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Found 11 results

  1. I ran across this on ebay. So many of the Sheaffer desk sets seem to be the standard black body fountain pens. These had an nice splash of celluloid color, which I found strangely appealing. (Possibly "Balance" version derived?) Both of them are white dot, lifetime nibs, celluloid bodies with lever fill. They seemed less common than other examples. Enough of my chatter, pictures below.
  2. This is a post radite Lifetime black, chased in its characteristic ribbon band from 1923, hard rubber.
  3. I have a Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph 1000, Vac/plunger-fill in Marine Green Striated, with two-tone 14k conical nib, a self colored section and an unusually clear visulated barrel. In hue/color/variation and in visualation (is that a word?) it bests all four Pelikan 400nn I have owned (both Tortoise and green) . I haven’t measured but I would not be surprised if it sucks in as much ink as the Pelikan. It is a fantastic pen in every way, reliability and robustness, ink capacity, is a great writer, and aesthetically pleasing pen. Mine's been ground to a .9 stub. It is just a fantastic little pen. The plunger knob is a little loose but otherwise it looks like it rolled off the assembly yesterday. Pictures don't do these little pens justice. There is only one thing I don’t like about the pen is the size. It is small and a little too short for my hands. If one(=me) wanted this pen but larger, does it exists? Did Sheaffer make an larger version of this pen? I adore mine. I would use it more if it were not so small.
  4. My father recently gifted me with an ancient Sheaffer Lifetime fountain pen. As you can see from the photos, the sack became brittle and burst. I would like to know whether it is worth trying to replace the sack and make the pen usable again, or whether I should put it back together and leave it in the past where it belongs. (With apologies for the huge image. I attempted to resize the image, but the forum broke my BBCode.) Detailed images: The three pieces in close to their correct color The sad pieces and sack remains Nib detail in grayscale Inside of body showing lever. Nib section held in hand showing where sack attached.
  5. Mob Mentality

    Sheaffer's Lifetime 1250

    Hi everybody, I recently bought a Sheaffer's Lifetime 1250 Cartridge Pen. After looking through the Sheaffer converters I already had I found that the slim sheaffer converter that fits the targa fits perfectly in the pen. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the slim converter in the 1250 lifetime. All the other converters I have don't fit at all. Thanks in advance. Davide
  6. Mob Mentality

    Sheaffer Lifetime?

    Hello all. I recently purchased a sheaffer pen that has a lifetime nib but I can't seem to identify it. I think someone may have put the wrong cap on the pen. The cap looks like a Sheaffer Cadet cap. Here's a link to the Sheaffer Cadet: http://penhero.com/PenGallery/Sheaffer/SheafferTipDip.htm. I got the pen very cheap and it is in good shape I have yet to clean the pen. Any help you could provide in identifying the pen would be great. I posted pictures of the barrel imprint as well as the nib and cap. Thanks in advance. Davide http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/Sheaffer_03_zpsfemwkiea.jpeghttp://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/Sheaffer_04_zpsu2iejmzn.jpeghttp://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah48/Davide_Borrelli/Sheaffer_06_zpsi8oua6l4.jpeg
  7. Greetiings: New member here. Looking for help to repair my Grandfather's Sheaffer's LifeTime fountain pen. Have nib and (broken) engraved barrel plus reservoir spring. Need nib holder/body and refill lever. I found a supplier for the ink sacs on eBay. I intend to preserve (glue) the barrel because of the engraving. Thanks.
  8. TXKat

    Which Model Is This, Pls!

    Looking for help please as the penhero site has me totally confused now! i have a Sheaffer Touchdown, but based on the cap, I'm confused as to whether this is a Crest or a Crest Deluxe or neither? The cap is right, BUT it doesn't have a white dot on the cap. It's on the end of the body. Is this the wrong cap for this pen?? Why couldn't these crazy pen companies stick to their own models...without variations, lolol! Ugh! Can anyone help identify this pen? Lever Filler Black Conical Lifetime Nib...14K, says Sheaffer's, no serial number 1/10 14K Gold Filled cap - Made in U.S.A. 4 step vertical lines on cap Barrel stamped with 1750 Won't let me post photos.....grrr!
  9. Okay, I'm at a loss and my newbie inexperience with Sheaffer pens is showing! I need help from all of you, please. My sleuthing has not gotten me very far so I'm turning to the experts here to determine if my free, 'thank you' pen is correct or a couple of parts cobbled together. Bought a great little Waterman Vest pen off the bay and when it arrived, there was a BONUS pen added as a thank you. How cool is that! Here is where it gets interesting...she thought, and I am almost agreeing, that the pen looks married. Either that or the barrel is ambered or stained. I've not done anything to/with it as it's a vacuum filler and I'm clueless on these. I'm pretty clueless on Sheaffers as my stuff is normally the most obscure, cheapest stuff ever made for a one time school class, sold at a drug store and found in the junk drawer!!! Here is the pen I'm wondering about. I know it's a vacuum filler, i know it's Sheaffer White Dot and I know it's a Lifetime nib with a number...but... ...do top and bottom match correctly? I have since discovered it IS ambered and you can see through it when held to the light. Is the nib correct? Is this a Balance or something else. Timeframe for age (I think it's a '35 based soley on the hump clip shown. (Maybe someone changed the clip???) Worth restoring? I am coming to the experts as I R Not 1! Any help is appreciated!! Thank you!! (Update: The pen inks from what I can tell, well, it's still writing, but I don't see ink IN it. Hmmmm.) Attached Images
  10. Plusfoursmax

    Is This Worth A Punt?

    Hi, http://www.ebay.com/itm/371136116548 I am watching this auction on ebay, and apart from the rather interesting use of the term 'Quite good condition - few surface scratches' the 8th photo shows the whole nib unit separate from the rest of the pen. I'm kinda thinking this is not the natural position for a pen in good condition, it looks a bit crackly round the edge of the nib; Is that right? If not, what would it take to make the pen better? I think a vac-fill would do well in my home, but I don't want a basket case. Looking at Richard Binder's site, it appears that the nib should be threaded, but maybe this is a different type? Thanks Max
  11. MissChief

    Another Vintage Schaeffer Question

    A number of years ago, I found an old fountain pen in an abandoned house. It had no cap and the bladder has completely disintegrated. Just yesterday, I cleaned out the pen and decided to try using it as a dip pen. To my amazement, it worked! Even though it's a little scratchy, I love how it writes. I posted a picture of it to the Pen Fetish group on Ravelry and it was suggested I post some pictures here to see if anyone can help identify this pen. I think I know what it is but it would be nice to have some confirmation. The pen IS a Schaeffer Lifetime, that much I've been able to figure out; as well, it says "made in Canada" and has Canadian patent information engraved into it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out how to post pictures here. Here are links to the three pictures I've taken: http://www.flickr.com/photos/evskae/9701378275/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/evskae/9704612840/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/evskae/9704613566/ Any help, including help on posting pictures, would be appreciated. Also, is this a pen that is worth restoring? Or should I just keep using it as a dip pen? If interested, I've also posted a blog post about the pen; you can find it here.

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