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Found 7 results


    New Models, New Releases!

    We can finally announce that we are updating the 2018 summer line with 4 new pens all available now. 1 - The Venvstas Stylo, a new cartridge converter pen that is a new design that will allow you to use ANY cartridge/converter on the market. The pen is made in Stainless steel and carbon fiber or fiber glass. 2 - The new Venvstas EDC, an everyday carry piston fountain pen that carries a lot of style and ink! 3 - A new version of the Magna, the Magna Black Edition, in glossy lacquered fiberglass, with a new, revised piston system that will allow for more ink in less space! 4 - The all new Alpha Déesse, a bigger version of the Iconic Alpha fountain pen that is 1mm larger in diameter, and 20mm longer. This new version will allow for ANY long/short cartridge converter on the market. Check them out! This summer the best design on the business is getting better!
  2. We are happy to announce that we won a competition to be part of the Paris design week, we will be there with our own space, if you don't know, this is one of the most important design events worldwide. As a designer this is quite a very important thing, plus, seems the pens are getting some attention.. To celebrate I've made a second prototype of the "vacumatic" type, (that uses a piston and a spring instead of the rubber diaphragm) this one won't be a limited run, probably will stay for a while, the other pen is on hold, as this one is getting my attention now for some reasons. Figures are similar, except the weight, but, the one here has been my everyday pen, it turned out to be quite a workhorse, it has no "blind cap" as the button is locked by a mechanism inside, the construction is carbon fiber instead of steel, and the ink windows are larger. he prototype in the pictures has a titanium nib, most likely the pen will have options for 14k or 18k N6 custom nibs, but eventually I shall take a look on working out a titanium nib, as to me has more to do with the spirit of the pen, It's also made with a carbon fiber ink feed with stainless steel micro tube, that was specially designed and developed for this pen, also the nib case is made of carbon fiber. There's little metal actually, the pen is very light and its the most complicated design I've done so far so far...The final version will have some changes though, the cap will post (this one cannot), and I'll add an option for a clip, in carbon, so that's under development now. The system is really fun to use, I would say that's more of a toy than anything else, but from the other design, I like the fact that there's no blind cap. Not available yet. Im posting to see the reaction, as its a very maybe "strange" pen. here the pictures, Cheers LR

    The V Parisienne

    Here is the pen with more detail, the pen is already online on the site, it has to be said that for this pen there's no steel nib version, its either 6mm 14k or 18k rhodium plated or natural gold as standard. It has a piston mechanism, 2.2ml ink capacity; the pen is 10-12mm thick, carbon fiber nib casing, carbon fiber piston and mechanism, gold plated parts and black glossy lacquered fiber body. The pen is quite compact around 145mm long 30 gram caped and loaded. Here the link to the pen for more information. Let me know your comments! https://www.venvstas.com/parisienne
  4. just a message to present the video channel that is a complement of the new re designed site, http://www.venvstas.com Although we're going to be sending some pens for reviews (there's a post on that) in order to offer more information due to the fact that what is online is always from the same pens and models that have been re-designed, discontinued or both, and that the fact that everything you put online stays there, the idea was to provide an alternative by making a new channel. We don't want to make a site tampered with videos, the design of the site (still under development) follows that of the pens, so the alternative is to place a channel in utube, to offer a complement for the information that's already there. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUQ9lT1PZrDjbxRHyFbWhOQ This is the link with different types of videos on pens and/or their accessories. I hope that will give you a broader idea on the pens, and tings, because at the end everything has a different logic, materials and aesthetics, systems, which are out of the norm. Take a look, and thank you. maybe it's also something that may add to what's your pen literacy, who knows, Quality of the videos and timing will be improved, I'll be updating the videos information and characteristics on the products to not just let old content to pile up. You can subscribe. comments are out because we cannot afford to take much energy on the different medias, so if any question, just go directly to the inbox info@venvstas.com thanks again. I left you here with one sketch to show you how starts a design of any of these things.
  5. Here is my first ever review of a fountain pen,Waterman L'etalon. This expresses my own observations and comments about this pen and reflects my own experiance . I disclaim any association ,whether positive or negative with any person , firm , organization ,or group . FIRST IMPRESSION .I saw the pen about three yerars ago in the show case of a local shop of fancy items , and i was stunned with the beautiful look of this pen .I am not a particular fan of gold items but this particular pen catched me to the point of no escape, so I purchased it immidietly and filled and performed a writing test riget on the shop .At that time ,I did not know that it was the L'etalon. THE PRESENTATION .The pen was housed in a blue waterman contemporary box with white satin lining inside. The box was layed in an outer card -board sleeve. No accessories , no ink cartridges or bottle. CONSTRUCTION . The pen is made of solid brass i.e cap and barrel ,with a very beautiful engraved pattern ,called "basketveawe" pattern. It feels very nice to touch .The section is made of plastic with a thin golden ring near the nib and and a quite broader ring near the end of the section, with "waterman " and "france " inscribed on it ..The section screw is also made of brass wth gold polish.The cap has black plastic (or Onyx , I dont know !) flat cabachon ( for the lack of a better term ! )at the blind end .The upper and lower ends are plain .The end of cap meeting the barrel appears to have a ring and has a small hexagonal waterman logo and also engraved ""paris". The cap has a very nice blanc space for engraving ones name etc. The clip is beautiful ,roughly triangular in shape with a blanc cut in the middle .The barrel has flat circular golden disc attached at the end. THE NIB AND FEED.The nib is quite big keeping in proportion to the main body of the pen . .It is golden ,and shows engravings: waterman logo ,waterman , paris ,18 k 750 and some simple desgn . Interestingly, it has no breahther hole. The feed is also large resembling comb-cut pattern ,and shows engraving letter indicating the width of the nib . FILLING. The pen can be filled with cartridges or a waterman scew -type converter , which appears small in relation to the size of the pen. CLOSING /OPENING The pen opens and closes thru snap mechanism which is quite secure . WRITING AND PERFORMANCE.The fine nib on the pen is really smooth,and very close to my desire.In fact ,this nib draws consistent wet line as the ink-flow is very smooth .Writing with the pen is a very very pleasurable experiance. CONCLUSION.The pen is elegant ,beautiful and an excellent writer, and makes a treasured possession.The only " flaw " with the pen is that it is considerably hefty and it will take sometime for me to be "habitual" with this pen. But the heft is justified in its very name L'etalon ,a french alternative of "stallion" ,meaning a horse .This pen is solid ,sturdy and built to last and beautiful as well.It is unfortunate that the pen is no longer in production since 1996. '
  6. betweenthelens

    Bayard Safety Circa 1920

    I received my 1920s Bayard Safety a couple of days ago and after inking it last night, I realized it will need a new seal as it's leaking from the end. Still, it's a gorgeous pen and in pretty much pristine condition otherwise. It came with the original box and information sheet, too. I used old newspaper, from Sept. 1920, discovered under carpeting the other day at the Vanderbilt mansion here in Hyde Park. I was photographing furnishings in the dining room and the curators called me into the "reception room" to have a look at the papers, which were found as the staff were rolling back the carpet to clean the flooring. Thanks for looking! **Please excuse the debris, evident on the pen's black surface. The newspapers are disintegrating rapidly into dust and I'll be throwing them out after I photograph a few noteworthy pieces. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_95902_zpsd0f647a7.jpg The pen with nib exposed. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9592_zps7cf4d2ba.jpg The box and pen with nib withdrawn. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9593_zps77ac7069.jpg Information sheet accompanying pen. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9620_zps8f47e532.jpg "Bayard Safety" http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9623_zpsfb5105e0.jpg Beautiful pattern http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9634_zps9f476ebf.jpg 18ct nib with the crossed nibs design and the E and F on either side The E and F denote the earliest of Bayards after Parisian bookseller Etienne Forbin, founder of the Bayard line. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9636_zpsc90651ed.jpg Feed http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9642_zps1c2d406d.jpg The emerging nib reminds me of the Stipula Samurai's retractable nib. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_9655_zpse60eec29.jpg The beautiful cap
  7. betweenthelens

    Poor Ebay Transaction

    Re: http://www.ebay.com/itm/181268489305?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 I wanted to post this here just because I feel something is amiss. My gut feeling (right or wrong) is that the seller didn't realize a decent price for these pens and decided not to send them to me, the winning bidder. I've never had an issue receiving anything from overseas and I've ordered from Europe and Asia. I have a strong proclivity for French pens, especially Bayards, and when I saw this auction for the Waterman and Bayard, I bid. I was really surprised that there was only one other bidder on this 10 day auction and I was further surprised that the final cost was 23 and change with cheap postage costs, too. The auction ended on 12/4 and I paid immediately. On 12/12, having not received any notification that the pens shipped, I sent the seller a message asking when the pens shipped and if there was a tracking number. The seller responded and said he sent the pens two days after my payment on 12/6. He added that he sent a watch to Canada "last month" and it took two weeks. He surmised that my pens would arrive by 12/20 and asked me to let him know when they arrived. On 12/24, I wrote the seller and informed him that the pens still hadn't arrived. I again asked for tracking information as he hadn't addressed my initial request for tracking, and I let that go as I'd expected the pens to arrive around the time he indicated they should. I hadn't received an answer from him by 12/28 so I re-sent my query and he answered me that same day. This is his message, verbatim. i pay you back now the post office told me the USA customs are the worst and the longer so they think it will arrive but the worst custom and the big shipment of chrismath are probably responsible of this late arrival excuse me for my bad english so i pay you back now i ask you to be serious and to pay me again when you will receive it usa are not china and i still believe it will arrive there is no number of shipment because it is without insurance insurance shipment would have cost more than the pen tell me I wrote him and told him I wished he hadn't refunded my money just yet and that I would, of course, pay him if the pens did arrive. I thought he was quite quick to refund my money as I'd given no inclination that I wanted a refund just yet. I believe I'm not going to receive these pens but will definitely post here if they do make it to me!

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