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Found 10 results

  1. Let me start of by saying..... I LOVE this pen. You may think that the Kakuno is a child's pen but honestly? It writes amazing! So smooth and wet that it is perfect for a beginner and seasoned as well. All around pleasure to write with! If you don't want to write with it in public (i.e. Its childish looks) at 14$? Get one for home! No start up issues even without flushing. Right out of the box its ready to write. Id suggest a pilot CON-50 converter and bottled ink (sold separate) if you want lots of color options (why not? 😁) and if not you can get refill pilot cartridges on amazon .com or jetpens .com as far as I know. All in all at 14$ this pen is a steal! Happy Writing everyone! PenGal17
  2. From the album: Nib comparisons

    Pilot Plumix, Penmanship, Kakuno, 78G, Prera and Cocoon/MR (including but not limited to the MR Metropolitan) pens all use the same type of interchangeable, friction-fit steel nibs, so getting a Pilot Enso Plumix hand lettering set means I get three italic nibs (of F, M and B width grades) that will fit into any of the other models. They also fit the PenBBS 494, Pali 013/Wing Sung 3013, and a number of other Chinese fountain pens. N.B. The CM nib option available for some Pilot Prera and MR models is effectively the same as a Plumix M nib.

    © A Smug Dill

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  3. essayfaire

    Misbehaving Kakuno

    I have a happy smiley-face Kakuno that was brought to me from Japan; I am quite unhappy with it at the moment. I thought it was a cute little pen but it is now giving me difficulty; the nib starts writing and then after a few lines stops unless I shake the pen. Here's what I've done so far: Clean the pen Change the ink Flush the pen Floss the tines None of these interventions has been able to get the pen writing properly again. I do not have a high tolerance for hard-starting pens and if I can't get this issue resolved will let it sit unused in a drawer. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, were you able to fix it?
  4. Hi! As the name implies, I really love Pilot's Kakuno pens. I have quite a few of them and recently, while acquiring one from a local store, I noticed something odd. I took out my red Kakuno from Japan and got a North-American (Canada?) red Kakuno to compare. Sure, the packaging is a bit different, but it still retains the same overall feel. Pen and nib look pretty much the same between the two pens. Ha! So, apparently the North-American Kakunos use standard cartridges! At the top there's my older Japanese Kakuno with its Pilot cartridge, while at the bottom is the new pen with the standard cartridge. (We can also see at the back of both packagings that the North-American one uses standard cartridges.) I know that the Kakuno is a pretty low-range, starter-type pen, but it's great for beginners. I wanted to share this observation, since a lot of the reviews I've seen of this pen mention that the proprietary cartridge thing is a "con" (as opposed to a "pro") because the converter's price in relation to the pen's price is a bit ridiculous. Standard cartridges really open up the color possibilities. (Newbie disclaimer: I hope this post is ok and in its right place! And that it hasn't been done before! If so, sorry! ) (Edit : upon closer inspection of the packaging, I think what I have is the European Kakuno, not a North-American version. Sorry for the mix-up! )
  5. I saw this YouTube video about the Pilot Kakuno with demonstrator/clear/transparent body. Is anyone else really excited for this pen? I like Pilot steel nibs. I like demonstrator pens. And, I like the comfort of the Kakuno pen body. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkNjCHH7K7Q
  6. phillieskjk

    Kakuno Nib Swap

    Are the nibs on the Pilot Kakuno swappable with the other cheaper pilot pens that all swap nibs (Metropolitan, 78g, Penmanship, Plumix, etc.)? The smiles on the Kakuno nibs make me unsure, as none of the others have them, but if they are I would love to put one of the smile nibs on my Prera! Thanks, Phillieskjk
  7. When I saw it was a Pilot and it had a smiley face nib...I had to have it! Not bad for a pen that cost less than $15, I'd say. Knowing it was from JapanI opted for the medium nib, which is more or less somewhere between a fine and a medium nib in the USA. Yes, it's a cheap plastic pen...with a lot of character! It's a remarkably smooth writer at this low brow price point and what's not to love about a smiley face nib that uses the air hole for the nose? It puts out a fairly wet ink...I like that. I have had no negative issues with this little Kakuno (even the name is cute) to date. If you have a large hand, I would suggest you stay away...but my hands are so small I can purchase gloves in the children's department. The cap comes in an array of cheerful colors but the body is a not so cute see thru gray. I would give it an 8 on a 1-10 scale because I think it would be so much more appealing if the barrel was an opaque white. It comes in an adorable box with one black Pilot ink cartridge. I think it is a terrific gift for a child...like me. (I'm thinkin'...baby's first fountain pen...well in my case...grand baby's first fountain pen). I quickly put Kakuno right next to my shopping list in the kitchen. Where will you put yours? P.S. The plastic grid behind the pen and note in the picture was another new purchase from the amazing little/big country of Japan. Its called a shitajiki mat and I use it with my light box to keep my lines properly aligned while I write letters or practice calligraphy. It has the added advantage of creating a soft glide to the surface between you table, paper, and pen (We call it a paper towel here). It comes in two sizes and can be found at jetpens.com.
  8. lourdesgirl101

    Pilot Kakuno Fine Nib

    I purchased the Pilot Kakuno because I wanted a fine nib in my collection - and it had a smiley face so I thought it might cheer me up on bad days. (I am 22, but hey - it works.) It only cost $16.50 so it would not set me back too much. Be aware: this is my first fountain pen review and my first fine nib. You will notice I have mostly medium nibs. I hope you enjoyed this review!
  9. melodiousb

    Pilot Kakuno, F Nib

    My mom went to Japan recently, and I asked her to check out a stationary store for me and maybe bring me some ink. And she did--Sailor Nano Ultra Black, or whatever it's called, plus some of those 15ml Iroshizuku samples--but she also surprised me with a Pilot Kakuno. I think it's pretty great. It's got a fine nib, a dark gray body and a red cap. There's no clip, but the rounded hexagonal body and cap keep it from rolling. The body and cap are plastic, and the grip is a clear gray, so you can see the ink in the feed. I have small hands, so this kid-sized pen works really well for me. I find the grip very comfortable. The nib and feed look approximately the same as the ones on my Prera and Plumix, and I assume I could swap them, but instead of the usual markings, it's just got <f> and a smiley face. It's a silly touch, but it's cute and I definitely enjoy it. It also seems to make the pen less intimidating--my coworkers are more likely to try it out than my other usual work pens (a Pilot Falcon, a couple of Esterbrooks and Osmiroids, the Prera). The nib isn't super smooth, but it's pretty good for something this fine, and I like a certain amount of feedback, anyway. It's not scratchy by any stretch, and it works well on a variety of papers. I do a lot of editing on good-but-not-great copy paper, and the Kakuno writes finely enough that I can get my comments in between the printed lines. It doesn't put down too wet a line, but the feed has kept up with my writing consistently. Cons? A lot of ink seems to end up inside the cap, and I'm not sure why. It hasn't caused any mishaps yet, but it's not great. Also, I would really like to have a clip. The Kakuno cost my mom the equivalent of about $8, and for that price, I think it's amazing. Obviously it's not a super high quality pen, but it's solidly good by almost every measure. I see that you can get this pen from Jetpens for about twice as much, and it's not quite as impressive at that price, but I think it's still a pretty good deal.
  10. Just spotted that the Pilot Kakuno now comes in a white body with pastel-coloured caps! The new model is called "Sumino" and is targeted at women of all ages from children to adults. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pilot.co.jp%2Fpress_release%2F2014%2F03%2F26%2Fkakuno_w.html Original link here.

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