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Found 6 results

  1. We would like to present to you a new model that will be available SOON. The all new Venvstas D'art. We have been looking on this and other forums of the like, blogs, u-tube channels, and in a plethora of similar branches, and its remarkable how much chinese clones seem to gain terrain offering decent pens for the money and to some extend not only “inspired by” but falsifications of a very known german pen (in the picture below). Why somebody as a maker would like to make a falsification? Anyway. We have been looking with attention on how other metal pens inspired by, that are looking like this or that are also gaining space, wgy not to make something different? Is it possible? Well, yes! The pen is made of plastic (lets finish with the precious resin strategy to charge more for ordinary plastic, no plastic is precious by definition, if you want a precious resin, look for amber maybe), the nib is in steel and it is a cartridge pen, but, not only you can feed it with international/european type of cartridges but you can also feed it with your Lamy ones. We think this is important, as whats the point to be buying stuff that's not compatible if you like certain inks? We think we now can offer you an alternative in the sub 50 bucks zone, where very few are offering something that looks good, if you are looking for something different, at a reasonable price and with little waiting time. *ergonomic design *design that is TODAY and will be TOMORROW *Designed and made in Paris, *Nibs made in Germany. *Price below 40 euros *Lamy and Pelikan/european/international compatible.
  2. Hello, I would like to present a new model that will be out in around two months, it will be our last design of the year and a special run will be made of only 10 to 15 pieces with customized 6mm big 14k or 18k nibs, (customization included in the price!) the pen is as follows, (also some specifications you can find on the pictures) resistant composite construction, high glossy lacquered body, carbon fiber nib casing mechanism, gold plated, piston mechanism in fiber glass and carbon fiber, with 2.2ml ink capacity, (twice a M149) the size of the pen is similar to a M600, name of the pen Venvstas M33 "parisienne" The Pen has a gold plated clip, cap do post, if you are interested on it just message me, the pen is not in the website, and yes, it cost far less than a M149. Made in Paris. Weight is around 30 grams, loaded (and with the cap)
  3. Dear fountain pen people. One of our best known models have been re-designed and we are going to give away 2 different pens for review and testing purposes before making them available. You can pick the nib you want, and you will be able to keep the pen afterwards, current reviews here or online are from very early models or from stuff that has been changed, or discontinued, or both, plus there is almost no information on the pens. The only condition is that you did already at least 3 reviews on the FPN, that you follow the FPN guide for reviewing, and having a blog or a U-tube channel is a plus, and more important, that you're willing to do it. That said you can message here (private of course) and/or write @ info@venvstas.com Thank you! www.venvstas.com Follow us:https://fr-fr.facebook.com/Venvstas-Paris-614789062006667/https://twitter.com/venvstashttps://www.instagram.com/venvstas/https://fr.pinterest.com/venvstas/
  4. hello there!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting this tread, I'm new to the site and the fact I'm new to the site is because being a long time collector of Parker pens, and pens in general, fountain pens, I got a present from a friend. I'm american and I live in france, (because of my wife basically), and I got for my birthday a new pen I haven't seen before, I had no idea: After going here and there in internet (including this blog) I found out that apart from a twitter and a web site, there is no information on 'em. I had to ask my friend where did he bought it, and he did not wanted to say, as I could see the price of the gift... and it was in a small design shop in Paris, that's all. The pen is really nice, and has something that reminds me of the Lamy design, but the construction is like something I haven't seen before, in any of the pens I own. it's a piston filler (although not quite) which makes more difficult the thing as in the web site I couldn't find any piston filler for sale at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, although it said something like "coming soon" I wrote to them, but they said to me that they were only selling that model through design shops, that they are with too much work and they are still a small company, nevertheless, Very strange, for the rest, The pen is a good one, and I'm using it every day. If somebody owns one, please, let me know, I'm planning to buy more of them The name of the thing I have is called something like Venvstas Schreibemeister Aero...........the name sounds german to me, but anyway....apparently it's french, at least I was talking with a guy name Pascal. If somebody knows something, please, I would like to know what do you think of this things.... I can share information as well. thanks! Charly
  5. Dear all, this is my review-like, or, more or less description I should say, as an answer from an user from Poland who asked for any information on this brand, venvstas, The model is called Venvstas Carbon T. It's a pen of the same size of a lamy 2000, but 1cm thick all made in carbon fiber, with a thing they call velvet finish. The texture and the material it reminds me the finish of the Visconti Pininfarina; I had both pens in my hands once, so I can say is the same material. The difference is that the pininfarina is 800 euro, and for this one I've payed 50. Although they are quite different pens. Im attaching some pics of the one I own, a pen that was bought in Paris a couple of years ago in a shop that was not about pens, but about carbon fiber items. For those who're familiar with Paris, or from Paris (I don't live there, but I go often because of my work) this shop was in Le Marais, and last time I went there to take a look for more strange things, the shop/gallery went out of business....nevertheless, this is one of their pens. I do not pretend to do a review quite like most users they do here, as my hand writing is awful, but I can share some pictures that are a bit better to the ones I've used to answer a previous topic. The pen in question is a fountain pen, that uses cartridges, in my case I have it with a schmidt converter. I have contacted the makers in order to have some original information, also I have asked the makers on why there is so little or no presence at all in fountain pen blogs, forums and sites of the like, and the answer was that they are oriented to other type of customers. Maybe this is a mistake, and maybe that's why the pen I got was in a design oriented shop and not in a pen shop. The Carbon T as it's called, has a stainless steel M nib, 5mm feeder; very flexible, and the overall design of it is minimal. i don't write I draw, so I can say, I like to draw with it. The pen is really the most minimal pen I've ever had or seen, it reminds a bit the lamy cp1, but the look, feeling and design is to me superior. Plus, both pens are priced at almost the same price, 48 vs 50. I have no idea if this company is meant to compete with lamy, but, I have to say that the nib is superior, its really a truly flexible nib, and the carbon fiber construction vs the aluminum one, I think to me is nicer, as it's never cold, nevertheless, its a very lightweight pen, it has a stainless steel clip, very small, and the cap can be posted in a very strange way, its somehow inserted inside. A feature I have found interesting; the pen works with a kind of push-pull system to take off the barrel, which proves practical, and so the cap. I can answer any question if somebody ask me on it, plus, I've checked the web site, and I have not seen this model, perhaps it has been discontinued, or who knows. I also recommend to just contact this people, in the web site it's not possible to find it, and I'have never registered this pen on it. Apparently you can register your products, but that's something I never do no matter what. Regards, Jay
  6. betweenthelens

    French Pen, Possibly Swell

    I won this lovely pen on eBay. The nib was not the selling factor; as you can see, it's a mess. The clip, though, caught my eye, and I've always loved the look of Red Ripple. I've photographed it against the backdrop of The Hermetic Museum's Alchemy & Mystery (Alexander Roob) along with my vintage Max Neiger Art Deco lapis lazuli and glass necklace. Lapis and lions are frequently mentioned in ancient alchemical texts, and the face on the clip is reminiscent of a lion's or that of a Green Man's. http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_1189_zpsdhafgdul.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_1185_zpsvuuu8xll.jpg http://i1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee513/betweenthelens/IMG_1184_zpsivmh3bin.jpg

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