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  1. "This is a requested writing sample. I'm using a Shaeffer fountain pen that Amber Lea Davis gave me. She asked that I inflict, er, I mean show off my penmanship to all of you with this fountain pen. "The ink is all old school Shaeffer. It's a mixture of Shaeffer Jet Black from a cartridge that was totally dried out and some Shaeffer Red ink from a bottle. I poked a hole in the cartridge and let flow the distilled water. After I'd written about half of the 1½ mL cartridge out I added some Canadian Sheaffer Red ink. I did not measure any of the components so I couldn't reproduce this ink, but I like it. It's sort of reminiscent of Noodler's Red/Black ink. "Well, I hope that my handwriting hasn't put any of you off your food. I'll type up a copy of this deathless prosody in case anyone wants to actually read it. "Ink Stained Wretch" Here are two views of the pen that I wrote the above with. It may be a Shaeffer Prelude. We're not sure. And I want to add a big thanks to Amber Lea Davis for giving me this fountain pen. .
  2. Yes, it's a gift. http://www.giardino.it/IMMAGINI/Mailing/ScatolaFiocco800.jpg It's a Visconti's luxury business card holder, made of genuine Italian soft leather, with magnetic closure, with its hard box and cardboard cover. http://www.giardino.it/IMMAGINI/Mailing/RegaloAperto116.jpg And it comes absolutely free with every Giardino dell'Eden (fountain pen or roller) you buy in Giardino Italiano, until Tuesday, December 3. Don't you know what is the Giardino dell'Eden???? That's it: http://www.giardino.it/IMMAGINI/Mailing/Eden3punte1200.jpg Don't wait: only until December 3.
  3. I am looking for a good pen to give a friend. We meet up a few times a year and I want to give him something that he will like and actually use. He would mostly use it at work and it would need to be something fairly conservatively styled and absolutely reliable. A few years ago we were talking and (surprise!) the subject turned to pens. It turned out that was using and enjoying the Pilot V-pen/Varsity. But he wasn't so keen on disposables, and was very open to something more stylish and business-appropriate. So, sticking with the understated pens and Japanese nib theme, I gave him a Pilot Custom Heritage 91 with a F-M nib. He likes the aesthetics OK, but doesn't enjoy writing with it so much. He subsequently tried a Platinum Preppy (M) and really liked the nib. He was not so keen on the Lamy 2000; neither did the Pelikan 200 range float his boat. The nib size will matter. He has small and precise handwriting, which is why I went for a F-M in the first place. I don't think anything wider than a Japanese Medium line would be suitable. Given the ease of cleaning, I am leaning towards a cartridge/converter pen over (say) a piston-filler. I am certain he wouldn't regularly use a really girthy pen. Also, I suspect he would prefer the ritual of unscrewing the cap over the ease of a snap-cap, though this is a mild preference. My current thinking is therefore that he might do well with a black Platinum 3776 with a Medium nib. I also thought of a Sailor ProGear with medium nib, but that costs more than twice the price of the basic 3776 and whilst I'm interested in finding a good match, that price-difference is an issue. Do you have any other suggestions?
  4. The pen in the picture was given to me in December 1990 when I was working for Bull, which is a French computer company. The pen is a Waterman and is in what were then the corporate colours. It came with a single cartridge and I used it till the cartridge ran out and then it languished in its box at the back a drawer until Friday when I found it again. I managed to get a bit of Quink blue into the cartridge and it wrote pretty well. I've now bought some Waterman cartridges & a convertor so I can use it regularly. Does anyone have any idea which Waterman it's based on?
  5. "My First Love" Several years ago, a black version of this pen was sold in the US as the "College Cartridge Pen". I had discovered fountain pens in my freshman year of college with the Sheaffer Reaktor from Walmart. It was night and day compared to the Bics I used up to that point. This was night and day compared to the Reaktor - the nib was buttery smooth, the feed even and reliable, and it was a joy to write with. For more than half a decade and most of a pen worth of replacement parts, it was with me in my pocket nonstop. I put most of a bottle of Sheaffer Turquoise through that thing. When I sat on it and broke it, I was crushed. (Interestingly, the screw-on cap protects it nicely; I had somehow managed to unscrew it in my pocket before I could break the pen) So was it. I spent an inordinate amount of time and money tracking down the last few of these left on the market, and absolutely did NOT regret doing so. Now I find they're available at Hobby Lobby, for half the price I paid for my first two, and I'm ecstatic. This is probably the best cheap pen on the market. I highly recommend an ink cartridge converter and buying ink by the bottle - you'll like this thing enough that you'll find any excuse to write with it, and if you do any appreciable amount of writing before, well… Also, there are far more shades and colors of ink available in bottles than cartridges; you're sure to find one that suits you. If you prefer the convenience of cartridges, Waterman long cartridges will fit, one at a time; short international cartridges will fit with room for a spare. Cheap generic ink cartridges are available on eBay in bulk for a price that you won't mind paying; they're not quite as cheap as bottled ink, but the difference is pretty small. While this can be considered a "gateway" fountain pen, it stands up to the more expensive pens you may be tempted to upgrade to nicely. Because the cap screws on, it does not dry out quickly; it can be left in a desk as an occasional pen. Because it's so cheap, it makes a wonderful gift for those considering trying a fountain pen, or a loaner you won't cry about losing. You want this pen - trust me. Maybe more than one.
  6. Hi everyone! My mother loves these pens, and recently made comments about how she lost her set yada yada.. So i like to make stuff with polymer clay, and recent saw a video on making a ink well holder and a nib pen in a fariy-ish theme. and thought awesome I can make mom a sea themed one. As i was looking on line i see there are more then one type of nib, and I am not rely wanting to make a new pen for every nib, lol So i have a few questions. 1) Are all nibs the same sized around the top part that is inserted into the pen handle? 2) Were can I get a good set of same sized nibs that would be interchangeable with the one pen handle? 3) Where could I get a good ink well/bottle(empty no ink). and is there a type that has something like a removable liner inside.( I want to build around the bottle, but I want her to be able to wash it with out washing the whole piece. 4) Dose the size of the handle matter? And what ever else you think i might need to know. I have been going crazy try to research all this and all I am doing is giving myself a migraine. And i could ask my mother this stuff but shes the type of person who's like WTH do wana know that for Lmao. So asking her is shooting myself in the foot.
  7. PenBoutique

    Parker Gift Sets! For Grads Or Dads!

    If you're scrambling for a last minute gift for a Grad or Dad in your life then have a look at our fresh new stock of Parker pen sets. Parker is well established internationally as one of the forefathers of the modern fountain pen. Parker's have become so ubiquitous in the pen world that many "pen standards" have been set based on how Parker did it at first (a Parker-style ballpoint refill is extremely easy to find and will fit into ballpoints from many pen companies). While Parker is still making classic, low-key pens, what many people don't know is that they have a stellar selection of pens mixing modern with classic. It's these unique combinations that make a pen a pleasure to use and others take note. Pen Boutique has 4 newly-introduced pen sets all of which are stellar gifts (for yourself or others) that feature gorgeous pens. PackagingAll of the sets come in gorgeous gift boxes with a dark brass and gold colored box. The interior of the boxes is a tan velveteen with a brass-colored embossing of the Parker name and logo. The attention to detail in packaging perfectly reflects the sleek, modern pens that are stored inside of them. Read on about the specific sets that Pen Boutique is now offering: Parker IM Ballpoint and Fountain Pen Set in Brushed Metal This is a set of 2 pens from the Parker's IM line -- a ball point and a fountain pen in a brushed metal finish. The pen appointments are a glossy chrome finish and of course the clip is the iconic Cross-arrow. The IM pens are an incredible value. Due to the metal body they have a great weight to them and a really modern look. The ballpoint performs just as you would expect from a Parker pen-- dependable and lovely flow. Same with the fountain pen in the set. The flow is smooth and reliable. It comes with one blue ink cartridge and will accept a Parker converter. This pen/these pens would be good for people who are: -looking for a pen that will match most any outfit (including Mad Men costumes or wedding dresses)-just starting at a professional job -interested in dabbling in fountain pens-into pens on the heavier side or made of metal-want to switch between a ballpoint and fountain pen Parker Sonnet Ballpoint and Case Set in Pearl Lacquer Classy and sleek, this Parker ivory ballpoint is a timeless accessory bound to become a family heirloom. The Parker Sonnet is reminiscent of a 1950's movie star-- a silky, pearlescent white, bordering on cream, with rose-gold colored appointments. Not only is it gorgeous, but it writes well and dependably. For those that carry their pens in pocketbooks or bags, there is a tan, leatherette pen pouch that will perfectly fit the Sonnet ballpoint or any other pen in similar size. This pen/these pens would be good for people who: -love classic Hollywood movies-want a classic pen that will never go out of style-like rose-gold and/or accessories that are white (think: IPhone) Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen with Secret Shelf Full disclosure -- when we received this set into the store, a few Pen Boutique employees gathered around and took turns merely opening and closing the case. This "Secret Shelf" set has a very impressive, kinaesthetic packaging design-- when the case is opened, a small drawer is slowly emerges from the front side of the box to reveal the Sonnet fountain pen. Still, the pen is the Headliner of the show-- subtle and dark upon first glance, but when opened, the nib and patterned "section" are fresh and unique. The pen comes with a taupe, letherette-covered notebook with a friction-fit belt. The Sonnet fountain pen and other pens of similar size, will fit perfectly in the protective spine of the notebook which makes for easy transporting. The paper is replaceable with other Parker notebooks and 5.75 x 4" -sized notebooks. This pen/these pens would be good for people who:-love fountain pens that look classic with a slight twist-enjoy pens with metal bodies and heavier feel-are looking for a convenient notebook to use daily with their new pen-suckers for awesome product presentation and boxes Parker Sonnet Black Ballpoint and Red Notebook Set The box looks like it would contain luxurious chocolates, but when you open it, it actually reveals a classic Parker ballpoint and a vivid red notebook with a small pen loop. The pen is a Sonnet ballpoint-- well known as a workhorse of the workplace. The surface is a matte, pebbled black with silver appointments. The pebbled surface allows for better grip when held in a sweaty hand. This is a great, practical gift for a professional. If you would like more information or to place an order Please contact us: Support@penboutique.com1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272
  8. Hello everyone! I've been reading this website for months but this is the first time I post. I wanted to ask you guys to recommend me which pen I should ask for as a gift for my college graduation, with a budget of max 400 dls. I have been considering the following options: Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night, Visconti Dali, Montegrappa Ducale and Espressione and Montblanc 145, but I am open to more suggestions. I have been into fountain pens for a couple of years and I currently own 2 Lamy Safaris and a Sheaffer 100. Which pen would you choose for this special occasion?
  9. phillieskjk

    Best. Gift. Ever.

    Disclaimer A: This is most likely the wrong section. Moderators, if you feel this belongs in chatter please move it! Disclaimer B: This is most likely going to sound like pure meaningless gushing. Sorry. As a high school student, I am definitely in the minority of pen type. Luckily, my friends tolerate my fountain pen obsession (it entertains them). I've even tried to convert a couple of them to fountain pens (to no avail). Today, a day before Christmas break, we were exchanging our Christmas gifts with each other. My girlfriend presented me with a small, heavy box. I was thoroughly confused. The box was quite heavy for such a small size. As I quizzically unwrapped it, my eyes began to glow. She got me a bottle of Emerald of Chivor!!! I had been meaning to get some for myself, but I impulsively bought a Kindle Fire with my pen budget, which, being a high school student, is quite low. The ink is amazing, and I'm super happy that she took the time to track it down. I had mentioned a "green ink with gold sparkles." This one's a keeper! Edited because I had typed ones instead of one's and it was bothering me.
  10. I'm hoping to purchase a pre-owned Montblanc fountain pen for my mother as a Christmas gift. I've been doing some light research since yesterday, but this is a topic I know very little about. It should be noted that she also isn't a collector by any means, and I think also isn't particularly knowledgable about pens. But I noticed her admiring someone else's Montblanc a few weeks ago, and I think it would make a neat gift. Because of that, she's not likely to be nit-picky about smaller details, and an overall nice feel is what's most important. I'd like to stay under $200 if possible. Based on preliminary research, it seems like a pre-owned 144 might be my best bet. I'm reluctant to buy one from eBay because I know I would have a difficult time spotting a fake (as would she, but obviously I want to get her the real thing anyway). I found a 1998 144 online for $189, which seems like my most promising lead at the moment. I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on this. Thank you!
  11. I already posted in the Montblanc forum, but I want to ask this question here as well because I figure this section probably gets more traffic. I'm hoping to purchase a pre-owned Montblanc fountain pen for my mother as a Christmas gift. I've been doing some light research since yesterday, but this is a topic I know very little about. It should be noted that she also isn't a collector by any means, and I think also isn't particularly knowledgable about pens. But I noticed her admiring someone else's Montblanc a few weeks ago, and I think it would make a neat gift. Because of that, she's not likely to be nit-picky about smaller details, and an overall nice feel is what's most important. I'd like to stay under $200 if possible. Based on preliminary research, it seems like a pre-owned 144 might be my best bet. I'm reluctant to buy one from eBay because I know I would have a difficult time spotting a fake (as would she, but obviously I want to get her the real thing anyway). I found a 1998 144 online for $189, which seems like my most promising lead at the moment. I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on this. Thank you! Note: I realize that many people might be likely to suggest other, more economical brands. I fully understand and am aware of the reasoning. I am looking for a Montblanc specifically though, as that's the brand I overheard her talking about/admiring.
  12. I started to collect this by curiosity and I discovered that I don't have the patience for this. There are 8 dip holders with nibs on them, slightly used. Some are not even used. But there are a lot of them in a box and outside that are unused, just tested. Feel free, if in USA, to request to be awarded this gift. Send PM telling me. This is a great opportunity for someone curious about calligraphy, drawing, etc. I only request payment of $6.50 for shipment via Paypal, You have until Friday to make the request. The winner to be announced on Monday 3rd. Thanks. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i82/anangeli/NIBS/DIP%20PIF_2412%20copy_zpskxmnh90l.jpg
  13. A couple of months back Jeff Pearson posted some comments and queries on my blog regarding fountain pens. Later on among the comments and replies, one day he suddenly asked for my mail address as he wanted to gift me certain fountain pens. Thinking it a bit quirky, I avoided it. Later on after more of such requests I finally relented. btw Jeff is a member of FPN (which I came to know later) & having username notimetoulouse So yesterday I got these wonderful fountain pens - Jinhao x450, - love it Kaigelu 316, - had only seen its reviews on FPN Picasso, - had only heard of the brand Wingsung 380, - I already have it, the same one !!! Lanbitou - so tiny didn't know it existed :-) and also a carefully packed set of ink cartridges - obviously I did not know that these inks also came in cartridges. Thanks Jeff for these wonderful pens and cartridges - and taking the pains to ship these from your end - which is half the world round ! btw the Jinhao x450 is my favourite, and I had been searching for this colour for quite some time :-) And all the pens have very smooth nib, and look great! Images below.
  14. Let me preface this by saying that I have no idea if this is the correct forum to post this in, but none of the others seemed to fit exactly. I recently received a gift card for Levenger Pens, worth $75. I want to use this to buy a pen, but Levenger does not carry any of the brands I prefer. For those who do enjoy the products sold at Levenger's site, I wondered if you would like to swap a gift card for a website I can use, mainly gouletpens.com or nibs.com, for the levenger gift card I have. Or even if you do not have a gift card for those places and are simply looking to buy something from Levenger's, I would much appreciate it if we could arrange for you to purchase a card from one of those sites in exchange for the Levenger card, just to help me out. I know that this is an odd request, but I would very much appreciate it if anybody could help me out here. I don't want to waste $75 on a pen I do not need.
  15. Before I say anything I think it is important that I set some background information. My mother has been going to the same hairdresser with my grandmother for the past forty years. When I turned seventeen this past year, my grandmother asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I replied asking her if my grandfather (who died when I was young) ever used fountain pens and that it would mean a lot to me to have one if he did. Unfortunately my grandfather did not use fountain pens and instead my grandmother gave me money to by myself a pen and some ink. Now back to the hairdresser; a little while ago my grandmother was talking to her and must have mentioned how I enjoy using fountain pens. At this point she told my grandmother something amazing, several years ago she was given a Mont Blanc fountain pen that she never used. She has felt that for years she has been the caretaker of this pen and would like to pass it on to someone who would really appreciate and care for it. Refusing to accept payment, she gave it to my grandmother to give to me to take on the role of its new caretaker. As a result of this incredible kindness I am now the new and proud owner of a New Old Stock Mont Blanc Meisterstuck LeGrand 147 Traveler. Being a seventeen year old, Mont Blancs are out of my price range and as a result I no very little about this pen and was hoping some of you would be kind enough to enlighten me about it and possibly date it using the photos below.

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