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Found 13 results

  1. Brian Gray has just announced availability of Edison Pen Company's Limited Edition pens for 2022. They are in Edison's new, very popular (for good cause, IMO) Comet shape. The two LE pens are in two different Jonathon Brooks resins. Personally, I couldn't decode which I liked better, so, in the best FPN tradition, I ordered one of each. 🤣 No affiliation other than a happy customer of Edison Pen Co. David
  2. This warning: Retro 51 Palmer model, a beautiful design in collaboration with Anderson Pens, is still at its fair retail price. After the announcement of their out of business last year, we learned recently with little wonder that they will go “safe and sound” for some more time. I do not think it is my own figuration to observe that there was an increase in collaboration with the brand along with several brick and mortar retailers. This also had the annoying effect of watching limited editions going to “Bay” site at incredible prices... is better not to rush to buy this Palmer to 200 bucks when you could still find it at 60 from the Anderson’s, for example. Good for Retro 51 and for collectors who as me, purchase a pen for its original design.
  3. First congratulate all for the enthusiasm in the forum. I present to you an arduous work that I have been doing since a time to date. In my collection of the edition writers, I was interested in knowing more limited editions of Montblanc, but I noticed that there were many that were not included in the small books edited by the company, in the alications for electronic devices or in the official web pages. That's why I started investigating. This is part of the result. This is a list of limited or special Montblanc editions. What I attach is only the index, or listing. The complete work has more than 500 sheets and hundreds of photographs, which can not be shared openly. To know a model, you can search for it on the internet and in the great majority of cases, you will give with images of the same along with some information. The investigation is far from complete, and may lack several items, or item details. Sit down with the confidence to comment, to be complemented. I have divided the different pieces in the different series of factory, but I have added others that are own criteria, to order more this world, very starry, but somewhat disorderly. I hope it will be of use, and better still, of catalog of purchases. Regards FAAMontblanc Limited Editions Guide Index FPN Ver. I.pdf
  4. Montblanc Summer, 2020 Event Montblanc — The Collections Summer, 2020 Montblanc Event ~ After consulting FPN Montblanc Forum Moderator Kalessin for guidance as to what might be appropriate to post, this small thread is added for all to read. The ongoing Covid-19 public health event has adversely affected Montblanc's marketing plans for major 2020 releases. Prohibitions or severe restrictions on public gatherings in most areas of the globe have resulted in an altered introduction format. As the situation in southern China, just above the northern border with Hong Kong, has attained a moderately stable equilibrium, Montblanc held a special event yesterday. VIP collectors were invited to visit during assigned time slots. Although no photography was allowed, they were fortunate to see and handle the latest fountain pen creations from Hamburg. While I'm not even remotely in their ilk, Montblanc China graciously offered me the first time slot at 10 am. I accepted, honored to have such a rare opportunity. With the South China Regional Marketing Director, I was seated in a secluded alcove. Black silk gloves were provided for handling the pieces introduced. Superb graphics mounted on boards explained specific design motif inspiration, which was especially valuable. The pieces shown were those typically never shown on Montblanc international Web sites. They were the Limited Editions of 888 or 88 or 8, depending on the model. As several models have not yet been officially announced on any Montblanc Web site, it's necessary to describe them in an oblique manner, leaving details to their release in the coming months. Others have been officially released, therefore such indirectness isn't necessary. Please pardon the lack of explicit details in certain cases, which I wish might be provided. First, the Moctezuma LE 888 is very impressive, due to the detailed turquoise lapidary work. The texture is smooth, with only the slightest sense of it consisting of separate pieces. The slender red pen slips out almost as an afterthought. The pen is all about the immense cap with a spear-like clip like few others. The tiny nib size was a surprise…almost smaller than a Classique nib. The Aztec heart motif on the nib was readily discernible when looking through a loupe. It required several tries before I became used to the special technique used to take the small pen out of the cap on all three models shown to me. Second, the Victor Hugo LE 83 and Victor Hugo 8 are similar. The finish and materials of the most limited edition are as expected. The great surprise was the Victor Hugo LE 83. When initially handling it (wearing the black silk gloves provided) I was impressed by the detailing. The superb design graphics on boards educated me as to why certain design choices had been made. Seeing the rose window from Notre Dame on it was a pleasant surprise. What I didn’t realize until the South China Regional Marketing Director showed me, was the nature of the cap. She turned on a light beam in her smartphone, then placed the cap on it. Voilà! The light shines out through blue transparent material through the skeletonized cap. The effect is stunning. Montblanc needs to show that in a video. If they do so, they’ll rapidly sell every one. Not only that, the pen barrel also shows light through blue. It’s elegant and tasteful. A lovely design which I hadn’t anticipated. Third there was a Dragon model intended for East Asian collectors. One of a series, it is decorated with diamond highlights. The barrel is decorated in lacquer with a tastefully restrained image related to the theme. Fourth, it's no secret that Montblanc will follow-up on 2019's Calligraphy Flex Nib models with something different but comparable. Having handled that model, and written with the nib, it's apparent that the next iteration is likely to be very well received. The Limited Edition pen itself, and the specially crafted nib constitute a tour-de-force. The exquisitely hand decorated pen exceeds in quality of detail nearly any other Montblanc fountain pen I've handled. Having worked in East Asia for decades, I've gradually come to appreciate refined techniques, especially when very well executed. In the case of the pen that I handled, looking through the loupe was ravishing, due to the wealth of detail in tasteful colors. When the cap goes on, the design is lined up with gorgeous precision. The colors are subtle yet eye-catching. 2020's very special nib has a lovely, simple design on it for the Limited Edition. A regular black 146 travels with the show, enabling invited guests to write with the special nib, which features the same surface motif as last year's Flex Nib. Inked in Mystery Black, it’s effortless to use. To me it seemed much more responsive than 2019’s Flex Nib. Playing with the nib for 7 or 8 minutes, the number of types of strokes, from OBB to EF, were impressive. A buyer using such a nib for several hours would likely find it to be a deft sketching tool, a tool for writing Asian characters, or an unconventional handwriting instrument. Fifth, and finally, I was shown the most extraordinary Montblanc fountain pen that I've ever seen or read about. As it's not yet been officially announced, although it has been discussed in a speculative FPN thread, it's essential to remain frustratingly vague as to specific details. In this case, that's quite a challenge, as the pen in question has dazzling craftsmanship and the single greatest surprise I've ever encountered in any writing instrument. Nonetheless, no spoilers. The Very Limited Edition pen is wholly unlike the two versions based on the same theme which will soon be available in boutiques or from the usual trusted resellers. After leaving the Montblanc Event this morning, I thought to myself that the Hamburg design team must’ve had a great time designing this one-of-a-kind pen. When first shown to me, I was dazzled. The finish, the discreetly placed small gemstones, the sophisticated overall aesthetic balance are as good as it gets. At the outset, the pen seemed like the heaviest fountain pen that I’ve ever picked up. It’s ultra-bulky, or so I thought. But the absolute shocker is the culture-specific design motif on the pen. Those crazy Hamburg gnomes have exactly duplicated, stone for stone, an ancient design from an ornament recovered from a well-preserved tomb. If it were possible, what a joy it would be to describe the semi-precious stones of considerable size which are mounted in an exact facsimile of long ago artistry. It’s a shocker to see and handle. There’s no two ways about it. In a large collection of pens, it would easily stand out above others. Yet while admiring the work through the loupe, I was asking myself where the pen was, as there was no trace of it, aside from a slender clip. HUGE SURPRISE! I'm unable to write more, as that would spoil the surprise for all. There's much to say, including my own sense of delight, but it's best left until this model and its companions are released. I was dumbfounded by the overall artistry. The time and care which went into it are a magnificent example of Montblanc’s continuing commitment to high craftsmanship. Again, please do pardon me for writing in a coy style which leaves more questions than it answers. I respect Montblanc's determination to manage the marketing of their own creations. Please know that in 2020 there are yet lovely wonders to be released from Hamburg. There are inks associated with most of these models, but at the event, the inks had not yet arrived. Tom K.
  5. putteringpenman

    Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue - My First Pelikan

    My first Pelikan: an M120 Iconic Blue. (This is the 2018 limited edition, not the vintage pen.)
  6. 1951 Montblanc 3-42 G BB Nib with Parker 51s and Watercolor Pens Enjoying Montblanc Pens — Broad, Oblique, Extra Fine, LE & Bespoke ~ One of the pleasures of visiting a Montblanc boutique anywhere is looking over the range of finely crafted pens on offer. Familiar models gleaming under refined lighting share space with the latest sophisticated designs. If circumstances are favorable, one may walk out the door after a friendly farewell bearing a fresh addition to a carefully chosen collection of writing tools which are jewel-like in their elegance. For most first-time Montblanc fountain pen purchasers the nib they buy will be an excellent M or an F, both of which write exceptionally well for most purposes. That there are other types of nibs is mentioned and on display, but for those beginning their Montblanc fountain pen journey, they often remain a specialty item about which little is known. After discovering or being introduced to Fountain Pen Network's Montblanc Forum, it's readily apparent that there's much to learn about and appreciate concerning fountain pens. Every month threads are added about pen repairs and maintenance, possibly fake pen verification, older model identification, questions about market value, news about upcoming pen releases and recent purchases. All of these together constitute an education in Montblanc pens in particular, as well as in fountain pen use, maintenance and collecting in general. There's a sizable number of Montblanc users who enjoy using pens with nibs which are seldom available in boutiques, although obtainable through Montblanc's ‘six weeks from purchase’ nib exchange program. Those include broader nibs, oblique nibs, extra fine nibs, limited edition nibs and bespoke nibs. Writing with such specialized nibs adds to the joy of handwriting in fine ink on quality paper. After nearly one year of posts in a thread about an OBBB nib, it became clear that the comments, pen and nib photos and handwriting samples had expanded beyond the original subject. Accordingly, this thread is for those interested in displaying, using and sharing their love for Montblanc's specialty pens and nibs, defined however one prefers. Daily life with fountain pens includes a rich dimension of tactility, as pens, nibs, ink and paper have texture, pattern, hues, weight, and refined materials. Whether enjoyed on a quiet work desk, or with a friendly pet, or in a work cubicle, in a diary or even on safari, writing with fountain pens is life-enhancing. May this thread gradually include a range of pen and nib photos, handwriting samples, and heartfelt comments to encourage long-time members and visitors alike to enjoy their pens as often as possible.
  7. Hi gang, Some of you may know me as Bonhams Auctioneers penman-in-chief. Well, Bonhams is no longer selling pens, and now I'm Director of Pens and Comics for PBA Galleries in San Francisco. Our debut Fine Pens sale will be held on July 19th. We're seeking consignments! Please contact me if you have anything you'd like to add to our auction, or if you'd like to request a catalogue. If you have friends with pens they might care to consign, refer them to me and PBA will give you a referral fee. Here's an esoteric lot you'll find in our July sale: a rare Montblanc architect's pen, c.1925. The sale will feature a number of other early Montblancs, as well as Parkers, Watermans, Namikis, and lots of other nifty pens. Cheers, Ivan
  8. Just arrived in the post from Japan, two limited edition Pilot Prera coloured 'demonstrators', made for the West Japan Stationer's Circle "Oeste". I'm told that they only made 200 of each colour; the pens are unnumbered. One is called Canary Yellow; it was released first. The other is Flamingo Pink. The yellow has a Fine nib, the pink is a Medium. The nibs are marked with the Oeste symbol, rather than the Pilot name, as is standard on other Preras. These do not have any of the typical printed 'Prera' branding on the cap or barrel. Both are fitted with a Con-50 converters. I don't usually go for brightly coloured pens, but I really like these.
  9. I've used these two pens so much that the signature on the caps is basically gone. I love it though, it reminds me of a used (but yet beautiful) vintage Fender Stratocaster. Jose
  10. Now in stock, the new OMAS 90th Anniversary Cavalier Armando Simoni Limited Edition Celluloid Set has been produced in just 90 numbered pieces worldwide. Each set, available in either gold or rhodium-plated trim, includes three hand-crafted celluloid pens in the Vintage Paragon size: the Saft Green with 18k solid gold nib in Extra Fine, the Scarlet Red with 18k solid gold nib in Broad, and the Radica with 14k solid gold nib in Medium Extra Flessible. Upon request, we can swap nibs within pens in the same set at no additional charge. For a limited time only, we are also offering one free regrind (or modification for added flex) with each set purchased. Retail $2950 for each set of three pens, with our price $2360. You can always contact us at info@nibs.com or (323) 655-2641 with any questions or to place an order. You can also use our online order form at https://www.secure-q...-order-form.asp.
  11. Dear collector community! Even though my todo list is far from empty, I want to present you my collectibles page, the site has over 2,000 photos and describes nearly 500 Pelikan piston fillers are now be considered. https://www.rothemel.de/pelikan I have very nice Supporters with photos, a good exchange and good ideas! Only through such assistance can I make corresponding information on cartridge fountain in future. Particularly welcome is every constructive criticism. Any error note (if spelling errors in content or in translation, wrong informations), forgotten pens or whatever is welcome! I´m happy if you would contribute photos, ideas eg about technical improvements, self-written articles or or or... Each supplement whether lack of a fountain pen or your own photos, ideas to technical improvement, self-written articles or or or ... can make this site more useful only. Hope the site is useful for you and will be better in future. I´m looking forward to your response! Have a nice weekend! Dominic
  12. Hello Followers! Although these pieces are usually only available upon request and take about 3 months, until July the 4th you will be able to receive them in 2-3 days! Here are the Limited and Exclusive Editions we are going to count with these two weeks! St Dupont Horse Prestige Limited Edition Fountain Pen http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/ST-Dupont-Horse-Lim.-Edition-Fountain-Pen-Chinese-lacquer-Gold-5_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648356 St Dupont Metropolis Limited Edition Fountain Pen http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Fountain-Pen-Metropolis-Limited-Edition-Haute-Creation-2_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648398 St Dupont Horse Prestige Limited Edition Lighter http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Ligne-2-Horse-Prestige-Lighter-Limited-Edition-16176-7_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648376 St Dupont Metropolis Limited Edition Lighter http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Lighter-Metropolis-Limited-Edition-Haute-Creation-16065-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648410 St Dupont Phoenix Premium Limited Edition Fountain Pen http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Neo-Classique-Phoenix-Fountain-Pen-Limited-Edition-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648218 St Dupont Sleeping Mermaid Premium Limited Edition Fountain Pen http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Neo-Classique-Sleeping-Mermaid-Fountain-Pen-Limited-Edition-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648189 St Dupont Phoenix Premium Limited Edition Lighter http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Ligne-2-Phoenix-Lighter-Lacquer-Gold-trim-Limited-Edition-16757-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648246 St Dupont Orient Express Limited Edition Fountain Pen http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Orient-Express-Fountain-Pen-Lacquer-Silver-powder-Limited-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648388 St Dupont Lapis Lazuli Limited Edition Lighter http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Ligne-2-Lighter-Lapis-lazuli-Rose-gold-trim-Limited-Edition-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648100 St Dupont Sleeping Mermaid Limited Edition Lighter http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Ligne-2-Sleeping-Mermaid-Lighter-Gold-Limited-Edition-16051-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648116 St Dupont Orient Express Limited Edition Lighter http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Orient-Express-Lighter-Lacquer-Palladium-Limited-Edition-16028-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648129 St Dupont Gold and Diamond Limited Edition Lighter http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Ligne-2-Lighter-Chinese-lacquer-Gold-and-Diamond-16728-2_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648155 St Dupont Horse Premium Limited Edition Lighter http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0204/1770/products/S.T.-Dupont-Ligne-2-Horse-Premium-Lighter-Chinese-lacquer-Gold-Lim.Edition-1_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1403648139 If you want to see the rest of the Exclusive and Limited Editions click here: Limited and Exclusive Editions St Dupont For further information feel free to contact us through: info@iguanasell.com Have a nice day!
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to share with you our press release about our forthcoming Fine Pen Auction on 26th March. There are around 110 lots which include fine examples of limited editions form Ancora, Aurora, Omas, Montegrappa, Pelikan, Parker and waterman. The sale is headlined by an extensive selection of Montblancs with prices starting from £100 for Meisterstucks. The top lots in the sale include a Montblanc Limited Edition Charlie Chaplin; an Antoni Gaudi; and a Joan Miro. The sale catalogue will be on line from next weekend An Elegant Writer.pdf

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