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Found 16 results

  1. Today I’m reviewing a sample of Diamine Imperial Blue Diamine Imperial Blue was first produced in 2005 as a limited edition to mark the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Writing Equipment Society. The first batch had a special 25th Anniversary silver label as well as the usual Diamine label. At the end of 2006 the ink went on general sale, but was still labelled "WES" for "Writing Equipment Society". It is now part of the Diamine standard ink range and is called Imperial Blue. I found it a nicely flowing ink that was neither wet nor dry. It’s lubrication felt very slightly drier tha
  2. Today I'm reviewing Diamine Prussian Blue A blue-grey or blue-black ink from the standard range, Diamine Prussian Blue is a nicely saturated colour with a vintage look to it. It’s darker, less green leaning and more saturated than Indigo, and it flows better and feels more lubricated when writing across the page. Prussian Blue was the first modern synthetic pigment. It’s a dark blue pigment also known as Berlin Blue or, in painting, Parisian or Paris Blue. It’s prepared as a very fine colloidal dispersion because the compound is not soluble in water. Prussian Blue is also the traditional “
  3. Today I'm reviewing Diamine Skull & Roses ink. Diamine Skull & Roses is a Diamine Exclusive ink made specially for sale in Germany. I’ve seen it for sale on “Fountainfeder” and on “Papier & Stift” websites as well as on Amazon. I only have a sample bottle, so I can’t post a picture of the 80ml glass bottle. This is a saturated dark blue ink with red sheen. It doesn’t have quite as much sheen as the Organics Studio high sheen inks, but has more sheen than what you would call a “standard” ink. In my opinion, Diamine Sargasso Sea is a similar standard ink that you could compare wi
  4. I decided to review this ink sample as it isn't long before the new POTUS will be inaugurated. So this is Diamine Presidential Blue This is a medium range blue, an everyday sort of blue that you could use at home or in the office. I expected it to be darker than it writes. Although it doesn't look like it leans either red or purple like many Royal Blue types, it's chroma test reveals a little violet dye as well as the blue dye. So there is some violet in there. It exhibits plenty of shading, with no noticeable sheen, and feels slightly drier than some other inks I've used recently. I experien
  5. My latest ink is Diamine Kensington Blue I'm reviewing two similar Diamine blue inks separately, this one, Kensington Blue, and Florida Blue. They are quite similar, but Kensington Blue is a more general blue, a more muted colour. I would call it an everyday blue ink. Kensington Blue is a very good blue ink. It flowed beautifully while I was writing with it, and lubricated the nib so well that it wrote smoothly across the page. I really enjoyed writing with it. Although it felt nicely wet to write with, it was a quick drying ink. Although this isn't a waterproof ink, it shows good water
  6. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine China Blue

    My latest ink is Diamine China Blue I haven't used Diamine Diamine China Blue before so I thought I would try it out. It's a single dye pure blue. There are no purple, or any other coloured dyes added. Think of the blue you see on blue and white china. It's that sort of blue. It lives up to it's name very well. It's more saturated than I expected, and has some water resistance, as many blue inks do. I would call it an everyday blue, not quite Royal Blue, that suggests a little added purple or red, but a really nice, unassuming plain blue. It's quite similar to Waterman Florida (Serenity) Blue
  7. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Misty Blue

    Today I’m reviewing a sample of Diamine Misty Blue This is a mid-range blue ink that leans slightly green. For those of you who used to like Montblanc Meisterstuck Diamond Blue, Diamine Misty Blue is a very good replacement for that one. I felt it was a restful blue, a blue ink that is easy on the eye, that looked neither too dark nor too light nor too bright. A really pleasant mid-range blue that is quite an unusual shade. Almost like a vintage ink in appearance. Despite having lot’s of blue inks, I found it difficult to find some that were close to this colour until I took out my bottle
  8. Today I'm reviewing Diamine Jalur Gemilang ink. Diamine Jalur Gemilang is a Diamine Exclusive ink made specially for Pen Gallery in Malaysia. Jalur Gemilang translates as the Malaysian flag. This ink is designed to reproduce the blue and red colours in the flag and is going to be on sale from August, commemorating their flag day. Very sadly I don’t have an 80ml glass bottle to show you a picture of (or write with.) This is a saturated dark sky/turquoise colour blue with red sheen. It’s not as heavily sheening as the Organics Studio high sheen inks, but has more sheen than what you would cal
  9. First of all I must apologise as this ink should have been launched at the same time as the other Diamine new colour: Classic Green, that The Good Captain launched in his excellent review. However, due to me having been laid very low by a bacterial stomach infection, I'm late on parade with this review. Still, the show must go on, so I have written with this ink a few times and finally managed to get the review form done and scanned. So I'm back in bed with my trusty MacBook typing this. As many of you will know, Oxford Blue has to be a dark blue. That is Oxford University's team colour, wher
  10. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Denim

    Today I'm reviewing Diamine Denim This is a saturated dark blue ink, and is a very good match for the material that it’s named after. It’s a dark denim colour. I wouldn’t quite call it blue-black, although in some pens it will look more like a blue-black ink. It’s a darker blue than Diamine Midnight, but not as dark as Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue or Diamine 1864 Blue-Black. It was a well behaved performer for me in two of my pens. It felt wetter and flowed better when I was using the Lamy M nib and the Parker 45 Cursive Italic nib. *As far as show through goes, I’ve listed the papers where
  11. I’m reviewing samples of the new set of Diamine Shimmer inks. This one is Diamine Cobalt Jazz It is a strong, saturated cobalt blue colour with plenty of red shading and gold shimmer. I found it a wet and well flowing ink. It had very good lubrication with the pens I tried it with. With broader nibs it looks much more saturated than it does with finer nibs, although it’s wet enough to show the gold shimmer with all nibs. It showed through on some of the papers I used. The pens I used were a Lamy Al-Star with M nib, Lamy Nexx M Stub 1.1mm nib, Lamy Nexx M F nib. The comparison inks we
  12. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Lapis Blue

    Today I’m reviewing an ink made by Diamine specially for the Philippine market. It is called Diamine Lapis Blue I remember this ink being mentioned on FPN some time ago, and I really wanted to try it out so I begged for a small sample from Diamine. I know that many of use won’t be able to get a full sized bottle of it, but if you get an opportunity to sample it, at least you will know what it’s like. This is a very saturated ink, think Majestic Blue and Sargasso Sea type of saturation. It shows lots of shading. The chroma test showed a faint bit of lilac dye but no red, so it’s a little di
  13. I've heard that the release date for these new inks is 4th November; Fountain Pen Day, so I'm posting separate reviews for them on here. I assume they will come in the same type of bottles as the previous set of shimmer inks, but I haven't seen the retail bottles yet. Currently I only have samples that Diamine very kindly sent me to test, and to review 'if I wanted to', but I've noticed that my samples don't need much shaking to mix the particles in, and the pens need very little shaking once they are filled.Generally speaking, I found all 12 of these new shimmer inks to be wetter than all of
  14. My latest ink is Diamine Florida Blue I'm reviewing two similar Diamine blue inks separately, this one, Florida Blue, and Kensington Blue. They are quite similar, but Florida Blue is a brighter colour. It used to be known as Tropical Blue Florida Blue is a very pleasant bright blue without being a turquoise type. It flowed beautifully while I was writing with it, and lubricated the nib so well that it wrote smoothly across the page. I really enjoyed writing with it. Although this isn't a waterproof ink, it shows good water resistance, as do many Diamine blue inks.Bearing in mind the pap
  15. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Aqua Blue

    Yesterday I posted a review of Diamine Beau Blue ink Today I'm reviewing a much brighter, more saturated ink within the same colour range: Diamine Aqua Blue I would describe it as a bright cerulean blue, or cornflower blue. It leans very slightly towards the green edge of the blue colour spectrum like Waterman Inspired Blue and J. Herbin Blue Pervenche and it's very saturated with wonderful shading and a great 'halo' outline effect. No noticeable sheen. It felt really wet in my Lamy Al-Star with B nib, and because the B nib lays down more ink, the colour looks darker and shows up more shading
  16. My latest ink is Diamine Aster from the Flowers Set. I decided I should try to complete reviewing the Flower set inks, as I have reviewed all of the Music set inks. I find the Flowers set consists of more brightly coloured inks, whereas the Music set are more muted. So sometimes I'm in the mood to write with brightly coloured inks rather than muted inks. I decided to use Diamine Mediterranean Blue, Sheaffer Skrip Washable Blue (old bottle) and Waterman Florida Blue (now Serenity Blue) as my comparison inks this time. I chose these inks as they tend to be regular, everyday blue inks. I might h

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