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Found 15 results

  1. I just picked up two LAMY cp1 fountain pens (in titanium oxide finish) for less than AUD $36 apiece, taxed and delivered, on Amazon.com.au. To think that I considered $50 for that pen model such a rare bargain, that I jumped to snap them up at that price so as to ‘penable’ friends (and they were a big hit)! Some of the prices on offer for select LAMY pen models, sold and shipped by Amazon Germany, are just so irresistibly low. Locally, Pulp Addiction's and Milligram's asking prices for the LAMY Joy calligraphy pens set are more than what I bought it for, which is cheaper than just buying those three bare LAMY Italic nibs. (click to enlarge)
  2. I got this Lamy Studio glossy rose at Appelboom. I had the matte version with a steel nib. The rose tone is a bit too pale. So I decided to go for the glossy one too. Today I got it and it is the exact same rose tone as the matte one, only glossy. The shine somehow makes it better, plus the nib writes beautifully. I am happy I bought it. Looking around the internet I could not find any other information or reviews of this pen, not even at this forum. Also, it wasn't for sale anywhere else but Appelboom. Lamy is one of my favorite fountain pen brands, so since it seems there is no information about this glossy rose Lamy I wanted to share a couple of pictures of them.
  3. ddallyn

    Lamy Studio Jewel Removal

    I was wondering if anyone could post a detailed description or photo string to show how to remove the jewel from the lamy studio cap. My clip is loose and wiggles back and forth. I read somewhere else that this could potentially be fixed by taking the jewel off and adjusting the clip placement in the jewel. Unfortunately I can't get the jewel to move no matter what I do. I have removed the brass screw and rubber insert inside the cap but that's as far as I can get. I don't want to get to pushy with it for fear of damaging the jewel, so I haven't used any tools yet. Thanks.
  4. Lamy have different 14K gold nibs 2000 series nibs Z 55 --> dialog 3, studio, cp1 and others Z 56 --> imporium palladium finish and rose gold Z 57 --> imporium black and black/gold finish I'm planning to upgrade the nib of my Lamy Logo with a gold springy Lamy nib (I want a springer nib without expend much money buying another pen, I like my Logo), but what are the differences between Z 55, Z 56 and Z 57? In pages like nibsmith or appelboom for example, Z 56 and Z 57 have a higher cost compared to Z 55. Of course! Z 56 and Z 57 are the Lamy imporium nibs and have some minimal differences in design (no breather hole)... But talking about only the writing perfomance (springiness and other aspects that affect writing experience), what is the differences? Anyone has tested and can compare those nibs?
  5. I don't know if it's a pricing error and there's no nib choice, but Paperchase have the pen down twice, once at £49, and this one at £30. https://www.paperchase.co.uk/lamy-st-steel-fp.html
  6. JF_LAMY Collection

    Lamy Studio 2007 Pearl White Bp

    Dear all, I know, I know, this forum is about fountain pens, but a couple of weeks ago, I found this LAMY_Studio, which after some research turned out to be a 2007 Pearl White special edition BP. So, please don´t be mad that I had to post it here. There is also a matching fountain pen, and somebody already posted pictures of it somewhere around. All pictures are, if you are interested here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/ or: LAMY Studio - Pearl White 2007 Special Edition BP https://www.flickr.com/photos/lamy_fp/sets/72157677460581330 Kind regards, Jan My FLICKR account. Please see my collection here: C._Josef_Lamy_GmbH; LAMY_17_special; LAMY_18_special; LAMY_27/32; LAMY_27n; LAMY_42_Lady_-_set; LAMY_67P; LAMY_74_dialog3; LAMY_80_scala; LAMY_80_profil; LAMY_81;_281_profil_-_set; LAMY_Studio_2007_BP; Artus_BALLIT_-_pencil; Artus_EF; Akkerman_LAMY_27e; LAMY_Vintage_Advertisements; 1979_LAMY_Fachhandels_Katalog; 1997_LAMY_Fachhandels_Katalog; Montblanc_254; Plzeň_-_pen_display;_Feb._2,_2012; Pardubice_-_pen_display;_Nov._8,_2014;
  7. Dear FPNers, I have four FPs - Lamy Studio Palladium - Waterman Carène - Parker Premier - Caran d'Ache Léman but only use the first two. I wrote with the Parker a couple of times, but never inked the CdA – I think I don't have a "suitable" environment for them. Regarding the Waterman and the Lamy, both write nicely, but I prefer the Waterman. The Lamy is a bit too wet and, while the Carène writes without ANY resistance, I feel the Studio Palladium... not to be "scratchy", but kind of tending to offer resistance to some movements over the paper. I can assure that the M nib of the Lamy is in perfect condition. I would like to read the experiences of those of you write or have written with both. Marcelo
  8. I'm a fountain pen novice and looking for a recommendation for my next pen. I currently have a Lamy 2000 and a Lamy Studio (steel nib) both w/ fine nibs and a few cheap pens: Kaweco, Safari, etc. I'm looking to get my next pen and am leaning towards another Lamy 2000 with a medium nib. I tried it at a store a few weeks ago and found the nib to be considerably smoother than the fine one I currently have. I use my Lamy 2000 for pretty much all of my writing, so it would be great to have another ink color option available most of the time too. I really like the 2000, primarily for the following reasons: 1) the design is clean, simple (no crazy engraving on the nib!), and almost all black 2) it holds a lot of ink 3) its nib is the smoothest of the pens I own--much better than the Lamy steel nibs 4) it's easy to hold and write with for long stretches 5) the cap is not unstable when it's on the pen or when it's posted. (I find that the cap on my studio can always be wiggled a little bit, which I don't like. The cap on my Studio also requires occasional tightening with a screwdriver, which I really don't like. It's come loose a couple times while I was traveling and I had to improvise tools to fix it.) 6) It's tough. I've dropped the pen accidentally several times on concrete, without any real issues except some fine scratches on the body. I want a pen I can use everywhere and will most likely drop at some point. 7) I think it's a good value at ~$125 USD. My primary issue with most fountain pens is that I find about 99% of them incredibly ugly. Like, I go into a store or a pen show and I just gravitate back towards the Lamy pens--primarily the 2000 and the Studio--because of their clean looks. So, I'm wondering if someone could recommend a pen that I might like or any advice about whether to buy another 2000 or to try something else. I was thinking about the Diplomat Excellence A Plus in black lacquer with chrome accents and 14k nib, but I think its look is still a little too ostentatious for me, and it's probably a bit more than I want to spend. I carry my pens everywhere in my shirt and jeans pockets, and I'm bound to lose one at some point. I was also thinking about a Lamy Dialog 3, which I know I could get for $200 if I'm patient, but, after having tried it, I think it's a little too big for my taste. I also considered a Studio Palladium, but the aforementioned cap issue compels me back towards the 2000. Maybe a Pelikan M205? Will it be as smooth as the Lamy 2000? And what nib size should I go for? Your thoughts are much appreciated!
  9. Wallskm

    Pen Cap Problem

    I have been using a Lamy studio for some time now. It is my daily pen and I use it very frequently throughout the day. Today I pulled off my cap to sign something and when I attempted to cap my pen it will not seat properly. It simply falls off if I turn it over. Additionally, it will not post and stay in place either. Short of sending it in is there anything I can try to get it to cap properly?
  10. Warhammer57

    Lamy Studio Blue Not Imperial Blue

    Hi everyone! Any ideas where I can get my hands on a blue Studio (yes, the discontinued one)? I am not a fan of the imperial blue, it just looks meh to me. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I am currently using Lamy Safari Med pt FP. For my next (nicer pen) I am looking at a Waterman Perspective Blue med FP or Lamy Studio Imperial blue med point. Any thoughts/ suggestions welcome. Thanks B
  12. I'm looking for a pen that costs around £40(price of converter included). I would prefer it to be a wet writer, or just not dry. I'm considering the Faber-Castell Ambition, TWSBI 580, Parker Urban and Lamy Studio Any thoughts or suggestions?
  13. murraypaul

    Ease Of Changing Nibs In Lamy Studio?

    I have a Lamy Studio on order, and wasn't quite sure whether I would settle down to prefer the EF or F nib, so have ordered with EF fitted, and with a spare F nib. The instructions here make it sound pretty easy to change the nibs over. Is it really that easy? How much of a risk is there that I will end up distorting one of the nibs?
  14. Does anyone have experience with the disassembly of a Lamy Studio? I understand from other threads that it should be similar to a Lamy Safari - grab the feed and pull it out - but I don't manage to get it to move. I tried to pull it out, using rubber gloves to have good grip, but no luck. I also tried to push it out by pressing it down on a plastic tube, nothing. Is there a lever that I have to press down or so? Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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