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Found 3 results

  1. danielpi

    Nib Manufacture

    For reference, here is a list of pen manufacturers and who supplies their nibs. I've gathered this from a lot of different sources (including older posts in FPN forums). I'll update and correct the list as I come across new data. There have been several earlier attempts to organize this information on FPN, but hopefully this is a bit more organized/centralized. For the record, I am aware (and should caution readers who are not) that not all Bock or JoWo nibs are the same. The mere fact that, e.g., Visconti and Omas both use "Bock manufactured nibs" does not mean, ipso facto, that they use the "same nib." In that particular case, the nibs are very different. Also, it is worth dispelling the mistaken notion that in-house nibs are “better” than Bock or JoWo nibs. This is patently untrue. Most high end pen-makers will do a lot of finishing after receiving pens from Bock or JoWo, which are already made to their unique specifications at the factory; they are merely taking advantage of the economies of scale offered by a dedicated nib manufacturer (the "artistry" of smoothing and finishing that give a brand's pens their unique "feel" is almost always done in-house by all pen-makers). That said, it is sometimes interesting who makes the nibs for whom, and to that end, I present the following list. Updated June 3, 2017. Organized by pen-maker: Brand Current Nib Supplier Historical Sources Ancora In-House Aurora In-House Bexley JoWo Until early 2000s: Bock for gold, Schmidt/JoWo for steel Caran D'Ache Bock Cleo-Skribent Bock Conid Bock Conklin JoWo Conway Stewart Bock Pre-1920: Warranted, 1920-1975: In-House Cross In-House and Sailor (only for Peerless 125) Pelikan and Pilot Danitrio Bock (except 24k #50 sized nib on the Yokozuna series, made by an undisclosed Japanese company JoWo Delta Bock Diplomat Bock Dupont Bock Eboya Bock Edison JoWo Elysee Bock (finishing by SP Dupont?) Faber Castell JoWo Graf von Faber Castell Bock Franklin Christoph JoWo for steel, Bock and JoWo for gold Formerly all Bock (including some Schmidt branded Bock) Goulet JoWo Hakase Pilot (and Sailor, but mainly Pilot) Helico Bock Karas Kustoms Bock Kaweco Bock Lamy Mainly In-House; Bock for specialty nibs Exclusively Bock in the beginning Magna Carta Bock Montblanc In-House Montegrappa Bock Monteverde Bock Ohashido Sailor Omas Bock In-house until 2000 Onoto Bock Parker In-House Pelikan In-House Originally Montblanc nibs, later in-house, switched to Bock 1997, transitioned back to in-house since mid-2000s Pilot/Namiki In-House Platinum In-House Romillo In-House Sailor In-House Sheaffer Bock In-house Signum Bock Stipula Bock Stylo Art Sailor, Platinum, Pilot, and Bock Taccia Sailor and JoWo TWSBI Bock and JoWo Urso Bock Visconti Bock Waterman In-House Yard-o-Led Bock And organized by nib-maker: Bock Caran D'Ache, Cleo Skribent, Conid, Conway Stewart, Danitrio, Delta, Diplomat, Dupont, Eboya, Elysee, Graf von Faber Castell, Franklin Christoph, Helico, Kaweco, Karas Kustoms, Montegrappa, Monteverde, Omas, Onoto, Sheaffer, Signum, Stipula, Stylo Art, TWSBI, Visconti, Yard-o-Led In-House Ancora, Aurora, Lamy, Montblanc, Parker, Pelikan, Pilot/Namiki, Platinum, Romillo, Sailor, Waterman JoWo Bexley, Conklin, Edison, Faber Castell, Franklin Christoph, Goulet, Taccia, TWSBI Pilot Hakase, Pilot/Namiki, Stylo Art Sailor Hakase, Ohashido, Sailor, Stylo Art, Taccia If you have any additions or corrections, please include a link to where you found your info. Thanks!
  2. Dear Community, I am calling to your knowledge to ask if you could provide a list of independent fountain pen manufacturers that sell their products online (or at least, have a website promoting their fountain pens). I was looking for a new fountain pen and thought of independent manufacturers instead of big trademarks. Would you mind sharing information about them? Instead of me providing any preference on fountain pen specifications like materials, nib size, etc to narrow my choices, I would glady prefer that this topic turns into a source of information for those who seek an independent manufacturer too. Thanks!
  3. This is in continuation of my posts to showcase some of Indian Fountain pens of yester-years. I have written a series about some rare finds and this post comes after a long gap. My other posts of this can be found here- Ritesharp Fountain Pens Ricoh Sabena-75 Swan VIP I had recently been to Alandur- an area in Chennai,for one of my friend's wedding. As usual I made some time to explore some local shops for fountain pens. Interestingly one of the shops had a collection of fountain pens from a brand called "Owner". I have heard of this brand but it was for first time I could hold a pen made by owner. There were 2 models which got my interest. One was a Classic Jumbo Pen by name "Officer" and the other was a Mini Demonstrator Pen "Mini-T". I picked a box of each of this. Further searching and investigation lead me to "The Raja Pen Company", who were the owners and manufacturers of these pens. It was a pleasure for me to find out that right in the city where I lived existed this manufacturer and his facility, though like most pen makers they had a few hundred designs in the Ball-point and roller-ball categories. They had some remarkable Fountain Pen Models too. About Raja Pen Company- The Raja Pen Company is the a 40 year old company and they are manufacturing quality fountain pens under the brands Owner, Swissco and their most recent Cartridge pen series Geb Zee, In my interactions with the owners I could make out that they are serious players and offered to make/customize any model for me. For more information refer their website here As informed I picked up 2 models- Officer and Mini T About Officer- The officer is an eyedropper pen, with a Jumbo ink Capacity. The pen sports a beautiful cap and a very sturdy clip. The pen is a acrylic moulded and the cap is a thin gold coloured sheet over a plastic inner cap. The Cap has guilloche pattern etched, giving it a stunning look. The cap top is enameled with a black band. The Nib is a local made nib and I found it extremely smooth (swiss point). The pen uses a highly finned feed, which I think is made by them locally, as I have not seen this feed in other brands. This pen is now my current favorite. It feels full in my hand and its a pleasure to write. The Cap is an eye candy for the eyes. About Mini T- This pen is called a Baby Pen, maybe because of its size. The pen is hardly 80 mm capped and 100 mm posted. Its a curio pen but is very much functional. Has a hooded nib and is also a smooth writer. The pen comes in 5 transparent colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. I hope you enjoyed reading about this pen and the new Indian Company. Thanks for looking!

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