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Found 7 results

  1. From the album: Shades of colour

    My scanner seems to be noticeably deficient in picking up green, with or without the reference greyscale and/or colour patches being scanned alongside a sheet of writing; my eyes certainly see more green on the physical artefact. As a result, Noodler's El Lawrence and KWZ Ink Green Gold both appear in the scanned image as without any greenness, even though there should be some hints of very muted green in both.

    © A Smug Dill

  2. From the album: Shades of colour

    My scanner seems to be noticeably deficient in picking up green, with or without the reference greyscale and/or colour patches being scanned alongside a sheet of writing; my eyes certainly see more green on the physical artefact. As a result, Noodler's El Lawrence and KWZ Ink Green Gold both appear in the scanned image as without any greenness, even though there should be some hints of very muted green in both. The rearranged fragments that appear in this image were taken from this: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/gallery/image/9891-seven-inks-colour-comparison-sheet-2022-02-23/

    © A Smug Dill

  3. El Lawrence I really enjoyed this ink. It has slightly drier flow compared to the many other Noodler’s inks, I have tried. It dries almost instantaneously. I had it for a long while in my fountain pen and never had any problems writing. It is closest to Burma Road Brown and darker than R& K Emma. Burma Road Brown is partially waterproof. Afterthought: Besides being everything proof, this ink is also fluorescent. · Pens used: Ef Chinese pen, , Noodler’s nib creaper, · Shading: Definitely subtle… · Ghosting: None on Rhodia. · Bleed through: None · Flow Rate: On the drier side for a Noodler. · Lubrication: Good · Nib Dry-out: Nope. · Start-up: No problem. · Saturation: Yes · Shading Potential: Maybe with Ahab · Sheen: No · Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: None · Nib Creep / “Crud”: Don’t recall · Staining (pen): Nope. Easy to clean… · Clogging: Nope · Water resistance: Archival….. · Availability: Only in bottle. On Rhodia dot pad Back Swatches I hope you don’t mind a touch of whimsy in form of an article 200 years from now: Martian Archeologist on a survey mission to Earth have found one of the most exciting finds of the decade, a document, believing to belong to the famed British explorer Lawrence of Arabia, thanks to an UV sweep. The document managed to survive the climate catastrophe of 2080. Ten years later the chief xeno-archaeologist of Europa colony, has concluded that the Notebook could not have belonged to the famed Lawrence and has tentatively carbon dated it to the early 21st century, to an unknown scribe. Searchers on Alpha Centauri have concluded that the following text belonged to a marginal sect thriving in early 21st century, the fountain pen worshippers. It is not clear what the purpose of this group has been. Much research has to be done now, as numerous other documents of this sort have been found.
  4. I recently bought a bottle of El Lawrence, knowing that it would be a very dark green to black. What I have found interesting is that once the ink is dry, if I look directly at a word it appears black but the surrounding words have a greenish cast- unless I look directly at them, then they become black, too. As I scan across the page the words right in my center of vision stay black while the rest are slightly green, giving the color an elusive quality. It would seem that the cones (or is it rods?) in the center of my eye aren't as sensitive to slight color shading as the ones on the periphery of my eyeballs' interior. Anyone else have that experience with this ink?
  5. dragos.mocanu

    The Fluorescence Of El Lawrence

    Hello, I've just received my first bottle of Noodler's El Lawrence and it's love at first sight (I've been waiting for a loooooong time for this ink to come to Europe, and I think I'll buy 2 more bottles just in case), but I'm kind of confused regarding the fluorescence capability...what does that even mean? I've tried shining a black light over the writing and I can't see anything special...should it behave like say, the Blue Ghost? Cheers!
  6. Here are seven inks compared. What started it was receiving the new Super 5 Dublin pigment ink from Goulet pens. A waterproof green, I had to try it and it seemed to have similarities to one of my favorites Stipula Calamo Moss Green. Well, Dublin isn't much like Moss Green in color but it is in the category of interesting off-green inks. Included in that category are the inks below. In order are: Super 5 Dublin Stipula Calamo Moss Green Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-ho Montblanc Jonathan Swift Seaweed Green Sailor Gentle Epinard Noodler's Burma Road Brown Noodler's El Lawrence Paper is Staples Bagasse and the second scan was after extensive water rinse–paper was on the verge of falling apart. Dublin has good writing properties and is, in fact, waterproof (see second scan). Some ink washed away but it was ink that was "dry" on top of the ink bound to the paper. Really, it is a waterproof green. Good flow, minimal bleed through or show through. Some ignition issues but really very minor. Very happy with this ink. The name puzzles me, it's more of (dirty) olive drab. Maybe army green was too boring a name. Shows some shading too due to ink pooling at the end of a stroke. Need to shake bottle before filling pen. Kind of expensive but unique. Stipula Calamo Moss Green is one of my favorite all time inks. In the thick swab it also almost had a sheen, probably due to ink crystallization. Also leaves a blue component upon washing. Big bottle makes it a value. Montblanc Jonathan Swift Seaweed Green is another odd color that I enjoy. It fades some as it dries but it shades. Dry writing ink I've reviewed in these pages before. Of the rest Sailor's Gentle Epinard probably has the best writing properties. Plus, it has an obvious sheen that just shows up in the swab. Another with blue remaining after the wash. Ina-ho is the least saturated of all these, and is more of a golden brown than a green. It also washes out to a light blue tinged with red. That was unexpected. Love this ink from a wet fine nib to concentrate the line. Expensive, but unique. Noodler's Burma Road Brown is definitely a green tinged brown that washes to a reddish purple. Need to use this ink more, it's oddly lovely like all the other inks here. Noodler's El Lawrence is also a long time favorite. Reminds me of motor oil. It needs to be shaken before use and it has terrible nib crawl but I love it. Great name too. Also has permanent qualities. El Lawrence will also shade but it's pretty concentrated so not very often.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows any similar color to Noodler's El Lawrence. I am a big fan of murky/earthy ink colors (fervent user of Zhivago, R&K Sepia and Herbin Lie de The) and would really like to try out El Lawrence, but I can't find it in any EU store (although it's part of the UK series?!). From what I saw in writing samples, the color seems pretty similar to R&K Sepia, albeit a bit greener. What do you think? Thanks! Cheers, Dragos

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