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Found 9 results

  1. Lamy have different 14K gold nibs 2000 series nibs Z 55 --> dialog 3, studio, cp1 and others Z 56 --> imporium palladium finish and rose gold Z 57 --> imporium black and black/gold finish I'm planning to upgrade the nib of my Lamy Logo with a gold springy Lamy nib (I want a springer nib without expend much money buying another pen, I like my Logo), but what are the differences between Z 55, Z 56 and Z 57? In pages like nibsmith or appelboom for example, Z 56 and Z 57 have a higher cost compared to Z 55. Of course! Z 56 and Z 57 are the Lamy imporium nibs and have some minimal differences in design (no breather hole)... But talking about only the writing perfomance (springiness and other aspects that affect writing experience), what is the differences? Anyone has tested and can compare those nibs?
  2. The Aurora 14K gold EF nib I have writes very smoothly but not completely (or intolerably) devoid of feedback. It gave the least audible and tactile feedback of all the pens/nibs in the list below, although the difference between it and my Sailor Pro Gear in that regard is nigh negligible. On the other hand, in spite of being an EF nib, it writes more broadly than any of the Japanese gold F nibs I tested just then. Even the 18K gold Pilot Capless F nib (of which the output is not shown below) leaves a finer line than the Aurora. My Diplomat and Rotring steel EF nibs also write more finely than it does. (I'm not sure about the Lamy and Faber-Castell steel EF nibs.) I can live with its line width as is, but I'm damn glad I didn't order the Aurora F nib instead.
  3. ryanboyd

    Lamy Gold Nibs

    I love Lamys, but find their steel nibs to be slightly scratchier on certain papers than I prefer. To fix this, I've been considering trying Lamy's gold nibs, but have delayed my purchase due to reports that their gold nibs write noticeably thicker than their steel counterparts. As a regular Lamy medium steel nib user, should I consider going fine for the gold nib?
  4. EH86055

    What Is Your Ideal Nib?

    What is your ideal nib? Mine would be a EF 21k flex nib with some feedback,lesser-moderate wetness, and preferably No.9 sized. What would a nib like this cost,and are there nibs like this out there?
  5. EH86055

    What Is Your Ideal Nib?

    What is your ideal nib? Mine would be a EF 21k flex nib with some feedback,lesser-moderate wetness, and preferably No.9 sized. What would a nib like this cost,and are there nibs like this out there?
  6. I've been recently looking at jumping from relatively cheaper (but still good) pens (like the Lamy Safari and Pilot Metropolitan) all the way to a gold nib pen, specifically the Pilot e95S. But should I get a gold nib pen? Is it a big difference and/or experience from a steel nib? Also, is there a difference between a 14k gold or an 18k gold nib?
  7. I was just wondering. It might be stupid. But. I'm going to ask anyway. Is there anyone that would make a custom gold nib? Like just the nib? Because I find branded gold nibs unreasonably expensive.
  8. The ballpoint pen is what a CD is to music. A miserable upgrade. The two pens today I will talk about are nothing else than the same pens, bought new on ebay brought from Japan. Same seller, same buyer. Me. I didn't want it to be this way, it just happened but since it did, I had to tell a few people about it and why not you. I wanted a smooth nib. I don't care for scratchy nibs, I want smooth. I don't want to drive an American car like a town car but I do want my pens to be smooth. Call it an idiosyncrasy of mine if you wish. I bought from a commendable ebay seller, with 100% feedback the pen mentioned. In Maroon and with a M nib. I wanted the pen for everyday hard work. Not really that many pages, but enough to excuse myself for spending over 270 bucks on a pen. I received the pen and found it be faulty. It was so scratchy I didn't want to use it. I cleaned it, flushed it, changed ink, and even used various grades of paper to see what in the world was going on since the nib seemed fine, even when I checked it with a 40x loop I got for a friend, My loop was 10x. My ebay seller sent me another one within four days!!!! And I ended up with two pens, same color same make and from the same lot as I was told. Outcome. Two pens can sometimes never be the same, no matter how simple they are, but I will be damned if I can find another pen in the world that can make me laugh! When the second pen arrived faster than I could complain to my seller I tore the box apart and with my breath on hold, and trust me that only happens when I look at horses running in the wild, I stood up to start flushing the pen with water and started to write while praying this time the pen was going to work, or was Sailor nibs just another hype! Let me start by saying that the filling mechanism is as simple as anything I have used. It honestly couldn't get simpler. The end of the pen is turned and the piston goes up and down and fills the pen with your desired ink. Even I could do it! The other thing is that you have to turn the cap a few times to get it off, I honestly prefer a single turn, like what Jinhao 159's have, than going around three times to get to your writing position. Waste of time I tell you. The finish was perfect on both models, both were immaculate and literally very light and when I say exact weight, I measured it with a diamond measuring tool which is VERY accurate. So back to the holding my breath part and the second pen which came to revive my hope of Sailor being a good nib company maker. I didn't have paper, I felt as stupid as my son which walks out of the house with no shoes on once in a while. So I literally ran into the office and wrote on any paper I could find. It then dawned on me that I was laughing. Not intrigued, not happy, but laughing like a little child would. I couldn't get it at the time but what it was not evident to me then was that I simply couldn't believe what I was feeling. The pen is so light and capable of writing with very little pressure. It dawned upon me that after every test I did it proved that this is a WRITING INSTRUMENT and not a another fountain pen! This is what FP means to me. The ability to write for hours and have very little fatigue. It sailed over ever paper I brought on to the testing board. I couldn't stop writing. It was the total opposite of what I had lived with the exact same pen only four days before. I had two pens in my hand, both the same as you will see in the pictures and one was heaven and one was hell. As soon as I get the flikr account set up I will put up a few pics to show the pens side by side with the two different boxes they came with. The only thing I can say at this point in time is that this very shallow review will continue as soon as the pictures are in place. Until then, I am still laughing. God bless Gold!
  9. After acquiring a lot of gift cards for my birthday, I decided I would like to finally get a gold nib pen. All I can afford is an eBay/Amazon seller of the Pilot Custom 74, but I am dedicated to this pen after many reviews., so I would not like to change that. This seems to be the best pen for my hand size, school and other things I may use it for, like generic writing. One thing I cannot seem to find much of are pictures or suggestions of nib comparisons. I would definitely like a nib with a bit of line variation (and yes I know flex and soft are not the same thing). I know the soft nibs and according to some websites, even standard nibs will offer that, but I would like some more judgement on my opinion. I can be a consistent writer when I want to, but also want some creativity in my writing which is why I might want a soft nib. Any opinions on them? Again this would be for a high school student who's looking for a bit of line variation, and would like a nice pen to carry around. Thanks!

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