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Found 8 results

  1. siddr90

    Pilot 823 - Fine Or Fa Nib?

    Hi all, I'm considering to purchase a Pilot 823 (again) but not sure which nib would work better for me. My preference is for fine nibs or Western EF nibs that lay down a wet line. I do like some softness on my nibs too. I've read that the Fine nib on 823 is wet and also has some softness to it. Same for the FA nib, but I'm not sure on the line width on that nib. Read that it can be like a F, FM or M on multiple forums with no pressure. Note that I'm not looking to use flex for daily writing. Any opinions and writing samples on this comparison would be highly appreciated! Cheers, Sidd
  2. The other day I was reading this post by jekostas and a light bulb went *ding* in my head because that's quite possibly a solution and reason for why the Pilot FA nib skips. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/327997-flow-is-ok-but-ink-is-not-being-delivered-by-feed-m1000/?p=3927156 "That's it!", I mused. The problem is not because the nib/feed needs to be wetter or that it has babys bottom(there was no evidence of that through the loupe, and it didn't behave like my past problematic German nibs did), as many people claim. It's skipping because it's trying to put too much ink too quickly through the nib resulting in occasional and random ink starvation. I did notice that when I first got it that the tines were wider apart than typical and the ink was crazy bleeding through the paper like a hemophiliac with a razor blade. Seriously, even using the driest ink it was difficult to tell which side of the paper I'd actually written on. And thus, making it drier will make the flow more controlled. Note that this is just for using the pen to write normal cursive with the occasional flourish, not to do crazy fool things and flexing the carp out of it. It's not intended to do those things. There's a reason why it's not available outside of Japan where it's used for Kanji. So I pulled the FA nib and feed out, crossed the tines over each other both ways 2 or 3 times. And I've yet to have it skip.
  3. cchukan

    Soft Fine Nib Vs Fa Nib Help

    Hello, I have a question regarding Pilot #10 Soft Fine nib vs. FA nib. After researching, I've purchased the Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with FA nib. However, I was much disappointment as it was difficult (probably due to being inexperienced with flex nibs, although I did try out a Noodlers flex nib...yes, I'm aware it does not compare to a real flex nib) for everyday handwriting as the lines were consistently too thick with the slightest pressure. So I'm planning on purchasing the same pen with either a Fine or Soft fine nib. What I can't gather from researching (google and YouTube), how Soft Fine actually writes compared to the FA nib. I understand the Soft Fine has less flex but that's it. But what else? Does it take a lot of pressure for line variation? If so, that's is what I'm after. An everyday Fine line but with added pressure (a lot of pressure), providing thicker line. But how much pressure does it take? I couldn't consistently get a fine line with FA nib as the SLIGHTEST pressure would thicken the line. And I couldn't write well as I was so concentrated on maintaining minimal pressure. In this case...should I just get a Fine nib? I'm in a dilemma as I'd like to get some line variation but only with some decent pressure. Something like the Noodlers pen experience where you get a consistent fine line unless decent amount of pressure given for thicker line is what I'm wanting... Thanks for all the assistance!
  4. Hello to all, I have a Pilot 912 with an FA nib, a very flexible modern flex in my opinion. I've been using it for a month and I'm very satisfied with it, albeit some occasional railroading. However, I notice there are two indentures spreading out from the breather hole, even a tiny crack (I think it is?) which is hardly noticeable even with a loupe. Judging from the shape of the indentures I think they are from flexing the nib. Does it mean I'm flexing my nib too hard? Do I risk breaking the nib altogether if I continue doing so?
  5. Hello. I am currently struggling between two choices. My budget would allow me to purchase one of these two pens: Pelikan M405 (blue stripes with rhodium trims) or Pilot Heritage 912 (FA nib). For the moment I own three Pilots already: Justus 95 (FM nib), Custom 823 (F nib) and a matte black VP (F nib) (with two Platinum 3776 and three Lamy). I’ve never seen nor tried a Pelikan before, so I’m very curious about it, which is the main reason why I’m considering the 405. From the photos the silver trim with blue stripes looks quite marvellous, although I don’t know whether it would be really as beautiful in my hands. The piston filler is another attraction as well, I've never had a piston filler pen. The 405’s size is a bit too small for my taste, and I am not ready to spend more on a 605 or 805. As for the nib, it is said the Pelikan nibs don’t always have the same behaviour, and that the quality varies from one another. I am accustomed to Japanese finer nibs, so I’m not sure whether I will like Pelikan’s nib. About the Pilot 912, I very much like to try the (semi-)flex FA nib (also found on 742 and 743). I’d like to write with a bit line variations and sometimes try some Copperplate (totally novice here). I have a Justus 95, but it’s an FM nib so the hairlines are not really fine enough, and it’s said the FA nib will offer a little more flex. I quite like the look of 912, especially the rhodium finish. (The reason why I would not consider a 742 (albeit the same price) is that I don’t really like the ‘gold/black’ decoration, and that it looks basically the same as my 823.) So 912 looks nice enough for me and its size is ideal. So what do you think? Same say that the Pelikans are not exciting enough. Shall I go and try a new brand and a new filling system (piston) for me, or should I stay in the camp of Pilot and go for the seemingly attractive FA nib? Both have pretty much the same price here in China, the 405 costing about 8 dollars more. Any idea or suggestion is welcomed! To sum up a bit: Pelikan M405: Pros: looks nice, piston filler, a new brand for me Cons: a bit too small, not sure about nibs Pilot 912: Pros: ideal size, looks nice too, FA nib for line variations Cons: yet another Pilot
  6. lgsoltek

    Pilot Fa Nib Hairline Width

    Hello, I would like to know for Pilot's semi-flex FA nib (which can be found in Custom 742, 743 and Heritage 912), what kind of hairline can it write? How does it compare to Pilot's F nib or EF nib? Can it be as fine as these two? It would be better if someone could show a photo for comparison... Thank you in advance!
  7. I am looking for some help regarding Pilot replacement nibs. I have a 742 custom I got with the FA #10 nib. I really liked the nib and I was going to have it sent off to grind it down to a finer point. I left it wrapped up on my desk ready to box up and ship out after work. But before I go back home someone apparently mistook it for trash and out with the garbage it went. I have been trying to find out if it is possible to buy a replacement nib only or not. So far it seems I would have to buy a whole new pen. Any info would be great, or anyone that might have an FA nib they care to sell. Thanks.
  8. tor99

    Problems With Pilot Fa Nib

    Hi, I just bought a Pilot Custom 742 with a FA nib. It writes beautiful, with nice line variations at times, but most of the time it is a pita. No ink. I have read here that other users have had similar problems, causing everything from lost temper to domestic violence. I hope there are some adjustments that may be applied to mitigate the problem. Using the CON-70 converter that came with the pen was no good. I have ordered both Con-20 and -50 to see if they work better, other user experience suggest this. In the meantime I use a Pilot cartridge. As can be seen in the first picture below, the pen is capable of decent line variation, and provides enough ink to continue with the scribbling for a long time given the pen is not lifted. If lifted ever so slightly from the paper, the ink flow stops. Must "restart" the nib by sideways motions, or most often by writing "upside down". The "upside down" writing forces the tines together, enabling a sufficiently small channel for capillary forces to do its thing. Picture 2 shows the nib up close after flexing it a bit. There are two issues. 1. The tines will stay separated, they don't move all the way back to the starting point (some kind of mechanical hysteresis:) 2. The nib assembles a lot of ink on the upper surface during storage. After being capped for short or long time, the nib is always very "inky". I can usually correct the faulty ink flow by turning the pen and pressing the tip of the nib against the paper, forcing the tines together. But this does not seem like a sound procedure long term. Also this trick will only work intermittently, the ink flow will stop before long anyway. Anyone have a suggestion for what I can do to correct the problem? When working this pen definitely has the potential to be a new favourite:-) Picture 1. Pen able to deliver sufficient ink and nice line width variation, although intermittent Picture 2. Tines separated after the nib has been flexed. Thanks, T

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