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Found 5 results

  1. Forrester

    Places For Striped Duofolds

    Hi everyone! I'm in the market for a nice Senior sized striped duofold. I'm particularly interested in the blue pearl version! Are there any places in Australia who may have a nice one of these? Or anywhere great in the states or other overseas areas? I have been waiting for a reasonable one on ebay but no luck. I can't quite post a WTB yet here, but will once I hit that (30) mark. Lastly, what price are we looking at if we're being fair? Thank you so much!
  2. Hi all! Glad to be here to share with you all my new pen, the Visconti Millionaire Marble Empire in the honey finish. This cool pen from Visconti is by all means a looker with its 2 tone palladium nib, beautiful ivory resin and the stunning marble finish (actual marble). First Impressions: Visconti Millionaire by Kevin Guo, on Flickr The pen comes in the standard higher end Visconti lacquered box (which I heard is wood underneath but not sure at all) that is very heavy and feels nicely made. I use these boxes as display boxes and they work perfectly. Bravo Visconti! Appearance and Design: Visconti Millionaire by Kevin Guo, on Flickr Just look at this beautiful marble. Feels cold and solid yet durable, it's got a greenish-grey background with red, yellow, orange green, blue-ish green and some white streaks going all over the place. And every pen is different! There are four different kinds of finishes; I personally like the black one the most but there's a special reason why I bought the honey finish... (to be unveiled later!). Visconti Millionaire by Kevin Guo, on Flickr The cap has a large gold coloured top which I think is brass. Because this is much larger and wide than the caps compatible with the my pen system, I'm quite sure that it's not removable (nothing you can replace it with even if you remove it). Pretty good nonetheless. The Visconti clip is filled with a off-white enamel of the same colour, a rather thoughtful touch. I was rather upset when the Florentine Hills had only a black enamel. Visconti Millionaire by Kevin Guo, on Flickr The section, cap top and barrel end are made of the best feeling resin I've ever held. White resins are tricky -- they're very likely to feel cheap if not top quality. But this Visconti ivory resin is just glorious: it's a little off-white, the colour feels rich and even the slightest shade of rose colour. Just beautiful. The nib is of course the Visconti 2 tone palladium nib, which in my opinion is only second to the Pelikan two tones when it comes to beauty. Visconti Millionaire by Kevin Guo, on Flickr Now here comes the most amazing part of the pen --- THE WHITE FEED!!! Isn't it just beautiful? I tried it briefly with Lamy turquoise and Waterman green (both very reliable inks famous for NOT staining), and it washes right off. And boy does it look good with ink on it! The versions with black resins have black feed, thus less interesting in my opinion. (side note: my dream pen is the modern Wahl Eversharp Decoband with the gorgeous red feed like Louboutin shoes; you can tell I'm a sucker for coloured feeds). Dimensions and Weight The pen is about as long as a Delta Dolcevita oversize, but the grip is much more usable. I don't have a scale but I'm guessing the pen is around a little over 40g, with probably half the weight in the cap, so the pen body itself is surprisingly light. It is postable but super top heavy and it doesn't seat too deeply. Suitable for hands large and small despite the look of it being magnanimous. It should be around 140mm roughly estimated by me Nib Performance Visconti Millionaire by Kevin Guo, on Flickr Nothing to see here. We all know Visconti palladium nibs. Mine wrote just as expected: smooth, overpolished, skips a lot. I'm going to have mine sent to Dan Smith for a tuning. (Hence why I cleaned it out and couldn't provide a writing sample, sorry). But it was a little skippy on Leuchtturm and skips a LOT on Clairefontaine. But I actually quite like the feel of this medium nib; it's wet, juicy, and very soft velvety feeling without being mushy. I think I'm going to love this pen once it's back from Dan! Filling System Visconti Millionaire by Kevin Guo, on Flickr The filling system is pure genius. And I am NOT be sarcastic. Whoever decided to use this filling system on this pen deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for making my life easy. It's a....... Plunger! To ink, you unscrew the barrel and pull the plunger out; to expel, you push it in. Like a syringe. It's so simple yet effective; acceptable ink capacity (about the same as a C/C), literally no risk of malfunction. My only grudge is that the converter joints don't seem to be the tightest in the world; after inking with Waterman green, you can kind of see a green tint on the joints of the converter; nothing to worry about but definitely less than perfect. Cost: I bought this pen for $550 brand new, without the roller ball convert. To collectors this is probably an issue, but a roller ball section worth at most two dollars to me. I couldn't care less! For five hundred dollars, this is a steal. Pure steal. Buy it in a heart beat. Even with the costs of getting it adjusted by Dan, it's still a steal. But for its most often seen price of $1500 - goodness-knows-what retail.... ugh... I can see how it's worth that, and it is rational to buy one for that. But personally with $1500 I'd probably get myself a Divina AND a Decoband.... (yes it can be done if you shop smartly), All in all, it's a good pen; I'll have a hard time choosing between this and the Divina, but not if a Divina is half the price. And that's it for my review! As always I'm happy to know your feelings reactions feedbacks emotions rants criticisms opinions and whatever you have to say! *Edit Added a section on weight and dimensions
  3. ThePenCollector1

    Dip Pen Identification

    Hi guys. I've purchased this dip pen, and know nothing about it, apart from its French. Can you please help me know more about it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Manalto

    Groovy Desk Set

    Can someone tell me the purpose of the shallow channel or groove that is found on some of the stone desk sets? I can speculate (pencil, letter opener, etc.) but was there a specific reason for it? It may be of interest to some that this particular desk set came from Lipic's. The label reads: Lipic's / "The Pen House of St. Louis" / Corner 8th & Olive [CORRECTION: 6th & Olive, per cleosmama]/ St. Louis, Missouri. Any tips on polishing marble? I've used the "soft, dry cloth" method, and obviously don't want to do damage. It's in terrific condition; just want to bring out the glow.
  5. slappypappy

    Pelikan M200

    This is my pelikan m200 green marble , it writes, in my opinionn just as well as a MONTBLANC 146 Although the nib is steel I cannot tell the difference between it and a solid gold nib If I could chose ANY pen in the entire world to write with I would choose the m200, the difference between the fine and the medium is so little that only someone who is a pen collector may be able to tell the difference, in my opinion the medium flows alot smoother.

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