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  1. I recently discovered and serviced a Wahl Eversharp Doric in Kashmir pattern. The pen is missing a cap. It’s clearly a first generation Doric but I don’t know what size it is. It measures about 11.5cm from nib to barrel end and 10cm without the nib. Here is a size comparison to a WE Doric Coronet in Cathay Green. Its section threads actually go with the Cathay cap but the cap is a little too short for the Kashmir. I know it’s a long shot but I will try to find a cap for it. If not, I will have to sell the pen as parts though it’s now serviced and ready to write. The WE FLEXIBLE nib
  2. I wanted to share with you the repair of a a crumbled barrel end of a gorgeous oversize Wahl Eversharp Doric in cathay color. A soon as I get this pen (50$) I had the bad idea to push a little on the crumbled crown from the barrel end and boom, it broke up in pieces... Here is the initial state... I cleaned the end barrel removing all the crumbled celluloid. I decided to rebuild the Barrel end crown using another broken doric cap in cathay color (junior size) (also crumbled at the end): here is this cap (yellow arrow shows instable cracks, I got it on ebay for 30$): I first removed a
  3. sidthecat

    A Lucky Find

    I got lucky in an eBay auction yesterday: a Doric ringtop in Kashmir. The condition seems decent, and I'll replace the Manifold nib with sliderless Adjustable nib that I stripped from the corpse of a ruined pen. You might call the nib ruined, but I call them paintbrush-flexy. When I get the thing I'll post some pictures.
  4. Hello, this is Victor. I recently received a cathat doric without cap. Is there any one has the cap to sell me? size is standard. I want to make it perfect Lol. Email is zelinwang222@gmail.com fell free to PM me or just email me if you have one. I appreciate that.
  5. Lin_empire

    Seven Questions About Dorics

    1. Does #3, #5, #10 adjustable nib only equipped on the first generation dorics? 2. Are there any adjustable nib that with the solid silver slider has the same size as #6 and #9? 3. Every adjustable nib should be together with ink shut off device when they are at factory condition, right? 4. Why the semitransparent segments on doric's barrel have different length in second generation standard dorics? (see pictures) 5. Except adjustable nibs, which nibs are considered to be the original nibs of Doric? 6. Does the second generation standard Doric's barrel have the same length as the Ov
  6. KingRoach

    Doric Pen Burping

    Hi all, this has to be the right forum to ask this question so I really hope to get some useful input. I've recently bought this Wahl Eversharp Doric 2nd generation, senior saphhire blue with no.9 adjustable nib and a shut off valve in tip top condition. It has its filling mechanism repaired by a renowned pen restorer very recently. The pen burps. I am trying to pin point the source of the problem. One thought is the obvious: there is a leak somewhere. Another is the possibility that ink remaining in the feed during filling, drops down eventually. Another possibility is that the pen is j
  7. Who knows where to get a Second generation #9 doric with plunger filler?
  8. Andrea_R

    Wahl-Eversharp Doric Morocco

    Hey everyone, sorry to bother this sub with an unpolite how much is worth it kind of post but I would like to rehome this pen since it deserves to be used and appreciated. The pen is (I believe) a Wahl eversharp Doric Morocco, standard size fitted with a new sac, unluckily the sled it's missing and thatì's the only issue with the pen. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jpav1bw4z7xydwy/AADqcnVYE-qkny1xpasBQDf-a?dl=0 what would be a fair price? thanks in advance
  9. Here is a tutorial on how to repair a pen I love: Wahl Eversharp Doric Second generation with plunger Filler. Hope this could help the aficionados... And please forgive my bad English... Properties of the filling system: The filling system looks like early Onoto's: it is kind of "reverse syringe" called the "one shot vacuum filler" by Eversharp. To fill the pen you have to pull the piston syringe, then dip the pen in ink and finally push the piston: it fills with ink. When you push the piston, a vacuum is created behind the piston which is released as the piston comes close to the proximal
  10. Hi!! Two days ago I bougth at Mexico city (where I live) a faceted fountain pen, wich looks as a Parker Vacumatic oversize. I was searching in the web in orden to confirm if it is an authentic Parker, but I didn't get any information or images about faceted Parkers. The pen description is: Barrel engraved: "Parker Vacumatic USA" (the "V" is engraved on the "R") Long with cap: 13.5 centimeters (5 1/4") Barrel diameter: 1.6 centimeters (5/8") Color: Borgoña Faceted barrel and cap Apparently, the original nib was replaced with a "Harley Davidson" nib (!!!). Can you help me to confirm
  11. The first hour was spent trying to get the lever and slotted piece that goes into the bottom of the barrel to stay together while trying to insert both at once. Then I found a work around online which ended up working on the second try and in less than 5 minutes.
  12. Some photos of the nice pen
  13. Hello Everyone, I finally created an account today after browsing these forums for the last few years. I am new to vintage pens, but not fountain pens in general. I often go to antique stores to pick up older pens, and can complete simple restorations. In this case I believe I have met my match. I found this Doric for $20.00 at a local antique shop. Since then I have done a simple cleaning of the pen, and was able to free the plunger, along with the adjustment slider. The nib is very whet, and uber flexible... but is as sharp as a knife. The second issue is that the seals seem to hav
  14. I have a Doric ringtop arriving today: junior-size, named "Tootie". The pen looks in nice shape but the nib is described as a bit of a mess. Of course I'd like an Adjustable nib (a #3 to #5), but what else would fit in such an instrument?
  15. So, I bought this in an online auction a couple weeks ago. Knew it wasn't mint, but upon receiving and inspecting realized quickly that it was on the lower end of user grade instead of "Good" as described. I had intended to flip it, but now am unsure whether that's worthwhile. So the question: To what grade could professional restoration return this pen? I have about $175 in it at the moment, but really have no idea what it's worth in this state and whether restoration would increase it's worth enough to consider selling it. It's a pleasant pen, and the nib is really a lovely writer, but I h
  16. Somehow i'm came in possess of a Wahl Eversharp Doric Junior for 10€ plus shipping costs - with a parker 51 and a nice waterman's in the same lot It's in really good shape and i want to service it - i can ear the sound of a shattered sac from the inside - but i know almost nothing about it's construction - is my first Eversharp too - so i've some questions for someone more expert than me: - is the section friction fit? - the lever seems to be blocked by the oxided sac but if it will not be so, what type of lever/pressure-bar system i'll need to repair? - the nib/feed unity seems to be ok - a
  17. Hello everyone, I recently picked up an absolutely mint W-E Doric desk pen (in Cashmere, of all places) and was wondering what the correct sac size for it was. It has a #5 adjustable nib and the nipple appears to be slightly more than 1/4" across. I've seen conflicting info from several sources on which size sac to use: Richard Binder's website cites the proper size as 17 or 18 (not quite sure if my pen qualifies as a Doric or a Personal Point) while some other sites give the proper size as 22 (which seems way too big). On a similar note, should I use a regular latex sac or a silicone sac to
  18. mhphoto

    Adjustable Nib Sizes?

    I've got a few adjustable nib Dorics, and tonight I was restoring another one when I started to wonder just how many adjustable nib sizes there are. I have a #3, #5, #7, and #9 in my collection, and I know there are also #6 and #10 nibs, but a search for ads and pictures already online only confirmed those. Were there are any #1, #2, #4, or #8 adjustable nibs? Thanks!
  19. sidthecat

    Doric Madness

    So I bought a Gold Seal Doric ringtop in Morocco, but I don't like the nib: a rigid Skyline. I've gone looking around for a new nib, and what happened but I found another Doric ringtop (black...very pretty) for about the same money as the previous one, only with a flexier nib. Of course I bought it, because I am a madwoman. I already have a Doric with a clip in Kashmir, so this means I have a collection...this is probably not a good thing. But I still want another nib for the Morocco.
  20. Hi ladies & gentlemen! I have a adjustable nib from a Doric but it hasn´t have the trim piece that adjust the wide. Recently I found (waiting it from mail) a broken nib adjustable. It is possibly put the trim from the broken nib to the other nib?? Thanks and excuse my poor school english. Rodrigo
  21. Hi Gang, Just a quick question about knocking an Eversharp Adjustable nib out of its section (or collar). The nib in question is on its way to me as part of a Doric Gold Seal 2nd generation parts pen. I think that the nib is a larger size Mk. 2 nib that could be equivalent in size to a Mk. 1 #9 nib. It doesn’t have the Airliner ink valve and so it’s either a personal point nib (as per original), or it’s been modified at some point in 80+ years, at this point I don’t know but it doesn’t really affect my question. Over the years I’ve knocked out a few nib-&-feeds and I’ve found that as
  22. rachels

    Replacing Sac In Doric

    I have a beautiful Doric pen that I would like to eventually sell but it has a lever that won't budge, and an internal rattle. I'm guessing it needs a new sac. Does anyone have a step by step for taking the pen apart and replacing the sac or can you recommend a good repair person? See photo below of pen.
  23. fireant

    New To Wahl-Eversharp

    It took me some time to figure out what someone over on the Reddit fountain pen forum was using. All I saw was a close-up of the nib of his fountain pen. Turns out it was an adjustable nib on an Wahl-Eversharp. I found several on ebay and managed to snag it today. Is it shallow to say that this is the first pen I ever purchased for the looks alone? I normally buy Esterbrooks or vintage Waterman pens. Can you tell me if the adjustable nib was used on any other Wahl-Eversharp or is it unique to the Dorics? And one last thing, I am assuming this might need a restored (or at least an ink
  24. I got these both recently but they have issues. The Equi-poised pressure bar is not attached to the lever, is there a way to re-attach it? The Doric has a crack running through the body's ink window and the threads. The inner section is undamaged, do you think it would be possible to have someone seal the crack? Sorry if this should be in the repair forum but I figured this was a better place to ask. http://i.imgur.com/KLle6rSl.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/thMxhQRl.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/5WaAcxLl.jpg Thanks!
  25. Further to my review of the Skyline homage by Gama here: link I decided to document the other Skyline clones in my collection. Mhatre pens and plastics and Wilson pen are long defunct companies. Here are two examples from these two companies. The photos are self explanatory. Mhatre was the manufacturer of the Indian TTK-Mabie Todd and Co. Swan, Indian Waterman's, and their own house brands Plato, Clipper, Writer, Doric etc. I suspect Mhatre had access to or was in some sort of tie up with Eversharp since they used the name Doric etc and even the feeders are very similar to the eversharp ones

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