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    Hello All, For sale is a Waterman Hemisphere in glossy lacquered black and gold trim with a very smooth medium nib. The pen comes with the original box, papers, and one genuine Waterman Mysterious Blue cartridge to get you started! This pen is in near mint condition. There are just a few micro-scratches that you have to look closely to find (those specks in the photos are dust). I bought this new and after running a couple cartridges through it, I realized that the shiny section is just too slippery for me, but the nib is very nice. Despite the relatively small size, the brass construction gives it some nice heft. See details and pics below. REDUCED PRICE: $50 (USPS Priority Shipping included, payment by Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal only) SALES TO CON-US ONLY. (Please do not ask me to ship outside of the Continental United States.) Details: Barrel: Lacquered Brass Grip: Black Plastic Cap: Lacquered Brass Cap mechanism: Snap cap Diameter: 11 mm / 0.43 inches Length: 137 mm / 5.39 inches (capped), 148 mm / 5.83 inches (posted) Weight: 25 g / 0.88 oz approx. Filling mechanism: Converter or Cartridge (Waterman or European International Standard) Nib: Medium 23k gold-plated steel nib Condition: Near Mint


    , California

  2. MichalK

    My Urushi Workshop

    Hi, A story is quite typical for me. I get interested in something, the idea "cooks" for some time, and then blow and burns. And get another PhD in something, be it building a car, making DYI cosmetics, grinding nibs, and most recently - URUSHI. Instead of writing to much, I'll show some pictures. Below I'll try to explain what is it all about. My journey is being documented on my Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/tamenuri_boru/ http://gakko.pl/piora/1.jpeg http://gakko.pl/piora/2.jpeg http://gakko.pl/piora/10.jpeghttp://gakko.pl/piora/11.jpeghttp://gakko.pl/piora/12.
  3. Hi, I've put into one article some information how to start with urushi on fountain pens. - tools you will need (from surface to brushes and abrasives) - materials, types of lacquer - basic practice advice - "recipe" for basic tamenuri https://tamenuri.com/how-to-start-with-urushi/ I hope you will find it useful. Right now due to COVID it may be tricky to order some of these products. In Europe all of them are available at DICTUM. Japanese shops (Watanabe Shoten, Kato Kohei) will not deliver right now to most destinations (Japan Post suspended deliveries).
  4. I recently fixed a crack in the cap of a Parker Big Red, but the repair work has left a rather unsightly blemish on it. I've been an admirer of Japanese lacquer work and am thinking of using that pen to do a DIY faux Urushi pen similar to the methods used here with Edison's project: http://edisonpen.com...pearl-project-2 In no way do I want to use actual Urushi, owing to its toxicity and price. My questions: 1) What kind of lacquer should I use? Or would it be easier to use enamel paint, like the ones by Testor's? 2) If I use lacquer, what's an inexpensive way to c
  5. First Impressions (9/10) I came to own this pen as a result of an unintended visit to a jeweller´s shop during a short holiday visiting my in-laws. We went to this shop to buy a silver picture frame as a present for my mother in law, but as they also sell some pens and watches I was wondering around while my dear Mrs. went around her business. They largely sell Montblancs , a few Montegrappas and half hidden behind some golden lighters was this beautiful gem. As I showed some interest the shopkeeper was very kind to take it out of the display cabinet and put it in my hand. I initially thought
  6. I have replicated the content in my blog. Happy reading ! Below is a link to the same: Rhymes of the Parker Sonnet It is often said that the Parker Sonnet, was originally designed to succeed the elegant simplicity of Parker 75 pens. The 75-series had already run successfully for over two decades. With a classical yet distinctive Arrow clip, the Sonnets were to carry this legacy through the millennial year and beyond. Geoff Hollington, a London based designer was tasked to make the sonnet rhyme and in due course of time he came up with eighteen different designs for Mark 1 Sonnets,
  7. http://i.imgur.com/L1KmlxA.jpg The Danitrio Mikado is the only repeat in my collection. And it's for a good reason. The pen is just an amazing writer and it's ebonite construction makes it incredibly well-balanced. I own one Ao (blue) Roiro-Migaki and one Shu (red) Roiro-Migaki Mikados in the flat-top version, clipless. They also available in the round-top version. Both flat- and round-top version are available with and without clips. http://i.imgur.com/JSkqnd0.jpg The signature is of Koichiro Okazaki, also known as Kogaku. He is a master Maki-e artist commissioned by Danitrio to do
  8. http://i.imgur.com/wOBHQP8.jpg Edison Pens is one of the most well-known of modern American companies. The company, initially the work of penmaker Brian Gray solely, now has several employees. Together, they turn out custom pens and production pens in wild-colored acrylics and ebonite, and even celluloid, when it was available from American Art Plastics. Now, celluloid pens from Edison are made only when the rod stock is customer-supplied. I got into fountains just about two years ago, and was quite immediately taken with them. Six months or so into my fountain pen journey, I bought a cappuc
  9. spaceink

    Mods, Please Delete, Thx

    Mods - please delete, posted in more apt sub-forum
  10. I'm really keepings all fingers crossed that someone here can help me and I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong forum but I've spent a lot of time searching FPN and I haven't been able to find an answer yet .... I bought a fabulous Waterman Serenite Fountain Pen Blue Lacquer & Silver fountain pen several years ago for a very good price because the previous owner had damaged the clear lacquer on the main body by carrying it in a metal pen-holder so there are two small patches opposite sides of the barrel where the clear lacquer has worn or was scratched away. I looked at it unde
  11. Hi, I have a small chip on the barrel of my Jinhao X250 fountain pen. The barrel is metal with a deep red and black finish. What would you folks use to touch up the chip/scratch ? Nail polish, touch up paint for cars ? Especially want to hear from those who've fixed this sort of thing in practice. Having said all this, it might be more economical to buy another pen, since they're AUD $3.49 with free postage. This is the model:
  12. I have never seen a review of the Caran d’Ache blue lacquer Varius. I think this pen is a great addition to people who wants to know more about the lacquer version of this Caran d'Ache model. This is my first fountain pen review and I hope to write more reviews for the fountain pen community. Please feel free to comment on this post. I hope to contribute more to the fountain pen community. I will like to thank Sbre Brown, FP geeks, and the Pen Habit for getting me started on fountain pen reviews. First impression This pen is something special. The first thing that catches the eye is the
  13. Hi there, The lacquer on the barrel of Waldmann pocket fountain pen has gone I asked the distributor of the firm, unfortunately they have taken down the shutters in Turkey. Thereby, I decided to find my own solution. I applied 3 thin acrylic paint coats on the barrel, then I will be working on polyurethan varnishes for finisihing. Yet, i am not clear wether is the best option or not.. Should I use waterborne paints and dense shellac finisih? I need more recommendations and advices.. Thanks for sparing your time..
  14. II recently received a Namiki limited edition seahorse pen described as " gently used " no papers, with wooden box. The box is correct, the pen is also. Unfortunately, there is a small scuff near the edge of the cap, not affecting the design, that can ( if one is looking ) be seen by the naked eye. More significantly, it appears the the end of the pen barrel has been damaged and somewhat poorly repaired. I am wondering how much this would effect the value. Also, do these types of issues fall under the " gently used " category? Your advice would be appreciated.
  15. I am not putting this post in the Repair forum as this is not really a repair question but rather a lacquer-finish protection question. There may be no solution but I figured that it would not hurt to ask, and by putting this post in the "First Stop - Frequently Discussed Topics" forum, I thought that I might get more help/suggestions than by posting in the repair section. I received a nice pen with a lovely lacquer finish that has a small knick/divot in the lacquer. I am sure that the person who gave me the pen did not notice it (but I did); the pen is lovely and I am looking forward to

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