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Found 13 results

  1. Recently acquired this lovely silver pen and would like more information about the model. I have not found any information about Stylomine pens that were lever fillers. Any background about this model would be greatly appreciated. Nib reads J.M.P. ,18 Cts, UNIS.FRANCE. There is a hallmark on the lever and on the lower end of the barrel that looks like AYL, but I can't be sure. Also two marks on the cap that could be an animal head, but I can't make out what they are. Pen is just over 4 inches or 103mm long capped.
  2. First Impressions (9/10) I came to own this pen as a result of an unintended visit to a jeweller´s shop during a short holiday visiting my in-laws. We went to this shop to buy a silver picture frame as a present for my mother in law, but as they also sell some pens and watches I was wondering around while my dear Mrs. went around her business. They largely sell Montblancs , a few Montegrappas and half hidden behind some golden lighters was this beautiful gem. As I showed some interest the shopkeeper was very kind to take it out of the display cabinet and put it in my hand. I initially thought " why should I want another black bird ? " But they were so kind to let me try it and the nib experience was soo god that I was thrilled . Fortunately my wife came back to us, having finished her purchases and looking at me playing with the pen she decided to buy it for me as a present for our still distant wedding anniversary. And that is how I came to own this beauty of a pen. Appearance(10/10) The box which contained the pen was well made, but without any ostentatious or peculiar features. This just a stunningly elegant, understated and classy pen. The black lacquer is just perfect, and the gold trims are very becoming. The shape of the pen is a variation of the cigar and flat top classic pen shapes, with a very stylized twist. The clip is also good, with the classic S T Dupont rhomboid logo on top of the clip. The gold ring at the body before the section just says ST Dupont PARIS. The finial has a capital D as a major feature Design/Size/Weight (9/10) On the hand the pen is very comfortable if unposted, as when it is posted it tends to go out of the centre of gravity so it becomes more difficult to control. Otherwise it is quite a light and pleasant pen on the hand. Length capped: 146 mm Length uncapped:134 mm Length posted:166 mm Weight: 48 g Nib (10/10) The best part of this pen is the nib experience. This is an EF 18 k gold nib. It is a true EF but it is juicy and slides gracefully on the pen without the slightest feedback or scratchiness. It was the nib that sold this pen to me, and it is one of my best nibs without a doubt. Filling System (8/10) This pen comes with a standard cartidge-converter system. It works well, but it is a bit of a disappointment in such an expensive pen to have this limited ink capacity. On the other hand , it takes large international cartidges. Cost and Value (9/10) For the price my wife paid, I am very satisfied with what I have got. However, this pen was bought in a sale in a tax-free area, so the normal price would have been double. I doubt that I would have let her bought the pen Conclusion (9.3/10) I am very happy with this pen particularly thanks to the excellent nib performance. Otherwise it is a beautiful and classy pen, perhaps lacking a bit of emotion or a “je ne sais quoi” factor to make it really unique.
  3. I present this little beauty in its classic vintage box. I was super lucky to find this on eBay! Now if only I could find a matching Mastodonte.
  4. Recently I received a Bayard Souverain cartridge fountain pen, made in France probably in the 1970s. It has a nice 18-carat nib with a good amount of flex. I wanted to get it back in service. After exhausting my supply of various makes of cartridges an internet search and French pen blogs indicated pens made by Bayard, Unic and Stylomine use a ‘BUS 5’ cartridge (BUS = Bayard, Unic, Stylomine). The BUS 5 is no longer manufactured. Fortunately my local pen store (Bromfield Pen Shop) came up with a solution. After a number of tries the answer is to use S. T. Dupont propriety ink cartridges. It stands to reason as Dupont is based in France. The fit is initially a bit tight but the Dupont cartridge works well and stays in place. The ink flow is what one would expect and want. I’d be interested in hearing if anyone knows of other cartridges that might fit -- one similar in dimensions to the S. T. Dupont but only slightly larger around the interior neck opening pierced by the section. Here are some photos of the Dupont cartridge and the Bayard Souverain.
  5. Well, the original design as I got tons of mails for this pen, its available finally, although its a very difficult pen to do so it takes time. The system has been tested over 6 months now, the first VAC are shipping by the end of novemeber (the carbon fiber version) A video will be posted soon with the pen in action. A really different pen, even for our standards. https://www.venvstas.com/shamash enjoy.
  6. Dear fountain pen people. One of our best known models have been re-designed and we are going to give away 2 different pens for review and testing purposes before making them available. You can pick the nib you want, and you will be able to keep the pen afterwards, current reviews here or online are from very early models or from stuff that has been changed, or discontinued, or both, plus there is almost no information on the pens. The only condition is that you did already at least 3 reviews on the FPN, that you follow the FPN guide for reviewing, and having a blog or a U-tube channel is a plus, and more important, that you're willing to do it. That said you can message here (private of course) and/or write @ info@venvstas.com Thank you! www.venvstas.com Follow us:https://fr-fr.facebook.com/Venvstas-Paris-614789062006667/https://twitter.com/venvstashttps://www.instagram.com/venvstas/https://fr.pinterest.com/venvstas/
  7. I recently acquired this button filler fountain pen in France. It cleaned up nicely. I've examined the pen with a loupe and cannot find any maker's mark. The plastic (Bakelite? Celluloid?) is substantial and a very nice burgundy-black-gray mottled pattern. It has both top and bottom black jewels. The clip resembles an Edacoto clip except it is unmarked. My guess is the clip is brass while the other metal features seem to be gold plate. The nib is marked: Wellgraph Pointe Iridium with the number 97 in a box.Measurements: Capped 12.6 cm, Posted 14.9 cm, Diameter approximately 1.2 cm Any thoughts on the maker, model or year of the pen? Thanks in advance.
  8. After I took up fountain-penning as a hobby (I used to just use the things before this year), I started seeing this fountain pen for R$ 29 (about 8 US Dollars) on big-box stationary stores. So I bought one! Maped is a French company that makes almost everything related to school and art that I can think of. From that maker, I've got pencil sharpeners, scissors with weird blades, pliable rulers... but didn't even know they made fountain pens. (The back of the package says it’s made, unsurprisingly, in China.) As you might expect for R$ 29, it's not the greatest of pens (as a comparison, Lamy Safaris will cost ya R$ 130 in Brazil) but I was surprised by the quality product I got for my buck. It's very light (16 g / 10 g uncapped), especially because it doesn't post, although its barrel is long enough for that not to be a problem for the largest of hands (135 mm in length, uncapped). The nib has a tiny little bit of flexibility (not unlike what you might experience with a Pilot MR) and you'll feel a lot of feedback; almost too much in fact. I wouldn't say the nib is scratchy, but the feedback is enough for me not to want this pen as my everyday writer. Using Lamy Red ink, it kept up with my most intense scribblings without skipping. Also, I forgot it uncapped for almost five minutes and it wrote right away. There’s no indication of nib size, but the line is clearly an European fine, which means it's a hair thicker than what I get with my Pilot MR medium. The pen is almost completely made of that kind of plastic that you find in little kids' toys. The section has a rubber cover that's rather comfortable, but has indentations for a three-finger "classic" grip, which you might not care for if you don't hold pens that way. The finger depressions are very slight, though, so they won't bother you too much. There's no disassembling, so cleaning it up before changing ink colors might be a little bit of a hassle. I think using a thin syringe to squirt water though the section is a feasible method, but I haven't tested it yet. The Maped Reload Premium only accepts short int'l cartridges. Here's where I think it was conceived for children, because the filling mechanism is very cool: you slide the silvery lip back until it clicks and the cartridge ejects! You just need to put a new cartridge in the opening and slide the lip forward; it'll adjust and attach the cartridge by itself. There's also a "secret compartment" in the end of the barrel for storing a spare cartridge. You won't be able to see the ink level unless you partially eject the cartridge, but it won't make a mess if you do it nib up. You should be careful when uncapping the pen, because the cap is held very tightly in place and you’ll risk opening the silvery lip a little bit depending on how you hold the barrel when uncapping. (I don’t think you’ll eject the cartridge by mistake though, as the ejecting mechanism is also kinda tough.) There’s no way to uncap the pen one-handed because, again, the cap is fastened pretty securely. The clip, on the other hand, is rather springy and will hold anywhere; it has an extra curvy piece of material on the underside to avoid snagging. I’m not sure if the clip if made of very cheap metal or just plastic painted silver. The Maped Reload Premium comes in a blister pack with three blue cartridges (one is hidden in the "secret compartment") and a cute cloth sleeve for carrying the pen around. I haven't used any of the original cartridges as I had an empty one that I filled with Lamy Red, which I judged to be a fitting ink for this pen Here in Brazil, I can find it in dark cobalt with pink details and pink sleeve or charcoal-black with yellow-orange details and black sleeve. The cobalt-and-pink version has spirals and butterflies on the silvery lip of the barrel, while the black-and-orange has a wavy/fiery thing instead. All in all, it’s a fun pen to have around and use occasionally or present a kid in your life who’s a tad too interested in your fountain pen collection. I’ll leave mine inked with a some color I don’t use very often (Lamy Red) and use this fountain pen for jutting down margin notes on scientific articles.
  9. Toby or not Toby

    Watermans: A French Pen That Has Me Baffled!

    Hello, or perhaps I ought to say, 'Bonjour', This French Watermans pen, possibly a Ligne 60(?), has a filling system that I haven't come across, before. http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/2/5/3/2/1/0/webimg/827324423_tp.jpg Dipped in ink, the 18k nib writes beautifully, but I can't fathom out how to fill the 'cartridge'. The aluminium cartiridge has a hinged, brass tab at the end. Does the cartidge screw, or pull out? I'm reluctant to use force for fear of breaking something. http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/2/5/3/2/1/0/webimg/827324814_tp.jpg http://ti2.auctiva.com/web/supersize/clicktosup_000000.gif I'd be grateful of any guidance you can offer. Thankyou. http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/2/5/3/2/1/0/webimg/827324854_tp.jpg http://ti2.auctiva.com/web/supersize/clicktosup_000000.gif
  10. Hello , Can you help me to identify this french model in massive gold ? greetings from France.
  11. Ricky2011

    My 1940's Duofolds Not Eng Or Usa

    I thought I'd just share with you and hope for more info on the following: French- 18 Carat- Made in France on Barrel. 3 button fillers (Black) and 1 AF Burgundy Danish 1 NS button filler 1 AF 1 Canadian Button filler with push fit rather than threads looking for info esp. on the French - looking hopefully in the direction of George Z and Adamon best wishes Rick
  12. betweenthelens

    Bayard 656

    This is my latest Bayard-- a 656, circa 1950s. Thanks again to ebay seller amateur25. I decided to play up the pen's shade of green by contrasting it with foliage from our garden. It's inked with Montblanc Red Chalk and the writing sample is written on Clairefontaine. The nib reads P and F with the crossed nibs logo and 18ct as well as 50. Thanks for looking! http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4275_zps4d98a37d.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4315_zpsef8e3723.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_4324_zpsd5deaccb.jpg
  13. I have a friend who is visiting Paris. I was wondering if anyone might have any information on papers that may only normally be available in France. Also, if you are this familiar with France, where are the nice pen shops in Paris? I would like to relay this information to her. If there are any France only papers I may ask her to pick some up to bring back.

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