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  1. Sharing my new Danitrio Sho-Hakkaku Hummingbirds maki-e pen with stub nib. Danitrio made some major changes in 2020. That is, they pulled pens from most retailers in the USA and started selling exclusively (?) through urushipens.com. As a Danitrio collector with a favored brick and mortar AD this move was not welcome. It did, however, give me the opportunity to purchase many other urushi and maki-e pens from other companies such as Namiki, Taccia, and more. While I’ve enjoyed expanding my horizons I was hankering for another Danitrio. I previously had dialogue with Jason at urushipens.com, and
  2. jandrese

    Two New Danitrio Maki-E Pens

    Recently picked up these two super cool Danitrio maki-e fountain pens. Where I shop, Dromgooles in Houston, I have a very large selection of urushi fountain pens. I considered the new and very well made Sailor tamenuri midore-dame King of Pen but rejected it for a variety of reasons. IMG_4295 by Ja Ja, on Flickr Among those reasons was the there were other pens I was more interested in. These pens I purchased were certainly among them! IMG_4296 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_4297 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_4298 by Ja Ja, on Flickr The first is a sho-hakkaku (short/small octogon) based maki-e pi
  3. This is the Danitrio Hyotan special edition maki-e F-49 Blue Dragon LE. Hyotan refers to the water gourd and the pen clearly mimics the Calabash shape. Due to its curvaceous nature the Hyotan has been dubbed the “Mae West”. One might think the pen awkward to grip but that is not so, it settles nicely in the hand and is a good writer. Lots of pens write well though. The standout feature of this pen is clearly the large, detailed maki-e dragon and it’s a beauty. Normally, this dragon is featured on larger pens like the Mikado and Genkai along with a more involved maki-e design. This pen brings t
  4. Hi all, Coming to seek wisdom on a problem I can't solve. A few months ago, I tracked down an old Danitrio Cum Laude. I love almost everything about the pen, but I found that after sitting overnight (or even for a few hours) the nib would be dry and need help to start back up. At first I thought this was a nib/feed issue, but after replacing both, I get exactly the same problem. On doing a little digging, I found that this is a problem on some Cum Laudes. Some apparently don't have an inner cap, which covers the hole where the clip inserts into the cap. But here's the mystery — my Cum La
  5. There are times when pens surprise you and you just have to purchase. This was one of those times for me. I have three or four other Mikado size pens from Danitrio but when I saw this flat top Mikado I had to have it. The flat top shape is new to my collection but that's not what sold me. The tamenuri finish is neigh on perfect. It's radiant and luxurious. The pen feels like a precision instrument, yet, looks like fine art. Something for the left and right sides of the brain. IMG_2760 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_2765 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_2763 by Ja Ja, on Flickr Like all Mikdo pens there i
  6. jandrese

    Danitrio Hyotan Dragon Flower

    How does one come up with superlatives to describe something? What I’ve got here almost belies description; it must be experienced. This is a Danitrio Hyotan or calabash/gourd shaped pen with dragon and flower maki-e. I don’t even really know the real name of the pen or the model number. The artist is Kogaku and I’ve two other magnificent pens by him but this one is beyond. Like my new flat top Mikado the base is shu-tamenuri but that is where similarities end save the quality of the work. IMG_2897 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_2903 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_2906 by Ja Ja, on Flickr On the cap the
  7. This is a Danitrio Takumi pen with byakudan-nuri or sandalwood maki-e with the design of shishi (Chinese) or perhaps komaniu (Japanese version). These are the the so called lion-dogs or lion-like creatures that guard things like shrines and tombs. They are always represented in pairs, yin and yang. In this case I reckon the male is on the cap with his mouth open and the female on the pen body with her mouth closed. IMG_2642 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_2646 by Ja Ja, on Flickr Despite having turned into a collector of urushi and maki-e pens, especially Danitrio pens, I was first introduced to
  8. Silent Speaker

    Danitrio Densho, Ebonite Feeds?

    Hellow, I'm trying to determine whether or not current Danitrio Densho models come with ebonite feeds. There are ancient (by site standards: over a decade) reviews for those long extinct raw ebonite models that mention ebonite feeds, but I've not managed to find anything definite about recent stuff. After all, it's been a while and things might have changed over at Danitrio. I know the larger #8 nibs on the Mikado et. al. are ebonite still, but that model doesn't concern me currently. Anyone here have a recent - say, in the last year or two? - Densho with an ebonite or a plastic feed?
  9. Just picked up this Danitrio Cosmos (Choo) by Kenji Yamamoto. Marugane chirashi, raden, hirame-ji, and kingi maki-e. The section is stamped Grand Trio, which is the name the Hyotan model used to go by I believe. Amazing pen, super hard to photograph. I've been wanting an example of this artists work for some time. Good writer and gorgeous. This is an older model but I picked it up new and the LE number is 1/50. IMG_1527 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_1528 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_1529 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_1530 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_1531 by Ja Ja, on Flickr danitrio Cosmos by Ja Ja, on
  10. Yesterday, I stopped at my local Danitrio fountain pen dealer and stumbled upon a parade of stratospheric pens. I just had to snap some pictures. Unbelievably, these pens represent but a fraction of the hyper pens available in the same trays. First up is the Genkai style 100 Kids design--it is truly extraordinary. I have several from the same artist but none like this! Next a Kaijin style Ebisu (A god of seven) design by Kogaku Then a Yokuzuna aka kyokuchi style emperor dragon design--indescribable beauty and technical prowess The self described #50 gigantic nib, which looks like c
  11. Presenting my new Danitrio Bamboo Story in modern negoro-nuri in shu roiro-migaki. This is a model I’ve considered for a long time. One that held me back before is the cap band, I used to think it was a bit out of place. Then there is the size, which is…not small ha ha. Also perhaps the finishes I’ve seen were not compelling enough to win me over some other pen. Lately, however, I’ve done a deeper dive into Japanese pen history and Danitrio history, in particular. One thing I found was that cap bands like the one seen here were/are quite common on high-end urushi pens. Somehow that settled me
  12. This is one of my latest urushi pen additions. It is the Danitrio Hanryo Maki-e Akigusa ni Suzumushi. Hanryo is the pen model and it means companion. Maki-e refers to sprinkled (with gold particles etc.) picture painting using urushi lacquer. Akigusa is autumn grass and Suzumushi is the bell cricket aka Meloimorphia japanicus. All the elements of this design, the cricket, autumnal grasses, chrysanthemum etc. reference the Autumn season. These crickets are well known in Japan and there is even a temple in Kyoto, the Kengonji temple that raises these crickets. People come to pray accompanied by
  13. jandrese

    Three Danitrio Mikado

    Realized I was carrying three Danitrio Mikado pens today and thought I'd share some pics. From left to right: tame-nuri in light bengara (reddish brown) and ki-dame (yellow), irokeshidami-nuri (matte finish) in dark bengara and ki-dame, sakurakawa-nuri (cherry tree bark pattern). Nibs left to right: broad, stubbish broad, and medium. All #8 nibs with ebonite feeds.
  14. This week I picked up two urushi pens, a Danitrio Junikaku tame-nuri kama-nuri and a Nakaya Portable Writer araishu. I’m posting separately but there is overlap in the photos. The Junikaku (12 rectangles) is an oversized pen in terms of both length and girth. Dimensions are as follows: Overall length capped: 15.7 cm or ~6.5” Length un-capped: 14.0 cm or ~5.5” Cap diameter: 2.3 cm or ~7/8” Body diameter: 2.1 cm Grip section: max. 1.6 cm, min. 1.3 cm or ~5/8” to 0.5” So, it’s a big pen. Nevertheless, it is an excellent writer and comfortable to use. It positively dwarfs the Nakaya Po
  15. Hi, I was hoping some of you will be able to help me. My father had a collection of fountain pens which are now in my possession. His collection includes a few very prestige pens (from what I gather), including a Danitrio. I know nothing about fountain pens, so I need some help identifying the model of this pen (pics attached). I'd like to sell this pen, however knowing nothing about it, this is pretty difficult! I'm looking for the specific name & model, and perhaps even an estimate of how much this pen was purchased for so I can gauge the price I should sell at. Saying that, sho
  16. Just picked up a Dantrio Hakkaku with dragon Maki-e and a 18k #6 size stub nib. The basic pen shape is an octagon, which is the name of the pen style, hakkaku. There is no clip. The base color is shu tame-nuri, that is, red urushi with translucent top coat. Many urushi pens stop at this stage as it is highly polished and very beautiful changing look over time slightly, an effect that is enhanced by the facets of the octagonal pen body. This pen has had decorative urushi painting applied over the shu tami-nuri base using various maki-e techniques and several urushi colors. The design is of a 5-
  17. Sakura FP Gallery

    Danitrio Has A New Finish : Kama-Nuri !

    Some new Danitrio pens arrived with a new finish : the Kama nuri ! It is a techniek developed by the Danitrio artisans. It finds some similarity in the Kamakura-bori and Cho-Shitsu techniques. The result is a beautiful handmade structured surface. Available on Genkai, Sho-Genkai and Mikado. http://www.sakurafountainpengallery.com/en/boutique/detail/new-kama-nuri-red-genkai All welcome to take a look at these pens ! Catherine
  18. So I just spent a long time late a night typing up a detailed review of my new pen, the Danitrio mikado (with clip) eyedropper filling, medium18k nib with ebonite feed, red color sakurakawa-nuri fountain pen, but I accidentally closed the browser window and lost the content. Bummer right, yeah pretty much, but maybe better for you dear reader. I'm tired and maybe had one extra glass of wine too many so here is the short version. Here is what I really want you to know. Sakura=cherry tree, kawa=bark, and nuri=lacquer (urushi) work This pen is: Very beautifulVery bigVery good writerHigh art
  19. So, here I am, on the edge of getting a Danitrio Mikado (midori-dame) and trying to decide what nib should I arm it with. If I understand correctly, from what I have read these days, it seems that Danitrio used to offer 'soft' (semi-flex) and 'stiff' #8 nibs. But apparently they don't do that any more (since when? Why?). Their catalog, today (August, 2016), states: "#8, 18k gold nibs for Mikado, Genkai, Sho-Genka, are available with F, M, B, and Stub". I have asked the lovely people at nibs.com about adding some flex to one of these nibs and they answered that "adding flexibility (to a 18
  20. zaddick

    The Art Of Chinkin

    Chinkin is a technique where a special set of very fine chisels are used to carve a pattern or design into layers or urushi (lacquer). The indentations are then rubbed with sticky urushi and gold powder or foils are placed over it to fill in the marks made by the chisels. Sometimes colored urushi powders might be used instead of gold. Once they are applied the pen is often cleaned by a Japanese paper called washi. Traditionally much of this art originated in Waijima starting around the 13th century, but today it is produced in many Japanese prefectures and even other countries like China. As t
  21. http://i.imgur.com/L1KmlxA.jpg The Danitrio Mikado is the only repeat in my collection. And it's for a good reason. The pen is just an amazing writer and it's ebonite construction makes it incredibly well-balanced. I own one Ao (blue) Roiro-Migaki and one Shu (red) Roiro-Migaki Mikados in the flat-top version, clipless. They also available in the round-top version. Both flat- and round-top version are available with and without clips. http://i.imgur.com/JSkqnd0.jpg The signature is of Koichiro Okazaki, also known as Kogaku. He is a master Maki-e artist commissioned by Danitrio to do
  22. My Danitrio's and Nakaya of a similar size... Danitrio Genkai, sho-genkai and Nakaya 17mm Portable Cigar in Ao Tamenuri…
  23. Do you still remember a time... some years back... when the black Danitrio raw ebonite pens were the "new black"? I haven't seen any on the classifieds for some time, though it might be that I have not been diligent in my monitoring. Perhaps people are not letting go of their pens. I still wonder how I was able to buy some of them, back then, being a relative newbie. Any pens that appeared for sale were snatched up in minutes. Are you still enjoying your raw ebonite Danitrio?
  24. In looking at and marvelling at Nakaya, Danitrio, and some of the more expensive Pilot-Namiki and Sailor urushi/lacquer options, I am utterly enraptured by the variety and beauty of even (honestly especially) the most basic options. Not the Maki-e stuff, which is a whole world of wonder unto itself, but the basic, "simple" styles. From the ultra-shiny burnished roiro-migake and tamenuri styles, to the really cool stone-like ishi-me kan-shitsu, to unpolished variants like irokeshi-dame nurippanashi, and all the other cool stuff that can be done with it like brush stroke patterns and the like.
  25. So, I am getting a Danitrio Mikado. It's likely going to be a round top, and with a clip. Gold I believe. I'm getting a urushi basic finish, keeping the price at the minimum. But I am enamoured with so many of the available colors. Tame-nuri, roiro-migaki, irokeshi-dame, all such options are open. At the moment, I think I favor something in green. But Midori-dame tame-nuri, or midori irokeshi-dame (for the different texture).. or Midori Roiro-migake... But then I look at the red/sho or yellow/golden/honey brown ki colors and I'm also stricken with a major case if "I want!" I't's a

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