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  1. I think this just started today. I've wanted to test out some Diamine inks. I think this is a decent way to do it . . . a 5 pack for $25.99 https://www.massdrop.com/buy/diamine-30-ml-ink?utm_source=linkshare&referer=JQZE4E
  2. I'm looking to buy a bunch of empty 50ml(ish) ink bottles(or inkwells, but they get expensive) that have a system like the Levenger ones, in which you turn the bottle upside down and it fills a little inner cup (top well?) into which you can then dip the nib for a nice smooth fill -- thus also preventing having to tip the bottle, reach into the nether regions, etc., when the ink gets below a certain level (and there's usually a LOT of ink left at that level.) Can't find 'em anywhere except at an OUTRAGEOUS cost (such as the TWSBI bottles Goulet sells for $25 a pop.) There are individual used bottles like the Sheaffer ones which show up on ebay, but come one, this shouldn't have to be a lifelong project. (And I know about the R&K inserts, but they only fit their bottles.) Surely SOMEbody makes new, non-propriety ones at a decent price, they don't have to be desktop showpieces, just plain glass bottles. I'd be good for at least 30 of them myself, and would gladly start a Massdrop, which would likely inspire a manufacturer's cooperation. Any information would be gratefully appreciated. I also need a decent 100ml bottle, because I've two 50ml bottles of Waterman on the way which I'll be mixing into Blinder Blurple, so any ideas for that would also be, etc. It doesn't have to have the insert. Thanks!
  3. dms525

    Aurora Minerali On Massdrop

    Massdrop currently has Aurora Minerali in most colors and most nib widths, including italic. The drop runs another 5 days only. The price is the best I've seen by $50. I picked up a red-italic one to match my Green-stub Minerali. David
  4. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/manufactus-marble-peacock-journals?utm_source=linkshare&referer=KAJDBE
  5. fountainpenlady

    Allegory Leather Pen Wraps 4/6 Pens

  6. Purphoros

    Massdrop M805 Stresemann

    Looks like Massdrop is running a drop on the M805 in the Stresemann finish. The price looks OK but is above my current budget. $400 https://www.massdrop.com/buy/pelikan-souveran-m805-stresemann-special-edition
  7. I received the Grifos Nero Muse Bog Oak Wood that I bought on Massdrop. Only after receiving this pen did I realise that I had completely wasted almost SGD 200. The pen is made of 5000 year old wood and has sterling silver accents, which are nice I admit. The shape, design and weight of the pen are also pleasing. But what really irritates me is that the nib writes worse than my Pilot Metropolitan. I have 3 other pens in my collection, excluding the Grifos, a Pelikan M200, an old Sheaffer and the Pilot. The Grifos is not only the most expensive of the bunch, but also the worst. The threads on this pen are so badly made, you can hear it scratching against itself. But leaving that aside for now, the nib on this pen is diabolical. It has hard starts, a ridiculously dry writing and writes like a European Medium, although it is a fine. The only plus is that it's pretty smooth. I really get no pleasure in thrash talking about this pen but this is my final resort before I ship it back to Italy or Massdrop. Is there anything I can do about the nib? Anything to make it write? As I said it isn't a smoothness problem. Is it possible to swap out the nib? Can I replace the entire grip section and nib? If so, please give me a few suggestions. Or is it just cheaper to send it back? Any help or advise is appreciated.
  8. This morning's mail brought the first thing that I have ever bought through Massdrop. The package I got includes three colors: Atlantic (blue), Dublin (green) and Australia (red). So far I've just been trying out the Atlantic in my TWSBI Vac 700. It's a dull color; I can hardly decide if it's gray-blue or more of blue-gray. I knew when I ordered these that they were dull colors, and I'm fine with that. My taste has gravitated toward subdued colors recently. Label reads: Made in Germany by Rohrer & Klingner Leipzig-Co. Shake well before use! To prevent dry residues drain the writing instrument after use and rinse several times with water. Hmm, not sure I've ever got a bottle of fountain pen ink before with such explicit warnings. It does make me wonder why more ink makers haven't gotten into cellulose-reactive dyes, since Noodler's Ink has demonstrated how well they can work. When it comes to waterproof ink, Noodler's is the king and all the rest are the peasants. Anyhow, this Super5 ink is indeed waterproof (as indicated by a quick dunk), and it feels smooth on the page. Maybe I should give credit to the TWSBI or the Rhodia pad, but the ink is behaving Just Fine so far.
  9. Ruth Feiertag

    Wolf Paper

    (Apologies if this is a topic that has already been broached. I couldn't find a discussion of it when I searched.) Does anyone know where one might buy Wolf Paper? There's a review of it by Theroc on Massdrop and I'd like to give it try, but not as a notebook. Thanks, Ruth
  10. I've purchased several pens from Massdrop and so far two pens I purchased had quality control issues and wondering how everyone else's experience with them has been? Most recently I purchased an Italix Churchman Prescriptor with a medium cursive stub nib; the tip of one tine is higher than the other and on the other tip of the tine it has a dent in it. So not only does it write scratchy but it also doesn't even come close to writing like stub. I kinda screwed myself by waiting several months to ink it up since Massdrop probably won't return it or exchange it. I know Mr.Pen warranties the pens for 12months, but not sure if a pen purchased from Massdrop would be eligible. I sent Mr.Pen an inquiry and waiting to hear back; hopefully, they'll replace the nib. Anyways just want to know the experience people have had with Massdrop.
  11. This uniquely shaped pen with the absolutely smooth as butter steel nib is back on MD for an excellent price. The amazing 14K nib option is also available. The great Amazon seller Albora-pens Germany also has some options available except for the 14K nib. Albora also ships free from Germany and it usually gets to the US in a week. These are some of the best nibs around from a little known brand and the only "complaints" I've heard are that they are a little on the heavy side and their silk screen logo wears out over time. These are amazing writers in a unique design that people always notice in the matter aluminum version. Links below: https://www.amazon.com/Diplomat-Metallic-Brown-Medium-Fountain/dp/B00G6T8JDO https://www.massdrop.com/buy/diplomat-aero
  12. Levenger Carezza Leather Pen Sleeves on Massdrop. No affiliation, but in full disclosure I joined the drop as I always thought those cases looked really nice and look to have more cushion than many other sleeves. They have single, double and triple. I have tried all manner of pen doodads and I think i am just a sleeve person (easy access) and the sleeves I have now don't fit some pens larger pens (though I don't think these sleeve will fit a M1000 or a 149, they do look like the would fit a M800 or 146 or PFM size and smaller). Just a heads up PSA, etc. -- PS. Anyone with one of these have an opinion?
  13. Gloucesterman

    It Finally Happened...

    Well, it finally happened. Just opened my "massdrop" email from yesterday and found a really good deal (sic) on the Italix Freshman's Notator pen, if you don't mind paying a premium! MSRP - $26.55. Massdrop current price............. $28.99 and, if they get enough buyers........... $26.99!!! Of course you only have two nib choices AND a Schmidt converter is $4.00 extra. Oh yes, and shipping is $2.75 and it will September 30th. So, what do you think, want to pay Massdrop a premium and wait an extra month? Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!! Maybe they will offer a "twofer" for $70.00? Or, better yet, perhaps, it's a special unlimited edition??? https://www.massdrop.com/buy/italix-freshman-s-notator?mode=guest_open BTW, no affiliation!!!
  14. Pelikan Classic M205 White-Silver is available on Massdrop for possible price of USD 127.99 + shipping. This drop is limited to 12 pens. At checkout, you’ll have your choice of available nib sizes, which may include Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/pelikan-m205?referer=QPNTJS
  15. Bungbox Ink (2-Pack) on Massdrop, check it out here: http://dro.ps/b/qyZtkSC 15 colours to chose from; Blue Black, Clown Teardrop (ruby), Dandyism (green), Fujiyama Blue, Hamanako Fresh Mandarin Orange, Hatsukoi “First Love” Sapphire, Ink of Witch (deep purple), Norwegian Wood (emerald), Omaezaki Ruri-Sora (sky), Omaezaki Ruri-Umi (sea), Piano Mahogany, special-edition Sakura Saku (pinkish red), Something Blue, Sweet Love Pink and Valentines Choco Brown.. Possible price: $73.99 + shipping
  16. If anyone else is interested, I'm trying to unlock the massdrop for Jherbin rollerball set. it includes some jherbin ink cartridges and three refillable rollerballs. Please, if at all interested, request the drop so we can have another chance at it. the set also has a option for more cartridges or a monteverde mini converter. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/j-herbin-refillable-rollerball-bundle
  17. Can be found at the following link: https://www.massdrop.com/writing/drops (If one of the Mods wants to double-check it doesn't include my referral link, I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but would rather not be banned for accidentally having it in there. Thanks!)
  18. Massdrop just launched Pelikan Souverän M600 for possible price of $ 279.99 + shipping. http://dro.ps/b/6gOtkSC I don't have much knowledge of Pelikan pens, so I don't know if it's a good deal.
  19. New drop of Rohrer & Klingner Fountain Pen Ink (3-Pack) on Massdrop. Possible price $19.00 + shipping. http://dro.ps/b/PaztkSC
  20. No affiliation, etc. but I know there are some fans out there of Italix pens. So this is a heads up on the Massdrop of the Parson's Essential. I have always wanted one. I like the Celtic band. Seems like a simple classy pen. Thought I would try the medium stub. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/italix-parsons-essential-fountain-pen
  21. For those of you who signed up to the Kickstarter campaign for the Namisu 'nexus' (and probably more so for those who didn't!), it appears Namisu.com are now co-operating with Massdrop to sell a modified version of the pen - now rebranded the 'Orion'. According to the Massdrop page (https://www.massdrop.com/buy/namisu-orion), the pen is slightly shorter, with fewer threads on the pen cap, and redesigned to allow the cap to post. Nib options have also been changed (EF, F and B instead of F, M and B in the Kickstarter campaign), which I think is a smart move. Oh, and there are fewer, shallower grooves at the gripping point of the pen, to provide a more comfortable writing experience (though I've had no complaints, personally, with the original design). The Kickstarter campaign for this pen was pretty shambolic, on a number of levels - poor communication, supply delays which led to delivery delays, the list goes on... but the pen itself was (and is) pretty nice. And the price on Massdrop is pretty competitive too! I'm not up for another Namisu pen (no complaints, just don't need 2) - but thought I'd mention it here for anyone who missed out.
  22. 30 needed to reduce the price to $69.99 + shipping! There are 8 days left to join as of today ... https://www.massdrop.com/buy/diamine-ink-boxed-gift-set
  23. ralfstc

    Massdrop Experience

    Hi folks, Just thought I'd share my experience on Massdrop for anybody who is interested. I have bought two pens from them. The first was a matte black vanishing point. I actually bought this a s a present and then the recipient turned out not to want it. Anyway, I "joined the drop" as the cool kids say on October 13 and it was shipped November 3. It arrived at my home in Canada on November 19. In addition to the $104 US I paid $17 US shipping and $16 CDN customs, so the total cost in hand was about $135. That's a saving, but not an incredible saving, and of course I was not supporting the Goulets or anybody else. I also ordered a Lamy 2000 (there has to be one I like). I paid for this on October 22, and it has still not been shipped (today is November 25). The Massdrop model is that the distributor ships the product to MD AFTER the "drop is complete" as the cool kids also say. So in this case the distributor had to find 235 2Ks in varying nib sizes. Apparently they then shipped them to totally the wrong state. Eventually they will get to MD, who will unpack them all, sort them out, and re-package them for shipping. Since the shipping took 16 days last time, even if MD ship the Lamys today (and they are saying it'll be at least another 3 or 4 days) it'll be December 10 before they reach here, and again the cost will be ~$135. MD's communication is decent, and they are transparent about the reasons for the delay (even though it's just mind-boggling that the address got messed up for over $20,000 worth of merchandise). The savings are reasonable, though not world-shattering. To whom we would return the Lamys if there is a problem is not clear, particularly for Canadian folks. Is this covered by US or Canadian warranty? I'm glad I played with Massdrop, but I don't think, on balance, that I will again. LONG delays are no fun- after all, it's not a Nakaya- and the discounts are really just paying you for waiting so that they don't have to hold inventory. I find the shopping experience far more satisfying from the Goulets, from the marketplace here or, forgive me, even from eBay. Cheers, Ralf
  24. PaperQueen

    Lamy 2000 (Massdrop) Already Inked?

    Just opened a Lamy 2000 ordered on MassDrop...began my usual "new pen pre-ink cleaning"...and was surprised to find traces of blue ink coming out. Is this normal? Does Lamy pre-ink pistons to confirm they work (then not quite get all the old ink rinsed away)? Seems odd.
  25. Stipula Passaporto - The 2015 special edition for Massdrop Massdrop recently closed a drop for a custom-manufactured Stipula Passaporto. I have one of the FPN LE Passaporto's from a couple years ago, and I have been thinking that a Passaporto would make a nice gift for a couple of my FP-using relatives. I had some concerns about changes in the pen design since the FPN LE's, especially the elimination of threading on the end of the barrel, making posting difficult. Massdrop's agreement with Stipula included specifications for threading and for metal connections between the section and barrel. This was encouraging. I ordered one, then ordered two more when the price became even more attractive. I received my first order a couple days ago. Here is a first look: There has been some concern regarding QA since before the recent Stipula reorganization, and some apparent problems with some of the Massdrop Passaportos reported on FPN. Mine showed no defects on visual inspection. I flushed the nib/feed well with a bulb syringe and installed a small standard cartridge of J. Herbin Perle Noire. Getting ink flow initially was a bit difficult, but with persistent cartridge squeezing, pen shaking, nib blotting, etc. flow commenced. Once started, flow was quite dry but consistent and satisfactory. With the J. Herbin ink and either Tomoe River or Rhodia paper, the pen writes quite smoothly. It is smooth enough to use for American cursive, but the ink flow is too restricted for rapid writing. For italic script, flow is adequate, and there is quite respectable thick/thin line differentiation, especially for such a narrow nib. (The photograph, as displayed on a computer screen, shows the difference as less than it is in reality.) For those unfamiliar with the Passaporto, it is very compact "pocket pen." It must be used posted to have sufficient length, I think, even for the smallest adult hands. Here, for comparison is the new Passaporto and the FPN LE Passaporto next to a more familiar Kaweco Al Sport: I ordered the Massdrop Passaporto with a 0.9 mm italic nib. My FPN LE Passaporto has a 1.1 mm italic nib. This may seem like a small difference, but the difference in height of minuscule letters would be 4.5 mm versus 5.5 mm, which is significant. The narrower nib will be better suited for the uses to which I intend to put this Passoporto, for example quick note taking, "to do list" editing, and the like. I plan to use this pen as an eye dropper filler. I do have some concern about corrosion of the metal connection between barrel and section. Advice about that would be appreciated. Happy writing! David

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