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Found 9 results

  1. My not-quite-mother-in-law asked me to identify this Parker pen she's had amongst her antiques. Problem is, I'm not really sure what it is. It's short. About 118mm, I think. I'm not sure if it's a sub junior, a debutante or something else. And I can't figure out what year it'd be. thoughts? The gold cardboard box in the photos might help, too... Thanks, all!
  2. Hi all. I recently acquired a vintage BCHR pen on which the imprint has been worn clean away and which has a rather unique combination of elements I've never seen before. Firstly, it isn't a lever fuller as it has a hole in the back, which seems to indicate that it was either originally made as a blow filler or modified into one (though the hole looks very well-machined), yet the section unscrews like it would on an eyedropper. The pen also has a slip fit cap rather than a threaded one, and it's fitted with a nib marked "Sheaffer Junior, Made in USA". Is there any way of possibly identifying which Sheaffer model it might be, or how old it is? I'll try to link pictures of the pen as soon as possible if it helps.
  3. Hello again to all my FP friends, I've got two English-made Parker Duofold Juniors from the 1950s, both bought from different sellers in different countries. One has a medium nib and the other a broad oblique stub nib and both are the smoothest nibs imaginable. I mean, ridiculously butter smooth with some nice softness to boot. However, they both have are extremely dry writers that won't write at all unless some pressure is applied. I've tried improving flow by using a brass shim to open up the tines a little and it has helped some, but I'm just wondering if this is a common trait of UK Duofolds. Could the smoothness be related to a baby's bottom issue? Has anyone had similar experiences? If so, what did you do to solve the issue? Thanks!
  4. Hello there, I have just restored this 1st generation Parker Vacumatic Junior in Mottled Silver Pearl Celluloid with the Gold trim rather than the usual Silver trim. The pen is in extra fine condition with no brassing and excellent transparency... This reverse trim Vacumatics are pretty rare but this one seems a bit odd. This is because the imprint seems to date the pen to the first quarter of 1940 – as 0 and the three dots indicate. But as far as I know the 1st generation Junior was made only until 1938… Under extreme magnification the 0 might be possibly interpreted as a squashed 6 but this would make even less sense as Parker introduced the dot dating system only in the second quarter of 1938. Perhaps the 0 is a squashed 8. But this would mean that it still predates the introduction of the dot dating system or that this pen is one of the first Vacumatics with the new dating system in place… According to Richard Binder’s page concerned with Parker’s Date Coding Systems “the earliest pens with three dots should be from 1939. However, some pens made before the changeover exist with both dots and two-digit dates. Some of these pens have patterns of dots that match the first (quarter) digit, while others have patterns that do not match.” Unfortunately, the nib this pen came to me with is a Parker replacement nib (as I believe the R and the hole in the base of the nib indicate) from the third quarter of 1946. Still an excellent nib as you can see bellow… I would be very interested in hearing your opinions! Thanks beforehand, Zed
  5. Ricky2011

    Parker Lockdown Vacumatics- Blacks

    Hi I have recently been getting into expiring this side of parker. does anyone have a definitive list of what parker produced in this area with regards to USA and Canadian types of black junior and juniorette black varieties. kind regards Rick
  6. LadyPenelope

    Sold As A Slimfold But Has No 10 Nib?

    Hello everyone! I'm hoping someone can clarify for me. Last night, I made a Best Offer on two pens on eBay being sold together. One was a Parker 25 which didn't massively interest me (til I read the reviews which made me think I might like this pen even if it looks a bit like a 1980s' Eastern European car)... What I was after was a black Slimfold. Recently I got a blue Slimfold and it might be a boring looking pen, but the nib is way and above my favourite so I decided to get a Slimfold in each of the colours. Just before I made the Offer I looked more closely at the predictably blurry pictures and realised the one being sold as a 'Slimfold' is probably some other kind of Duofold, as the nib doesn't say "5" but "10". Didn't put me off as I love that Parker nib so much. Now I've won the auction, the Bay won't let me pull up the photos to double check so I will have to wait til it comes and can photo it for yous then, but... a quick research tells me it is probably a Junior. Is that right? My blue Slimfold has the engraved ring, so is presumably an earlier one. And I have been having no luck so far getting the other three colours with the same engraved ring. This one has a plain ring that is lower on the cap so I'm assuming it is later 1960s? Can anyone tell me if a No 10 is definitely a Junior, and if so, what the nib is like? (It looks like a standard, F or M nib very hard to tell from the blurry photos, but it's not an italic, sadly, which I would really love!) I paid £14 for both pens - they look seriously unloved but from what I can see, the nibs look OK. I've lost auctions on a number of Slimfolds lately and the prices seem to be creeping up, often to above £14 so the way I see it, I have got the Parker 25 for free! Not sure what a Junior would go for. I like small pens, because I have pathetically tiny hands. But am guessing the Junior will not be a massive step up in size..?
  7. Hi all. Thought I'd post my fledgling Parker collection - it's mostly vintage(ish) with a few new ones that I've found at a good price. I'm looking to complete the set of UK Duofolds in blue - I can't get enough of them. I've also included a scan of the paper so you can see why I love Quink blue black, red and green so much. Anyway, sorry not sorry for the self indulgent post! http://i.imgur.com/e5EYPX4.jpg
  8. I gave my UK Duofold Junior aero a good clean today and the black plastic stick you can see in the foreground fell out of the ink sac while I was rinsing it. What is it? Should I put it back in when I reassemble? Ta in advance!
  9. Hi everyone! I recently found this pen in my grandfather's basement, and have been trying to figure out which model it is exactly. It is sadly missing the cap so, basically, I just want to know what the heck to call this pen so I can start buying parts for it or send it off for restoration. It has no identifying marks on the barrel, but 'Parker Fountain Pen, Canada 14K' is on the nib. After some research I have narrowed it down to (maybe--these are all guesses made by an amateur!) either a Duofold Junior (Deluxe?) or a Juniorette. It is a button fill. The pen itself is very small, similar in size to my Esterbrook SJ but a little longer and perhaps a smidgen thicker, at 4.25 inches long and about 10mm at its thickest on the barrel. Again, these measurements are without the cap so I cannot compare them to what I have found online, which are measurements of pens with the cap. I'm hoping someone can help me out and restore this! I don't have much from my grandpa, and with my love for pens, I would like to have this pen function like it once did back in the day. I've attached a couple photos. Sorry about the quality, couldn't get the camera to focus, lighting is terrible... I have no idea how to take pictures of pens haha. Thanks!

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