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  1. a few days ago I was lounging over at the Ink forum and some of our fellow memebers express their concern that they can no longer get their needed permanent black , the fabled Platinum Carbon Black. And I though to myself, hey others made permanent ink also and having some time on hand I dedicate some time to investigate how one of the old formula work out, namely the Hero 234 CArbon Black. The test is not anything scientific and only trying to mimic how the ink deal with real life accidents; and here's the result : * Test no.1 is to mimic artist use of ink , Canson 180g Watercolor paper w
  2. I was surprised to find a "Hero 3035" pen with the shape of a "Baoer 3035". https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001036409271.html I am regularly searching for Baoer 3035 to find two missing colors (blue and a kind of brushed metal). The pens have meanwhile arrived and are all inked up to make sure they write. And: they are very good pens. The only "problem" for me is that the nib is not an EF nib. It took me months to find the red Baoer 3035. The two missing colors - if anybody sees them, please send me an alert.
  3. I use a Waterman Apostrophe rollerball with a Schneider Topball 850 eurosize refill. Sites like AliExpress offer quite a lot of refills that are sold as Jinhao, Baoer or Hero refills for what seems to be very low prices (even with shipping from China). Is it possible to use these refills in eurosize rollerball of a Waterman rollerball? Are refills from Jinhao, Hero or Baoer (in general) good value compared to eurosize refills from Schneider or Schmidt? What are your opinions about these Chinese refills?
  4. The first P51 Style Hero By Ta T`ung Fountan Pen Factory in 1946. Ta T`ung combined with Wolff in 1954. Wolff changed its name into Hero in 1966. 999 Hero is for Chiang Kai-shek`s 60th birthday. The first total P51 style chinese pen I know is No. 51 Vans in late 1945. Ad is 1946.1.1 The first hooded nib part P51 style is No. 51 Diamond. Ad is 1944.10 Ta T`ung received warning from Parker in 1947 for publishing P51-like ad
  5. Countries Vietnam DPRK Poland Albania Cuba DDR Romania Soviet Union Background I saw a table in Shanghai Foreign Affairs Chronicle, which is about the projects supported by China in 1955-1990. There are 3 fountain pen makers supported by Shanghai: Hongha Stationary Factory in Vietnam, Poland Fountain Pen Factory, Kim Anh Fountain Pen Factory in Vietnam. By the way, according to Chronicle of Shaanxi Province Vol. 15 Light Indrustry, a fountain pen / ball pen factory for Cuba was cancelled, machines were used to found Xi`an Fountain Pen Factory. And something about DPRK, Albania, D
  6. As far as I can tell Hero 232 Blue-Black seems to be getting scarce from my online sources. (I recently ordered a bottle Hero 232 & 233 and was sent 2 bottles of 233 instead. Then the seller promptly raised the price to over 3x what I had paid ...) Hero 202 is still readily available. I did a search here: the evidence - while there's not a lot of it - seems to suggest that Hero 202 is likely iron gall. Has any more evidence turned up recently? I'll probably take a chance on it since it is so inexpensive but I need more ink that I won't use like I need a hole in my head.
  7. akszugor

    Hero Blue-Black

    Manufacturer: Hero Series, colour: Blue-Black Pen: Waterman Hemisphere „F” Paper: Image Volume (gramatura 80 g / m2) Specifications: Flow rate: good Lubrication: medium Bleed through: unnoticeable Shading: noticeable Feathering: unnoticeable Saturation: good A drop of ink smeared with a nib The ink smudged with a cotton pad Lines Water resistance Ink drying time Ink drops on a handkerchief Chromatography Sample text in an Image Volume (gramatura 80 g / m2) Sample text in an Oxford notebook A5 (90 g / m2) Sample letters in a Rhodia notebook No 16 (90 g / m2)
  8. akszugor

    Hero Washable Blue

    Producent: Hero Seria, kolor: Washable Blue Pióro: Waterman Hemisphere „F” Papier: Image Volume (gramatura 80 g / m2) Specifications: Flow rate: good Lubrication: good Bleed through: unnoticeable Shading: noticeable Feathering: unnoticeable Saturation: good A drop of ink smeared with a nib The ink smudged with a cotton pad Lines Water resistance Ink drying time Ink drops on a handkerchief Chromatography Sample text in an Image Volume (gramatura 80 g / m2) Sample text in an Oxford notebook A5 (90 g / m2) Sample letters in a Rhodia notebook No 16 (90 g / m2) S
  9. In case you were wondering about the scientific differences between Hero and Ostrich inks observable through scanning electron microscopy. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2211715620300035
  10. silverlifter

    Hero 232 Iron Gall Blue Black

    Hero's Iron Gall ink has quite a reputation here so I thought I would give it a shot. It turns out that it is no longer on Amazon or ebay, but I did manage to find it on a site called ebuy7. I was a little reluctant to place an order, but the checkout was (seemingly) legitimately handed off to Paypal so I didn't have to risk my credit card details and if the ink never arrives I am confident I will be able to claw back the miniscule investment it cost for two bottles. I'll update the thread if and when the bottles arrive. If anyone has a more reliable, potentially reputable, source, pleas
  11. Hero 360 Degree / 70 Review: Just Say No The Hero 360 Degree pen, which seems to share the same nib, body and design as the Hero 70, is about US $3 on eBay, but its actual value is a negative number. Although on paper it seems like a decent and perhaps interesting pen, writing with it is an exercise in self-inflicted aggravation, as every aspect of it has some deeply irritating flaw. Barrel Diameter: 10 mm Length: 14.5 cm capped Nib: Maddening Weight: I don't have access to a scale right now but similar to or lighter than 78G At first glance it was a promising pen that had a slim solid met
  12. Hello again to all my FPN friends, I happened to have 2 pens of similar flow and nib size inked with these and thought it might be helpful to compare them. Both are iron-gall inks and somewhat similar in color. However, at least in my experience, Hero 232 is much drier than Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black. It's so dry that it stopped flowing at all in the pen I used for this comparison once the converter wasn't completely full. The dryness may be due to high iron gall content. I assume this because when I flushed the pen, there was a notable strong smell of fresh blood that I've only experienced bef
  13. Hero 007 is one of the cheapest fountain pens on the market. You can easily buy a pack of ten for around 10$, shipment included. Designwise it's clearly Parker 51 inspired pen, not a full knock-off like Hero 616 but the resemblance is rather strong. Personally I find it sad that chinese manufacturers don't try to create something really new. Instead they copy designs with passion. Today I'm not here to judge but to review one of their budget pens - Hero 007. I bought a pack of these pens because they are colorful and cheap and can be used to test inks and improve nib smoothing skills. E
  14. Hi everyone, I'm talking about the pen, not the plane. Has anyone used one of these?? I handled one in a local shop the other day and have been thinking about it ever since. It has a nice tactile surface, seems well balanced, and looks pretty cool. At least here in China they cost a lot more than the average Hero pens, retail is around US$27 but that can be had for half that. Before taking the plunge I thought I'd ask around to get some opinions. Thanks!
  15. If the subject has been done to death, sorry. How does one ensure that you are getting the best version? That's weird: A knock-off of a knock-off. The worst are like dragging a finger nail on a emery board, not surprising given that the nib is very fine.
  16. this is so funny .... OK, it said Blue Black Blue Berry & Blackcurrant flavor Cocktail ( 3.8% Alcohol content ) 275ml X2 , Blue Black Wine Scented ink 50ml , reminder : ink is not for consumption ... also included ink bottle shape wine glass, ink bottle shape bottle opener .. the pen is just the add on bonus
  17. I went to a vintage shop a few days ago, and I picked up this pen. Does anyone know what pen this is and when it was made? The only markings on the pen are the words "white feather", so I'm assuming it's a Chinese pen. But I'd like to get more info on the pen. It writes beautifully.
  18. What is this pen? What is the brand / producer / origin? What model is this? This is a pen given to me by my father in early 80-ties. I used it for a couple of years as my every day pen. I cannot identify the producer nor the model. Must be produced somewhere in 1970-ties ot late 1960-ties? Much likely to be from China ? Maybe Japan? Maybe someone is able to read the signature on the nib?
  19. Does anyone know anything about the Lignan company? I was lucky enough to win a pen by them in a generous PIF, and can't find out anything about the pen. It writes very nicely in an EF nib, but an EF that is broader than most (which surprises me in a pen I believe is Asian). An old thread on the forum said the marque was a sub-marque of the Hero company, but I don't know much about them either! I like knowing a little bit about my pens, so I'd appreciate any information y'all can share. Thanks.
  20. Hello there , and i guess it's going to be my first post there >< So i'm getting myself quite a few pens that i guess i might later share info and my thought about, but i'm here right now to talk about only two, i'm looking at different pens and my eye caught an interesting coincidence, there 4 exactly similar pens with slight difference that are all copy of Pilot 78G, they are well known Wing Sung 659 (was a first test? + it's hard to aquire?), Wing Sung 3001(A)(second test of the same pen?) Wing Sung 9159(most newer pen?), and Hero 1202 all in transparent body or clear color as they ca
  21. Hero release their 5066 just around summer holiday and I've got myself the ginger yellow one for some time but just get around to actually ink it up & use it; been using it for a week or so just think I should share this one, very nicely done up and for those who like me not caring too much for all the clear piston demo, and not very fond of the triangular grip, this could be a welcome option. I find this more appealing and portable than the usual affairs of 359 or 3008/3009 Hero 5066, on Flickr Its made up of extruded single piece aluminum barrel and cap , with legend silk printed on
  22. zepp

    Hero 234 Black Is Awesome

    Hello folks.. I haven't been posting here for a while and after I tried the Hero 234 ink, I HAVE to share my thought on this one. I went back to China few months ago and picked up a bottle of Shanghai Hero 234 Black Fountain pen ink for ~¥4 (0.79 CAD or 0.64 USD) in a stationary store. Due to busy schedule I haven't looked back on it when I returned in Canada. My Parker bottle is running dry and I do not like my Montblanc Permanent Black ink, so I decided to check it out. This ink is truly outstanding for its price tag, I used it with an Fine/XFine Pilot Elite for a couple days and I have
  23. visvamitra

    Hero 232 Blue - Black Ink

    SHANGHAI HERO LIGHT INDUSTRIAL IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD is the owner of “HERO” and “DOCTOR” brands of fountain pens in China. The brand is well known in China and around the world. You may find it interesting to know that in Poland in seventies and eighties of the last century Hero fountain pens were ones of very few available on the market. Therefore a lot of people in Poland, especially senior ones, share sentiment for this company and it’s products. Apart from pens and other products company offers also inks. It seems the colors available at the moment are Red, Blue, Blue/Black and Black
  24. Hello Community, My wife is going to be traveling to Shanghai in the 3rd week of May. I'm putting together a wish list of fountain pens for her to pick up. These include the Hero H718, Penbbs Pens, and Lecai pens. Are there any specific shops she can get these from? Super if you can share their names / locations and also add some fountain pen recommendations to this list - I have a fondness for pens made of acrylic resin and celluloid. Thanks, Tarun
  25. Ink Stained Wretch

    Hero Makes Their Own Proprietary Cartridges?

    Looking for confirmation here. Last year I bought a Hero 359 fountain pen in a blister pack, one pen with three nib/feed/section parts, in different nib widths I suppose. Along with the pen came eight cartridges. At first I assumed they were short international cartridges. I only gave them a cursory glance, and they looked like short international cartridges. Looking at them more closely, however, they appear to not be short international cartridges at all. And I think they are cartridges proprietary to Hero. They are a little longer, and maybe fatter, than short international cartridges.

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