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Found 5 results

  1. So, I was just thinking over the state of my EDC pen flock, and noted that the one niche in my daily routine not yet filled by a fountain pen is a true pocket carry pen. My previous pen for this purpose, one of those Zebra compact telescopic ballpoints, has just been demoted from pocket carry status because its cap-top jewel had an annoying tendency to work itself loose once every couple of days, causing the jewel, the pen clip, and a washer under the cap jewel to fall off - into my pocket if I'm lucky, or more often, strewn on the sidewalk leaving me to retrace my steps for a good number of minutes. Hence, I'm now looking for a fountain pen that would be good as a pocket carry. First, let me describe the manner in which I usually use my pocket pens: > Manner of carry: clipped to shirt pocket (less often, as many of my shirts don't have pockets), or trouser pocket (more often), or a side pocket in my cell phone pouch (very often), or a small side pocket in my tablet computer pouch (also very often). The pen I pick as a pocket pen cannot be too thick, as the side pockets in my mobile phone and tablet pouches, in particular, are quite slim. (A TWSBI Mini is already too thick, for instance.) > Manner of use: mostly on-the-go jotting. This includes things like jotting down grocery and to-do lists while on the bus/subway, writing down random thoughts in my pocket notebook, the occasional journal writing outdoors when I carry just my journal and a pocket pen, and signing of documents and receipts when I have forgotten to bring my bag/pen case with me. > Other notes: I am mostly a bottled ink guy and do not much like cartridges, so I would not like a pen that is cartridge-only, although ability to use cartridges when needed is good, as I occasionally go on trips where it would not be convenient to bring a vial of ink, so I (grudgingly...) resort to cartridges. With these considerations in mind, I looked around and thought the Pilot Elite 95s, or the similar vintage Pilot Elite models, seemed a good fit for this use case. However, I also thought I should give some consideration to the Pilot Decimo, since many have recommended that pen as a pocket carry/utility/on-the-go pen as well. (The standard VP is too thick, so out of consideration.) To my mind, the pros and cons of each are as follows-- Elite 95s Pros: - Compact and slim, will fit into all of the locations I normally carry my pocket pens. - When posted, seems likely to be more comfortable for longer writing sessions due to its shape. Not that I expect to use my pocket pen frequently for long writing sessions, but when I journal outdoors, that is a consideration. - Many commentators have noted that the nib on this pen is very nice to write with. Cons: - Doesn't have the click-to-write convenience of the Decimo, one-handed use may be less convenient - Looks like it may not be as tough/durable as the Decimo? But that is only speculation based on how it looks... - Might be a little too pretty and eye-catching, not necessarily a good thing when used in places like on a bus or subway. - Not sure how durable the clip is- I have seen one review on Goulet Pens where someone said the clip broke off after a few days of use (!) Decimo Pros: - Click-to-write convenience, especially good when used one-handed - May be tougher and more durable than the Elite? But this is just speculation... - Clip looks stronger and more durable (also just speculation...) - Seems less likely to attract unwanted attention Cons: - Much longer than my usual pocket pens, would require significant changes in my usage and carrying habits (a major con, in my view.) - Fear of accidentally depressing the button and extending the nib - many have commented that this almost never happens in practice, but since I do carry my pocket pens in my trouser pockets, this fear still exists. - Less comfortable for long writing sessions. The clip position and design only bothers me a bit- I have an almost-standard tripod grip, but my thumb is typically placed slightly higher than my index finger, enough that it often rests on the side of the clip. Not enough to be a major turn-off, but it does start to annoy me a bit after writing for, say, more than ten minutes in one sitting. So what do you folks think? Any suggestions or comments on this? Or any other pens you think I should consider as well? (And before anyone mentions it- the Kaweco Sport series is not in my consideration because they are too thick, and the Liliput is also not in consideration because it is cartridge-only. Same goes for the vintage Sailor and Platinum pocket pens, the converters for which are no longer available.) Thanks in advance for your comments and thoughts.
  2. If you ask me, I am not really much into pocket pens. But this is a pocket pen I could never ignore, thanks to the excellent reviews from none other than Hari. I doubt if it could be a desirable starter fountain pen, but I do find it as a great VFM, given the stunningly big 14k gold nib. And finally it is good friends with my MTN pen holder. Here is a copy of this review on my blog: Elite 95S Review The Elite 95S (or E95S in US) was released as Pilot’s 95th anniversary pen in 2013, sporting a Pilot 14k nib, which is larger than a standard Pilot#5 nib. The Elite S was originally a pocket pen designed by Pilot in 1968. The second run of these pens occurred in 1974. The 95S is more of a evolution of the Elite S fountain pen and as it was launched 95 years after the company’s inception (i.e. 1918) it does carry the first two digits of the model number as ‘95’ with the S and the third digit is by default ‘1’ usually refers price at launch of the pen (i.e 1 X JPY 10,000). It’s referred as the E95S in the US market due to copyright obligations. The Elite 95S (for the Asian market, Model #FES-1MM-DR/B-EF/F/M) comes packaged in a standard pilot gift box (Z-CR-GN) which is usually more of a protection rather than presentation. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-mVy918MFP7Q/VfAnBI0ZpKI/AAAAAAAAFdk/WinvMivuiDM/s1600/DSC_6068.jpg DESIGN - FOR YOUR POCKET (6/6) The E95S comes in two standard designs of acrylic resin with a double anodised aluminium cap - Black, Deep Red (or burgundy) in gold plated trims. The acrylic resin material feels sturdy but light, I guess a defining feature for a light pocket pen sharing one dimension with your shirt pocket. You will definitely like the E95S if you like Kaweco Sport pens. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-E7QnDJIvgSY/VfAnA6IemxI/AAAAAAAAFdg/GFL7E97DuLI/s1600/DSC_6074.jpg The tapered geometry starts with a flattened finial of a pearly cap (with a hint of red shade) with a gold plated clip syncing nicely with concentric cap bands and a differentiated ring from the section before it concludes with burgundy of the barrel. The glossy red resin shines moderately under light and creates a good contrast with the cap. This pen seems to preserve a vintage look both in terms of design and make. The cap is light and and can be pulled out quite smoothly, revealing a big dazzling gold nib. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bpP3S0t-IZ8/VfAnAQrDXFI/AAAAAAAAFdY/syxBzXN6o9w/s1600/DSC_6084.jpg The grip section is moulded from the same burgundy resin and a thick golden step announces its beginning as well as the end stop for posting the cap. But as usual, the nib dazzles out the rest. The posted pen gains considerable length and renders both beauty and a deep red contrast to the pearly finish of the cap. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-tu7FwfaAig0/VfAnH6CGu0I/AAAAAAAAFds/PtDIhpr0dnw/s1600/DSC_6088.jpg The snap cap with a slightly domed finial preserves a rather classical look. A few things etched across the lower band of the cap includes the model name of Elite on one side and PILOT & JAPAN on the other. Two concentric bands of golden paint render aesthetics to the entire pen, as the cap is quite significant for this pen. The spring loaded clip with an associate loop, has a rectangular top view with geometrical cuts. It’s engraved with PILOT vertically. The design of the clip is reminiscent of older Pilot pens. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6myhhnZXmqs/VfAnRhk2fYI/AAAAAAAAFew/NRpYMhDpeck/s1600/cap.jpg FILLING SYSTEM (5/6) The barrel unscrews from the section which has a metallic insert carrying the necessary threads for syncing with the resin threads inside the barrel. One of those rare pens, in which the section is considerably longer than its barrel. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-R9nqKFombjg/VfAnItHuCtI/AAAAAAAAFd8/BfKRHQF7WfI/s1600/DSC_6108.jpg The pen takes only pilot CON-20 (0.5 mL) converter and pilot proprietary cartridges (0.9 mL) because of its size limitations. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Hl1jSygOJJE/VfAnIlye93I/AAAAAAAAFeA/GRbeD8Gu5OY/s1600/DSC_6110.jpg NIB - ALL THAT MATTERS (5/6) The nib is inset and comes in a 14k design across three stock widths - EF, F & M. The tail end of the nib specifies the month and year of manufacture. It has no other scrollwork apart from branding and nib specs. By the way, the productions are limited to 5000 pieces and that’s why you mostly see 413 (April-2013) as timestamp (or monthstamp) on these nibs. All branding and nib specs namely 14k-585 (58.5% Au Alloy), PILOT, along with the nib width & country of manufacture i.e JAPAN are imprinted below the breather hole. The tines are relatively short, given the longish nib. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YJBZbvTTBLI/VfAnJL8huMI/AAAAAAAAFeE/92C_DapDp7c/s1600/DSC_6114.jpg A partially enclosed or rather hooded bluish grey plastic feed with big feeder hole provides ink suction and a decent buffer. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-B2HUUDsP73c/VfAnKTv9ieI/AAAAAAAAFeM/7AILQMYxqrA/s1600/DSC_6120.jpg PHYSICS OF IT (5/6) – RELATIVELY SPEAKING This is a pocket pen and measures only around 12 cm closed. It is meant to be posted for writing and in addition to the length the cap does add some weight. Though the cap itself is quite light and weighs only 6 grams, the snap mechanism does make it a quick note scribbler. The grip is comfortably tapered ending with a longish nib. Closed ~ 12 cm Uncapped Length ~ 10.5 cm Posted Length ~ 14.7 cm Nib Leverage ~ 2.4 cm Overall Weight ~ 17 g (without converter) Capped, uncapped and posted comparisons with a Pelikan m2XX/4xx go below for your reference. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JJ0soCVTLV8/VfAnO3mOo2I/AAAAAAAAFec/g9R4qaz8Nms/s1600/DSC_6124.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-MdcN6mtgxuQ/VfAnPPYxQgI/AAAAAAAAFeg/0I-4FVIG11s/s1600/DSC_6128.jpghttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Cc7yiDx_MUE/VfAnPfe_giI/AAAAAAAAFek/IYqa_kJJDnI/s1600/DSC_6132.jpg ECONOMIC VALUE (6/6) The E95S retails at around USD 136 in the US, although it sell at USD 100 or even less, in Japanese shops like Engeika or Rakuten. I had bought the first pen from Engeika’s Indian Arm - Pensindia. It’s a definite VFM pen. OVERALL (5.4/6) The fine nib has some feedback but is graced with a wet flow. Although pilot does not associate any softness with these nibs, these nibs are quite springy and have a decent amount of flex, the leverage coming from their unique shape. The verticals can grow thicker with slight pressure. The nib has a moderate flow, taking less than 25 seconds to dry a wet Diamine Majestic Blue ink on MD Paper. The paper grids are 5 mm squares. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iBITKFR13ak/VfAnSeFtIyI/AAAAAAAAFe0/ySbwApClgHw/s1600/DSC_6133.jpg Thank you for going through the review. You can find some more pen and paraphernalia reviews here. ADORABLE REVIEWS Hari's Review of Red Elite 95S Black
  3. chefychef

    Pilot E95S Vs Decimo

    Hi, I'm planning a surprise gift for the wife by end of April. Which would you recommend, a Pilot E95s or a VP Decimo?
  4. angryrice87

    Falcon Sf V. E95S F

    I'm eyeing the Pilot Falcon (soft-fine nib) as my next fountain pen purchase, but $150 is quite an investment for something I won't get to try beforehand. I love the classic look of the body, and the unique design of the nib. I already own a Pilot E95S with fine nib, which I absolutely adore and is the second-smoothest writer I own. I've heard that the Falcon SF can be rather scratchy, and I'm looking for a fairly smooth writing experience with not too much feedback. If the Falcon SF writes like the E95S F, I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. Anyone know how the Falcon SF compares to the E95S fine nib?
  5. bijou3owl

    Pilot E95S: F Vs M

    I'm between an F and M nib on a burgundy E95S. From Goulet's nib nook, I gather that the F is comparable to a VP F, and the M a little broader than a Lamy F. However, I also understand that the nibs are soft. How soft? Do you get any sort of noticeable line variation if you're just writing normally, not trying for flex? Does that change with nib size? How wet are the nibs - I've heard that the F is noticeably drier than the M, almost more so than you would expect for the nib size difference. I have an F VP, a Lamy Vista F, a Waterman Hemisphere F, a TWSBI mini 1.1mm, and a Konrad, for relative wetness comparison.

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