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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all a couple of years ago I bought a Delta Dolce Vita Federico Oversize and love everything about it (except one point see below) especially the orange glow of the barrel however after the first few months of using it periodically I got fed-up with the pen and it is sitting in the glass box it came with on display in my cabinet ever since. I cannot take the C.Converter of this pen as this pen drains/drinks ink like a waterfall, i often have to refill every week or less and what made it worst the pen cannot be converted into an eyedropper (well "technically" it can but too many places to seal up) but the nib is a beautiful 14k gold M and butter smooth. So I am thinking of fitting this delta #8 nib on to any affordable pen that has high or decent ink capacity and use it (can be any filling type and preferably a demonstrator). Any pen suggestion you know of that fits a #8 delta nib besides a custom made/turned pen ? My last resort is to sell the pen and let it find a new home since I rarely use it.
  2. Normally I’m a fan of italian fountain pens. I started off with a Pelikan M800 though – the benchmark of a good, full-size piston filler. I was very satisfied with the Pelikan, it seemed to be everything I ever wanted from a fountain pen, I would never need another one. But later, after falling in love with the looks of it, I ordered a Delta Dolcevita and completely changed my point of view for what fountain pens are about. Handling the Dolcevita was like holding a Faberge egg in my hand, the Pelikan reminded of a free merchandise pen in comparison. The Italian culture has a profound feel for the exquisite, stemming from old tradition and masters like Bernini, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The Germans have great composers and philosophers, but let’s face it; they have no one even close to the Italian masters of fine arts. For some time it seemed I would never buy any other pens but Italian. Then I happened to read this article on Diplomat pens: http://www.fieldnotesblog.com.au/search/label/diplomat. Until then I had always considered Diplomat pens a bit boring; traditional design, no nonsense, heavy and solid – in other words extremely German. But after reading the article in Field Notes, I couldn’t wait to order one. Now, after two weeks with my Diplomat Excellence A with a 14 Kt gold medium nib, it seems the Germans have turned the tables on fountain pens again. What a fantastic pen this is! Plain and modest in comparison to most Italians, yes, but what a performer it is, and some value for money! The pens come in several colours and finishes. Mine is a Marrakesh; a brown metallic lacquer – just one colour but thousands of nuances depending on light and environment. Fine pens are a lot about material and finish. Several makers of expensive pens can perform the same (high) level of finish as Diplomat, but this utmost feeling of everlasting quality I haven’t experienced in any other pen. The sense of solidness when unscrewing the barrel, the weight of the all-metal body, the smoothness of the beautiful in-house nib, all make a combination that is hard to describe – it’s not a feeling of luxury, but something more subtle, maybe what the Germans call “Ausgewogenheit”, a kind of fine balance, a balance between utility and beauty. If this pen was a car, it would be a Mercedes W123; the durable, yet slightly gilt-edged workhorse from the 70’s and 80’s. Writing with the Diplomat Excellence, the nib is quite “present” between your fingertips. In comparison, the Delta Dolcevita feels more like a unity of nib and barrel. With the Diplomat you really feel that you’re writing with a fairly large nib, fitted to a heavy, solid barrel. I haven’t yet decided which writing experience to prefer, I like them both. Guess it’s a matter of writing technique and personal preferences. The nib is wet and smooth, and I haven’t experienced even the slightest disturbance of ink flow. This is a first class writing instrument at all levels! I hope these pens will remain on the market for years to come. They are reminders of a time when people cared for their handwriting, and for accessories that would stay with them for a lifetime. (Sorry about the pics, I'm a lousy photographer...)
  3. I thought I would share my experiences and thoughts on Martemodena pens. I definitely have a love / hate relationship with their pens - aethetically I love them, and I now have three: the Citizen of London, the Freedom to change with rosegold trim, and the classic Dolcevita Federico Orange, which arrived last week. Here a size comparison with the Platinum 3776 I really love the colours of all of these pens, and they are well made. The Federico is one of my holy grails, and only recently have I managed to get one at the reasonable price of 77 Euro including shipping on a 50% off special offer by Martemodena. The hate part of the relationship is without a doubt the poor quality of the nibs. Even the Federico I just got is a major disappointment in this regard - poor ink flow and scratchy. Have to admit based on the experience with the other two, I was not surprised. For a pen normally costing 155 €, the nibs are just plain unacceptable. If you compare this with a Platinum 3776 Bourgogne, which I have, and cost me 77 €, and has probably the best nib of all of my pens (and that in EF), then clearly something is wrong in the nibs department. And on the Citizen the gold plating seems to be coming off the front of the nib..... When I received my first Martmodena pen, the Citizen, it did not write at all, for this reason: The customer service I cannot complain about - first I got sent a new nib, which made no difference. Then I got sent a complete new section and feed, which also made no difference. In the end, I took a feed out of a Jinhao pen and lo and behold, it now works the best of all three. I cannot remember, but it looks like I changed the feed on the Freedom pen too. The Federico has a feed which looks more like that of the Jinhao, so some improvement there. In summary, visually stunning pens, but for the price normally charged, the nibs are unacceptable Marc
  4. Hello everyone, I have recently acquired this interesting Delta Dolcevita, but I cant find the exact model anywhere, and I really searched online a lot. It is a piston filler, and is 143mm long. It is very similar to the Soiree, but all of those I saw had orange accents. Here are some pictures that I hope will help. I am very thankful for any input!
  5. fountainpenlady

    Martemodena Delta Dolcevita

    I was wondering whether anyone else has been having the same issue I have been having with my Delta Dolcevita. It seems to be leaking from the fusion nib. Thought it was leaking from the body of the fountain pen, but it is actually leaking from the fusion nib itself. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? What have you done to fix it?
  6. Sorry guys, my English very low Just photo. Very bright pen. But nib misaligned i think nibmeister work with nib before.
  7. Hello! I decided to start swimming in the Italian FP waters and I find myself in need of some help. Delta Dolcevita Slim (the upper picture) and Delta Passion in Ivory (the 2nd picture) have cought my attention. The Dolcevita is slightly bigger (if I'm not mistaken judging from the pictures) and has a gold nib whereas the Delta Passion has a steel one. Dolcevita is ofcourse also more expensive due to its gold nib. I like both styles of the pen but I do not know if the Dolcevita's price for that nib is really worth it. But then again, the Passion only having a steel nib for that price also isn't helping its case (I found a retailer in Italy that would sell the Dolcevita Slim for about 250-300euro and the Passion for 200euro.) Any help would be appreciated, you may also just vote on the pole (if it's working, 1st time making a pole on this forum). Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Attena
  8. Hello All, Here is a photo of the New Dolcevita masterpiece collection. Coming soon!! Have a great day everyone!!
  9. Hi guys! I haven't been around much lately, hope everyone's doing well :-) Tonight I picked up the little cutie below from an outdoor vintage stuff market, it's used and fairly grody. I'm really keen on using it, but before I start cleaning it I would like to identify it properly to make it easier to get accurate info on cleaning and such. But the furthest I got on IDing it is that it's a Delta Dolcevita (and only because it'ss helpfully written right on the cap...pen ID, ure doing it rong ). I found a blog post that says there are over 60 versions, and I would love to know more about which specific one it is. The nib looks like it might have some more numbers on it, but my loupe doesn't seem to be strong enough to read them - it's a 15x. Sorry for all the reflections in the picture, I know it could be better but this one's the first genuinely clear and sharp one in a dozen attempts - I'm just so klutzy tonight, I can't seem to get it right lol. I'm hoping this is enough, failing that I'll take another stab at it tomorrow in daylight. What do you guys think?
  10. I was playing with my lightbox and decided to photograph my entire Italian pen collection, which amounts to a grand total of two pens from OMAS and Delta. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2180/13053976833_dbe5846875_b.jpg The OMAS Paragon in Maroon/Rose Gold Trim. The distinctive 12-faceted pen body is meant to resemble a 12-sided Greek Doric column. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2677/13053842765_2314b152d6_b.jpg The maroon cotton resin body and the rose gold section match perfectly. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3832/12944875214_bdbccedf2e_b.jpg The Delta Stanfuffo Grande Circo. The celluloid literally glows in the hand. The pearlescent colour and depth of finish are unparalleled. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2829/12944582413_3289568e38_b.jpgThe larger #8 size nib on this limited edition pen matches the size of the pen barrel.
  11. Images are attached due to size, specifically I am looking at the all black Conklin, the Dolcevita and the Aurora. I believe that the Conklin is a Symetrik, and the Aurora is an 88, but I'm just not quite sure. The seller seems to have very limited information outside of brand, so any help is appreciated. Also, some guestimations on price point would be very helpful. Asking price is 825 for those three, 200 for the Conklin, 150 for the Aurora, and 425 for the Dolce.....the dolce especially seems quite high.

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