course, having to use a paper-based agenda for work, despite being surrounded by technology, I have the daily opportunity and mental excuse to use my fountain pen
  24. I mentioned in my Hobonichi unboxing post that I had found a way to carry around my 2015 Hobonichi with me and still “use” it even though it hasn’t started yet. This is that way. YellowPaperHouse (which I shall henceforth abbreviate as YPH) is a mother/daughter team that creates inserts for Midori-style notebooks and Filofaxes and sell them through Etsy. Everything is designed and made by them, so you are getting a totally original product. I found out about them I think from Instagram. Anyway, no affiliation, just to get that out of the way early on. As of right now they offer 26 d
  25. Hi! I'm looking for options to put in my Midori-style leather cover. It's Moleskine/Field Notes-sized, but I would like better paper to suit fountain pens. Preferably also thicker than Rhodia - I like to draw. I live in Norway, so the physical stores don't cover my needs. It would have to be an online shop with worldwide shipping. I have a Banditapple Carnet on its way, I just would like more options. Thank you.

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