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  1. For this test, I wrote with the ink and did a water test after 7 days to give some time to iron gall inks to oxide. I deliberately wrote in such a way that IG and dye based inks were more wet at some part to see how much it will get affected. Furthermore I diluted the Noodlers ink to test the them as Noodlers ink are very saturated and I have read that they can be diluted. I also diluted R&K sketch emma to see how will it fare. Water droplets were left for nearly 6 hrs for water test and then the page was attached to window where 4-5 hrs of sunlight is there every day and was left for 1 month. This being rainy season in India, the sunlight only came around 20 days After putting droplets if water- Water test - 1 month sunlight test Conclusion:- You can look at the water resistance test to draw your own conclusions. I am not reiterating for the sake of brevity. As for sunlight test the Krishna Lyrebird Water Sapphire was first one to fade in nearly 5-6 days, next was Pilot Blue in 10 days. Pelikan Blue Black also faded around same time but shows more resistant than Pilot Blue, it is still (very low) readable at some parts. Pilot Black held pretty good and is readable and even it's watered portion was readable (barely) for almost 22 days, I was surprised to see it fare better than Pelikan 4001 Blue Black and also very famous pilot G2 blue gel pen. Both Pilot Iroshizuku Yamaguri and & Rohrer & Kligner Sepia faded to lighter colour but are still readable, with yamaguri performing slightly better. Rohrer & Kligner Sketchink Lilly, Emma, Sailor Seiboku, Souboku, Noodler Anti feather Blue and Baltimore Canyon are all unaffected by sunlight and water as expected (even the diluted part were unaffected). KWZ IG Turquoise held pretty good to sunlight (similar to yamaguri) but it got wet due to rain at around 22nd day and therefore it was washed out.
  2. Artist inks are made with nanoparticles fountain pens, brushes etc. to paint and draw. Inks are lightfast and waterproof. However, when I contacted De Atramentis they told me that Document ink is more lightfast than Artist line. The Artist Dark Red ink looks especially nice on white paper. TR 68gr paper - Photo in direct sunlight - Fude nib. same text scan (text is famous French renaissance poem/ pavane by Thoinot Arbeau, you can listen to the music here) Hammermill paper - 90 - Medium nib HP 32 Rhodia - Medium nib and Ahab flex Dry time on TR 68gr paper is very long, as you can see. But it is acceptable on Rhodia (45 seconds). If the paper is absorbent it's almost immediate. Unlike cellulose reactive inks, this one preforms fairly good on cheep/ thin paper. However, cellulose reactive inks dry much faster. The bottles are different from the typical De Atramentis bottles (photo curtesy of Jane Blundell) When I was preparing my swatches, I thought both Document and Artist inks are the same, as you can see below. But in practice they are dissimilar in colour and behavior. Document Dark Red is lighter and surprisingly drier. However, Document and Artist inks can be mixed interchangeably ( I asked from the folks at De Atramentis) Comparison on Midori. Water resistance: (right side was held under water)- Paper Mnemosyne · Pens used: Jinaho 450, Fude/ Medium, Ahab flex · Shading: Yes. Depending pen paper combo. But more visible on screen than to the naked eye · Ghosting: None · Bleed through: On rare instances. · Flow Rate: Good · Lubrication: Decent · Nib Dry-out: Not noticed · Start-up: Not noticed · Saturation: Dark red · Shading Potential: Depending Paper. · Sheen: None · Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Not noticed on paper. With heavy application there might be some. · Nib Creep / “Crud”: No · Staining (pen): Time will say. · Clogging: Only time will say. But none so far. · Water resistance: Excellent · Availability: 50 ml bottles
  3. Being a creature of habit with many interests and a huge amount of curiosity on the one hand, but having never enough time and a streak of laziness on the other, I started my very basic lightfastness tests in May 2016 after having read that not all inks are created equal. So since then at the end or the beginning of each month I just pull out all my filled pens and two sheets of paper and write the basic information about each combination down in one or two lines. One sheets gets tucked away in the back of my current notebook or calendar, the other sheet I position on my south-east facing window, with the ink "looking" outside, of course. Whenever a pen gets filled during that month, I hopefully remember my little project and just add the new ink to both sheets, noting the data of the addition. Those lines will not be exposed to light for the full month but oftentimes these pens carry over to the next month and get their full "sun-time" then. In an ideal world I would take the window sheet off after a month, glue it next to the one in my notebook and have both look pretty much the same, but ... Since my post here created some interest (and I was asked so nicely I could not say no ), I post my fading test results for July and August (we had a decent heat wave and lots of sun in Berlin last month) here, too, and for the future invite you to share yours. Now that I know someone will actually see my very unscientific scribbling, I hopefully remember to write more legibly in the future. Sheets from July: 1) Akkerman Ceruleum Blauw 2) Colorverse Crystal Planet 3) DeAtramentis Hellblau 4) Diamine 150th Anniversary Blue Black 5) Diamine 150th Anniversary Regency Black 6) Diamine 150th Anniversary Blue Velvet 7) Diamine Aqua Blue -- almost entirely faded 8) Diamine Asa Blue 9) Diamine Beau Blue -- almost invisible 10) Diamine Blue Black 11) Diamine China Blue 12) Diamine Denim 13) Diamine Eclipse 14) Diamine Florida Blue -- almost gone 15) Diamine Flower Aster -- completely gone 16) Diamine Guitar Pelham Blue (vollständig ergraut, leicht verblasst) ------- there is a gap between 15) and 16) where the paper is perforated ---------- 17) Diamine Imperial Blue -- strongly faded 18) Diamine Indigo 19) Diamine Kensington Blue 20) Diamine Majestic Blue 26) Diamine Presidential Blue 28) Diamine Sargasso Sea 31) Diamine Skull & Roses 37) Lamy Königsblau / Royal Blue 47) Sailor Manyo Haha +1) Pelikan 4001 Königsblau / Royal Blue +30) Robert Oster Fire & Ice +40) Pilot(-Namiki cartridge) Blue Black
  4. I can't find a similar thread, so I thought I'd start one here. Artists who use fountain pens to draw have different needs from those who are using them to write. Personally, I need ink to be waterproof so I can add watercolour, lightfast so it doesn't fade if hung on a wall, and work in a fountain pen with a very fine nib, since that's what I prefer to use. I thought perhaps other artists in the network may like to share their best finds. Pens for sketching also need to be lighter as I may be drawing solidly and cross-hatching for some time, so I tend to go with plastic rather than my lovely heavier pens. My favourite pens for drawing are Lamy Joy with an EF or EF gold nib - great for fast sketching and smooth for writing; Namiki Falcon EF and F - such lovely expressive lines (I use the EF for black and the F for brown), and Sailor 1911 EF for drawing lots of details and really fine lines. I have used the Sailor Nano ink but have found the De Atramentis document black to be a wonderful fast-drying and waterproof ink. The Document brown is also lovely for drawing and writing. I am excited about the idea of CYMK waterproof inks for fountain pens - a great idea that has been missing to my knowledge. For inks that don't like fountain pens, I love a dip pen and post office nib. I also like to use inks that are not waterproof so they react with water. Noodler's Polar Brown is rather lovely for this, as is an Aussie ink Art Spectrum Burnt Sienna, and Higgins Eternal for black. I've attached a photo of the pens and the nibs though many of you will be very familiar with them. I just like visuals! Love to hear from others :-)

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