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Found 13 results

  1. Just got hold of several old bottles of Parker Super Quink Blue ink that came in cheap looking, black plastic bottles that look nothing like Parker Quink ink -or any other ink for that matter! They were manufactured in Parker's plant in Mexico sometime in the 1980's and they differ from their American counterparts in that there's no mention of Solv-X in them -which from what I've read, these inks had- and it only states the ink as permanent. Upon opening the first bottle I found that evaporation took the better half off it and that it has a chemical aroma that is not present on any other ink I've tried so far. So being a cautious guy, I proceeded to fill my trusty old and cheap Manuscript Chinese pen with the liquid and give it a try. I followed the recommendations of fellow FPN users on testing that the ink had no strings attached while submerging a stick into it. I also made sure no mould or other foreign items were floating around. So after using it for a while, I found that the ink colour is more blue-black or dark blue than anything I've got on my ink stash, so I decided to compare the ink with other old cartridges I have from pens I recently bought in NOS condition. And here am attaching the result. Not of a big fan of blue hues, but in this particular case, I kind of love how dark and saturated this ink is. I had since refilled the bottle with distilled water in order to restore the original volume, but I've yet to try the diluted version. I'll post updates as soon as I fill my tester pen with it. What do you all think? PS Sorry, forgot to attach the image
  2. Hello, I just bought some pens, paper and inks from Gouletpens and paid a very expensive shipping to Mexico, but now I am afraid that my package may be retained at customs for containing inks and sent back. So, I wanted to know if anybody has experience buying inks from US to Mexico and if you have encountered problems with customs in doing so. Thanks a lot in advance for your help. I hope my package reaches me without problems. It would be very sad and disappointing to not get my products after paying those shipping prices. :/
  3. I see there is a big community in the United States and Overseas and I was wondering if there is anything happening in Mexico City. I do hope so!
  4. During an internet outage this evening, I went out to one of my local Walmarts and came away with triplets. A set of Norcom composition books, one each from the US, Mexico, and Vietnam... http://i.imgur.com/qFkKf7S.jpg Mexico top left, Vietnam top right. I put them through their paces with different pens, inks, and nibs. The results speak for themselves, I think... http://i.imgur.com/bO1mX62.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oGnWhHj.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/tIXdXWt.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/DWmcLXp.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/5uaWfXm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xUax6ZE.jpg The Vietnamese book far outperformed the American and the Mexican books. At 88 cents US, the Made in Vietnam Norcom composition book is an absolute bargain. (And it's a bit obvious what album I was listening to while doing these tests, hmm? )
  5. PaperRabbit

    Hello From Mexico! C:

    Hi everyone!! Fountain pen newbie here!! I just discovered this new wonderful world and have started my collection with a Pilot Metropolitan in Retro Pop Purple, and a Lamy Safari in Charcoal, both pens have medium nibs. Hoping to add one more pen soon and start messing around with inks. I use my pens for both drawing and writing, though I do more drawing than writing. I'm still in the process of experimenting and getting to know my pens and the inks I managed to find in my area. Glad to be here with you all! Cheers! <3
  6. gammada

    Is This A Parker 45?

    I was recently offered this pen for sale. It appears to be a Parker 45 in rather good condition with a metal squeeze converter fitted in. But the thing that really caught my eye is that the pen was made in Mexico. I know Parker and other pen companies had manufacturing plants here, but I've never seen a fountain pen made here. My guess is that this pen was manufactured between the 70's and early 80's. Do you think it's worth a second look?
  7. Iguana Sell

    Visconti Charreria Limited Edition

    Meet Visconti Charreria, the Limited Edition fountain pen that tributes "El Charro" the iconic Mexican figure. Limited to 149 units, the pieces are based in Emilio Garcia's art work "Charrería". The design and drawings have been created with airbrush fountain pens and rollers by the artist Claudio Mazzi. The body shows a Charro with the typical Mexican Outfit. Trims are created in antique Sterling Silver customised with Charrería motifs. With a 23K Palladium nib, the cap is covered in leather. This Limited Edition comes in a special packaging: a woodern box with floral motifs. Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/visconti-charreria-fountain-pen-leather-silver-925-trims-limited-ed The fountain pen is available in F and M nib, with shipping within 24 hours. Do not wait to check out this amazing piece below!
  8. Elandaria

    Greetings From México!

    Hi, everyone from FPN! (and excuse my poor english, please.) I've been a fountain pen user for almost a year now (been a Pilot Metropolitan my first pen, YES!) , and since then I was already using FPN to look for some answers to my fountain pen related questions, but I wasn't sure to join the comunity officially. It's been a year now and my enthusiasm for fountain pens doesn't seem to get any lower, just all the other way around, and I have the feeling that this site is going to be very usefull to me and my upgrowing enthusiasm; also I notice that FPN is full with kind and interesting people, so that's another reason to join. I'm on a quest to find the perfect fp for me, and I got the feeling that that's gonna take some time, that means that I will see you around here for a while. This week I'm gonna do my first pen upgrade: a Noodler's Ahab and three nibs (1.1 SU, B, and M) from GouletPens just to experience other nib types and sizes. So see you around and greetings from Mexico City!!!
  9. a_finney

    New Member Mexico ( For Now )

    hello all i am new to this whole thing but i am really ready to get started i am 19 years old and have really taken this up to start to have a motivation to have better handwriting. plus i herd that writing makes you smarter and the girls dig it
  10. I got and Esterbrook FP (I guess it is a J) in a flee market in Mexico City for about 15 dollars more than ten years ago. I have not given it any serious use because after a while it started to drip, and besides it has a somewhat scratchy feeling. Lately, after my addiction for pens increased (look at this if you want to see why: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/267147-why-i-am-here-or-just-another-tragic-story/), I decided to give it another try. The other day I saw that it had the tines misaligned, so I aligned them. Now it writes really smooth, but it still drips, and it also writes quite wet and the nib is not so fine for my taste. Well, only yesterday I discovered that the nib could be screwed out and be changed. I just had no idea! This discovery brought my view of this pen to another level, and I am decided to enliven it! Of course it needs a resac or whatever repair to control the dripping. Then, and this is my main question, I would like to hear suggestions about Esterbrook extra fine nibs or finer! Finally, anybody has an idea about what to do with this 1461 nib? It was already curved when I got it. I thought it was normal. Now I am almost sure it is not. I guess someone did the curving trying to control the dripping or the wetness... (The barrel reads "Esterbrook. Hecho en México. Marca reg.". The nib is 1461 and says "Made in U.S.A.") Open to your consideration! A pair of photos follow...
  11. There was in another post in this same Esterbrook forum an unexpected interest in Esterbrook pens made in Mexico ("HECHO EN MEXICO"), and I promised to look for some of them… Now, until now I could find two in a repair shop in downtown Mexico City, and I am advertising them in the Clasifieds section under the title "Two Esterbrook Lj “Hecho En Mexico” - Without A Nib" I attach here the photos, so you can see right away if the thing is interesting for you. PEN 1 (Coppery): Pen 2 (Reddish-brown):
  12. GoldNib

    Hello From Mexico

    Hello, I am very happy to join this network, sometimes my English could fail a little bit, because is not my native language, but I always try to do my best. I start buying fountain pens like 2 or 3 years ago, i don't have a huge collection, but i have some nice ones. I will try to start posting as soon as possible Thank you.
  13. rabiosocorazon

    Greetings From México

    First, hello to you all. My name is Alberto Puebla and I am 22 years old. I am writing my thesis to graduate in literature in Spanish. I became interested in the world of fountain pens when I entered university. My first fountain pen was a Inoxcrom and, since then, I've acquired some new models I will later introduce to you. I hope to be able to collaborate with good material in this forum. Thanks for your attention. Regards, Alberto Puebla.

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