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Found 8 results

  1. Andrew_L

    Montegrappa Piston Problem (Le)

    Hi everybody! Does anyone know how to disassemble Montegrappa(piston or piston emulated filler) from a limited edition series? This is MG La Traviata Sterling Silver. The piston does not work(don't move by knob), probably a broken stem. The knob rotate is very easy. There is no access from the pen unit hole - there is a steel thin hole. I don't know how to remove the piston knob, there are no keyhole slots like on Pelikan/Aurora/TWSBI and there are no wedges like on Omas or vintage pens. Anyone got any good ideas? Thanks! https://images.vfl.ru/ii/1567439176/e7cb6aeb/27738321.jpg https://images.vfl.ru/ii/1567439177/977feaf4/27738322.jpg https://images.vfl.ru/ii/1567439177/1fb4c035/27738323.jpg
  2. javier26

    Sailor Pocket Pen

    I recently purchased a vintage Sailor Pocket pen. It arrived from Japan very dirty and I did a thorough cleanse and even soaked in soapy water. Nearly all visible old ink has been removed, but when I add ink cartridge, the pen will write for a short while and then becomes very dry with no ink. I suspect the feed has dried residual ink. I have looked for some details on disassembling the nib and feed, but find nothing. Can anyone help confirm if the nib is friction fit and can be pulled out through the front or is there some screwed in retainer in the section which must be removed first? Are there any tools or diagrams to help. I don't want to use too much force and damage the pen. It has a nice 18K nib. Thank you.
  3. This is an unused L&C Hardtmuth Airless fountain pen I purchased recently (7000 lire in the 1950s, it seems, and over-priced today). The piston seal looks intact but is very stiff so I would like to grease it, whereon I discovered some interesting things on which I would like some advice. Pretty as it is, the pen itself has all indications of being something made for Hardtmuth by someone else, so in looking at further description and pictures, you may be able to relate it to something else German or East European, probably from the mid-1950s or a little earlier. Close examination of the section through the semi-transparent barrel suggests that it is not threaded. However, heat and force to the limit I was prepared to take the thin celluloid showed no sign of give. I think it is glued. I can chase removing the nib-feed assembly (it did not give easily) or try removing the piston. Before doing so, here are the curiosities (to me) and queries. The next two pictures show the piston knob under the blind cap (all pictures expand with suitable clicks): From the second picture it appears that the knurled knob is not formed with the threaded part, yet when you turn the piston knob then the threaded part unscrews from the barrel as the piston extends. It is possible to work the piston fully (and very stiffly) by this means but it can hardly (to me) be intended operation because the celluloid into which it is threaded will surely soon wear and crack. There is no flat or hole visible in the threaded or knob part, so if the inner knob is to release then it is simply a padded grip on the thread that would be needed while the knob is turned (after heating). I am expecting that the assembly is released by fully withdrawing the plunger using the inner knob (assuming it can be moved) then keeping it still while unscrewing the threaded portion from the barrel. By the way, knurling on the barrel is for effect only. Close loupe examination shows no join there. Is anyone familiar with this piston mechanism, or seen the same in a better known pen? Do you think I should simply resort to trying to unscrew the nib and feed, returning to the piston assembly only as a last resort? Thanking you for any assistance you may be able to offer. Edits for clarity.
  4. Hello there, I got a little problem with a Pelikan M400 (1980s model). The piston seal has detached from the piston rod and is not sticking in the barrel. Thus, I have to disassemble the M400. Question now: How can I disassemble the piston unit from the barrel? Is that friction fit with the M400 just as it is with the vintage 400? Greetings and Thanx
  5. 4810_

    Montblanc 244G Disassembly?

    Hi there, I have a 244G laying around on my desk and would like to disassemble it. I have thus used the search function but couldn't find a disassembly instruction. Does anyone of you know how to take the 244G apart? Is the feed screwed in or friction fit? Best greetings!
  6. berc

    Pelikan M21 Disassembly Line

    Few months ago I was ecstatic to discover this vintage Pelikan (btw, thanks to everybody who helped me identify the model of pelikan in this topic: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/299779-unknown-vintage-pelikan/?do=findComment&comment=3496046). However, my hype was short-lived. It turned out that there was a rather large cut in the section, and there was ink coming out of it. While I was writing, there was some ink coming out, but it was not that big a deal, but after capping it and then uncapping it, the section was full of ink drops (there will be a picture provided how the pen looks right after uncapping it). I guess some kind of pressure (or maybe vacuum) is formed when the pen is capped, resulting in the ink coming out. So, I have few ideas in my head, how to fix this issue. 1. If I could disassemble this pen, and then cover the crack (the section) with silicon grease from the inside. With this "solution" there are few problems. First I have no idea how to disassemble the pen (and whether it is possible to disassemble, because by the looks of it, it is not possible to take the nib out or any other as in in the M800 or M100), and second, I don't know if the silicon grease will mess up the feed in some way. 2. I was thinking of just covering the outer part of the section with silicon grease, hoping that silicon grease would enter the crack and therefore stop the leaking. 3. Simply change the section part. However I do not know from where to find any spares, and as I said earlier, I am not sure if this pen could disassembled at all. Anyway, I'm using it as a dip pen, which is kind of a shame since this pen was not designed to be used that way. I would really like to find a problem to this solution. Any and every suggestion is more than welcomed. Now I will attach some pictures of the leaking and the crack, but if you would like to see more pictures of the pen just visit the link provided. P.S. I am really hoping for solving this problem so that I can make my first pen review. If I am not wrong, there isn't any review about the M21, so I think it might be an interesting review
  7. northstar

    Esterbrook Dollar Pen Clip

    Hello, How do I disassemble the clip of a esterbrook dollar pen? Thank you in advance.
  8. Aloha - This vintage Sailor has an 18k "sleek" 70's style nib, not the traditional open nib. Red jewel on the blind cap. The section including nib and feed and converter bay are virtually one piece, filled via a squeeze-sac converter. No flow initially, but I managed to get a weak and temporary flow after overnight soak in soapy water, bulb flush (no luck), soak in amonia solution, flossing nib/feed with brass sheet - after all this, I loaded with Iroshiguzu asa-gao and just get a trace onto the soft paper. Some flow from sac, not much. How can the "modern" sleek nib molded over the feed be disassembled to clean the feed, or otherwise improve flow? Dipped, it is a dream writer.

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