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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All - I have inherited some pens from my father. I know they are Montblanc because I bought them for him in the 90's directly Montblanc, but I can't remember what they are named. I believe the two gold (one fountain, one roller ball) as well as the silver are meisterstuck . I small red one (fountain) may also be meisterstuck? The green/silver (fountain/mechanical pencil) may be Ramses but I can't seem to validate this with searches. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I have recently acquired this interesting Delta Dolcevita, but I cant find the exact model anywhere, and I really searched online a lot. It is a piston filler, and is 143mm long. It is very similar to the Soiree, but all of those I saw had orange accents. Here are some pictures that I hope will help. I am very thankful for any input!
  3. Hi there! I just purchase a vintage Waterman Ideal that I can not identify. Here the pictures: https://i.imgur.com/qxBF2jg.jpg https://i.imgur.com/0DOa0Fo.jpg https://i.imgur.com/44XXxFQ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/xaPV0MN.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BuqWOfR.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YqUoIAB.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XyVPkrz.jpg From this source: https://vintagepens.com/FAQhistory/waterman_numbering.shtml I suspect that this is a 0552 V or 0552 1/2V LEC (I don't know how much is 'slender' diameter) but this pen has no imprint at the bottom of the barrel and the nib has a rounded breather hole (no heart shaped). Would you please help me with this identification? Thanks!
  4. NotFlashGordon

    Dubious Montblanc Pen - Pro's/con's List

    Hi Forum, My apologies that my first post is a "help identifying" post - but I hope to show that I at least put some initiative in researching this pen before approaching you guys. Pro: The pen has a serial number on the back of the top. The serial number begins with "HR"Con: After a thorough Google search, I cannot find any other pens that begin with "HR" - in fact, most of my search results are composed of Montblanc's Human ResourcesPro: Has Montblanc emblem on the top of the pen. Pro: Inside the clip it reads: "GERMANY" <signature>* Metal"Con: Doesn't say PIX.Pro: Newer pens do say metal. See: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/249953-recent-changes-to-the-montblanc-classique-and-possibly-legrand-and-149/ and https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/252939-questionable-under-clip-engraving-on-a-new-mont-blanc-starwalker-resin-fineliner/Con: Has no "Montblanc ring" or "pen ring" Pro: It has a Montblanc case.Con: It is a bi-fold case and I cannot find another Montblanc bi-fold case anywhere.Pro: Inside it has a "Montblanc Ball Pen Refill" cartridge. Con: It is a twist pen.Pro: Montblanc did make twist pens, they are just (from what I understand) more seldom.*A footnote about the signature: This signature is replicated on the pen's case (see below), on the pen itself and on the back of the pen's clip. I cannot, for the life of me, make this signature out (Lehrer? Lehner? Lehre?) - Through my research, I discovered Montblanc's Signature for Good campaign - although I cannot find a website that has each year's respective campaign/signature, my search through Google and eBay yielded nothing A) similar to this pen or a name similar to the signature. I would genuinely appreciate your thoughts on this pen. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi, I recently obtained this MB Meisterstuck ballpoint pen. I know this is a FP forum, but maybe someone can help me on Ballpoints! I have doubts on whether its a genuine MB.. I have attached a few photos. 1. The "pix" is on the band, not under the clip. Under the clip has "made in Germany" - is this common? 2. There is a serial number. IW1666858 3. The bottom part of the pen (under strong light) goes slightly red. Any help would be great! Many thanks.
  6. Hi there, I need you help again in identifying this fountain pen, I fixed it last night, it is very nice and great writer (nib K&J). The nib and clip are replacement, but I could not find anything about this pen via Google search. I think it is 1920-30s. Lamy 2000 and MB 146 just for size comparison.
  7. So, I acquired this nice looking pen. To my surprise, I am very satisfied with the way it writes. It is very smooth. The pen is on the heavy side, since it is made of some kind of metal (cant really identify the metal). Anyway, the reason I turned to the help of the fountain pen network is to identify it. At first I thought it was a chinese pen, but then I realized it had "ITALY" engraved on top of the clip. Therefore I hope you can help me to identify it (although I believe it will be some kind of entry level pen, since it has iridium point engraved on the nib). Thank you in advance, and here are few photos. P.S. Since I was forced to compress pictures, I doubt you will be able to see the "ITALY" on top of the clip.
  8. berc

    A Vintage Parker?

    So, I was going through my old stuff and I found an old fountain pen (as I luck would have it, I did not find what I was looking for). At first sight it didn't catch my eye as it looked like an ordinary generic pen. Also it didn't have any numbering or engravings on itself (even the nib and the body were "engraving-free"). However, I did not look the clip closely enough. There are these triangle like engravings (sorry, I do not know a better way of describing the Parker logo; maybe arrow like engravings?; anyway, you will see for yourself) that remind me of the Parker logo. It is a cartridge operated fountain pen. So, fellow fountainpen users, I would like to ask you for your wisdom, and help me in identifying this pen and telling me truth: whether this pen is a legitimate Parker?
  9. I've recently bought all the vintage fountain pens in Phoenix, and I don't mean that as an exaggeration because there are very few antique shops around and I've cleaned them all out. Out of all the pens I purchased 2 of them I can not identify even through exhaustive googling. I've attached pictures so I could get some help identifying these pens. The red pen came in a set along with a ballpoint and has the word "REXPEN" written on the barrel which I've found to be related to Parker but that's as much information as I've found. The black pen came with a Mont Blanc cartridge inside, but bears no other markings relating It to the brand. Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated! Both nibs say iridium point Germany.
  10. Hi there, I obtained this MB FP recently. I don't know every much about it. Could some one please help me find out more about it? I was looking at the recent articles on identifying fake MB, but couldn't find anything on this model. I have attached some photos of the pen. Many thanks
  11. GLBizzarro

    Help Identifying An Ink

    I recently purchased a Parker 21 and it had this wonderful ink inside. I was wondering if any ink finatics can identify it.
  12. shirtdj

    Help Identifying This Montblanc

    G'Day All, This is my first post after recently joining the FPN. I'm hoping one or more of the members will be able to assist me in identifying the following pen. After being fortunate enough to acquire my first Montblanc last year on a trip to Europe, a 149, I’ve been enjoying reading the forum posts and learning about the different models and variants. After buying the 149, I was looking for a matching MB crystal inkwell and ended up buying an inkwell and pen stand on eBay at a very good price. As it turns out the pen stand is too small for the 149 but the bonus was that a MB fountain pen was included with the stand, making the purchase even better value. Any assistance in confirming my diagnosis of the model and vintage of the pen would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately there is no cap so I can't confirm whether it would have indicated Germany or W. Germany or whether it had a serial number. The following are the characteristics of the pen and I’ve included a couple of photos, excuse the lighting, to aid review: Dimensions: Length (nib tip to end of filler cap) is approx 123mm and the width is approx 13mm Barrel: ink window with stripes Nib: Two Tone 14K, quite flexible when compared to the Parker Duofold I'm used to. Feed: Plastic with horizontal combs ? Filler Thread: Brass From the above characteristics, and using the Dating 149’s post images and chart and from reading various FPN 146 posts, I believe it’s a modern 146 post 1990 variant. I’m in the process of sourcing parts to build a cap after enquiring about the costs from MB Technical Services in Australia who wanted between AUS$230 for the cap body and AUS$610 for a complete cap with a pen service. So far I’ve sourced a cap body ($75) and clip ($50), just need a cap top to match. Thanks in advance and look forward to your thoughts.

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