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Found 7 results

  1. idle canine


    From the album: Images

    Lines from the Zen Buddhist Heart Sutra. Pilot Custom 74 soft fine. Kuretake No.50 fountain brushpen. Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi.
  2. Hello All, My first inclination would have been to put this in Pens from the Land of the Rising Sun but, I think a commercial artist or illustrator from the general membership will likely have the answer. A couple of months ago, I purchased the basic synthetic tipped Kuretake brush pen, because it is compatible with all the cartridges and converters that I already have for my beloved Nakayas and Platinums. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it for gesture drawing and little impromptu sketches. So much so, that I just had to try the 'weasel' hair model; which I ordered from Taizo (engeika). Can anyone tell me what the clear liquid is in the cartridge that comes inside the pen? I assume that it is some kind of conditioner for the natural bristles. Do I keep the cartridge and put it back in the pen when it is out of rotation? Do I need to rinse the bristles with mild soap and water before loading the pen with ink? No doubt the instructions that came with the pen explain all.... but I do not read Japanese. TIA for any guidance you can give me. Suzanne P.S. Moderators of this forum, please feel free to whisk this post away to a different forum that you may deem more appropriate. I really did not know where to put it.
  3. DrDebG

    Kuretake Kyara - Dark Green

    Recently, Mike at Vanness Pens sent me a sample of Kuretake Kyara with my order. Thank you, Mike, for providing this lovely ink. It is a pleasure to use and review. This ink is a lovely dark green, almost black ink. It is highly saturated and lightly scented with agarwood. I am generally very sensitive to scented ink, but I do like this one. It is not overpowering and seems to dissipate quickly. It leaves just a very slight, lingering woodsy scent - wonderful for the fall! The bottle the ink comes is in beautiful. It is a limited edition bottle in the Edo Kiriko pattern. While I have not actually seen the bottle, the opening and depth of the bottle appear large enough for large pens. The ink is very saturated with a reddish sheen which presents even on lesser quality papers. Photo Scan - Paper: Xerox Vitality Premium Copy Paper; Pens: Faber Castell Loom with Fine Point, Italix Captain's Commision with medium italic nib Scan - Paper: Ampad Engineer's Computation Pad; Pen: Italix Captain's Commission - medium Italix nib Photo - Tomoe River Paper in Cream - Italix Captain's Commission with Medium Italic nib Positive Aspects of the Ink: Very saturated colorBehaves well in each pen that I usedLovely sheen and shading with broader nibsGreat flow and lubricationFairly water resistantDries fairly quickly with fine nib; longer with italic nibCleans up fairly easily from the penNot so positive aspects of the ink: Feathers on lesser quality paper with broader nibs. In truth, I have never appreciated dark, intense almost blackish green colors. I much prefer more transparent colors - almost watercolors. BUT, this color has an almost mysterious color about it. Yes, it is dark. Yes, it is intense. Yes, it is murky. But somehow, I really like it. Please note that the name of the ink is Kuretake, not Kuratake.
  4. Greetings everybody! I am a new member here in FPN and I am actually quite nervous to be here (this is actually my first post so NICE TO MEET YOU ALL) So let me get straight to the point: As the title said, apparently I heard that Kuretake is having their 110th Year Anniversary soon (?) and will likely released some limited models, which I would love to have The problem is, I have no more information but that I stated above since their web page have no notice whatsoever and I am left with only this handout (https://imgur.com/a/HBT8CDT) So if anyone have any ideas about this, I would love to hear your news
  5. SkippyleGrandGourou

    Black Ink For Kuretake Brush Pen ?

    Hi all, Hopefully this is the right place to ask… I've recently acquired a Kuretake no. 8, and the first cartridge is almost gone, so I'm about to purchase more ink. The Kuretake comes with cartridges of a black ink which seems fine to me (I know nothing about ink and only started ink work). However I'd rather buy a bottle of ink and refill the cartridges than buy cartridges. There are some ink comparisons on the web, but they focus on waterproof alternatives, since ink from Kuretake cartridges is not, while actually I'd prefer non-waterproof ink. Any advice from other Kuretake brush pen users ? I've read some inks wouldn't flow well or could even ruin the pen, which obviously I don't want to. Thanks. Edit : Added "Black" in title.
  6. **Moderators - feel free to move this thread to a more suitable place in the forums if needed!** This is actually my first ever post on FPN but I've been lurking a long time in the forums largely because I have always felt that I had more to learn than contribute regarding my knowledge of fountain pens. But anyways, this thread is intended to share my journey of exploring the world of painting with fountain brushpens and fountain pen inks. While I am definitely not an expert on them, I believe I may have some nuggets of info worth sharing especially since I have come across questions and enquiries on brushpens on FPN. WHY BRUSHPENS? Brushpens are great for painting and line variation. While a fountain pen with a flex nib is still unbeatable for characteristic writing in journals, notetaking etc., brushpens - due to their extreme line variability (which results in greater lack of control) - are great for paintings/drawings. Wet brushpens with good flow can in fact really emulate the look of an actual brush and ink. WHICH BRUSHPENS? The main brands for brushpens are Pentel, Akashiya, Kuretake and Platinum. I have tried many models across these 4 brands, and after figuring out which ones are more suitable to my personal needs, I am currently using the following two brushpen types: Platinum Brushpen: You can find these on Goulet Pens. They come in two types: natural hair brush, and synthetic fibre brush. The former is softer, more difficult to control, but gives finer lines and greater variation. The latter is the opposite. Pentel Aquash Brushpen: Uses synthetic fibre for its brush. Dirt cheap and commonly available, it takes non-fountain pen ink too. Given its price it really has formidable value. My only gripe with it and the reason why it has not completely replaced my Platinum brushpens is that ink flow can sometimes go berserk on these pens (quality control might be an issue) and lay down enormous amounts of ink. And oh yes, they are cheap looking and not as pretty looking as the Platinum ones, but that is probably not a huge issue. WHICH INKS? Brushpens are thirstier than nibbed pens and even the more viscous inks should flow nicely. As such, the flow of inks that we are so preoccupied with for nibbed pen usage is thus less of a concern here. Additionally, due to the style of my paintings (more on that below) I prefer to use primarily black, grey and red inks. My current inks of choice for these 3 colors are Noodler's Black, Pliot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same (sometimes DIamine Silver-Fox) and Diamine Poppy Red respectively. EXAMPLES OF WHAT ONE CAN DO I am very into oriental ink paintings. By that I mean paintings in the style of Chinese "水墨" or Japanese Sumi-e paintings, especially the landscape ones. However, I like to "spice up" these paintings with modern-day pop culture references, for instance, the inclusion of Totoro, Pokemon etc. in these paintings. Due to size constraints I have just attached one of my paintings to this post. It features a lightsaber-brandishing Yoda on a boat set in a Chinese landscape. It was done using Platinum and Pentel brush pens with the following 6 inks: Platinum Black, J.Herbin Vert Empire, Noodler's Lexington Grey, Noodler's Golden Brown, Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same and Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki. If interested, you can view more of my paintings here in a recent article on BoredPanda: http://www.boredpanda.com/childhood-companions-in-chinese-ink-paintings/, or even follow me on Instagram at: https://instagram.com/samuelpecksw Meanwhile, feel free to share your experiences, drawings/paintings and questions on fountain brush pens here!
  7. acharnmike

    Kuretake Ink

    I bought a Pilot Namiki pen recently from a pen store in Japan. The pen shipped quickly and was all that I had hoped for, but with it came a 60ml bottle of Kuretake ink, gratis. The only thing on the box or bottle that is not Japanese (which I cannot read) is the company name: Kuretake - the volume: 60ml - and a catalog number: CE 100-6. And from their online catalog I learned that this ink is an older formulation (apparently susceptable to smearing if a designer ink based on alcohol touches it), and it's named "Manga Black". The ink is a deep black, and it covers well when swabbed (qualities I like); but I'm nervous about trying it in one of my fountain pens, though if I hear nothing I'll try it with a brush first, and then a dip pen. Does anyone know anything about this ink? Mike Winn Nipomo, CA

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