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  1. latetotheparty

    Franklin-Christoph 40 Panther

    I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to acquire a Franklin-Christoph 40 (Panther) recently. They don't come up for sale that often, so you have have to keep an eye on the F-C stockroom and be quick! My 40 has gold-white-gold bands on the cap. From a distance, the gold is more like a subdued light brown. But when you look at it in bright sunlight, the gold sparkles and shimmers. Like most of the F-C pens, the body of the pen is made from acrylic. All the 40 models so far are in black, with the variations being the colors of the bands. I like simple, ungaudy designs, which is why both the 20 and 40 appeal to me. I love the smooth, glossy black barrels of both the 20 and the 40. The nib I choose was a Masuyama steel needlepoint. I've tried it on nice paper and $1 paper from the Dollar Store. It flows smoothly, although not as smoothly on the Dollar Store paper. On nice paper, it's a joy to write with. Here's a photo on the nice paper (F-C's own brand notepads and using plain old Parker Red ink): I also have a Franklin-Christoph 20, which I love. Here's my review of the 20 if you're interested: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/299677-franklin-christoph-marietta-20-lovely-pen/ The 20 has no threads on the barrel because it has a slip-on cap. The 40 has a screw-on cap, and so has threads on the barrel, but they are not sharp and do not bother me. The words "Franklin-Christoph 40" are etched subtly into the cap, with the F-C logo on the finial (end of the cap - sorry if you knew this, but I did not know the lingo until looking on FPN). Here's a photo comparing the two with the 40 on the top: I like the unusually long cap on the 40. It's just something different from the average shape and the color bands are a simple but effective way of adding something to the black without being too ostentatious. I've tried writing with and without posting the cap. I prefer posting the cap. The acrylic body means that the pen is not heavy and I can write without my hand becoming tired. The total cost of the pen is around $225 depending on the nib. It's more expensive than the 20, but I'm told this is due to a more difficult manufacturing process relating to the bands. I don't know which I love more, the 20 or the 40. They each have their different qualities and I'm fortunate that I don't have to choose Here's a link to the F-C site: http://www.franklin-christoph.com/view-all-fountain-pens.html I'm not paid for this review. I just love my F-C pens. They have made me enjoy writing again (who'da thought?!) and I just wanted to give something back!
  2. Hello, I'm fairly new to the world of fountain pens. I've picked up about 10 now, and I keep buying more and enjoying tinkering with them. I have purchased high priced pens for my g/f (high-priced for me), like the vanishing point and the Lamy 2000. For myself, though, I can not imagine spending that amount on a pen. Up to this point, I have been doing the frankenpen thing with Jinhao pens and Anderson / Edison / Goulet nibs. I went to the Dallas Pen Show, and I purchased a Franklin-Christoph nib assembly. I had to remove the nib and feed from the F-C section / collar. However, even as just the nib and the mismatched feed it is amazing. I would love to find an inexpensive pen body that will accept the Franklin-Christoph nib assembly. It's my understanding, that it is a common size; a jowo #6 screw-in unit. So far, the most humbly priced pen body I have found has been the MrPen's Parson's Essential at about $45, plus another $15 for shipping. Any help finding an inexpensive pen body that will take the entire screw-in jowo / Franklin-Christoph nib assembly would be appreciated. I apoligize in advance if I used any incorrect terminology. Thanks!
  3. Just got in the mail today a Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66! It looks so cool eyedroppered. I got it with the Masuyama medium stub. I have the #5 version of that nib and liked it. It does not have a lot of variation but it does write nice. Maybe next time I will get the broad stub. I found I did not care for the S.I.G. nibs and the ones I tried were not much sharper then the stub version in the same size, but would sometime catch paper on me. I think that is just me not the fault of the nib. http://driften.dragonsightsoftware.com/images/F-CPocket66.jpg
  4. My F-C Model 31 PC showed up in today's mail and I think I really like it. This set of materials is a Pen Chalet exclusive and actually has a PC engraved over the 31 on the cap. Speaking of the engraving its very finely done and nicer then on my Amber Model 45 XLV. This is my second F-C so I don't know if other solid color ones are engraved as nice. The black like my other black pens does show finger prints, but that is nothing new. I like the transparent section and final. F-C calls that bronze to be different then the smoke color used in other models. The pen is heavier and thicker then I expected and I also like that. The section is very comfortable for me. One issue is the transparent section would show ink that gets between the nib unit and section when filling the pen. When I washed it out it showed water that way so I filled the converter directly instead of doing it through the nib. Depending on the converter performance I might eyedropper fill it like I do my 45 XLV. For eyedropper filled pens I would much rather have a transparent body. There is a small area of the section were you could see ink if filled like that but it would not really work as an ink window but I think you might get a general idea of the color of ink its filled with. I like the design elements of the beads on the barrel as well as the chamfer just behind the block threads. There is another difference between buying direct and going through Pen Chalet. They supply the gift box instead of the zip up leather pouch. The box was also missing the couple of ink cartridge normally supplied but I never use those so it was not a big deal. With Pen Chalet you are also limited to F/M/B nib sizes. They did ship same day and had it in just a couple of days. Also note when buying though a deal you are limited by the dealers return policy not F-C's 30 day no question asked policy. In this case it's 10 days un-inked or pay a restocking fee. For me that is not going to matter since I like the pen and it's not going back! I would really like to have had the Massdrop glass model now. Oh well I am on the waiting list for the Antique Glass Model 02 and should have that in August so I guess I will somehow manage The final needed to be tightened and is aligned now. Not sure why it was loose in the picture. http://driften.dragonsightsoftware.com/images/FC-model31-1.jpghttp://driften.dragonsightsoftware.com/images/FC-model31-2.jpg
  5. white_lotus

    Franklin-Christoph Midnight Emerald

    A while back Franklin-Christoph added some inks to their "special color" line. I'm not sure how the "special color" line relates to their "regular" line of inks. Their Midnight Emerald seems to be a darker version of the Emerald (bright green) ink. I tend to like murky greens, so I picked this one up a while back. The Midnight Emerald is a moderate valued, fairly pure green that leans strongly to blue. It's no where near as dark as Diamine Deep Dark Green or even F-C's own Loden, which is great. There's nothing really wrong with the handling, but the color is just not so interesting for me personally. Others may prefer this over many murky greens available as it has some purity of color to it. The ink has good shading, and some red sheen outlining on Tomoe River. A broad or very wet pen helps with this effect. The ink is not water resistant at all. This is kind of like "KWZ Northern Twilight" lite, the color being somewhat similar especially in the ink droplet. Maybe with a very wet pen you could have an approximation, as inferior as it might be. I'm certain there are people who will like the color, the handling is certainly quite good. F-C inks usually are fairly wet and quite lubricating, sometimes on par with Sailor inks. This is isn't quite at that level, but it's good nonetheless. Not many shops carry this line, Papier Plume in New Orleans being one, but you can order online direct from F-C. Since that sounds like an advertisement, you should know that I bought this bottle of ink on my own with my own money. Pen: Edison Nouvelle Premiere (F-steel) Papers: MvL=Mohawk via Linen, TR=Tomoe River, Hij=Hammermill 28lb inkjet.
  6. Folks, here’s a quick review of my recently-acquired Franklin-Christoph Marietta 20. In a nutshell, I love this pen. I have two Stabilis 65s from F-C, which are in ice (i.e. see-through), which I turned into eye-droppers for red and blue ink. I wanted a basic black pen for everyday writing in black. Of the three F-C pens I have, this is my favorite. Here is the F-C site for those interested: http://www.franklin-christoph.com/view-all-fountain-pens.html I should admit from the outset that I dislike pens that have metal barrels, are heavy, gaudy or jewel-encrusted. This pen is the opposite of all that. It’s available in Tiger Red, but I chose black because of the timelessness of black. The body of the pen is from acrylic. It is beautifully smooth but doesn’t feel cold, which is another reason I prefer this material to a metal pen. The glossy body is like watching liquorice before it sets. The nib is #6 medium. It floats along with no effort. I wrote on some F-C note paper and the nib is perfect for me; not too fine, not too broad for ordinary note-taking. The cap is slip-on so it’s super easy to open. The cap remains securely posted. I have small hands and this pen does not feel at all bulky to handle. There are no threads on the barrel and this makes for a comfortable grip. F-C customer service is fantastic. For those who don’t know, F-C make their pens in North Carolina. (The nibs are German, but the bodies are crafted in NC.) Lovely, lovely pen and I’m really satisfied with the purchase. I'm not paid for this review but just wanted people to know about F-C!

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