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Found 14 results

  1. A-damreview

    At Home Storage

    Hello all, there are alot of pen cases, roll ups and notebooks, great for mobile storage, but now that my own collect is growing that I can't keep every pen on me. I have just been placing my pens that are not in use bare on my bookshelf, which feels wierd to just leave them there out in the open. I was wondering what kind of pen storage everyone uses. I'm looking for something that could hold 20 pens and preferably with a bit of a display aspect to it.
  2. I'd been looking for something to store my growing pen collection in for a while but the boxes that I saw were either too small or too expensive. Then I came across an oak, 7-drawer cutlery cabinet at a local auction which was a bit bigger than I was looking for but seemed ideal for vintage pens. The date engraved for the original owner on top of the box was 1874. They took a lot of care when engraving brass plates in those days. I stripped out the cutlery fittings and tried to make inserts to carry pens. However the inserts I made looked a bit crude and unprofessional but looking around I couldn't find any suitable liners for sale in the UK. Eventually I purchased some vacuum-formed trays from Gary at gopens.com in the US which fitted perfectly as shown in the photos. The liners are 12" x 16" and I have a few left for future projects. The drawers are graduated in depth, with the top four ideal for pens and the lower ones great for storage of ink bottles etc. Room for my collection to grow.
  3. I didnt intend to be the proud owner of this beautiful display today, a piece of luck really. From a closed shop this is the impressively solid 146 mirrored display case with the 8 versions of the 146 pen, together with ink display and huge nibs. All pens as we know are perfectly operational, other than the M they have only been dipped with clear ink windows. On the top it has come with 8 full bottles of Montblanc ink in, as I say a really solidly designed box. Its heavy! Not sure about the oversized nibs in the tray, assume they are used to show purchasers a big ( and heavy) version of the nibs they are purchasing. I assume the slots behind the ink bottles are for paper/ card on which to practice. Anyway good fun and a nice quirky addition to the collection.
  4. Hi all I posted more pics of this purchase on the Montblanc forum but I just wondered if anyone else can help tell me what the big metal nibs in this set are for? Are they simply ways for the shop to show potential purchasers the difference in shape of the nibs they can then test? They are big and heavy.
  5. Enjoy this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ePawAGoXmU
  6. Drcollector

    Ladon Display Cases

    To the case savvy, Could anyone recommend a Ladon pen case? Apart from dimensions and etymology, no further information is available on retailers' websites. Ladon offers bold, colorful cases that look more like MoMA pieces than collectors' boxes, but gives no specifics of the materials or manufacturing process. They look like quality, but with prices upwards of 500USD and no reviewers, it's a tough call. Ladon Bolivar from La Couronne du Comte Ladon Carnevale Vivace from La Couronne du Comte
  7. Hey Everybody! if you're anything like me, you have a very specific way that you like to arrange your collection of inks on your desk or in a drawer etc. Time to show them off! Ill begin by posting mine and a list of the inks there. Please don't mind the tequila in the background.... Thanks -M. Inks: Lamy Blue Lamy Blue-Black (my first ink) Montblanc Leonardo (maybe my new favorite) Montblanc Toffee Brown (my everyday ink for my Montparnasse) Diamine Turquoise Noodler's X-Feather Noodler's Rome Burning (awful) Noodler's Forest Green Noodler's American Eel Black (my everyday ink for my TWSBI 580 and it smells great) Noodler's Baystate Blue (proceed with caution) Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses (my everyday ink for any flex pen) Noodler's Red-Black (my everyday ink for my Platinum 3776 with its awesome 18k "c" nib) Noodler's Apache Sunset (my go-to "impact ink" when I want to show off) Noodler's Saguaro Wine Noodler's Zhivago (one of my all time favorite inks, probably going to switch my Montparnasse to this ink) J. Herbin Lie de The J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir Pilot Ishorizuke Tsuki-yo (my everyday ink for my Lamy 2000) Pilot Ishorizuku fuyu-syogun Pilot/Namiki blue Black cartridges (exclusively for my work-pen the Metropolitan) Pelikan Edelstein Sapphire and Onyx Cartridges (I want to test these)
  8. I looked in the last weeks for a non-USA pen display cabinet, because the shipping cost to Europe and the EU taxes make too expensive to order it from USA. Geoff’s 5-drawer pen cases (pencase.co.uk) look great indeed, despite their prices increased with over 40 % in the last three years and the shipping cost (35 pounds, in my case). Finally, my option was a ready-made Spanish pen display case produced by Maestrorelojero Prasvalnet S.L. located in Ribarroja, near Valencia (no affiliation). I had seen their pen and watch display cabinets for collectors and sellers on many distributors’ sites from Italy, Spain and Portugal. The model I ordered directly from the manufacturer was a 78-pen case cherry. Here are my first impressions: 1. Packing. The case came in just a few days wrapped in an air-bubble sheet and packed in a solid cardboard box, protected with EPS. A second box helps the first one not to suffer damages during the transport. 2. Dimensions and weight The case seems to me very compact: 37 cm (L) x 21,5 cm (H) x 20 cm (D). It has six drawers (with 11 pen slots each one) and a display compartment with an acrylic windows lid (12 slots). Therefore, the cabinet can lodge 78 pens, which is very competitive for its gauge. It weighs 4.7 kg. 3. Construction I am not an expert in wooden works, but it seems the frames of the drawers are made from solid wood, while the drawer bottoms are made from plywood. The case is made from MDF with cherry (it's rather mahogany) veneer. The lid has two chromed hinges and it firmly closes due to a magnetic system. All the compartments are covered with a fine gray velvet. I like this color as it is neutral and renders evident the fountain pens. The back of each drawer is covered with velvet too, so the pens are completely protected against scratches. The dimension of a pen slot is 18 x 2,5 cm. This is very important for me because my ‘giants’ could they also fit in the slot (i.e. Denitrio Genkai or Varuna Gajendra, both of them being over 17 cm long – but they can fit only into the display compartment). I introduced even a Mabie, Todd & Co FP in its original box. 4. Conclusions This is a nice compact cherry wooden display cabinet that can take almost all the fountain pens of my collection. I can place it easily in any space at hand in my study. The quality/price ratio is excellent and, last but not the least, the price paid included the free shipping in EU - in my case the parcel travelling across the whole Europe. A black color variant is also offered by the manufacturer.
  9. parthjpatel

    Pen Display Case

    Hello everyone, I was wandering if someone knows where to get a decent quality display case for 60 pens or more for a reasonable price. I see so few options out there, but they are soo expensive. I am looking for something that is less than five-hundred dollars. Thank You in advance for you suggestions. - Parth
  10. On Black Friday, or around that time, Kohl's was selling a Bey-Berk Pen Case for around $50 (Originally $98). So I figured why not? I have room on my bookshelf in my office might as well show off some of my pens rather than storing them in their original boxes in my desk drawer. Here is my review of the overall transaction and of course the case itself. 1. Shipping/Packaging: Although this has nothing to do with the product itself or likely even the manufacturer, I thought it was odd enough to discuss in my review. First, it took about 2 weeks for this product to actually be delivered. That's a lengthy shipping process if you ask me considering I've ordered items from outside the country that have shown up in half the time. Second, and the reason I am posting this was the packaging that it arrived in. When, I got home there were two boxes in front of my door. One said Kohl's on the outside and said FRAGILE on the top and the side of the box. The other box was smaller and had no writing on it whatsoever. Assuming the larger box that said fragile on it was going to be the the pen case I opened it first. To my surprise the only thing in the box was a bathmat that someone ordered for my new place since I moved into a 3 bath. In the smaller box was an additional smaller box and some of those styrofoam packing peanuts. They did a good job of protecting the case, but it was certainly not what I was expecting. 2. Dimensions/Capacity: The case is angled for display and overall is 4.25"H x 8.5"W x 7"D, but the front is about 3.25"H. The top level is enclosed by a hinged a glass cover to display up to 10 pens and below it is a pull out drawer that holds 9 pens. Although it only displays 10 pens, I think that the size and shape of it is great for placing on a shelf. However, they could have done a little bit better when measuring the depth of the pen slots. If a larger pen is in an outer slot the glass cover will not close. For some perspective, I used a Lamy AL Star to figure this out. 4. Quality of Construction: As mentioned above the case does not close entirely when a large pen is in the outer slot. That is not the only component where you can see an apparent lack of craftsmanship. One thing that was not immediately noticeable, and can be fixed with a simple adjustment is that the way the hinges were put on it is not entirely aligned when closed. It appears to close a little towards the left, between a 16th and 8th of an inch. Another thing that can be considered both positive and negative is that there is no stop to the bottom drawer. What I mean is, when you pull the bottom drawer out it will come all the way out. This is bad if you pull it out too far by mistake and it results in dropping your pens. But good in the sense that you can take it out and use it as a tray to carry your pens or even rest your pens in while working at your desk so they don't roll off. Also relating to the drawer there are no slides or padding to prevent it from rubbing against itself when you open it or even protect your shelf from the edges as it angles down when you get past a certain point. My final concern with the case is that there is no felt/protection in either the drawer or the display. So if you are not comfortable putting your pens directly on the wood that it is made with than this product is not for you. 5. Appearance: The cases simple styling is perfect for what I wanted. Its small size allows me to put it anywhere. Its walnut color looks great, and does a great job of show casing my pens. I also like the brass drawer handle. Its certainly nothing fancy but it looks good overall. It does have a little bit of a glare when its not on my shelf. I took the case off the shelf to get better lighting for the following photos so you'll be able to see it better. (You might be able to notice the hinge alignment in the first photo) 5. Conclusion: I'll start by saying I am not going to return it. I think that for what I paid and the purpose I had in mind for it that it is between good and great. Sure there are somethings I would change about it, but nothing is perfect and I am happy with how this displays my pens and how it looks on it's. However, I would not recommend purchasing this product if you can't get it for less than the original price. I am sure that there are far better options if you are searching for cases with a $100 budget, but I think that it serves its purposes of storage, and displaying my pens perfectly fine for only $50.
  11. von Fraker

    Antique Sheaffer Display Cabinet

    I stopped by an antique store that is going out of business and found a Sheaffer Antique display cabinet. (photo of cabinet still in the store) I was able to negotiate a final price of $60.00. It has a few minor issues but nothing big. It has the original finish, the logo on the front is in great condition, no cracks, good glass, and has the back door with the original mirror. It is missing the top tray (pictured in the photo I have attached that I found on line) and the bottom door knob and latching mechanism. I am searching for someone who may have one of these as well that wouldn't mind sharing some information on these missing items. I am looking for detailed photos etc... I think I'll just keep the original finish even though the odd in me wants it to look new as it did in the early 1900s. LOL. I am looking forward to putting in back together and filling it up with a few Sheaffers.
  12. dodgertwin

    Ferocase 56 Pen Display Case

    So I've been on the hunt for a few years for a nice pen display case that matched my room's black wood furniture. Embarrassed to say I first filled up a 24 pen, then a 36 pen rosewood display case from Penn State Industries. Loved 'em but the brown wood and gold knobs clashed with my furniture. Finally got a beautiful, compact black display case from Ferocase on Ebay. I was nervous at first because of dneal's earlier review. (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/283326-ferocase-pen-chest/) The display case came in this week and it is awesome! It has a black finish and chrome knobs that match my furniture beautifully. Only drawback is the case capacity is 56 pens! Dangerous LOL! I guess I can grow into it. I highly recommend the black color. It did not have the wood veneer, paint or drawer divider alignment issues that dneal experienced.
  13. Greetings. I am renovating my home and am considering using an available alcove (3 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep) to build a combination storage, display and restoration workbench unit for my vintage fountain pen collection. Some combination of display shelves (for the good stuff), cabinets and drawers (for most of the rest) and a flat surface on which to repair, restore, or just mess around with my pens. Looking for inspiration in the form of photos, design drawings or descriptions of other vertically-oriented home pen storage/display/repair units. If you have anything like that in your home (or if you've ever dreamed of building one), I'd love to see or hear about it. Thanks.
  14. So, in the never-ending quest for interesting displays for our library (I work at the 2nd largest library building in Washington State, and the most upscale, LOL) I have been volunteered to do a fountain pen display, which will include books we have on the subject, and maybe some books about writing letters, fictional epistolary novels, blah blah blah. In addition to a few fountain pens, an inkwell, and maybe a blotter can anyone give me a few ideas of anything else I should include? I am going to a couple of antique stores before my display in October to find a dip pen (for historical purposes), and I'll put in a bottle of Ink or two, but any other ideas?

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