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Found 14 results

  1. I'm wondering if any other FPN-ers suffer from a let-down when you receive a pen you had been longing for and find it is not blindingly perfect. Allow me to elaborate. I just received the Diplomat Aero - fine in orange from Goulet Pens. On paper (see what I did there?) it was everything I could ever hope for: my favorite color, a snap cap, delicate high-end steel nib, unique body shape, solid metal body and that kicky flower design on the nib and the top of the cap. And then I received it. I had Goulet dip-test the nib so I knew it would be smooth, and it was, but so was the section (is that what we call the part where our fingers grip?). When my hands are cool and dry (not sweaty) they want to slide down the section towards the nib unless I take a more aggressive grip - which is not what I want to do. Boo. While the pen is weighty, which I like, it feels a bit short unposted in my large hand, but posting it makes it feel back-heavy and throws off my writing. Yuck. I syringe filled the converter, then ran water, pen flush, and water again through the nib section before drying it. I reassembled it then dipped it in ink to get it primed and thought I was off to the races. But half a page later the ink started to look lighter and then it began skipping before it stopped writing at all. I opened it up and turned the converter plunger up and down a bit (but not so much as to flood the nib) and it is currently writing dark and wet, but I am worried about a repeat of the fading and skipping. Hmmm. While I don't regret my purchase, the color is still my favorite and the snap cap is a joy, it has not been love at first write. I think it may take a bit of time for us to find our groove together. Has anyone else experienced a similar let-down when a pen you were waiting for does not live up to your fantasies about it? Rindy_Ruth
  2. Hey guys, and gals. I am in need of some insight. Just four days ago I purchased the Fountain Pen Newbie Set from Goulet Pens. Am using Noodler's Black in the Metro and writing on Rhodia Dot pad. So anyways, I notice I am not getting proper ink flow from it like I was the first three days. I am getting extra feedback and skipping. Could this mean that I need to get a brass shim and floss it? I've already flushed it several times, using small amounts of dish soap. Not sure if I am comfortable messing with the tines as this is only my second fountain pen. Do your pens usually flow significantly more after you floss your tines? Thanks, any advice helps.
  3. Chrissy

    Goulet Pens Disappointment

    Due to high shipping costs and import charges for the UK, I'm only able to order my pen and inky goodies from Goulet Pens when I'm going to visit the US. This time I have a friend who wants me to get some ink samples, and we were both surprised about the shipping price, although to be fair, there were 29 samples in my cart! I also want to buy myself a bottle of Noodler's Burma Road Brown ink while I'm in the US. I don't really mind where I buy it from as long as I get a glass bottle, especially as the price is the same whether the bottle is glass or plastic. So, I thought if I added one to my Goulet's order my friend and I could split the shipping, and it would cost her less. The shipping cost was exactly the same price with the bottle of ink added in. Also, I was going to add 100 sheets of Tomoe River paper, and that didn't increase the shipping cost either. However, it transpires that Goulet Pens has both glass and plastic Noodler's bottles, and despite me having read many posts about their personal and careful packaging, when I asked if I could be sure of getting a glass bottle of BRB, I received a reply saying no and they couldn't look at what was being packed. I was quite surprised about that. So that's that. My friend doesn't want to pay the shipping cost by herself, and I'm not buying a bottle of BRB unless I can have a glass one. That's a real shame. It will probably be the first time in 8 years or so I will have been on vacation in FL and not placed an order with Goulet Pens. If anyone knows where I can buy a glass bottle of Noodler's Burma Road Brown ink for delivery within the US that would be great.
  4. jodi_maloney

    Goulet Pens Has Done It Once Again

    I'm not sure if this is the right category to put it in so please move it if its not. After Christmas, I decided to treat myself and order something from the Goulets. I got myself a Banditapple Carnet peewee notebook among other things to go into my new Nock Fodderstack XL. Now, since Banditapple seems to be going under some changes according to Goulet, they are not restocking their products at the time. So, I had received an email about my order from Cindy, and she said they were out of stock and sold it to me due to an inventory issue on them, and so offered to replace it with something else along with a free gift. Now, I assumed the free gift was whatever I had asked to replace it with, as when I emailed them back and asked for a stick of J. Herbin sealing wax and pay the $2 difference, Jeremy emailed back (in place of Cindy) and said it was on them. So I waited patiently for my package to arrive. Usually, it takes two days to get here where I live, and they shipped it on the 29th, so I was a bit worried when it didn't come on the 31st, and tracking info didn't update. I thought someone had tampered with my package, but it just turned out they just didn't scan it in their original destination, since I found the tracking info late at night finally in my state. It came today, and I opened it, gladly since I saw that their signature bubble wrap, cling film, Tootsie Pop and all other goodies were here. I opened it and received the J. Herbin sealing wax as promised, but I also saw that they included a full bottle of Private Reserve "Chocolat" (yes not Chocolate) ink! And it was in a fancier looking bottle, not the cylindrical bottle advertised everywhere else. So once again, I'm extremely happy about my order with Goulet Pens, and thrilled how they handled everything. While not necessary, they included a full bottle of ink ASIDE from giving me a replacement item for no extra cost in compensation for something that was out of stock! Thank you Goulet Pens, for another ridiculously wrapped package of amazing pen goodies!
  5. accusedofhavinaricholdmanhobby

    J Herbin Emerald Chivor In Stock At Goulet

    In stock at Goulet Pens! no affiliation
  6. marcelo

    Kudos To Noodler's!

    Last January I bought a Lamy Palladium, medium nib, that was love at the first sight - finishing, balance, look and feel, superb design, everything was there, expect for the fact that it writes really wet. I'm not a left-handed, but write in a way that my hand drags over the previously written line. You know what happens. After a bit of research I found Noodler's Bernanke Blue, a quick drying ink that would solve the problem. As I have never used a "special" ink, I was kind of skeptic, what made the outcome even more satisfying - no smearing WHATSOEVER. It literally takes ONE second to dry! I want to congratulate Noodler's for the terrific product and Goulet Pens for the amazing service! http://i1289.photobucket.com/albums/b519/biggi675/HUGS%20AND%20KISSES/kiss-and-thank-you-smiley-emoticon_zpsnif5jqsy.gif Marcelo
  7. Well, I am currently on a quest to improve my penmanship. It all started with finding a few old Sheaffer School fountain pens in the attic. (I loved those pens). In the 50’s, I had perfect penmanship in elementary school. I was actually quite good at 'Chancery Italic Hand' with a dip pen and India ink back then. (I missed many a boring class while my hand was put to work for the greater good). However, high school and college note taking ruined my cursive and got me started printing in order to take fast notes in class. The printing was acceptable. But the advent of the internet and e-mail has reduced my practice to nothing but household lists. Alas, I find my old School Pens and the race is on! I found Goulet Pens! 3 Sheaffer School Pens, 2 Lamys (medium), 2 Pilot Metropolitans (fine), 1 Pilot Varsity (don’t know how that happened), and a Platinum Nice Limited Edition Century 3776 coming to me from friends in Japan. For calligraphy (which I hope will help improve my everyday hand) I purchased a Speedball Deluxe Oblique Pen Holder, a Cork Tip Pen Holder, a handful of nibs, 2 styles of ink, 2 books, Rhodia Paper, 2 reams of HP Premium Choice Laserjet Paper, and other accoutrements. I already had a light box. I can't decide if I should take up 'Copperplate' or 'Spencerian Script. I am leaning toward Spencerian because I have always loved to look at it. Also I am confused by what is being called 'Modern' or 'Contemporary' Calligraphy on the Internet. Not sure what it is exactly. Calligraphy without rules? A Retired Graphic Designer in her 60’s, Casey (Typography Junkie) Haven P.S. Any advice on a good flexible nib fountain pen would be much appreciated.
  8. Wheatflower

    Ink Drop Is Back!

    Earlier this week Goulet announced that the Ink Drop program was back, and I signed up yesterday. Has anyone gotten theirs yet? What is the theme for this month? (I would prefer not to have the ink names or colors spoiled, if you don't mind.)
  9. Fans of this beautiful Goulet special unite! Please note that in some photos you will find of this pen on the web the colors of the pen appear more vibrant than they actually are in real life. Thank you for this wonderful fountain pen, Brian and Rachel! Warm regards, Virginia ''Geena''
  10. MrsGouletPens

    Organics Studio Is Discontinued

    Hi FPN'ers, Just wanted to let you all know that Organics Studio is discontinued. Tyler (the creator) has decided to take a break from ink manufacturing to focus on his graduate studies. We know it was a hard decision, and we certainly wish him the best! That said, all Organics Studio inks are now on closeout here at Goulet Pens. We were fortunate to snag the last remaining stock, so what we have is all that's left.
  11. Just bought some good stuff at good prices w/ free shipping at Goulet. Found out about it by reading their newsletter. No affiliation just an admirer and customer!
  12. MrsGouletPens

    Inksamplepalooza At Goulet Pens!

    Spring has a newness to it that we just can't resist! And who doesn't need some fresh, new inks for their pens? Enter the code "inkshowers14" at checkout and get 20% off individual ink samples on all purchases over $20 at gouletpens.com. Now through Tuesday, April 15. http://distilleryimage10.ak.instagram.com/8fafbd42c02a11e39f300002c9ce50c6_8.jpg
  13. Recently I placed an order from iSellPens.com. I opted for isellpens over Goulet Pens, and I don't regret it one bit. No, I may not have gotten a Tootsie pop – even better. I managed to get some money after selling one of my old textbooks on eBay, so I decided I would treat myself to a bottle of Diamine Denim, Noodler's Black, a Pilot Metropolitan and a few other small things for school. Not a big order by any means, but it got to me quicker than I could believe. I placed my order on a Friday, and it was here Monday morning without my spending a small fortune on shipping, unless $3 is considered a small fortune. (5% off my order, too!) Being a student just starting off, I was incredibly excited to open up my order when it arrived. I opened up the box and...."did Todd mess up my order?" Nope! Without requesting anything, he was so incredibly kind as to include a few ink samples with a 17 year old guy's order! – Now – as you can imagine, I was excited to get a Metropolitan and two bottles of ink, but receiving those on the side absolutely made my day. ––– That's not all though. The way in which Todd packaged my order was unbelievable. He included a hand-written note inside of the Fort-Knox-tough package –– a great added touch. I e-mailed back and forth with Todd a bit and soon realized what an outstanding guy he is. He is a man of great integrity, faith, and honesty with an interest in his customers. It's a small family-run business, but that's what I really like about it. He truly cares about his customers and runs an honest business where he does his best to provide great prices and service. I just want to encourage those on this awesome community to check his website out and support small businesses like his that may not always have the same benefits as the larger ones on the block. He truly is a great guy. Those are my thoughts, anyway. Thanks!
  14. Let me preface this by saying that I have no idea if this is the correct forum to post this in, but none of the others seemed to fit exactly. I recently received a gift card for Levenger Pens, worth $75. I want to use this to buy a pen, but Levenger does not carry any of the brands I prefer. For those who do enjoy the products sold at Levenger's site, I wondered if you would like to swap a gift card for a website I can use, mainly gouletpens.com or nibs.com, for the levenger gift card I have. Or even if you do not have a gift card for those places and are simply looking to buy something from Levenger's, I would much appreciate it if we could arrange for you to purchase a card from one of those sites in exchange for the Levenger card, just to help me out. I know that this is an odd request, but I would very much appreciate it if anybody could help me out here. I don't want to waste $75 on a pen I do not need.

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