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Found 5 results

  1. Artist inks are made with nanoparticles fountain pens, brushes etc. to paint and draw. Inks are lightfast and waterproof. However, when I contacted De Atramentis they told me that Document ink is more lightfast than Artist line. The Artist Dark Red ink looks especially nice on white paper. TR 68gr paper - Photo in direct sunlight - Fude nib. same text scan (text is famous French renaissance poem/ pavane by Thoinot Arbeau, you can listen to the music here) Hammermill paper - 90 - Medium nib HP 32 Rhodia - Medium nib and Ahab flex Dry time on TR 68gr paper is very long, as you can see. But it is acceptable on Rhodia (45 seconds). If the paper is absorbent it's almost immediate. Unlike cellulose reactive inks, this one preforms fairly good on cheep/ thin paper. However, cellulose reactive inks dry much faster. The bottles are different from the typical De Atramentis bottles (photo curtesy of Jane Blundell) When I was preparing my swatches, I thought both Document and Artist inks are the same, as you can see below. But in practice they are dissimilar in colour and behavior. Document Dark Red is lighter and surprisingly drier. However, Document and Artist inks can be mixed interchangeably ( I asked from the folks at De Atramentis) Comparison on Midori. Water resistance: (right side was held under water)- Paper Mnemosyne · Pens used: Jinaho 450, Fude/ Medium, Ahab flex · Shading: Yes. Depending pen paper combo. But more visible on screen than to the naked eye · Ghosting: None · Bleed through: On rare instances. · Flow Rate: Good · Lubrication: Decent · Nib Dry-out: Not noticed · Start-up: Not noticed · Saturation: Dark red · Shading Potential: Depending Paper. · Sheen: None · Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Not noticed on paper. With heavy application there might be some. · Nib Creep / “Crud”: No · Staining (pen): Time will say. · Clogging: Only time will say. But none so far. · Water resistance: Excellent · Availability: 50 ml bottles
  2. A Smug Dill

    Sailor Manyo Ume - A Lazy Review

    Wetness: I'd say moderate. Bleed-through: None that I could see. Feathering: None that I could see. Shading: Plenty, even along very thin lines of ink. Sheen: None that I could see. Water resistance: Very good. Legible grey marks remain after prolonged soaking. The colour that gets lifted off the page upon contact with water can end up making the general area quite pink, but the grey marks will stand out against it. The red that washes off Sailor Manyo Ume isn't quite as staining as the blue in Sailor Manyo Chigaya. Overall: I like it as a sheen-free alternative to Sailor Shikiori yodaki and okuyama.
  3. chromantic

    Deli S668Ef Budget Fp

    I came across these Deli fountain pens on eBay when they popped up while I was doing a search for 'dark red metallic fountain pens' (hoping to snag another Jinhao 611 in that color). Anyway, this red Deli caught my eye; it's not a really, really dark red like the Jinhao (which is the color of Levenger Claret) but a slightly deeper red than a metallic red Platinum Plaisir. The Deli also comes in shiny black, which I also bought (two other colors are returned in searching, neither appeals to me). The other thing that caught my eye was the minimalist shape, plain cylinder with a very slight taper on the barrel and the cap is slightly wider than the barrel. The clip on both red and black is metal sandwiched between two flat plastic pieces matching the pen color with an open slot on the upper half. Size-wise, we talking roughly comparable to a Plaisir or a Waterman JIF, just a smidge over 5 1/2". One thing that surprised me, as it wasn't really obvious in the eBay pics, is that both the barrel and the section taper from round to triangular; the angles are very rounded, however, and I don't find it at all uncomfortable, like I do the Safari. The flattened sides on the barrel do help a little in keeping it from rolling around too much on a flat surface if you lay it down unposted. Posting is quite solid, with only gentle pressure needed. These pens are plastic, btw, cap, barrel and section (the shiny black section is common to all four colors of the pen). The black pen is shiny and smooth, the red has a metallic look and a little more tactile feel to it - it's smooth but not slick, like the black. The black is quite attractive in a quiet, unassuming, understated way. The red, though, is absolutely stunning. Whereas light reflected off the black is bright, sharp and hard-edged, light reflecting off the red is soft and diffuse, as if the pen is glowing. You can see it in the photo, especially on the cap. So, how do they write? Well enough, in my opinion. While you won't mistake them for a Parker or a Pelikan, they're pretty smooth on the BnR spiral paper, with some toothiness on cheaper paper but certainly not what I'd call scratchy, by a long shot. The nibs are marked EF but I would hesitate to describe them thus; not as fine as my Plaisir fine, thicker than a Baoer 388 fine but thinner than an 801 fine, slightly thicker than Vector fine, thinner than some of my P45 Ms but thinner than others, and way thicker than my Sailor Clear Candy MF (the finest writer I have - it's like spider silk). The feed seems good. I loaded the red with Oku-yama and it's wet enough to allow some sheen on the BnR, not nearly the excessive coating the Baoer 801 I also have loaded with it provides but some, enough to be noticeable. The pen comes in a nice plastic box, solid white base and clear upper cover, similar to a Plaisir box without the hinge. Two short international cartridges and a converter are included. The converter has a metal collar around the opening so it flush with the sides of the ink chamber but I just double checked and a standard int'l. converter did fit. This converter is one of those that the rear metal collar around the twist knob unscrews from the chamber to enable more thorough cleaning. The black and red Delis cost $11.33 with $1.99 shipping (from Hong Kong); they arrived in just under 2 weeks. I'm quite pleased with these pens and may order a couple more of the red ones. edit: changed topic heading, pen is S668EF, not 688, my bad
  4. I like Oxbood...but it is a bit brown especially in some pens in which it looks only brown. I have seen Red Dragon and it appears beautiful more more red than dark red. Oxblood is dried blood. Red Dragon looks like fresh blood. I am looking for the colour of clotting blood (and yes, I do know exactly what that looks like). Had anyone experimented with mixing these 2 colours, and if so, what ratio worked best? (I do not want to buy a totally different ink so not looking for a Noodler's suggestion for example)
  5. amberleadavis

    Informal Review - Diamine - Merlot

    http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_736.jpg http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/Inklings/slides/2013-Ink_736b.jpg

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